The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 8


I woke up Wednesday morning before Kevin did. I thought that I wouldsurprise him with breakfast in bed, but when I went downstairs to seewhat was in the fridge and his pantry, there wasn't really anythingthere. Typical bachelor. Probably living on a diet of Domino's andfrozen dinners. This is what happens when men never learn to cook. Iwent and brushed my teeth and hair and then got back into bed with himand grabbed his morning wood and stroked it. He must be a heavy sleeperbecause I was using my hand on hm for a few minutes and he still hadn'tawakened or cum. I wondered what dreams he was having at that moment, ifany. My hand was tiring, so I scooted down the bed and put his stillengorged dick in my mouth and decided to see how quickly I could get himoff after the manual stimulation. THAT woke him up and I would estimatethat three minutes was all it took for his jizz to be shot on to mytongue.

I slid back up next to him. "Good girl," he complimented. I giggled andwe held each other and exchanged kisses for a little bit. I needled himabout his lack of provisions in his fridge. "What will you do if there'sa big earthquake and nobody's open?" "I'll go to your house!" helaughed. "If you can get there, you dork," I countered.

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   I offered to goto the store and buy what I would need to make him some eggs benedict,but he said he wanted to go out for breakfast. But you know where hetook me? To freaking Denny's! He was chuckling as everybody in the placewas staring at me and wondering why I was attired in a cocktail dressjust to go to about the lowest of lowbrow eating establishments. Itdidn't help that I had to keep shifting on my ass due to the spankingsand paddlings it had been subjected to the previous two nights. Obviously, he was humiliating me. I'm not into humiliation, so all itdid was embarrass me and piss me off. I talked to him about that justbefore he dropped me off at my house. He apologized. "Look, I'm reallyeasygoing compared to most women, but this was kind of a buzz kill forme, sweety. I don't care if we go to cheap ro cheesy places since I likea lot of that stuff, too, but pay more attention to what I like anddon't and if you're not sure, ask," I nagged. I felt bad about doingthat since it made me sound like more of a pain in the ass than I think Iactually am, but if I don't say anything it might happen again. I didkiss him goodbye, though, to signal that there weren't any hardfeelings.

I spent most of the day playing guitar and doing housework. I went to dothe weekly shopping, too, and, on the way back, saw Dylan, Debbie,Jason and Steven walking home from school. I pulled over near them andasked them if they wanted a ride. They got in.

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   "So how are you guys?" Iopened. "Where have you been Miwa? We haven't seen you in a while,"Dylan noted. I laughed and replied that I had been busy with my nowex-boyfriend, but we had recently broken up. I was referring to Daisuke,of course. "That sucks," he rejoindered. "Yeah, all good things have tocome to an end sometime," I said, sounding resigned to fate. Theintervening five months had been good to both Steven and Debbie. Debbiegrew another two  inches or so and became as tall as me and her boobscame in so that she was now a b-cup. Steven had grown a couple ofinches, too, and put on about 30 pounds in the right places. To behonest, Steven, who was now 15, was looking kinda yummy. and he said henow had a girlfriend, but she was on the women's basketball squad at hisschool and was at practice. "She says I'm a good kisser," he bragged. "I bet the practice I gave you had something to do with that," Igiggled. "For sure," he confirmed.

"So Debbie," I began, "is Dylan tying you up?" "Yeah," she giggled.


   "I'mspanking her, too. She fucking loves that shit!" Dylan chuckled. Debbiedidn't say anything other than blush. "Yeah, I got tied up, spanked andfucked last night. My butt it still a little sore from it," Idisclosed, trying to titillate them. "That's a lucky guy who gets tofuck you, Miwa," Jason flattered. "Thanks sweety," I answered, giggling. "So Steven, have you fucked her yet?' "Not yet, but she lets me eat herpussy all the time," he asserted. 'Do you make her cum a lot?' Iprovocatively questioned. "Damn right homegirl!" Steven laughed. "Doesshe suck you?" "Damn right homegirl!" he repeated, cracking everybodyup. "Does she swallow?" "Damn right homegirl!' and now everybody was inhysterics. "How abot you Debbie? Do you swallow Dylan's cum?" "Damnright homegirl!" Dylan interjected, everybody rolling over in laughternow.

"So is she obedient to you Dylan?' "Yeah, usually, but she could dobetter," he chuckled. Debbie pushed him and blurted his name in anembarrassed tone.

