The Cheerleader from Hell - Part 2


Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

October 9 Thursday 6:57 p. m. Victoria Shannon stood nervously outside one of the changing rooms at Val-Mart (short for Value Mart). People passed her by as they went to sections of the super-large store that contained that item they needed for something-Victoria-did-not-care-what. No one that passed her gave her a second look or double-take so why was she nervous? Maybe it was because while her new girl-who-was-murdered-and-then-resurrected-from-the-grave friend, Amanda Lake, was inside the only changing room that had not been occupied when they got there, she was standing outside with a super-tight skanky gold and silver upper-thigh-high dress with a major blood stain splashed on it and her legs courtesy of the rapist and murderer they'd just killed less than an hour ago.

Why so nervous? she asked herself. Amanda had used some magic (Victoria had no idea how she'd got that, but it must be something to do with the fact that Amanda had died and gone to Hell and was back now thanks to a resurrection spell she, Victoria, had cast) to coat her, Victoria's, appearance so she looked like she wasn't wearing skanky make up and a blood-stained dress that would only be worn by super sluts. What did she look like to these people anyway since she couldn't see the magical coating herself? she wondered.

In her hands were some clothes she'd picked out for herself to wear. Blue underwear, grey pants, white singlet and a red and white-striped sweater. A pair of brown shoes with white socks were at her feet.

"Okay, I know this sounds stupid, but I decided to keep the cheerleader outfit. It's so sexy and it looks fabulous on me. You can't fix perfect, y'know," said Amanda opening the changing room door. Victoria turned and saw that she still had on the black and red cheerleader outfit, but without the blood stains.

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   "So what did you do? Throw some magic on and make the stains disappear?" Amanda shook her head. "No. I put on the clothes I'd picked, then changed and molded them into a brand new outfit that looks like the old one, which I dematerialized by the way. " Victoria nodded approval, "Nice. Could I change now before your hex or whatever wears off on me?" "Oh relax. You got like an hour left before the magic starts to fade, but yeah, go ahead. I'm done. " She stepped out and let her friend enter the room, closing the door behind her.

As Victoria changed into her new clothes, she thought about how the two of them were going to take revenge to the other three guys - John Hill, Wesley Northam, and Bruce Shelton - who'd collaboratively raped and murdered Amanda (in her previous life). They'd (Amanda and Victoria) already killed Gary Locke (the guy who had taken Amanda out to see a movie one night five years ago and who had on that same night taken her to the high school football field where he and his friends had done the foul deed) in his own boarding room at Hellsbridge University campus. Amanda had told her that his three friends were also attending that institution and were boarding students as well. But now all the boys, including those three, would be extra careful not to bring girls into their rooms after what had happened an hour ago, plus some student's memory might click if they were seen there again too soon.

She came out of the change room and was about to ask Amanda about making her previous blood-stained clothes disappear and about how they were going to leave Val-Mart without paying because neither she nor Amanda had any cash on them when she saw her friend standing very close to a man in his late forties, stroking the large bulge in his pants and massaging it with her right hand. "Wow! You got a big one down there. Mmm.

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   Tough meat. I like it. " He was smiling and gently stroking her left upper arm saying, "You like it? Maybe you could stop by my place when the wife and kids aren't around and you can have it all to yourself. " Amanda replied with a grin and seductive wink, "That would be fantastic. Give me your phone number and address. "

Victoria coughed and cleared her throat to get her friend's attention. The response she got was a withering glare. Yikes! She then pretended to be looking at other things. When Amanda had gotten the information she wanted from the older man she caressed his chin and let him go to the check out counter.

"Yes, what is it you want from me?" Amanda was looking at her sternly, but underneath she was happy because she'd gotten hold of big mature cock. "Er. I was wondering if you could make my crime clothes disappear," she pointed at the pile in the changing room. Amanda went in, closed the door, then came out a few seconds later. "You made them vanish?" "Yep. They vanished down my tummy.

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  " "What? You ate my blood-stained skank clothes?" "Yeah. They were a bit too fibery for me, but I got them down anyway. " "Gross!" "What else?" "Er. How do we leave this place without paying? Do we kill everyone here and make a fast getaway?"

