The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 1


Note: all the names mentioned in this story are fictional and anyrelationship to real persons or entities is purely coincidental.

The tricky part of life is that it can either change radically ordisappear altogether in an often seemingly capricious turn ofevents. Adult onset diseases, disabling accidents, naturaldisasters, crazy people waking up one day and deciding to spraytheir workplace with small arms fire. Nonetheless, I have alwaysthought of myself as a realist and regarded the fascination with thepurported supernatural by some folks as delusional and a sign ofoncoming or extant mental illness.

Well, I now have a much more open mind about things that could beoutside the realm of the day to day plod of conventional physics andit all began with the turn of a coin.

Just a little over a year ago, I pulled into my driveway after work. Several weeks before that, I had my garage renovated so that I coulduse it as a music room. Thus, I could no longer park in it. If I hadbeen able to just pull into the garage as I did in the past, none ofthe ensuing story would have happened. Anyway, I got out of my caron a very bright and warm Southern California day and saw somethingglinting in the sunlight near the curb. For whatever reason, Idecided to go see what it was. It turned out to be what initiallyappeared to be a silver dollar. I didn't really examine it closely. Instead, I stuck it in my pocket and headed indoors.

Later that same night, I emptied my pockets before tossing my pantsin the laundry hamper and noticed the coin again. My curiositypiqued, I took a gander at it and it wasn't currency at all.

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   Rather,it was actually larger than a silver dollar and, on the front, ithad a raised hand with the legend on the top half that read, "thehand of fate. " On the back, it said in a smaller font, "make threewishes, snap fingers. ". My immediate thought was to smirk andsilently snark, "so which Chuck E. Cheese did the guy who lost thisget it from?"

Okay, now here is the thing with me: I have a really restless mind. In fact, I suffer sleep problems because I can't seem to turn mybrain off some nights as I contemplate anything ranging frompolitics various fantasies I have. I am really easily bored, too,and so my focus often goes on holiday. And so it was with this coin. In the hamster wheel routine of life in the cubicle ghettos ofcorporate America and the tedium it tends to foster, my mind somehowkept going back to the coin as I pondered just how, if one reallydid have three wishes, one could phrase them for the most optimumbenefit.

You remember the scene in Close Encounters where the main characterbegins obsessively building a replica of Devil's Tower? Thechallenge of the wishes became that kind of obsession for me if, foranything else, to take a cerebral break from the stultifyinglyprosaic nature of the workplace. I actually began writing the wishesdown and then editing them, constantly reshaping them, almost takinga lawyerly approach to them. Some people have really dumbpreoccupations and this became mine for a couple of weeks. Theconsequences, though, would turn out to be profound.

So once I decided that I was happy with the construction of mywishes, they were these:

1. I wanted to be a 21 year old Japanese-American female who looksexactly like the popular Japanese 5'3" 100 pound rock singer SukiHakamada (I love Asian women and wanted to find out what it would belike to be an attractive member of that gender and ethnicity) whowould never physically or mentally age or deteriorate and who wouldnever gain weight no matter how much I ate with straight jet blackhair down to the small of my back, c cup breasts, dark brown nipplesthat become a half inch long when they are erect and which giveimmense pleasure when they are sucked, bitten, pinched, stroked orrubbed, a completely hairless torso, arms and legs, who would neverbe afflicted by any disease or victimized by any crime, accident orstalking and who would never get pregnant no matter how much semenwas ejaculated into me or on me and has light and painless periodsplus be a virtuoso guitarist who would know how to play anythingafter hearing it just once, and the same sex drive I had when I wasan 18 year old male while both men and women will know how to lickand suck my clitoris to bring me to orgasm in five minutes and tomultiple orgasms in ten, who will be able to orgasm after fiveminutes of vaginal intercourse and have multiple orgasms after tenminutes of that who can not only take any size penis inside mecomfortably, including in my ass, but able to deep throat it andlike the taste and texture of semen, and my family would think thatI was always part of it , I would instinctively know how to dress,move and make myself up as women though I would think like thebisexual man I was before I found the coin, do and have a hugewardrobe of flattering casual, formal and fetish attire to wear plusI would be able to speak every language on the planet and cook likethe finest chefs in the world.

