The Time Shifter Chapter 15


When I left Bobby and Nick's, I felt sluggish, even after taking along, hot shower. What I did the night before was fun, but hard onmy body. My hips ached, my pussy stung and my jaw hurt. There werebruises on my legs from being on all fours so long and on my assfrom having four guys repeatedly crash their pubic bones into it. Itwas like what happens with having a baby: guys get all the pleasure,girls experience all the pain. The band was supposed to rehearse,but I just watched them in my music room while I kicked back waitingfor my body to heal itself. I, of course, didn't tell them that Ihad gotten fucked to within an inch of my life while under theinfluence of weed, beer, wine and vodka the night before. Instead, Ijust said I wasn't feeling well, which was truthful, but alsoconveniently vague.

By early May, Joe had learned all the songs Pete and I had demandedhe put in his repetoire and had rehearsed them with us, just in timefor the prom, which was a couple weeks later. I then had the bandwork on UFO's "Doctor Doctor and "Rock Bottom," REO Speedwagon's"Ridin' the Storm Out" and Styx' "Lady. " Both of the last two bandswere largely only known in the Midwest at the time and hardlyanywhere else. We put "Doctor Doctor" at the end of our main set andthen "Freebird" to an encore slot.

We didn't care if people could dance to our set or not. We were justgoing to do our thing. So we opened it with Zep's "Rock and "Roll"amid big fusillades of pyro and "The Song Remains the Same" beforeDanny greeted the crowd while I played the opening arpeggios to"Black Diamond" before he screamed, "hit it!" and we began to hammeraway at it. That was followed by the Rick Derringer version of "Rockand Roll Hoochie Koo," "Billion Dollar Babies" and Bowie's "The JeanGenie.

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  " Following more remarks to the crowd, Joe kicked off "RebelRebel" then we ratcheted the tempo up with "Burn" and the Stooges'"Search and Destroy. " Danny told the crowd that we were going toplay a song that characterizes high school perfectly. Tthat track hewas speaking of was the NY Dolls' "Personality Crisis. " We keptblazing away with "Ridin' the Storm Out" and Uriah Heep's "EasyLivin. '"

"Are any of you guys tired yet? Do you need mommy to tuck you in?"he said mockingly before we immediately jammed into "Mama Kin" and"We're an American Band. " "This is for you high maintenance girlsout there tonight," Danny laughed before I fingerpicked the intro to"Stairway to Heaven" on a 12 string acoustic while Joe did all thesix string bits, including the solos. I retuned the 12 string andDanny and I did the Stones' "Wild Horses" as an unplugged two manpiece. The rest of the band came back out on stage for "Lady" and weended that first set with "Doctor Doctor," before which I toldeverybody to go out and buy the new UFO album, which had beenreleased two days before.

We returned to the stage with "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, which weall thought was a riot. A Sabbath tune at a prom! "Space Truckin',"with a long organ intro by John so he could show off his chopsbeyond what was on the Deep Purple original, was next and then Zep's"Black Dog. " "This is our version of 'Home on the Range'!" Dannycracked to the dancers/onlookers/prom goers, where we did both "LaGrange" and "Tush," with me performing the slide guitar part of thesolo on the latter. "Was that a bit too rowdy for y'all?" Dannyteased. "You want a bit of soft rock do ya?" before we plowed into"Roundbaout. " "Here's what happens when you mix girls with jealousyand too many beers," Danny chuckled. He was alluding to "Gimme ThreeSteps.

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  " The successor to that was "Working Man. " "This is for allthe little girls out there toniight," Danny curtly informed them. Wethen did Badfinger's "No Matter What" and segued it  into theBeatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps. " That turned into "SpeedKing/Highway Star," the combination of which went on for 20 minuteswhile Joe, John and I traded lead lines. "Well folks, it's time tosay goodbye to high school. Good luck to you all and see you out onthe road!" Danny declared. We then launched into "School's Out" and"Freebird", which Joe and I extended to 15 minutes with a lengthenedguitar solo section, making it one motherfucking long farewell.

We were all completely knackered and drenched in sweat. I had worn aleather teddy, black pantyhose, vinyl platform boots and darksunglasses with a bullwhip on my hip all night. I expected to catchsome shit about my dominatrix outfit from the supervising teacherswho were there or the principal, but not a peep. We played anabsolute blinder and, after a while, it became less of a dance andmore of a rock concert as the kids mostly just stood around watchingus rather than shaking their booties. Cliff's drumming was justoverpowering, the low frequencies from his powerful kick drumpounding rolling along the hardwood like a series of incipientearthquakes.