Amanda laughed and caressed her friend's cheek. "No, sweetie, we just destroy all the recorded image data they got from their cameras and then do a little more magic stuff to cloak us from watching eyes whether they be man or machine. " With that, she took Victoria by the hand and made for the large entrance/exit. Before they left, they each took two thick chicken burgers and a bottle of soft drink from the fast food section (sex and murder can make anyone hungry and thirsty) and no one noticed them.


It was 7:37 p. m. and the two girls were less than a mile away from the Shannon residence, traveling on foot. "My mother might bite my head off for staying out this late. But that would be nothing compared to what she'd do if she found out what I was doing all this time," Victoria said. "Well, we should keep that stuff to ourselves, 'cause if not, you'll have to tell them about me and all the resurrecting and magic stuff that you've been getting into. That would land you in a whole lot more trouble as well," said Amanda.

"What about all these magic powers you've got? Where did you get them from? Are you hooked up with some demons? If yes, how much do they charge you for their labor?" "Whoa, girl, easy! Firstly, I think I got these powers by mistake.

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   Some dark force must've tripped up when you resurrected me and I ended up getting yoked with this stuff. Secondly, I don't know if I'm hooked up with demons or not, and I haven't been in touch with any of them so I don't know if they're aware of my using magic. Maybe I'll get some attention soon. Thirdly, how'd you know about demonic manual labor? Did that demon tell you something about the spirit realm?" "Yeah, before he fucked me bad. He explained about magic used like the phone company to call up demons to do dirty work for human beings in order to accomplish tasks for them. "

Amanda nodded her head and said, "He wasn't lying to you because that is exactly true. Magic is one of the ways the Devil keeps certain humans under his control. It's one of the oldest avenues of spiritual income. Nowadays you got gambling and porn and other smaller less conspicuous stuff like fishing that draw people away from the Light and toward the Darkness, the Devil's side. When I was in Hell, I used to overhear great debates on whether the magic department should be shut down because people were more materialistic these days and less spiritual, but Satan and a good number of his most loyal fallen angels pointed out to the masses of demons that materialism was a huge factor that caused humans to seek out magical ways of getting more worldly treasures for themselves. "

She continued, "He was right, but the demons hate magic because of all the manual labor and laws of nature that need to be broken, as is common when dealing with magic. The Light is always watching and the Darkness can't really do anything without the Light allowing it; spiritual politics and beauracracy giving everyone headaches. The only reason why the Darkness thrives is that the Light had/has chosen to give humans, of all other creation, free will. Free will to choose to do what is right and/or what is wrong and whether to choose Light or Darkness. Now if I go deeper than that, both our heads will explode.

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  " Amanda laughed with a high pitch.

When they got close to the house, Amanda told Victoria to wait so that she could go and drop something off for her. Victoria wondered what it was as her friend ran to her house then came back after seven minutes.

"There. Now you can go through the front door without having to sneak through the window," said Amanda. She said goodnight to Victoria as she went to her house, leaving Amanda to go do whatever it was she was going to do.

Victoria entered her house to see her mother and father sitting on the couch and enjoying pop corn while watching a movie. They saw her enter and smiled at her. "Your dinner's in the fridge if you want it," her mom told her. "Thanks," she replied. Wow, they didn't ask where I had been and they didn't even frown at me. Amanda must've cast a spell or something. Awesome!

Her little sister was in the corner reading a book. She looked up from her reading and waved to her big sister. "Hi!" "Hi!"

Victoria took a nice long shower, then went to her room and collapsed onto the bed.

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   She was fast asleep after nine seconds.


October 10 Friday. Victoria went to school feeling like a million bucks. That was funny because the night before, she'd been an accessory to murder.

At 9:05 a. m. she was in Literature class with Mr. Prasse. He was a man in his forties, with premature white hair and a bald spot on top of his head. He wore glasses and had a hawkbeak-shaped nose. He wouldn't be described as sexy by anyone, rather he was plain or below average as far as beauty was concerned.

Victoria must've zoned out because he pretended to cough loudly and called her name - it seemed - for the second time. "Miss Shannon, could you tell me what I just told the class a minute ago?" Victoria looked around and saw expectant looks on her classmates' faces. Well, I'll just say what pops into my head, she thought.


