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Topic: Viva Viagra no more!it had been a year since our marriage and Bret and i hadnt begun to fight yet. I came home from a lovely day at work and went to see Bret in his office. I gasped whn i saw him with his sweatpants down, fapping away at a girl with teardrops for breasts and a mangled dark pussy. when he hears me gasp he tried to hide what he was doing but id alreadly seen, it was too late for him. "Ariana-" he started but i turned around and walked away in silence. He came after me. I walked into our bedroom and slammed the door in his face. I hopped in the shower and began to cry. He had promise me no more porn after we married. He promised me that I was his porn. But there he was jacking off to some chick who had no figure at all and looked like an anorexic 5 year old with the pussy of a prostitute. I finished my shower put on some anti-strech marks lotion on my enlarged belly and attemped to go downstairs. When i opened the door,Bret lunged at me and began kissing my neck. I pushed him off and slapped him across the face. "You. .

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   damn fool. You promised me no porn after marriage. I dont want my babies seeing you with that porn. You hear me?" i pushed him aside and waddled downstairs to get some dinner. He stood and stared at me, awestruck. When i got my dinner and was ready for bed, I tried to get up but failed and ended up calling Bret for help. "Bret! Baby come here. " he came and helped me up. Our eyes caught and locked and i acted as if i were horny and wanted him. "i have a surprise for you Bret. " he smiled and nodded. He came closer and i threw him onto the couch "Thats where u gonna be sleeping the rest of the week. Goodnight!" I went uspairs and locked our bedroom door. .