Charged with a burden, (part 10)


I woke up and went to make breakfast. Mira was there cooking eggs, hopefully they weren’t completely burnt. I walked up behind her and hugged her gently, though accidentally pushing my dick into her ass. It was just so big that a hug would place my dick hard against her ass.

“We need to do something about him. ” I said into her ear as she pressed her back against me.
“Don’t, I like him. ” She whispered back in a very sexy voice. She turned her head to the side and gave me a very naughty look. The following second I felt my pants being unzipped and then a thick leathery tail wrap around my dick. I didn’t moan but instead acted like everything was normal.
“How did you sleep love?” I asked in a casual voice, wrapping my arms around her waist and slipping a hand into her panties.
“Great, I dreamt about how I would thank you for yesterday all last night. ” I felt her other tail wrap around my wrist that was heading into her panties and I stopped just a centimeter short of her vagina. Her other tail jerked my dick that moment and I almost moaned.
“I was thinking you should come to school with me.

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  ” Her tail jerked my cock again as I moved my other hand to her panties. I stopped and her tail stopped, though she ground her ass against my dick then.
“Oh yeah? So you can look like the badass who has a girlfriend?” Her tone was still sexy as ever.

I pushed a hand under her shirt and made my way up to her tit, right when I touched it gently her tail jerked my dick, I pulled my hand back and her tail stopped slowly.

“You forgot to mention, ‘absolutely hot girlfriend. ’” I grabbed her tit hard and fast with my hand. she didn’t let out a moan but instead bit her bottom lip. She let me massage it for a moment but then she turned around quickly and threw me to the ground.

I landed with a thud on my back and she straddled me. Both of her tails were holding my arms down spread-eagle. She opened her mouth wide and fangs appeared to look a little bit longer at that moment. She looked at me with lust filled eyes.

“What are you planning, Mira?” I asked slyly. She smiled and with her hands unbuttoned my pants slowly. She made sure not to touch my dick or my balls but she got it out of my pants and with her hands she started to massage my thighs.

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“Mira-“ I said but she put a finger to her lips. My dick was full twelve inches with anticipation. She brought her face down to a centimeter above my dick-head.

“Max, your going to want my pussy all day, and there is nothing short of a command directly from you that will make me touch your dick. ” She paused and breathed hot heavy air an my dick. She made to suck my dick but stopped so close if it weren’t my dick and I could feel if it were being touched, I would say she was sucking it. She brought her head up.
“But that would ruin the fun, so if you can refrain from giving me a command I will tell you a secret that nobody has ever had the privilege of knowing, Max. ” I nodded and she just barely, just gently, touched the tip of my dick with her tongue, then got up and went upstairs.

“Shit. ” I said out of breath on the once-cold-now-hot kitchen floor. I felt thinking and wanting to touch my dick and finish jacking off but that is exactly what she wanted. I refrained.