My Brothers Ghost


My Brother’s Ghost.

It had been fifteen years since my younger brother had been beaten to death as a victim of a hate crime. Josh was gay, and at fifteen, he was going through a very tough time, in particular trying to find his own identity, as well as finding someone to care about him. As his older brother, I loved him with all my heart, and though I couldn’t be sure, of course, I think of everyone in the family, his death hit me the hardest. It came about when some pictures surfaced of him dressing up in women’s clothes, and soon he became the laughing stock of the school. Some took it as a signal to laugh, others, however took it as some sort of a threat.
When my parents passed away, I moved back into the old household. I was spacious, and paid for, and I was glad not to have to worry about paying rent. My mother always said that she still felt Josh’s presence in the house, and that’s why even after he died, they stayed in the house full of memories. I can honestly say it wasn’t just his memories in the house. I learned that in a new and amazing way.
In high school, as well as college I played soccer, and it always got me in the habit of working out, to keep in shape, years after I stopped playing. I guess I should describe myself. I’m five ten, and around 180lbs, give or take a few pounds. I have short light brown hair, and dark brown eyes, and quite tanned. My brother was almost the opposite, very thin, and feminine, and always very pale.

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   He didn’t seem to like to go outside, perhaps he was justified, it seemed like the outside world only brought him pain.
I was downstairs in the basement, setting up my old workout equipment when I first saw it, an almost translucent figure just on the outside of my vision. When I turned to look at it, it disappeared. At first I figured it was just my imagination, after all, I was the only one in the house, and I was sure that I had locked the door. I shook my head, and proceeded to finish setting up the equipment, leaving me just enough time to get a quick workout and shower before bed.
I lay out in bed, planning the next day’s events, and soon closed my eyes, turning off the lamp and stretching out. I always slept in the nude, and on this hot summer night, I slept on top of the sheets, as I hadn’t had a chance to install the air conditioner yet. Lying on my back, I felt a curious sensation, like silk being gently slid over my body, starting at my ankles, and moving up my body, all the way to my chest. It felt great, but I had no idea where it came from. “Oh wow,” I said out loud, opening my eyes, just in time to see that same translucent figure vanish above me. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like it was dressed rather scandalously, black thigh highs, and matching bra and panties. “Did, did I just see a ghost?” I said to myself out loud. “Nah, just my imagination,” I continued, before going back to sleep.
The next day I decided to go online and check out haunting websites online. There was a lot of information, and what seemed to be consistent in all of them was the description that I was “touched” by a spirit.

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   Usually when a spirit touches you, it’s trying to communicate. I must have scared it away by reacting so quickly. Perhaps by touching me, it was trying to draw power to manifest itself. I resolved to let it do whatever it wanted to manifest itself, so that I could find out what it needed.
The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house, and rearranging furniture, it was grueling work, and a better workout that most, and so I decided to call it an early night. I lay out on my bed, the same as the night before, and waited to see if the spirit would come. I closed my eyes, and after a time, I felt the silk again. I remained quiet, and it seemed the longer I waited, the more real it felt. I was starting to get turned on, and my cock began to react. Suddenly the silk stopped. I was afraid my reaction had scared away the ghost. Instead I felt the room grow colder, as though it was absorbing the head, and I felt lips move to my cock. I thought to myself, well, if the ghost absorbs heat to manifest, my cock is probably the hottest part of my body right now. I couldn’t believe how great it felt, it was as though the softest lips were working my shaft, and with the cold air around me, it made the mouth feel even warmer and wetter. I could feel its tongue running up and down my shaft.

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   I couldn’t help it; I let out a low moan. It paused for a moment, but then continued to work my cock. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to risk any more stress on the situation. Soon I found myself getting close to cumming, my breathing ragged, the pleasure unbearable. Letting out a moan, shooting my load, not knowing what to expect. I opened my eyes, and saw my younger brother, his body almost corporeal, swallowing my cum. He moved his body up mine, and kissed me deeply, before whispering into my ear, “Thanks bro, I needed that, I’ll see you tomorrow,” with a strange ethereal giggle, and then he seemed to disperse into nothingness. I couldn’t believe I was just sucked off by a ghost, on top of that the ghost of my younger brother. It felt strangely comforting however, knowing that somehow it helped him. “Anytime Josh,” I said to the room, “Your big brother’s always here for you. ”