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   We arrived at our development  and I dropped them offbefore I entered my own driveway. About 15 minutes later, they were onmy porch and I let them come in. They mainly wanted to just hang out andJason schemed to pick up on me since he just found out about me nothaving any commitments at the moment.

I brought them up to my music room and let them mess about with myequipment. After a few minutes, I told Debbie and Dylan I wanted to talkto them in my bedroom. I sat them down and asked Debbie why she wasn'talways being obedient to Dylan. "He asks me to do dumb, gross stuff,"she said. "You want to obey him, though, right?' "Yeah, it feels goodwhen I can do that, but there are limits!" "Dylan, you have to respectthe limits of your sub. BDSM is supposed to be fun for both parties, notdegrading or a chore. And for it to work she has to be able to trustyou with her life. So you guys should talk about this limits issue. " Iadvocated. It turned out that what Debbie especially objected to wasDylan wanting her to strip or show her breasts when their friends werearound or to sext him. "Dylan, you have to think about her reputation,okay? The first two jobs of any master are protecting the health andreputation of his subbie. She is giving you the gift of her submission.

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  Don't abuse it," I strongly urged. He apologized to Debbie and she vowedto be the best girlfriend she could for him. "Is she putting out foryou Dylan?" I interrogated. "Yeah, she gives it to me whenever I wantit. " "Good," I said. "But Dylan, you have a responsibility to keep it good for her, too. Do you eat her out regularly?" "Fuck yeah!" heaffirmed. "And does he do it good Debbie?" ":Oh my God, like youwouldn't believe," she averred. "And after you tie her up Dylan, do youcuddle her and make her feel secure and valued?" "I try," he claimed. "Listen Dylan, this is super important, okay? Whether it's after sex or abondage session, she needs to have reaffirmed for her that you careabout and love her. We women are tremendously security driven. So takeyour time with her. A little bit of patience and love goes a long way," Iinstructed. "Okay. ," he agreed "Thanks Miwa.

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   You said it better than Icould have," Debbie said. I hugged and kissed them both and brought themback to the music room.

I sat on the couch and called Jason over and had him sit between my legson the floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. Then Iwhispered into his ear, "sweety, I'm still getting over splitting upwith my last boyfriend, so I'm not really interested in having arelationship right now. But you're cute and you'll find someone probablybetter than me. Just don't be too anxious about it and let thingshappen in their own time, okay?" "Alright," he sort of whined. I let himgive me a long kiss and rubbed his chest under his t-shirt. I  kepthugging him to make him feel better. Then I just decided to sit betweenhis legs on the floor and let him hold me because it made me feel good. Jason and I periodically exchanged kisses and he was trying to feel meup on the sly, acting like he had to scratch his nose and then brushingmy boob as he brought his hand back down. I could feel his hard onagainst my back. I didn't mean to tease him. This was a damned if youdo, damned if you don't situation.

Friday morning, Dylan called me from his school.

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   He wanted to know if Iwould ferry him and his friends to another party Brian was throwing. Aslong as I could go I was good with it. Dylan said that was fine,especially since Brian had broken up with his bitch of a girlfriend andwanted to see me again. I decided to go with my black cheongsam outfitthat I had worn to John's party where we had all that fun with a coupleof his underlings. I tied my hair back this time, though, into pigtails. I have to say I looked deadly amazing and would definitely leave animpression among all the teenagers that were going to be there.

At 7 p. m. I picked up Dylan, Debbie, Steven and his girl, Marina, andtook them to the party  before scooping up Justin and Jason and haulingthem over as well. Marina was Japanese-American, but a couple inchestaller than I was and had a girl next door kinda vibe to her. She playedguard on her school basketball club. When I got out of the car to gointo Brian's house, I hooked my arms around Justin's and Jason's andevery eye in the place was riveted on me. I was, of course, totallyoverdressed for the occasion, but Brian's eyes were bugging out of hishead and guys all night were trying to get peeks into the slit in thedress portion of the cheongsam.

This time, there were possibly 20 people, maybe a couple fewer, and itfelt more like a real party than the last time. I went right for Brianand gave him a huge hug and a kiss and he told me I looked like thefamous pool player Jeanette Lee.

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   Aside from the fact Jeanette isKorean-American and 5'8", and I'm Japanese-American and 5'3", I looknothing like her. So swing and a miss on that attempt at flattery,Brian. I know he meant well, though. I think he was more referencingwhat I was wearing than anything else.

Neil was there, too, but with his new girlfriend, Nancy, a swivel hipped brunette who was nearly as tall as he was.

