My ex-boyfriend


Ash was 17 years old and finishing highschool. She had blue eyes,tan skin,brown hair. Her boobs were about dd. Her reputation was clean,she was an avarage teen. Her boyfriend had been begging for sex,buy she refused saying"Ok,sex is for reprodution,not for fun. The condoms are bullshit,they make those for imature people. I'll have sex with my husband,when i have a nice steady job,and a house. "
After they broke up they each went in seperate ways.

At the age of 20 she was still a virgin,and single. She was studing to be a nurse. Although right now all she did was give hairy patients baths she was still working hard. She often went to parties,she was always looking for Mr. Right. One day at a party her friends were giggling around clearly keeping a secret of some kind. When the party was over she went to her car. As she franticly looked for her keys she droped them.


  She had seen some guys standing nearby so she bent down and started looking giving them a look at her see through undies without noticing. A series of hoots rose as she realized what she had done quickly standing up only to bump her head in the mirror!(BTW LOL)

As she cursed under her breath she opened ther car door only to realize that her car wouldn't start. She was sure that this was what her friends were giggling around. She looked at the rearview mirror to see a card stuck there. She read it"Need help?Call standley at 776-8942We'll fix you car for you. Open 24/7. She got her phone out and called. A sleepy voice answered. There was somethingfamiliar about that voice. They quickly made arangements and his towtruck would pick her up in 10 minutes.
"Im sorry to wake you up. Whats your name?"
"My name's George and its really no bother"
Suddenly realizing who this was she sat there shocked in silence.

Part 2 coming soon!The sex part wll b in #3:D.