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   Prasse, I was out of it for a while there. But I respect your class and I do have some interest in Literature, though not as much as you'd want me to have. Also, I think you're cool and I definitely have a crush on you, but I won't let that affect my studies and I know it won't affect you because you're really professional with what you do. " Having said that, she opened her mouth slightly, just enough so he could see, and rolled her tongue inside her mouth sensuously giving him a look of unmistakeable sexual intent.

The entire class was shocked and some giggled, but Mr. Prasse was most affected by Victoria's words and the sexual provokation she performed with her mouth. Should he be reporting her to the principal or be taking what she said as a complement? He took a seat immediately because he felt a major hard-on coming on. This nubile teen was no ugly Betty and she'd just told him that she had a crush on him. Damn he really hoped none of the students were looking at his pelvis right now because there was a tent there. He had to fidget a little to get his erection tucked down between his thighs. There we go, he thought. Phew! Close one.

At 11:02 a. m. Victoria was heading back to her Geometry class from the girl's bathroom when Amanda ambushed her by dropping down on her from the ceiling.

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   "Aaah!" Victoria screamed. "Shhhh! Are you trying to alert the whole school about me, a dead girl?" "Sorry. What are you doing here scaring me out of my pants?" "Girl, you're wearing a mini skirt and a really mini one at that. " "I don't care. What do you want?" "That's not a tone to be taking with your friend. " "I don't mean to. . . it's just that I'm on my way to Geometry class. " "Geometry class can wait. I know where two of our 'targets' are going to be soon. Come with me now and we'll reach the destination before they do and work it out from there. " Victoria thought about it. "Er. Uh.

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   Hmm. Fine! Let's go. "


It was 11:40 a. m. when Wesley Northam and Bruce Shelton parked their cars side by side in the parking lot. Both young men got out of their cars and made their way to the nearby social club named "Depravity. " This was their favorite place to hang out. The owners of the club could not have given the place a better name.

"Damn," said Wesley after they had paid the entry fee and emerged from the winding entrance hallway. He always said that word on entering the club because Depravity was always nuts with the owners thinking up new ways to lower the standards of decency and morality. Today there was a horse inside the club with two women standing under it, one sucking its large penis and the other sucking its big balls; a whole bunch of women were standing in line and dancing to the strange techno music while waiting their turn.

Bruce felt his growing erection reach rock solidity as he looked on at the bestiality. "Hell yeah," he agreed with Wesley, "Those women are bad, badder, and beyond!" The horse whinied and shifted its footing a bit as its ejeculation was set to course through its penis. The woman sucking its dick raised her fist in triumph and eagerly sucked with her mouth and jerked with her hand on the big horse cock as she sensed the cum being released. A huge gush of white and clear fluid exploded into her mouth and filled it completely causing excess cum to pour down her chin onto the smooth floor which had been carpetted with straw for the horse.

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She valiantly tried to swallow it all, but couldn't. The woman sucking the horse's balls moved in and the one who'd gotten first shot moved away to let her have some. With cum dripping down her face, the first woman squeezed the horse's balls and jerked its shaft, coaxing more cum out of the horse's cock for the other woman. The other one had her fill and nodded to the other women in line, shouting out to them that it was really really good, that horse cum.

Bruce had his dick out and was masturbating to that scene with a lustful look in his eyes. He ejeculated and was wiping his dick with his hankerchief when he felt Wesley tug his shirt saying, "Hey, man, look over there. You see those two chics? I think they've been checkin' us out ever since we got in here. Wanna go over and say hi?" "They're kinda' young don't you think? But, hey, the younger the better!" They both chuckled and made their way over to the lounge area where the two girls were eyeing them hungrily.

The lounge area had the usual suspects seated down and dirty. Wesley and Bruce walked past a couple making out to their left, the woman removing her shirt and exposing a red polyester bra containing well-formed breasts. She would take the bra off too. To their right, a man was sitting across from a woman lying on the leather lounge cushion. He watched and masturbated as a white and black-spotted dog fucked the woman's pussy in the missionary position. "Woof woof," it said and gave a low growl of pleasure. The man encouraged the dog, "That's it, Sam.


