Why I Love My Sex Toys As Much As My Man

Sex Toy

I can’t go a day without getting out my dildos, vibrators and other sex toys; especially big, thick, long ones. Now don't get me wrong I can’t wait to climb on real cocks, but there are times when I need something larger. I get so horny when my pussy is fully loaded because it sends me into multiple orgasms.

Last week, I was thumbing through The Pleasure Zone Catalogue trying to decide what to get my lover, for our anniversary. When I came to the page with sex toys on it, I saw this large, flesh-colour, realistic looking dildo. The description stated it was fifteen inches long, with a circumference of three. My eyes widened as my heartbeat raced, and my mouth and pussy drooled. It was exactly what I was looking for and I had to have it, so I ordered it. I figured why not, the toy would be a new challenge. Something I could surprise my lover with after all he loves to fuck me with toys.

That afternoon while my man was at work, I lay naked on the bed masturbating. The more I thought about my new toy the more aroused I got. I ran one hand across my throbbing clit as the other caressed and rolled my nipple. I closed my eyes and started purring, as I pictured myself shoving the dildo deep inside my hot wet pussy. OMG I thought my clit would explode from the excitement.

I couldn't wait for it to arrive.

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   I would hurry out to check the mail every day just hoping it would be there. I recall the day it arrived I ran into the bedroom and tore open the box. Wow, I couldn't believe how big it was. Next, I grabbed a large towel to protect the bed, as well as some lube. Following that I stripped spread my legs out wide on the bed, and lubed up my pussy and my new toy. My hands were trembling so much I could hardly hang onto it as I slowly guided it inside my dripping pussy. I just had to see how far in it would go.

At first, the dildo was so big I could only get the head inside of me. I was very annoyed that I couldn’t get more of it in me I tried to push it in further, but to no avail. However, I loved the way it stretched my pussy to the max. It wasn't long until I was cumming like crazy, oh fuck, this is fantastic give me more.

Any way after we had been out for dinner on our anniversary I went straight to the bedroom and grabbed the new addition to my toy collection. I said look what ive got for us to play with baby and a big devilish grin came across his face, I have wanted to fuck you with one of these for ages. He told me to strip, lay back and relax.

I quivered when he poured a large amount of lube directly on my already drenched pussy.

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   As he rubbed the liquid all over I asked do I really need all of that, I'm already pretty wet? He smirked and said you will need it baby because this toy is pretty dam big.

My clit was rock-hard. I moved my hips back and forth and begged him to shove his hand deeper. With no warning, I was suddenly cumming with quick short bursts as the wave surged through me. I barely noticed that with each spasm, the muscles relaxed, and he shoved his hand deeper inside.
As my climax subsided, he continued rubbing against my clit and g-spot. The sensation was overpowering so I closed my eyes and begged him to “let me catch my breath!"

He flashed me a wicked grin and smiling said “No way baby, the fun just beginning!”
Suddenly what pain I felt was mixed with an intense feeling of pleasure. I became euphoric with my mind veering out of control. I bucked my hips wildly and begged for more.

He paused long enough to reach for the dildo. He lubed it up and then placed more of the lubricating liquid inside me. He placed the dildo against my pussy and rubbed it the full length of my sticky slit.
I rolled my eyes, as I was wild with lust now and shrieked, “Fuck me baby fuck me, ram that dildo deep into my hot cunt”

I was so wet and relaxed that the head of the toy slid in easily with no resistance. With one hand, he coaxed my inner thigh muscles to relax as the other kept pressure on the dildo, stretching my inner lips more than they ever had been before.

With the toy buried deep within me, I was cumming over and over again.

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   My body convulsed as the muscles of my pussy clamped tightly around the massive shaft. I was cumming longer and harder, one right after the other.

He withdrew the toy and it made a sucking sound as it popped out of my well-satisfied pussy. He then moved down onto the bed next to me, pulled me close, and kissed my lips softly as he ran his fingers through my hair. I lay there within his arms for a few moments relishing in the joy of feeling totally satisfied. WOW what a rush sex toys rule!!!

Mr C P DeBond