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2. I want to live for another 1000 years and during that time therewill be no more war, environmental problems such as global warmingwill be effectively addressed without degrading the standard ofliving of civilized society, communism, religion and conservatismwill cease to have any significant following, there  will be nodiscrimination against homosexuals, businessmen and politicians willactually work for the good of the people as a whole rather thanengaging in self aggrandizement, there will be no more use ofalcohol or other intoxicants, and anyone who wants a family wage joband a college education will be able to get one, the latter forfree, no woman will have more than two children, anyone sufferingfrom genetically born afflictions such as MS, Muscular Dystrophy andand Sickle Cell Anemia will be cured then at the end of the 1000thyear I will die peacefully in my sleep.

3. I will have 10 billion dollars US in my bank account under my newname of Miwa Suzuki and the bank I put it in will never go out ofbusiness or slide into bankruptcy with the tellers knowing who I amautomatically while the IRS will never bug me about where I got themoney or how I use it and I will have credit cards with no creditlimits and 25% of that money will be in a checking account plus theywill be in my new name as will all of my identity documents,including my passport, my driver's license and my social securitycard.

At the time I was about to recite this out loud, I saw it more as away to flush the idea of all this out of my head than anything else. I read the wishes, snapped my fingers and then I saw a flash oflight.

The next thing I consciously knew after that, I was waking up ataround 5 a. m. the next day with a major need to piss. Feeling like Ihad just been hit by a truck I was so groggy,, I slogged off to thebathroom more or less by reflex. I reached into my boxers to pull mycock out and, huh? Nothing there! "Oh come on dumbass," I thought tomyself. I kept rifling my shorts, but couldn't seem to find anythingto grab on to. Now in a state of bemused panic, I looked in themirror and here was my reaction: "Holy shit! I'm a chick! Yes!Fucking yes!"

When I saw the incredibly lovely Japanese face staring back at me, Isuddenly had the realization that I had tits! I normally only sleepin my boxers, or sometimes even in nothing at all. I looked down andvoila, no more man boobs, but soft, tear drop shaped dark brownnipple topped breasts, gazongas, knockers, fill in the slang termhere. But first, my bladder was still complaining, so I sat on thetoilet and emptied it.

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   while I started to play with my brand newmilk knobs. "Fucccckkkkk" I shivered as the pleasurable sensationwent through me like ripples do in a lake that just had a stoneskipped on it.

I raised myself off of the shitter and wiped my pussy with a sheetof toilet paper. I returned to the mirror and gazed into the facethat I was still having a hard time believing was now mine. Ofcourse, I also frigged my equally factory fresh clit and stuck acouple of fingers inside myself, too, thinking to myself, "oh yeah,life is about to get REAL good!"

From the time I hit puberty, I've been a major horndog. Imasturbated several times a week even though I was in my 40's beforethe metamorphosis occurred. In addition, while I have had my fairshare of action from women down through the years, I always enviedtheir ability to get sex whenever they wanted it, even taking intoaccount some of the nonsense that they have to put up with.

What then crossed my mind was the question of just how many of theprovisions in my crazily constructed group of wishes wouldmaterialize. You ever see that episode of Rod Serling's NightGallery where a group of kids gets to make a bunch of wishes andthey all backfire very unpleasantly? I was dearly hoping that noneof that would happen to me.

Okay, so it was first things first. I decided to take a shower,playing with my tits some more as the water cascaded off of them. When I left the shower, I dried myself off, wrapping the towelaround my head and walking naked into my bedroom. I had never, everbefore curled a towel to deal with wet hair and now here I was doingit by instinct. When I entered the bedroom. there was an enormouspile of clothes shoved up against my closet and part of the wall toits right.

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   I found a pair of cotton panties, a cute little jeanskirt, a bra and a hello kitty t-shirt as well as some white anklesocks and a pair of running shoes and put them on. Then I returnedto the bathroom to blow dry my hair. Oops, I never owned a blowdryer. I was a guy, for crying out loud! "Shit!" I cursed to myself. All I could do was brush my new luxurious head of hair out and letnature sap the moisture out of it. Fortunately, it looked fuckinggreat after it did so.

