“Pleasure” Island


Topic: “Pleasure” IslandFive women decided to have a girl’s day on a boat out at sea. There was Kim who was Asian with black hair and eyes wearing a black bikini. Next was Crystal who was Latin with dark brown hair and eyes wearing a green bikini. Then was Lisa who was black with black hair and gray eyes wearing a purple bikini. Also was Rachel who was a redhead with light brown eyes wearing a pink bikini. Unlike her blonde friend she didn’t have a tan but had more freckles on her body than hers. The blonde was Buffy with blue eyes wearing a blue bikini. Her husband own the thirty-foot boat they were using, who taught her everything she needed to know about it. All five women’s husband were in the Navy, which is how they met and became friends.  
They were out riding around having a good time and looking for a place to picnic. They brought food, wine and desert to enjoy. Lisa noticed an island and suggested they should have their picnic there. Everyone else agreed so Buffy got as close as she could and dropped anchor. Lisa, Kim and Crystal swam to the island while Buffy and Rachel rode the picnic basket and towels to shore in a raft. On the beach of the island they ate, drank and talked about life. Stuff like their jobs, husbands and other things that were going on in life.

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   After a while Rachel decided to go walking into the forest part of the island. Unlike the others she was into that kind of stuff. She even worked in a green house for someone. Buffy told her not to get lose because she didn’t want to drive the boat in the dark.  
Rachel, with a towel around her and flip-flops on her feet, walked into the forest while the rest relaxed in the sun. She saw different kind of trees, plants and flowers as she went on. Then it all stopped and it was grass, moss and the biggest flowers she’s ever seen. She thought it was strange how the forest seemed to make a doughnut around this clear area. She walked in to get a better look at these flowers. There were ten of them up to her waist and very colorful. Almost like looking at a rainbow in the sky. She wondered if they were just as pretty inside for they were closed. Just when she reached out to tough one, it opened as well as the others. They were the same color inside as out. Then she noticed bunch on vines coming out from underneath the size of fingers.

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   There were lots of them. She turned to run but froze to see the others doing the same thing. All of them came towards her wrapping around her legs and arms knocking her down.
Back at the beach her friends heard her scream for help. They jumped up and took off into the forest without even thinking of flip-flops. While trying to find Rachel she was getting raped by the vines. First it was the towel then her bikini. Her flip-flops flew off from her kicking her legs to get free. After she was naked she noticed bigger vines coming out of the flower. They were four inches around and green like the smaller vines that were holding her down. Just then brown vines that were two inches around with bumps came out the ends of them. They came out to be ten inches long and slimy. Right when she saw one get close to her pussy she scream again. Which was stopped short with one of them going into her mouth. The other girls heard her last scream and realized they were getting closer.

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   That’s when they saw their friend in trouble.  
As shocked at what they were seeing they still ran in there to free their friend. Only to get tied up in the small vines themselves. Vine after vine they attacked their arms, legs and ripped off their bikinis. Now naked, they got the same as Rachel. One brown vine in the mouth, pussy and ass as well. None of them could believe what was happening to themselves. It was like a nightmare that they couldn’t wake up from. Each vine would go in and out of them as they screamed around the ones in their mouths. The smaller vines ended up wrapping around their breasts. After a while, the girls lose it and started to orgasm. Then later the vines shot green come in their mouths, pussies and ass. Even though it tasted good, they were still disgusted. Just when they thought it was over new ones went in. They were being gang banged by vines from big colorful flowers.

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All of them ended up having orgasms again and getting green come. This time the vines came all over their bodies and were fucked again by more. They finally passed out from exhaustion. Hours later Kim and Crystal came to, to find that all the vines were gone and the flowers closed. They were covered in green come as well as their friends and the ground. They woke up their friends and they all walked out of there for running hurt their legs. When they got to the beach they cleaned off in the ocean. Afterwards wrapped towels around themselves and they got into the raft leaving their flip-flops, picnic basket and other stuff behind. Once they got into the boat they took an oath not to tell a soul about this. Who would believe them anyway? Luckily none of them got pregnant which made their secret easier to keep.  

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