Monday, I came to school in red leather: skirt, platform shoes andhalter top with a white glitter top hat and similarly huedunderwear, including thigh high stockings, as well as mirroredsunglasses. I got a little bit of static about our prom set fromsome of the rah rahs. During one such exchange, which was in mySpanish 2 class, one girl remarked how she only knew about half thesongs we performed.

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   "Well dear," I retorted, "not all of us listento KKDJ (an FM Top 40 station of the time). And besides, if we playthe same old shit, it gets boring for everybody---the band and theaudience. " "And what was up with that outfit? How could you get upon stage wearing that?" "Well, I have the body for it and a littlebit of outrage is exactly what rock and roll is about," I dismissed. "Look at the way you're dressed now! You look like a freak!" shecomplained. "Gee, thanks mom! Listen sweety, if you don't let thatfreak flag fly you just bore everybody, including yourself. Now whenyou've worked out enough that you can wear outfits like the one Ihave on and practice guitar every day for six years and play in agood band you get to dress like a star. It's the rock and roll code,babe. Deal with it. " That argument ended when the teacher enteredthe room.

When I met Joe and Pete at lunch, they told me that a few guysactually thanked them for not playing Barry Manilow, BarbaraStreisand or other gloppy dreck during the prom. A couple of thosestudents' girlfriends accused us of "ruining the prom" with suchheavy and often obscure music. Those boys felt it was karmic paybackfor making them spend way too much money on an event that in theirheart of hearts they had zero interest in. In other words, they didit in hopes they could continue getting laid. Cowards!

June 1st, the debut Bad Company record was released. I went andbought it and, during the ensuing days, had the band learn, "BadCompany," "Rock Steady" and "Can't Get Enough.

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  " Danny was a big fanof Paul Rogers when he was in Free, so he was glad to see himresurface with a tunefully solid effort. Speaking for myself as aguitarist, it was cool seeing Mick Ralphs reappear after he had leftMott the Hoople. This all reminded me to teach the group "Wishin'Well"and  "All the Way from Memphis. "

We began flyering all the high schools in the city about our rechall gig on June 18th, which would be the last day of school. Wecalled it the "School's Out Bash" We hoped that we could get atleast 50 people to show up and come close to breaking even.

 I had also submitted the plans to have our stage built in mid-May. It wouldn't be ready until around the third week of July. . I wasalso having a new drum riser made that would have strobe lamps builtinto it. So at that first gig, we would have to rely on the smallbut still serviceable stage the Parks and Recreation Departmentwould provide us. We would provide candy bars and bags of potatochips and plastic bottles of coke (at twice the store price, ofcourse) for the audience to consume since we were going to let themsmoke weed at the gig.

Pete and I were still sleeping together occasionally, too. We had areal understanding about each other and our relationship was morelike brother and sister, except with sex involved.

The last weeks of school passed uneventfully and we (?) teenagerswere finally left to our own devices for the next two and a halfmonths. We met with the rec hall manager at 5:30 p.

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  m. that day andwere given the keys to the hall, which could hold maybe a hundredpeople if the stage weren't there and maybe 70 with it. Bobby andNick arrived to keep an eye on things for us as our road crew triohefted our equipment into position. We soundchecked at 7 p. m. andbegan to let people in at 7:30. John's girlfriend played cashier aspeople paid the $5 tariff while our two security men of conveniencedid quick pat downs of the incoming audience before letting them in. By the start of the show, we had 41 people there and, as soon as weclosed the doors, the acrid perfume of marijuana smoke permeatedthe air. I took the proceeds and pocketed them for safe keeping.

We entered through the other door into the hall and hopped up onstage and tore into "Whole Lotte Love. " Danny then greeted theaudience and when he was done we did "Wishin' Well," "We're anAmerican Band" and Montrose's "Rock Candy. " We closed our two hourset with "Doctor Doctor," which elicited calls for an encore. We did"Can't Get Enough" and "Rocky Mountain Way" and went off stageagain. They wanted us back (and it didn't take much for us to wantto take the stage again) and we finished things up with "Freebird"before we turned the lights back on. There weren't any incidents, weplayed well and the audience did a good job raiding ourmunchies and cokes, so we actually didn't lose any money.

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   Johnbrought in the two cases of beer we had promised Nick and Bobby andI paid them off as we finished load out. Once our crew were finishedand we locked the rec hall up (we also sprayed a shitload of Lysolin there to get rid of the scent of pot), I paid them and thenbrought the rec hall manager the keys the next morning. She didn'texpress any complaints to me when we checked the conditionof the place together.

17 days after that, during the Fourth of July weekend, we didanother rec hall show in a more northern part of the county in whichI resided and that went off without a hitch. About 60 people turnedup, smoked out, munched out, enjoyed themselves and left us with asmall profit.