Brushed my teeth, went downstairs and had a bowl of cereal forbreakfast, but about half the portion I did when I was a male, andwhile I was eating thought about all the cock I was going to suckand get fucked by. I started feeling wet between my legs and mynipples hardened. Then I thought about all the lesbian pussy I wasgoing to see. That made me even more aroused. My clit felt like aminiature cock, which is what it is, in a sense. It was stiff,warmer than I remember my dick ever becoming and I wanted to rub itreal bad. So I flopped back into bed, pulled my panties down, undidmy bra, and "jilled off" (the female equivalent of "jacking off"). The sensation that hit me when I felt myself going over the edge wasamazing, seeming to warm my whole body. However, to tell you thetruth, I missed spurting cum.

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   Shooting your wad was like one'sreward for a job well done. Messy, yeah.

Now my lefthand (I'm a righty who has always masturbated southpaw;don't ask me why) was soaked. Of course, I smelled it and boy, wasthat a nice fragrance, exactly like what my nose picked up when Iate pussy as a man. And the taste, again, like back in my meat andtwo veg inclusive period, was awesome.

At that point, it was still three hours before the bank opened. Iphoned into work and told them (my old moniker) would no longer bereporting for duty and see ya. Boy, that felt good! I threw a cd byYngwie Malmsteen into the old what passed for my stereo system whilewarming up my amp and strapping on my Strat, which felt heavier onme now than it did when I was a 200 plus pounds of U. S. male. Ilistened to "Black Star," the opening track, then I tried to play itfrom memory. It was letter perfect. And it felt natural, too, like Icould have improvised over it if I chose to rather than becoming ahuman jukebox. I went on the net and looked at websites in severaldifferent languages. No problem understanding any of them.

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Well shit, I'm batting 1. 000 at the moment. Now is there an uppance coming atthe bank? As it turned out, no. When I walked into my bank andreached the head of the line, the merchant teller said, "Ms. Suzuki,I can help you over here!" I withdrew ten grand without having tosign anything or show ID. I then made plans to move to nicer digs inCalifornia.

And as for living for a millenium, I guess I was just going to haveto ride that one out and see if I was bestowed with that gift.

I flew down to southern California and bought a million dollar placein a well known and respected upper middle class community there. And while where I lived wasn't a gated community, it did have apool, rec room and gym for the residents of my new development touse. Sweet!

It was the pool that enabled me to get fucked for the first time asa female (note: I had never had sex with men as a male, but I didsuck a few cocks). . I went down there and swam some laps clad onlyin a white bikini and when I finished, dried myself off and thenlaid on a lounge chair to relax in the sun. When I walked by, there was thisdecently attractive man who must have been in his late 50's lookingat me. I flashed him a smile and said a soft "hi" and reclined in mychair. "Are you new here?" he began? "Yeah, I moved in last month,but it is just now I have gotten some of the renovations I wanteddown to my house done.

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  " "I'm John. Nice to meet you," he grinned. Since I used to be a guy, I knew he was already hoping to bone me. "I'm Miwa," I responded, shaking his hand. "So where are you fromMiwa/" Hmmm, this was a dilemma. I had to make up a bullshit storyand fast. "I was born in Tokyo but was adopted when I was like threeand brought to the U. S. " "Oh, so you're Japanese then! Japanesewomen are so beautiful. " I giggled even as I was thinking in theback of my mind that what he said was pretty patronizing.

"So what do you do Miwa?" he continued. "Uh, I'm a freelanceinterpreter and translator as well as a musician. " "How can youafford to live here, though?" "Uh, my grandfather was a high poweredcorporate attorney and I was his favorite grandchild and he left mea nice inheritance. " Now THAT was major league bullshitting! "Great!" he smarmed. Meanwhile I was thinking,"dude, stop with the bullshit and just proposition me because I willgo to bed with you.

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  " I was interested to see if the one clause of mygroup of wishes concerning abolishing the use of intoxicants tookhold and he would invite me to his place for something other thandrinks. "Well look Miwa, I'm going to go back to my place, butyou're welcome to come and hang out with me if you want. " Yep, crossthat one off the list. "still batting 1. 000 Miwa," mentally pattingmyself on the back.

