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 First of all let me give you a little description of me 5'5 124lbs ash blonde sholder length hair hazel eyes, and a big flirt. I have about fifty short skirts and love to wear very tight tops along with the short skirts heels stockings and always thongs.
I work at a clothing store I can't say which one but it is up scale, I have worked in many differnt departments and settled in on the mens section due to the fact that it is a salary plus commision job, and in the mens department I learned that short skirts and flirting means added sales and added commissions. Little did I know there would be one other perk I had not thought of at the time.
I was working when this very cute guy came in, I was in a red tight stretch top and black satin skirt with a hem line that hit mid thigh. had on black three inch heels and no stockings and a black thong. the skirt had some pleets in it so it had a bit of flirty swing to it. Anyway, I walked over to him making sure to swing my hips a little He just stared right at me not turning away at all, I loved that. I walked over to him and asked if there was anything I could help him find. He said he was looking for some dress shirts for work. I said right this way and lead him over to the nicer dress shirts. I could feel him staring at my ass as we walked and to confirm it I gave him a quick glance over my left shoulder, sure enough his eye rose up from my ass.   We got over to the shirts and I turned around and asked in more detail what we was looking for. I then said what size I thought he was and he was amazed that I could tell, I said it pays to know you customers, and gave him a sexy smile. I then turned from him and kind of bent over a little at the waist to reach down for a couple shirts knowing that my skirt would ride up and and land just below my ass cheeks I held that pose for a second so I could give him a good look.
This is when I think he knew what I was up to and started to play along, He asked about the one on the bottom shelf I am sure to see if I would crouch or just bend over futher, I have to admit I was getting a little turned on and it was late and I did not see any others in the mens department so I thought what the heck and bent straight over showing him my ass and that little piece of fabric covering my pussy, which was a little wet at this point.

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Then I felt a hand slid right up my inner thigh and rub my pussy though my thong, it felt so good I just spread my legs a little bit farther and let him do it. He slid a fingure under my thongs and ran in back and forth across my slit. it felt so good and to know that he was doing that right out in the middle of the store was awesome, then I thought about the security cameras and stood up and turned to him and said we may be on camera and I did not want to get fired. He asked when I got off and I said I have a better idea, take these shirts to the dressing room, and walked with him over  the first one is not in view of the cameras something they planned on fixing but never did so it remained locked most the time. but I have the key.
We entered the dressing room which has full doors so you really cannot see if anyone is in it, we got in I locked it then truned back to him he reached around my waist and slowly pulled up my skirt and started rubbing my ass as we kissed deeply. I could feel a buldge start to grow and I just had to see it. so I dropped to my knees and quickly unsnaped his jeans and pulled them down, i then pulled down his boxers freeing his seven inch cock. I put it in my mouth and started sucking like a starving women, I then took his entire cock in my mouth I have praticed a lot with my seven inch vibe, (but that is another story) He was moaning a little saying how good it felt
I could feel his cock start to twinge and he pulled back and said first I need to taste you. He pulled me to my feet reached up under my skirt and pulled my thong down then pushed my skirt up to my hips which I helf for him I spread my legs putting one on the bench and he started to lick my pussy and if felt great then he put his thumb on my clit and moved it in little circles and then inserted two fingures in my pussy and then kept licking if felt so good and before too long I could feel my orgasim building. Then it hit me and good thing he was strong because he was the only thing that kept me from hitting the floor. he then stood up spun me around I bent over and put my hands on the bench, I told him I wanted it in my mouth we he came, I just love that. he then put the tip of his cock at my pussy and in one quick push shoved it all in I let out a moan that I am sure was too load but at that moment I did not care. He started really hammering into me holding my hips with his hand every time he would almost pull all the way out then shove all the way in really hard and fast, it was so good. He just kept going harder and faster and I came again this one even more intense, this sent him over the edge and he pulled out I spun around and dropped to my knees and took his cock in and he shot his cream down my throat, I kept sucking till it started to go a little soft then just licked it to make sure I did not miss a single drop I then stood and adjusted my skirt and picked up my thong, he got dressed and we exited the dressing room we walked over to the registar and I rung him up, then wrote my number on his reciept and put my thong in one of the pockets of the shirt.

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   Four shirts commision fifteen dollars getting fucked really good at work priceless.
hope you enjoy this one luv ya kellie