On the following Tuesday, I put on my bikini and went to the beachfor a while. It was lovely and I saw lots of hot people there. I waswalking down the strand on the way to the convenience store whenthis hot, well built surfer guy stopped me and asked if I wanted tocome to a party that Friday. "If you're going to be at it," I saidin the flirty tone of voice. "Don't worry about that," he led on. Itwas going to be at the beachfront rental duplex that he was hangingaround in front of. He was obviously the bait for the girls that heand his friends wanted at the party.

Thursday, since I knew that munchies were going to be in demand andas a way to ingratiate myself to everybody, I guess, I made a batchof ten dozen chocolate chip cookies and brought them with me to theparty There was a couple of cases of Budweiser in 12 ouncecans, a fifth of vodka, a couple bottles of Bacardi and a bottle ofJose Cuervo tequila plus stuff to mix all that with. I unwrapped thecookies and piled them up next to the alcohol. When I got there,there were maybe a dozen guys and 15 or 16 girls, including me.

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   Iwas the only Asian and the rest were white. I was dressed in jeanshorts, a blue bikini top and sandals and the other girls weresimilarly skimpily attired. A couple of them were wearing onlybikinis, in fact, as if they had been whisked off the beach thatday.

I grabbed a beer and toked on a joint that was being passed around. The music being played was the rock hits of the day, some of it inmy band's set list. The party goers seemed to really like thecookies. The guys didn't come off like frat members, just surferswith either rich parents or who had banded together to rent theentire duplex. They were all pretty nice looking with deep tans. Thegirls were also pretty cute. The more alcohol and weed everybody gotin them the more sociable they were becoming. I had to keep myintoxication to a fair minimum, though, since I was going to have todrive home. So after about half a dozen hits of grass and a couplebeers, I cut myself off.

One skinny surfer dude, who said his name was Jason, came up to mewith a beer in his hand and told me what a fox I was, but thenteased me about being so white while everyone else there was tanned. "Yeah, I don't get up here a lot," I giggled. He asked me if I wasborn in the U.

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  S. , which inspired me to inquire as to hiscitizenship. I know he didn't mean anything malicious by it, but itstill rubbed me the wrong way. We joked around for another fewminutes and then he asked me to go to bed with him. I assented tohis request and we went out the front of the unit and up the stairsto another one above it and into what I guess was his bedroom. Hekissed me and we made out for a few minutes while rolling around onthe bed before he untied my bikini top and immediately sucked myleft nipple into his mouth. I slipped my hand under his swim trunksand stroked his already stiff dick. I was still on a gentle, mellowhigh and the little jolts his suckling of my milk ducts entailedadded to the very pleasant mood I was in

I pushed him off and scooted down to the end of the bed and pulledhis shorts off, revealing a turgid six inch pole with average girth. I held his penis up in my lefthand and ran the tip of my tongue upand down the length of it for a couple of minutes to tease himbefore I brought the head between my lips and sucked on it softlyseveral times, causing him to produce "uunggg" type sounds. Thebottom of my tongue snaked over the tip of it a few times and then Ipressed my lips together and transported them downward as far as Icould on his shaft without gagging. "Ohhh fuckkk, that feels killer,babe," he praised. I sucked HARD every time I pulled my head upwardas I furiously bobbed my head to move my lips over his schlong. Hisvoice tightened and then I tasted his salty emission as it jetted onto my tongue. I showed it to him and gulped it down.

I slid in back next to him and he rolled over on his side, pushed myshorts and the bikini bottoms underneath them down my legs andfingered me while he resumed his assault on my nipples.

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   Thecombination of these things tripped my trigger minutes later and Iorgasmed. He went down on me and dined on the juices that weredripping from my hair free snatch while lashing my clit. He broughtme off to an orgasm I can only describe as "easy" due to the lightintensity of it. He was now hard again and told me to get on myhands and knees. I did and he jammed his tool into me, which, as italways did when someone penetrated me, felt amazing. I leaned myhead down on a pillow and Jason reamed my pussy with gusto, the onlysounds coming from either of us being moans. My ardor climbed andclimbed until it seemed like my entire groin convulsed and Iscreamed, "I'm cumming!!" God, his cock felt soooo damned good and Itold him so! He kept pumping away and I continued to orgasm until hesplattered my cervix with his 19 year old's semen.

As I rolled over on my back, I caught something in the corner of myeye. I looked toward the bedroom door, which had been left open, andthere stood the hunky guy who had invited me to the party two daysearlier. "Hey Jason, mind if I join in?" he asked. "If she's into itshe's all yours bro," Jason told him. Jason stood up and reclaimedhis shorts and flip flops and split. Meanwhile, I turned my body sothat my spread legs faced the door. I could feel cum sliding down mytaint.

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