I told him I would be "delighted to get to know one of my newneighbors" and followed him as he padded back to his McMansion. Hewas very tall, probably pushing 6'4" and well over 200 pounds and indecent shape. He was a little balding, but presentable. When we weremaking small talk before he finally busted a move on me, hedisclosed that he divorced his wife a few years ago and that he ranthe branch of a major corporation in town (which turned out to befactual, btw). When the conversation began to dwindle as we sat nextto each other on his living room sofa, our eyes met and I soon felthis lips on mine and then his tongue. Hey, he was a pretty decentkisser!" I evaluated silently. I put my arms around him and we madeout for a fair amount of time. I knew he had to be rock hard by now. I was wet and he had untied my bikini top and was fondling my boobs,which felt really good. I was hoping he would suck them soon.

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   Iwanted to know what that felt like.

He slid his right hand into my crotch and began rubbing my pussy. God, I loved the roughness of his hands against my clit. I was nowso hot to trot and my pussy felt like somebody had poured 40 weightcrude into it, it was that lubricated. I slipped my hand into histrunks and put it around his penis, but just barely because it wasthick and it felt like it had some length on it. We were both nowmoaning and I wanted to suck him something awful. I love suckingcock. I went down to my knees as he smiled at me from above and Ipulled his bathing suit off of him. It was a gorgeous dick. I lickedit up and down its full seven inches a couple of times beforeenclosing the head between my lips and sucking gently on it a fewtimes. He moaned and was madly secreting precum, which I lapped upand swallowed. I actually wanted to make him cum because then whenhe plows me he would last longer.

My mouth went further down his shaft until I had swallowed the wholething, as I heard him go, "Oh fuck, Jesus, I haven't had head likethis in a long time. " I began to bob my head up and down, slowly atfirst, my tongue savoring the texture of his shaft and cockhead,before I quickened the pace, trying to milk him with my lips. Withinfive minutes, he was spurting his creamy spunk all over my cakehole.

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  I collected it on my tongue, showed it to him and then swallowed thelot with a smile.

"Come on Miwa, let's go up to my bedroom," he offered. "Okaysweety," I agreed. I entered his bedroom, which was surprisinglyneat considering it supposedly hadn't had a woman's touch for anumber of years. I dropped my bikini bottom, leaving me completelynaked. I climbed into bed and he kissed me and pawed my breastsagain. Then he lowered his head down to my nipples and began to suckon them. Oh my God! When I felt the pull of his suction I let out aloud moan and felt a rush throughout my body. My clit quivered ashis tongue slathered my now firm teats. I closed my eyes toconcentrate the sensations in my brain.

After about five minutes of that, he kissed his way down my tummyand to my snatch. I felt his tongue slipping and sliding all over myclit, sending little jolts of pleasure through me every time itbatted my love button. "You taste divine," he flattered. "I bet Ido!" I laughed in my head. And as my wishes dictated, within fiveminutes he blasted me off into orbit, as an orgasm tore through melike a dog on the tail of a cat, my body feeling flushed and I washaving trouble controlling my breathing.


   He kept at it and onceanother five minutes passed by, I was writhing and bucking my hipsin the throes of ecstasy, pulling his head into my crotch and neverwanting that feeling to end.

I guess a fair amount of time had elapsed now, as I felt his weighton my body. I knew he was going to fuck me. Now the question waswhether I was going to bleed and experience pain other virgins did. I felt the tip of his cock at the opening of my cunt and then myvaginal walls being pushed apart by his burrowing manhood. Thesensation was indescribable. I felt full and I was aching for hisdick anyway after the repeated orgasms. He began to thrust and Igrabbed his ass and helped him bury his sperm gun inside me over andover, my eyes rolled back in my head and I basically became a slaveto the pleasure he was dishing out to as he ravaged my pussy. Iwrapped my legs around his back to take him as deep inside me aspossible, telling him to fuck me hard. God, I wanted his cock backin me so much when it would withdraw on his outstrokes. It was likethe most important thing in the world that he shove it back into meASAP. I guess I dug my fingernails into his biceps as he continuedto slam his meat into me because I saw the marks I had left on himwhen we were done. As yet another orgasm was bolting into me, Iheard him let out a couple of loud grunts and then an "oh shit!" Ifelt his cockhead get a little larger as he began to unload insideme, but that was about it. Otherwise, all I felt was a warm, wetfeeling near my cervix when we were done.