After a couple of hours, I was getting bored and hit on Brian. Weeventually snuck upstairs to his room and fell into bed hugging andkissing each other. He was an excellent kisser and I just let him dowhat he wanted. So within 20 minutes, my cheongsam was on the floor andso was my bra, as was his t-shirt. "Fuck Miwa, you have a bangin' body,"he praised. "Thanks sweety," I said as his mouth began to distend myright nipple with suction. I was so enjoying the pull of his mouth on mymilk duct and brushing his long hair with my fingers and feeling thefirst pangs of wetness in my loins. He maintained his seduction of mybreasts while his hand drifted south and underneath my panties andfiddled with my clit. I was moaning now and feeling that hot tensionbuilding inside me as he pressed harder on my miniature joy stick. Notlong after, I panted, let out a squeak as the tension attained itsapogee and then suddenly released, my pubic muscles contracting with avengeance.

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   I pulled Brian's head into my cleavage as he continued to rubmy nubbin and I was having a good old time, as he appeared to be, too. "Oh yes baby, keep doing that," I throatily whispered until thefloodgates came down and I experienced repeated orgasming. I pushed hishand away and moved down to the end of the bed, unzipping his pants andpulling them and his briefs off and stroking his stone dick for a minuteor two. I then took it in my mouth and sucked like a woman possessed,earning me a considerable quantity of his sperm, all of which Iswallowed down.

He and I switched positions and my panties were flipped on to the rugbelow us. I felt his tongue flicking and lashing my clit. I told him tosuck it lightly, too, my wetness now at high tide and my pantingre-emerging as Brian's tongue pushed me toward another orgasm, my handspulling his head hard into my crotch. When the moment of decisionstruck, I called out for god several times while my body endeavored tochannel off the extreme pleasure I was feeling. That was a momentaryrespite, as five minutes later, he had my pubic muscles convulsing andspasming again and again and again, smearing his face with my juices. Iwas on a kind of amusement park ride that had no terminus, my orgasmscoming at a thrash metal tempo.

When he was finally hard again, he turned me on to my side, wrapped hisarms around my boobs and entered me from behind, his six inch cockrubbing the upper wall of my pussy. He fondled my nipples and breastswhile his hips cajoled his dick into repeatedly impaling me, thesensations that exercise was generating so sweet I would have gladlyspent the next hundred years enjoying it. "Oh God Brian, yes, give it tome hard baby," I implored and he was thrusting with all the vigor hecould muster and I came like an asteroid crashing into the earth, thepleasure dispersed through me like a thousand simultaneous injections. He withdrew his pocket rocket from my slot and turned me on to my backand then pulled me to the edge of the bed, pushing my legs over hisshoulders before spearing me again. I wrapped my ankles around his neckas he drove his fuck stick as deep as he could into me with purposefuland hard hitting strokes, the sensations going from mere warmth totingling to a full on meteoric explosion of ecstasy, the sounds in hisroom a dissonance of his grunts and my sighs and moans.

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   He had a head ofsteam  now, pushing off of his toes to generate force that wastransferred to his manhood that was rocking me hard and fast. I waslosing the handle on my breathing again, which was reduced to gasps,pants and occasional interruptions, before I emitted a long gutturalmoan and then was completely dominated by the surging riptide of heatthat rippled through me, inspiring my nervous system to put me intomultiple orgasm mode again. If someone was on the other side of the doorthey would have gotten themselves quite the earful of our mutualexaltations. I heard his growls and grunts coming faster and moreintensively and then he let out a near howl as he flushed his balls intomy sperm catcher.

"Oh fuck, that was intense!" he blurted as he rolled on to his back, hiscum now being exported to his bed sheets by my gaping fuckhole. Isnuggled up to him. "I loved it, too," I cooed. He kissed and hugged me. "Hey Miwa, will you be my girlfriend?" he suddenly pleaded. "Brian,listen baby, I think you rock, but I just got out of a relationship andI'm not really in relationship mode right now. Sorry baby. I hope youaren't mad. " "It's cool, Miwa. You're just so hot I would like to keepyou for myself. " "Aw, that's sweet, Brian.


   You're such a terrific guy," Itold him before kissing him. He started kissing me again  and becamehard after very little time passed. Noticing that, I rose up, straddledhim, sunk my hips and accepted his cock into me again and then happilybounced my way to several more orgasms. After he came inside me, I stoodup over his stomach and let his cum drip on to it before I gentlylowered myself on top of him and held him while he embraced me. I hope Itotally erased any memory of Crystal from his mind.
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