Charged with a burden, (part 14)


So here we were, Mira and I. We were hiding in the girls locker room and we had been for a couple hours. Every time a girl walked in Mira would tell me if the girl was a virgin or not and guess what? Our first one! Mira smiled at me and I knew here was our first victim. I crept out of the stall and watched as the lead cheerleader, Jennifer, walked over to her locker. She was by far the center of most men’s fantasies and to see that she was still a virgin was by far a surprise.

I crept up behind her and unzipped my pants. Jen quickly turned around and gasped with a, “What are you doing here?” She didn’t get the chance to call for help – her arms were restrained by two tails and my hand covered her mouth. I looked up to see a floating Mira smiling.

“What is the rest of the ritual?” I asked her.

“You need to fit all twelve inches inside of her, and then get her to call you master. You will then order her to give her soul to you and then she will. Once that is complete I will finish. ” She ended that with a haughty laugh. I looked to Jen who’s eyes were wide. They showed fear and excitement. I smiled because I knew at that moment she was a very submissive girl.

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“Jennifer, I am going to rape you, does that excite you?” I asked Jen with sarcasm in my voice. She shook her head but then I plunged my hand down into her skirt and then into her pussy. It was soaking wet. “You are excited by getting raped by a 12 inch dick!” She moaned through my hands and I pulled down her skirt and her white cotton panties. My pants fell down around my ankles and then I pulled down my boxers. My cock was growing rapidly and I positioned it at her entrance. I didn’t need lubrication because she was the most wet girl id ever heard about. I shoved my cock up and she moaned through my hand. The second thrust I broke her hymen and by the third I was four inches in.

She screamed through my hand and I raped her pussy so hard I was six inches in after a couple more thrusts. She had two orgasms and I smiled as I gave her a third by eight inches. She was screaming like a horse and I didn’t care to keep my hand over her mouth so I dropped it and grabbed onto her hips. I slammed my cock in and she came all over my dick. I still didn’t cum as I looked down and saw my dick, which was half the size of her thigh thrust in and out of her tight pussy.

Eventually I was past her vage and fucking back into her uterus.

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   I hit ten inches and by this time I was almost fucking Jennifer while she slept because the pain and pleasure was so much that she had passed out. I reached twelve inches and still didn’t cum, but then I knew I was fine and I had gotten to the point I wassupposed to be at. I didn’t pull out or cum but instead held her there.

“Jennifer” I said as I slapped her cheek. I didthat a couple more times and when that didn’t wake her I slapped her ass. She woke up and smiled at me. “Jennifer, Am I your master?”

“Yes max, you are my master. I will do whatever you ask. ” Her tone was that of absolute pleasure.

“So if that may be I demand your soul if you are to serve me. ” I ordered her to give her soul to me, how wicked is that?

“My soul? You can have it and anything else you want, just don’t stop fucking me. ”

I smiled and looked up to a hovering Mira. “So what now?”

“Now I need to fuck her. ” She said and she slowly lowered down to the floor. I pulled out of Jennifer and she moaned loudly.

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   I stepped back and watched in amazement as her vagina slowly closed to its tight, original form. Defiantly Mira’s work.

Then Mira approached her and her two tails entered Jen at the same time, penetrating her pussy and ass at the same time. Mira then passionately kissed Jen and Jen moaned as the tailed rocketed in and out of her. I almost came there watching that but I didn’t. I need a more well deserved release. I walked up to behind Mira and stuck my Cock in her pussy, with one thrust. She moaned loudly while kissing Jen and I rammed my dick into her over and over again as her tails fucked Jennifer hard. We three were bucking as we all came in unison to each other. I had never came so hard in my life as I did there with those two hot girls.

Oh what does the future hold for me?