He collapsed on top of me and then, thankfully, rolled off.

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   Now Iknow a lot of guys don't know what to say to a woman after the act,so I initiated the conversation. "Oh my God John, that was amazing!"I encouraged him. "I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did," hesaid. I felt his cum begin to leak out of me and drip down my taintand then on to the bed sheets next to my butt. "Maybe we can do thisagain sometime," he basically begged. I hugged him and told him Iwould like that very much, which elicited a grin from him.

My body and brain felt like someone had dumped a cargo containerfull of endorphins in it. It's not that I wanted to sleep like manyguys do (been there, done that!) after sex, but God, I felt likeeverything was right with the world. Now the question was, would Iget pregnant or an STD as a result of this? So far the answer tothat has been negative, thankfully.

I knew that John wanted me out of the house pretty quickly. That'show guys operate with casual sex. So I made the excuse that "I hadbetter get back home. My dogs are expecting their walkies," whichwas true enough. But it was indeed just an excuse so things didn'tconclude on a socially clumsy note. I reclaimed my bikini and headedout the door.

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   I gave him my cellphone number if he wanted a returnengagement and also so he could check if I was occupied or not. "IfI don't answer, I'm either busy or gone," I reminded him.

As I walked down my street from John's place, I saw a group of threeteenagers, probably college age. As John's cum was still exiting myfuckhole, I saw them staring at me. I would have stared at me, too,if I was still a man. I waved at them. Now I was going to bring mythree cute little doggies out and I was interested to see if theboys had the stones to try to pick me up. I wasn't interested inhaving the train pulled on me (and I still haven't had sex with morethan one person at a time as we speak), but I was just curious. Theywere pretty cute, too. "Jesus, I really am becoming a chick," Iscolded myself.

I jumped into the shower to spray the last of the cum out of me andtoweled off. After changing into a pair of jean shorts, a tank topand the previously mentioned ankle socks and running shoes, Ileashed my three mutts and took them out the door toward a park thatwas maybe a quarter mile from my house. As I got within earshot ofthe boys, I gave them a cheerful, 'Hi guys!" and then strolled pastthem. I heard them muttering something. I think they were shockedthat the hot little Asian girl greeted them twice seemingly out ofthe blue.

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   My dogs and me arrived at the park unmolested and I letthem roam there for about an hour before I opted to go home. Ididn't see the boys on the return trip. They either weren't intoAsian women or they just didn't have the guts. I certainly did myshare of bottling out in my life as a  boy. So I didn't particularlyfeel negatively toward them and was willing to give them anotherchance to get into my panties.

That was the last of the action I would have any shot at that daysince I spent the rest of it playing guitar. I also set up a YouTube account so that I could show off my skills on my instrumentthere. I always wondered how many guys watch girlguitarists on that site and then wack it afterward. I never did that, though.

The following day I went in to a sex chat room dedicated to thecounty I am in to troll for cock. "Hi guys! I'm a 21 year oldJapanese-American female looking for NSA sex in (my town). with indecent physical shape white, black and Asian guys. No beer guts,please. I'm into oral sex (I can deep throat and yes, I swallow) andlight bondage (but only after I get to know you first) as well asspanking and just regular vanilla sex. I don't do anal, bathroomstuff, animals or any other really crazy stuff.

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   White and black guysplease be circumcised. Asian guys I don't care if you are or not. Those sending me a full length picture of themselves are guaranteeda response" is what I wrote. I got a message from a white guy whoworked in the area who just wanted to stop by on his lunch break fora quick hummer. He showed me his picture and I would have let himfuck me if he wanted. So a couple of hours later, he showed up at mydoorstep. "Who is it?" I shouted after hearing the knock at thedoor. " "It's Glenn from the __4sex chat group. " I opened the doorand we hugged then I went down on him right there in my foyer. Hewas probably about six inches and average thickness. While he was inmy mouth, he bent down and put his hand inside my bra under myblouse. I stopped what I was doing and removed what was concealingmy tits and he was soon back being pleasured by my tongue, lips andthroat. "I've never had a chick deep throat me before," he lamentedin between sighs. The roughness of his breathing then escalated andI knew he was about to go off and he did, littering my piehole withhis warm, thick manjuice.