   Good dog. Fuck mommy real good now. Yeah, there we go. Yeah, good dog. " The woman moaned and parted her pussy lips as the dog pushed its thick red penis deeper inside her and humped it madly. The canine whined with animal lust as it fucked its owner.

Before they reached the specific lounge where the two girls were, Bruce and Wesley heard, "Oh Daddy, happy fifty first birthday! I love you! Oh fuck me, daddy!! Fuck your little girl!!" A blonde girl wearing nothing but a tiny tight-fitting white shirt that had "Daddy's 51st Birthday Present Forever" printed in large block red letters was riding her father's cock. He was sitting up against a lounge with a birthday hat on his head and nothing else but his birthday suit (naked body) on. His daughter's shirt had a large oval cut in the front chest part so her lovely round tits bounced in full exposure facing him as she actively pumped herself full of his cock. She rode hard and grabbed her ass so she could ram her pussy harder on her father's cock. "Oh yes, sweetheart! You'll always be my princess!"

Bruce and Wesley seated themselves on opposite sides of the girls when they reached their lounge table. "We've never seen you gorgeous girls here before. We're kind of regulars at this place. " The four of them shook hands. "Yeah we're new here.

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   It's a nice place; really crazy and wild, just the way we like it," responded Amanda. "What are your names?" Victoria asked the boys, giving them her best teenaged girl smile. Bruce answered, "I'm Bruce Shelton and this is my friend, Wesley Northam. " "Nice to meet you, guys. I'm Victoria and this is my friend and fuckbuddy, Mindy"

"Fuckbuddy?" said Wesley excited. "Yeah, we hang out a lot and things get out of hand sometimes so we end up kissing, sucking, and finger-fucking each other. " The way Victoria said it was so casual, but she'd hit the right chord with the two young men. They both got instant erections. "Oh, Vicky, I think you just woke up a couple of other fellows," Amanda said in a concerned voice, oggling the two bulges in their pants which meant two very eager cocks wanted some action.

Amanda said, "First up, why don't you boys prime up your 'cannons' while watching me and Vicky here do a little something?" "Sure," said the two guys. Amanda unzipped Bruce's pants and pulled out his hard cock. She gripped it and smiled at him, then sat on the table they were sitting around, facing them. Victoria unzipped Wesley and released his throbbing penis, gently stroking it before going to Amanda.

Pulling up her cheerleading skirt, Amanda showed the guys that she had no panties underneath so they could see her wet pussy. Wesley and Bruce grabbed their dicks like joysticks and began jerking off.

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   Victoria put her hand down her shirt and pulled out a 30 inch-long green and yellow-spotted snake. Both guys jumped back in their seats in shock and fear. "Don't worry. It won't bite. Besides, this isn't for you. It's for Mindy. " Amanda smiled and waved to the two guys who regained control of their wits and wondered what she was going to do with it.

Victoria told Amanda, "Open your legs, you slut! Snakey wants in!" Bruce and Wesley exchanged expressions of shock. Amanda smiled slyly at them and then opened her beautiful legs, her wet pussy so inviting. Victoria, holding the snake in both hands, lowered it to the table and let it slither out of her hands bit by bit. The snake hissed as it winded its way toward the junction of Amanda's legs. Bruce and Wesley leaned in closer, wondering if she would actually let the snake into her cunt or if the snake was even trained to do such a thing.

The snake's head penetrated Amanda's soft wet pussy and continued to slither the rest of itself inside her. Seeing and hearing the sound of reptilian skin rubbing against and sliding through her vagina, Bruce and Wesley went into overdrive, jerking off on their cocks like crazy. "Oh fuck, I don't believe this! Shit!" said Wesley, breaking into a sweat.

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   Bruce gasped for air as he mercilessly gave himself a handjob and moaned.

The snake continued to push the rest of its body into Amanda's vagina now that the head had already penetrated. Amanda leaned back a bit on the table with her hands and bit her lip and moaned with pleasure. She told the two guys in a strained voice, "Mmmmnng!! It's like a really big long cock fucking me beyond my limits. Oh FUCK!!" "Twenty more inches to go, Mindy," Victoria told her. She let go of the snake so the rest of its body was on the table surface. She pet the snake's slithering hide as it squirmed slowly in an effort to continue pushing itself into Amanda's pussy. Victoria said in a concerned doctorly voice, "Uhuh. Keep your legs wide open, Mindy. " She helped her friend to part her legs further. Then she opened Amanda's cunt wider with three fingers from each hand. The snake slid in further and faster now.

