A girl and her tentacle monster 9


As my tentacles began to drink from big sis’s new and improved tits, the ones plugging my own finally released. The pressure did not go away, my nipples not spilling a drop to my initial disappointment. They had grown again from the volume they now held, now about as big as Mommy’s, and I could feel the weight had significantly jumped from the thickening of the milk. I quickly got up again, pulling my soon to be breeding sister from the floor. She seemed hurt that I had stopped her from gobbling up my kitty’s juice, but seemed to forgive me when I pushed her head to my chest.
Her lips closed around my left nipple, the sucking drawing my milk out and giving me some relief. My sigh matched the moment it hit her tongue, and I could see her tasting what had become more of a thick, heavy cream rather than milk for a brief moment before a hunger of unbelievable proportions engulfed her. She grabbed my right tit roughly and pulled its nipple to her mouth as well, mashing them together so she could feast on both at once. When I heard her moan and watched her shudder in as intense and orgasm as I’d given any of them with my tentacles, I knew this was something new. When I remembered the same milk was now in the redhead’s eight much larger tits, I couldn’t help but laugh.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, where the “other” me was, I knew there was yet more to do to the sobbing girl before I could let the others partake of her bounty. Pulling her over, I lay her on her back, the needle tentacles still plugging her up and letting her already absurd tits grow larger with each passing moment. Grabbing my big sis away from the three-way kiss she, Mommy, and little sis were enjoying, I laid her on top of the redhead, enjoying the reversal of fortune from earlier this entailed. Big sis silenced the other girl’s continued crying with a wet kiss, massaging two of her tits at a time to ease the pain of her continued growth.
It occurred to me at this time that, even though I’d been here for several hours, I’d done very little to many of the girls. Being thorough was one thing.

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   Being neglectful was another. There were now plenty of girls to begin feeding those yet to gain my full attention, and I had plenty of milk to sate my appetite for the time being. My tentacles shot out, wrapping up the remaining ten girls, their cries of fear and surprise mixed with arousal coming as music to my ears.
Daddy pulled out of the Asian girl’s mouth, having packed her stomach as full as I had her womb, and helped her roll back so that her tits were available. As I sat two of the blonde girls before her, Daddy reached down and pulled their heads to the smaller girl’s nipples, holding them there till the hormones coursing through their veins and the smell of the leaking milk drove them to drink.
Similar situations unfolded as I made the second brunette and one of the black girls drink from the older Asian woman, got Mommy to feed both tiny breasted blondes, and took special delight in making the last black girl and the huge titted blonde suckle at little sis’s chest, her tiny frame and huge belly looking even stranger two much larger and older girls at her mercy. For the last two, the twin Latinas, I brought them over to me, pushing them into my breeding sister’s chest. Their terror at being so close to me, the source of this madness, aroused me intensely.
I waited till they went docile, not a long wait, before releasing my hold on them and putting the tentacles to better use. They didn’t fear me any less; I had just crushed their flight and fight instincts, the chemicals and mental suggestions bombarding their minds until they didn’t even realize there was an option to run or refuse. My tentacles rubbed all over, teasing them mercilessly but not letting them cum, waiting for the begging I knew would happen.
With things now nicely set up, all my girls properly attended to, it was time to resume impregnation. I positioned myself so that the tips of my twin cocks brushed against big sis’s and the redhead’s kitty, more tentacles helping hold up my breeding sister as she continued to drink and the Latina twins as they fed from her. The needle tentacles pulled away from the redhead’s now insanely huge tits, big sis no longer able to kiss her due to being lifted up so high, not a drop of milk coming out in a mirror of mine. She cupped them in her arms, begging me to drink before she exploded.


   I grinned, holding a few cock tentacles over her tits and letting the slime from them wash over the flesh, instructing big sis to rub it in. When I told her she had plenty more growing to do, her face fell again. She stopped her crying, acquiescing to my whims at last.
On my orders, big sis grabbed a tentacle at a time, bringing it to the girl’s overstretched nipples. The redhead just looked on in horror, knowing resistance was pointless, as big sis pressed the first one into the opening. Even though each tentacle was a good inch and a half in diameter, big sis still forced them in like a good girl. The redhead gritted her teeth as, one by one, her tits were stuffed again by something far larger than what had just left them. It took her a few seconds to realize each tentacle continued to leak their pre-cum slime even as they plugged her, and she looked at me, begging with her eyes for me to stop, but I just licked my lips and began pushing.
Both were virgins, though big sis was more of a “technical” virgin in that she’d lost it to a tampon rather than a proper cock. Her hymen had been torn, but remnants of it remained, at least until I tore the rest away. Both were incredibly wet, their kitty muscles spasming around me from an infinite number of mini orgasms. It took me only a few thrusts to hit their inner barriers, the sensation of fucking both of them at once up to their cervixes an indescribable one I would have to try again.
As I began thrusting in and out, I also began fucking the redhead’s tits with slow, firm strokes. As much as she had begged me to stop my abuse of her tits in words and body language, the response I got from this action was immediate and intense. He arched her back in the beginning of a massive multi-orgasmic explosion that shook the entire pile of bodies atop her.