"Oh fuck Miwa, that was just the stress reliever I needed.

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   "My wifedoesn't like giving bjs and swallowing cum is completely out of thequestion, so thanks!" "Anytime baby," I allowed. 'Don't be astranger!" "Don't worry about that!" he laughed.

I went to the supermarket shortly after he left and then I took mydogs out once I arrived home with the groceries. I saw one of theteenage boys just hanging out on his front porch talking on hiscellphone on my way back from the park. I gave him a little wave. Hehung up his phone and came running up to me giving me the usualwigger bullshit. "Dude, you're trying too hard, relax," I warnedhim. "Be yourself and not something you're not. " That kind of puthim back on his heels and he apologized and began speaking like anactual human being. It turned out his name was Todd and he was 19. He worked at a 7-11. Considering the wealth of his parents, they hadto be pretty disappointed in him since he wasn't in school whiledoing a dead end job. He told me he thought I was beautiful (againwith the trying too hard!) and seemed friendly since I had waved tothem when I passed him and his friends. I asked him if he had agirlfriend and he said no. He was kind of gangly and notparticularly bright, so I can understand why he couldn't attract agirl.

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   I asked him if he was still a virgin. I expected more bravadofrom him, but he confessed that he had never had sex before. Ilooked down at his crotch and he had a hard on. Not that I wassurprised, mind you.

I don't know if it was because I understood how devastating it canbe when you're a guy and women ignore you or what, but I decided toshow the kid the ropes. I took him back to my place and sat him downand had a long talk with him about women and how to not be a loser. Then I had him follow me up the stairs and ordered him to strip andtake a shower with me. "Are you serious?" he replied, apparentlydoubting his own ears. "Totally. Get 'em off boy!" I lightheartedlycommanded. I likewise lost what I was wearing and stood before himas probably the first woman he had ever seen naked. I opened thedoor to the shower stall and waited for him to join me beforeshutting the door behind him. I put my arms around his neck and toldhim to kiss me. That did not go well. So I told him to relax andslow down and try to communicate something in his kisses.

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   "Don 'tjust slobber on me" I taught him.

"Look at my face and then my body, not the other way around Todd. You're not getting with a body, but with a person. Show somerespect. "  Then I had him lather me up with the soap, suggesting herelax and be gentle and to experience this second by second and takein everything your senses are telling you. "Do you like the way thewater makes my body look?" I asked. "Yes I do," he said. "Then tellme! And put your hand on my cheek and give me tender kisses everynow and then. " The problem with Todd, as it is with too many otherguys is that he was viewing me as if I was a mechanical device andnot a human being who has her own way of looking at things and whohas been reared differently from boys. So I talked to him aboutsetting a mood and carefully watching the signals he gets from hispartner.

I turned my back to him and told him to stroke my breasts softly andcontinue kissing me. His kissing was improving markedly now and Iactually began getting kinda worked up. I reached down and startedstroking his cock. "You have a nice cock there Todd. If you canrelax, stop fronting and work on your communication skills you'llget a chance to use it a lot.

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  " I encouraged him.

I turned around and sunk to my knees and put his stiff cock in mymouth. "Oh fuck, that feels good Miwa," he moaned. My lips wererubbing his big dick tightly before my throat got a taste and he letout a long sigh when he felt my throat muscles squeeze it. Twominutes later,  he launched his baby batter from his balls into agirl's orifice for the first time in his life. I stood up and openedmy mouth to display his cum on my tongue. Then I swallowed it. Ahuge grin crossed his face.

"Did that feel good sweety?" "Oh God, I've never felt anything likethat in my life. " "Okay, let's get dried off and head to mybedroom. "

I got into bed and had him lay on my right. "Okay, you've cum and itwill take a bit before you're able to get it up again. So again,relax, take it slow and work on getting me hot for you. Let's startwith some kissing and some kind words. " 'What should I say?" "Tellme something that shows you care about me, not a cliche line youthink will allow you to get your cock inside of her that she hasalready heard a thousand times already anyway.