"Aaah!! Mmmmmnnn!! Oh shit! Vicky!!" Amanda yelled as the snake was now two thirds of the way in. "I need you guys to help me," said Victoria like she was in an emergency situation. "My hands are getting tired.

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   Bruce, could you massage her tits really good, and Wesley, could you finger her pussy? As you guys do this, the snake will go in easier and it won't be as painful for Mindy. " Both of them complied and set to do what they'd each been told.

Bruce pulled up Amanda's top until her bare breasts popped out from under it. He squeezed and massaged those cream-colored tits causing Amanda to give a satisfied moan. Amanda said, "That's it, Bruce. Mmmmnnn. " Wesley pushed two fingers from each hand into Amanda's pussy to widen it for the snakes passage. Then he fingered the pussy, causing Amanda to cum, but the snake's body continued forward.

With her breasts getting massaged and her pussy fingered by two young men, Amanda watched the last bit of the snake's tail vanish into her crevice. Bruce continued to massage her tits, and Wesley continued to finger-fuck her pussy.

"Oh, Vicky," she gasped in short breaths. "You need to give these boys their just rewards for helping us with that awesome snake fuck. . . .

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   and," her voice took on a deadly tone, "for what they did to me five years ago!"

Bruce and Wesley said "What?" in unison. And that was the last word they both said because Victoria reached under the table and pulled out a machete and an axe, one weapon in each hand. She swung the machete in an horizontal swipe, efficiently decapitating Wesley. Then she lept up and onto the table, both feet on either side of Amanda's body, and brought the axe swiftly down on Bruce's head in a vertical motion, splitting his head all the way down to the base of his neck.

Blood shot out from Wesley's headless neck and his body collapsed onto the floor. Bruce's body fell head first onto Amanda, lying prone on the table. She pushed him off, but her face and upper body were now drenched in blood. "Gross, again!!" said Victoria, happy that she'd only had a thin spray of red catch onto her face and shoulders.

Someone noticed Victoria's blood-spotted face and yelled, "Holy shit!! Blood!" Someone else inquired, "Fake blood or real blood? You never know what you're gonna get in Depravity. " A woman screamed when she saw Amanda get off the table with a blood-soaked face and top. "Okay, sweatie, time to make our exit," Amanda said to Victoria.

Victoria pulled out another object from under the table. It was a small black pouch. She raised it abover her head and then let it drop. Puff.

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   A large cool grey mist exploded from the pouch on the floor, quickly blocking all vision inside Depravity with an opaque grey. Victoria could hear people freaking out and bumping into objects and each other. The horse went nuts and screams of pain could be heard from the women who were standing in line to suck its dick and swallow its cum.

Victoria stopped worrying once she felt a strong hand grip hers and soft lips press against hers in a quick intimate kiss. "Let's get out of here," proposed Amanda. "Yes, lets," agreed Victoria. With Amanda holding Victoria's hand and leading the way, both girls slipped out the back door, making a fast clean getaway.


Victoria was late for History class when she slipped into the classroom at 1:26 p. m. Of course, she was now cleaned up and wearing different clothes. After receiving a scolding from Mrs. Oswell, she sat down at an empty desk and wondered if Amanda had remembered to wipe off all the data from the video tapes or disks in Depravity before they'd made their escape. With that thought in her head, she couldn't sit still throughout the entire class period.

When the time came for them to move on to the next class, Victoria decided to skip it and go home since she'd only be a disturbance to the rest of her classmates with all her fidgeting from worrying about visual evidence of her and Amanda's crime at Depravity captured on video.

Before going home, she went to the local fast food place, Hotdog House, to grab something to fill her aching stomach since she hadn't eaten lunch.

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   While she was there, she saw two prostitutes eating a meal and arguing over how the other one had not evenly split the money they'd made the previous night after having a threesome with the mayor's son. They were still arguing when she finished her meal, and because it was so funny and interesting to hear them talk about their work and each other, she decided to stay there a while and listen.