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   She screamed in pained delight, her nipples so sensitive that the slightest touch set her off all over again.
Not to deny my big sis this kind of pleasure, I moved a trio of tentacles towards her ass, spreading the cheeks with my hands before sending them right in. She squeaked in surprise, grunting in discomfort for a time before shaking in her own incredible orgasm. The redhead reached up and pulled the tentacles away from my big sis’s breasts, pinching down hard on them and sending a large spray of milk all across her own chest, face, and hair, getting the result she hoped for as my big sis’s waning orgasm gave way to yet another. The twin grips on my cocks were so strong I almost wasn’t able to keep moving, my heightened senses waiting for just the right second before I lunged forward, driving through the final barriers and forcing my cocks into their wombs.
With the both of them screaming at the top of their lungs in abject joy, I forced more and more tentacles up big sis’s ass, the slime letting her stretch to truly incredible size. As a dozen thick tentacles dove up her intestines, her stomach bulged in a twisted snaking motion. Two of the original three stayed near the entrance, planning to douse her rectum with my seed, and the third joined the new ones until they passed into her stomach. There it stayed, waiting to add more semen to the milk and cum sludge that filled every crevice.
Her throat bulged obscenely until the tentacles opened her mouth and wriggled around for a moment. The redhead looked at them, absolutely stunned at what she was seeing, her gasping and moaning continuing regardless as I fucked her womb larger. Big sis pulled the other girl’s hands from her own tits and held them to her bulging stomach, the two of them feeling the pulsing mass embedded in her, the thrusting of my cocks reverberating through it all.
The redhead knew what was expected of her, and finally did it without being forced to. Even as her tits continued to expand ever larger from the milk backing up and the slime flowing steadily into them, she opened her mouth and let the slime and drool from my big sis’s mouth drip into her own. She swallowed again and again for almost a minute before trying to lift her head so that the tentacles would come to her.

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   As a reward, I sent them all forward at once, plunging the lot of them into her throat and pushing onward in a reverse of what I had just done to big sis.
Unable to kiss, the tentacles formed a foot long bridge between the girls’ mouths. I heard gasps from around the room, my un-bonded harem girls looking on in horror at what they knew would be their own fate but unable to tear themselves away from their feeding. The bulge moved down the redhead’s esophagus, through her stomach, then forced her belly to expand as they moved through the winding path of her intestines.
When, at long last, they pushed their way free of her ass, I quickly sent half into each of their kitties, right along side my thrusting cocks. I threw all my strength into each thrust, the slapping of flesh echoing through the room. The two girls seemed barely conscious, their eyes nearly rolled back into their heads, as I felt that same twinge build. I quickly pulled my breeding sister away from my tits and set her head down near our kitties, pulling a tentacle out of each of my victims and pushing it deep down her throat. With the two Latinas suckling and looking on with her, I let her watch up close and personal how I knocked them both up.
I felt my cocks and tentacles expand in size, the semen rushing through the tentacles even as my cocks began filling the two girls with gush after gush of potent sperm. Even through the tentacles, I heard the redhead screaming in real pain, even as she orgasmed, knowing the tentacles fucking her tits were unloading pint upon burning pint into her already overstretched mammaries.
It took a bit longer for it to pass through, but the semen pumping through my other tentacles hit their marks. They had wound their way around my cocks, stroking each one even as they all began coming, the volume flowing directly towards their now hyperactive ovaries increasing six-fold. My breeding sister greedily slurped up all the sperm being shot down her throat watching in fascination as I just kept coming and coming.
Like all the others, the two girls’ bellies began to balloon outward.

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   Big sis was lifted upwards evenly, the redhead’s tits growing to keep pace with her belly. Not once did any of them show the slightest bit of sag, the flesh supple yet firm and letting them hold their shape even with their now incredible mass. The extra cum flowing into big sis’s ass and stomach began squirting out both ends, dousing the redhead and myself in a fresh coat of thick, pure white semen. We could see their eggs being fertilized en masse, both muffling noises through the tentacles that sounded like “thank you”, our collective orgasms winding down through many smaller aftershocks.
I panted from where I lay across my big sis’s back, slowly pulling my tentacles out of the two girls along with my cocks. I pulled big sis off the redhead, laying them next to each other as I admired my handiwork. Big sis sported a proud, nearly 8 months pregnant-looking belly full of my young, her hands rubbing all over it, and even over the bulge in her stomach, still visible even with her womb so over full. I’d planted a different kind of surprise in her stomach and intestines with those tentacles, but she wouldn’t know about that till they matured.
The redhead’s belly was just as large, but her tits dwarfed even it. It might seem excessive to you, but it was necessary in order to feed the legions of young that would soon be born. In fact, I was already eyeing the rest of them, wondering how many others would be fit for this transformation. I watched as she took the top two tits and twisted them around, easily reaching her mouth as she began to feed. The cum and milk mixture would be pleasure incarnate. Unable to resist, I sent out six of my sucker tentacles to begin feeding from the free ones.
As soon as I did so, any and all tiredness left my body, and my energy levels increased yet again.

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   My twin cocks sprang back to life, larger than ever, and were promptly engulfed by my breeding sister’s mouth. I forced her mouth up and down violently, hearing her choke on them in mid-orgasm, and began cumming almost immediately. After the first few spurts, I pulled free and began coating her head and chest in a paste of cum, the insanely arousing drought coming from the redhead’s tits not letting me stop for a full three minutes.
Having completely soaked her black skin in my white cum and left a massive puddle of semen on the floor, the smell of sex was completely overwhelming. I let her go, letting her scrub herself in the pool of sperm, and turned my attention to the twin Latinas. Being so close, they had been completely bowled over by the glut of pheromones, and were now fucking each other furiously. When they saw me looking at them, they immediately stopped and turned their kitties toward me, raised them up in tandem and begged me to impregnate them.
Well, since they asked so nicely…