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  " I laid there andwaited for him to come up with something. Finally, he made his play:"I really love your eyes. " "Okay, but why do you love my eyes? Whatdo you see in them that reflects something about me?" "God, this ishard. " "Yeah, women are a pain in the ass, hahahaha. " After moresilence, I tried to provoke him with, "When you look into my eyes,what do you feel?" "There's just something nice about them. " 'So doyou think that my eyes reflect my niceness?" "Yeah. " "You know, ifyou studied harder in school you would have more of a vocabulary soyou can describe to the object of your affection what is so specialabout her. " "Yeah. " "Kiss me again," I told him. He did and and Ikept pulling him back for more because he needed the practice andbecause I wanted his eight inch cock to get hard again.

"Okay baby, now suck on my nipples," I guided him. Wordlessly, hedid as I said and I instructed him on how to handle a girl's breastsand how much suction to exert on their nipples. "Oh yes, that feelsso good now Todd. Don't stop," I urged him. I took his righthand andplaced it on my pussy.

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   "Rub it gently baby. Press in just a bit onthe top part. That is the clitoris. " I was starting to feel reallygood. "That's it baby, be patient and keep that up. " Soon, mybreathing was becoming unruly and then I came all over his hand, myvaginal muscles having explosive contractions.

"Okay sweety, now eat me. " "I don't know how. " "Yeah, nobody doestheir first time. Relax your jaw and tongue. Now scoot your headdown so you can see my pussy. " He did so and then I pointed where myclit was. "This is the pleasure button of any female. Some women aremore sensitive than others there. So listen carefully to herreactions and act accordingly.


   Also, gently put two fingers in mypussy and you will feel ridges on the upper wall just inside theopening. That is the g spot. Stimulating that feels really, reallygood. You have to do it lightly in a motion like you are callingsomeone over to you. " I felt his fingers sliding into me and then hefound my g spot. "Yes, right there baby. Keep gently rubbing it. Andwhile you do that, I want you to lightly suck on my clit and rollyour tongue against it, too. "

Within ten minutes, I was having multiple orgasms and desperatelywanting to be fucked. "When you're ready baby I want you to stickthat gorgeous dick inside me. " He immediately halted the oral actionand moved up on me. I guided his cock to my opening and he pushed itinto me. "Oh yes baby, all the way in. Oh fuccckkkkkkk. " Then I felthim thrusting and I whispered to him, "now to last a long time, youneed to just relax, clear your head so you aren't thinking aboutanything and just be a cock pumping machine.

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   Then after the girl hasorgasmed, you can turn your brain back on and go to town. "

My vaginal muscles eagerly clamped on to this turgid shaft and God,the friction was heavenly! I had my legs around his hips as hecontinually buried his fleshspear into my pita pocket. I wassmelling his scent after the shower and enjoying the sensations hiscock was giving me A LOT. Oh God yes, I didn't want to let go. "Fuckyes baby, ram that dick into me, oh yes ohhhhh" I reflexively pined,my brain now beholden only to how my pussy is capturing his rod. "OhGod baby, oh yes, fuck me hard! Faster! I'm going to cum!" I yelledbefore I let out a series of gasps and then a long sigh while theorgasm sunk its talons into every part of my being.

"Oh God baby, mmmmm," I said to him as he continued to ream my spermcatcher. "God Miwa, this feels even better than the bj you gave me!"he propounded. "Oh yes baby, God, that feels so good, I can neverget enough of sex. Fuck me good sweety, give it to me hard!" I wasclose again, my vaginal walls emitting obscene sounds as he poundedhis sausage into me. Just as I felt the surge of a huge orgasm, hegrunted loudly and unburdened himself into me with a loud, "Oh fuck!Unnnhhhh!"

We both laid there quietly for a couple of minutes, me to get mybreath back, he because he didn't know what to say.

I rolled on top of him and looked into his eyes with a wicked smile. "So now you can say you're not a virgin. How does that feel?" "Oh myGod, that was killer! Thank you Miwa!" "You're welcome honey. " "Nowlisten Todd, this was fun and we can do it again sometime, but I'mnot looking for a relationship, so don't fall in love with me,okay?" "Okay.

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  " "And by the way, when you tell your buddies that youfucked me, be nice about it, okay?" "You got it. " "Good. ".

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