After almost half an hour of squabbling while eating, they noticed someone else paying attention to them and turned their noses up at Victoria, walking out the door and giving her the rude finger as a parting gesture. "Thanks," she said to the skankily-clad figures as they walked away from Hotdog House. She waited ten minutes, then left, not wanting to bump into those two again anytime soon.


A surprise awaited Victoria when she arrived home at 2:45 p. m.

Her mother was in the living room talking to a man. He looked tough with muscles that wanted to burst out of his clothes, but had a calm air around him. Both looked up from the discussion they were having when Mrs. Shannon saw that her daughter had returned home from school earlier than usual.

"Oh, welcome back, Vicky. Uh, there's someone here to see you. John, I'd like you to meet my daughter Victoria. Vicky, this is John Hill, the owner of Depravity, a social club located somewhere on the bad side of town.

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Victoria had a freaked out expression on her face when she said, "SHIT!!" Her mother frowned at her. "Vicky, watch your mouth around other people!" Victoria stuttered then said, "I meant like, shit, it's really great that I get to meet the owner of Depravity. I hear a lot about your club, sir. All the teacher's at my school totally recommend it to us students. " John looked confused then shook that expression off his face. He said, "I need to talk to you, Victoria, about something very serious. Mrs. Shannon, if you want to hang around and listen, I'd appreciate it. " Mrs. Shannon replied, "Of course, if this concerns my daughter and it's serious, I definitely want to hear about it. " She was also against the idea of leaving her daughter alone with a stranger.

Fuck! I'm gonna get busted! Victoria said to herself. John asked, "Do you have a television and VCR around here? There's something I'd like to show both of you. " Mrs. Shannon pointed to the corner of the living room, "Over there.

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  " John nodded appreciatively and went over to where the two requested things were, turning both devices on.

Wasn't this guy supposed to be a boarding student at Hellsbridge University? Victoria asked herself. How could he be the owner of a club? Crap! He's probably a co-owner or something and just got alerted about the incident in his free time. Thank you, Amanda, for not cleaning up after the crime!

After putting a tape in the VCR, John turned to the two women and raised his hands in caution, "Mrs. Shannon, before I play this tape, I need to forewarn you that the images are brutally violent and bloody. " Mrs. Shannon asked, "Then why are you showing this to. . . . oh no!" She looked at Victoria with a look of apprehension and fear on her face. John asked her, "May I proceed?" Mrs. Shannon swallowed, still looking at her daughter, then looked at John and nodded her head.

He hit the play button on the remote he now held in his hand. Victoria winced when she saw her image in a mini-skirt and tank top appear on the screen beside that of Amanda.

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   The picture quality was very high definition. Damn! she thought. Mrs. Shannon gasped when she saw her daughter on the screen. She placed a hand over her mouth to block anymore sounds of surprise that might come out of her as she watched.

John pointed to sections of the television screen as he narrated. "This is my club, Depravity. The numbers on the top right corner of the screen tell the date and time when this footage was taken. That would be around noon today. And if I'm not mistaken, that's your daughter with a friend of hers. From the way they're sitting, they seem to be very intimate - possibly more than friends. "

Did he practice this speech? Victoria asked herself. He sounds so cool and sure of himself. If Amanda was here she'd, she'd. .


  . Ah crap, she's not here to help me now. I'm on my own.

John hit the fast forward button then hit the play button. "Okay," he said, "This is where it gets ugly. " Mrs. Shannon tensed herself while Victoria just stared at the screen like a zombie. The whole episode played out just like it had happened earlier that day, only this time, Victoria was looking at it as a third person via the video.

When the screen went dirty grey from the mist that came from the black pouch, John hit the stop button then ejected the tape. He took it out of the VCR and held it up in his hand. He said, "I can take this to the police or we can sort this little matter out here and now and we all walk away, nobody goes to prison. " Mrs. Shannon finally looked up from where she was staring at the blank screen and asked, "How?" He smiled. "Your daughter's got a great body. She's young, and from watching the footage on this tape, certainly no stranger to sex.

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   Basically, what I'm saying is -"

"You want some," Victoria finished for him. The expression on her face was that of pure hatred. He smiled at her and said, "I'd do your mom - she's definitely a milf - but I believe the child should be punished for her own crimes rather than have the parent take the punishment for her. " "Fine!" Victoria said. In her thoughts she was thinking: I'll let this guy fuck me, no problem, then I'll pretend to go drink water in the kitchen because I'm thirsty, then I'll return with a kitchen knife and dice him up into tiny little pieces here in the living room. Of course, mom might have to go through therapy afterward, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice!

Victoria began determinedly stripping her clothes off as did John, who constantly looked her way to see her young teenaged naked body get revealed piece by juicy piece. Mrs. Shannon sat in Mr. Shannon's easy chair and shook her head in disagreement with what was happening. Victoria spoke as she took off her pants, "Mom, I need you to lock the front and back doors, and make sure Beth stays in her room. " Mrs. Shannon didn't respond for a few moments as if she hadn't heard what her daughter had requested. But then she got up and locked both the front and back doors of the house and went to Beth's, her younger daughter's, room to give her a cup of milk (containing a dissolved sleeping pill) and a plate of cookies.

While Mrs. Shannon was in Beth's room, both Victoria and John had stripped completely naked.

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   Victoria went to stand in the middle of the living room where the softer carpet was and John followed. "I know you don't like me and won't pretend to, as the hookers I screw everyday do, but one thing that is mandatory for you is this: be compliant and don't complain. Otherwise, I'll go to the police with that video and you'll go away for a very long time. " Victoria replied, "I don't have to pretend. You're no geeky whimp. I kinda' like you already. " Then she stood next to him, pressing her ripe young body against his. He chuckled, "Yeah right. "

He violently shoved her to the floor and stood over her, his cock rock hard and muscles rippling. She was sitting on her ass when her right leg got yanked up and he positioned is body at a right angle to hers so she was now laying on her side. With her right leg against his chest, he guided his cock into her pussy and fucked her sideways. He fingered her pussy as his raging hard on pushed into her deep. He thrust heavily into her for five minutes before changing positions.

He put her on all fours and spanked her ass, leaving a deep pink mark on her ass cheek. She turned her head to look back at him and then looked forward and perked up her ass in perfect submissive cock-accepting posture.

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   He said, "You know what? Maybe I do believe that you like me. I can tell. Your pussy isn't so resistant like a girl who doesn't want to get fucked. " She asked, still facing forward, "And how do you know what a resistant girl's pussy's like?" To which he replied with a devilish smile she sensed rather than saw, "I once fucked a girl who didn't want to get fucked. That was a long time ago. But she ain't around to resist any more cock. " He laughed. "She's probably getting fucked crazy in hell by a monster demon cock right now. Hah! Wish I could see that. "

"Oh you will! Only it won't be me you'll be seeing!" John looked up to see Amanda dressed in a new Darkson High School cheerleader outfit standing inches away from Victoria's smiling face. Surprised, he exclaimed, "What the. . . . !!" Then recognition dawned on him, "You!!" Her facial expression changed from anger to delight and she said, "Hi!"

Victoria rolled out of the way in a flash from between Amanda and John.

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   As soon as Victoria was cleared, Amanda rushed forward and slid on the soft carpet. She came to a halt beside John and dug her demon clawed hand into his crotch. "Aaarrghh!!" he screamed. She viciously pulled back her hand, pulling out his entire crotch, strips of thigh flesh, asshole, and a couple chunks of ass cheek. Blood sprayed and poured onto the floor by the bucketfull. John's body hit the floor with a thud.

Mrs. Shannon burst out of Beth's room when she heard John's death scream. She entered the living room to see her daughter fully naked and embracing "Mindy. " Then she saw the dead, torn, and bloody body of John Hill on the living room carpet and fainted.


What happened afterwards? Er. . . Let's see. In non-chronological order:

Amanda had her revenge complete.

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   Victoria suffered the consequences of missing out on a class. Mrs. Shannon went for therapy and found full psychological recovery. They cleaned up the house of the body, blood and guts. The video tape was destroyed. Mr. Shannon was never told about what had happened that afternoon and neither was Beth. Nobody - to be more specific, no human beings - but Victoria got to know about who "Mindy" (Amanda) really was. And lastly, Victoria and Amanda definitely got together to have hot girl-on-girl sex, but they never labeled themselves as lesbians.