Twist of fate-5


The mysterious man came close to Sapni.
“Devi, I used to be one of the Pandit’s general my name is Nihal. The Pandit had made me responsible to set up his rule over all other temples and set up the men of his choice as Pandits. The sardar was very good source of income for him and you told him, he would fail, the pandit never said that to him and to the others”
“I know and that is why see me here instead of him”
But goddess how will the pandit’s army survive if we bandit does bring his loot?.
“Give me your dagger” She commands. Nihal hands over his dagger. She stands full of rage, putsdagger beneath Nihal’s balls.
“You dare tell me what I should do? “I would cut these ifI wish and feed them them to the dogs and cats or make you eat them”. She throws the dagger away. “Butdon’t need this,they will simply cease to be, with a flick of my finger, not only of yours but of all the men who work under you, they can become women or eunuchs”
Nihal was even more terrified that he had offended the goddess, he did not realise she would be so enraged.
“I beg you please do not that, I will nevertell you what to do, I know you knowmore than any of us mortals”
Sapni dying to have his dick inside her, because it was big and strong and wonderful balls. She held back her temptation and sat down. This Temple was miserable,it will fall any day, the pandit neglected to take care of it, for that he has paid the ultimate price. First temple has to be repaired and I do not care if you or your men starve, this work is more important, the gods and goddesses were unhappy with this and the Pandit’s greed.
“May I speak?” Nihal asked
“Yes go on” Sapni waved
“The panditdid receive royalty he had over a hundred large temples under his control. ”
“No wonder the dieties were angry, those temples must be in shambles”
“Yes they are, but the pandit did not care”
“He will be reincarnated as ant, time and time again people will crush him.

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   He will suffer the worst deaths uncountable by my estimate and return when you are no more as a mortal and live his life in eternal misery”
“…. . there is another thing pandit’s orders were to take youthe town and treat like you were. I also blindly too part in it – I have sinned. From now one I wll serve you and do exactlyas you say”
Sapni had suspicions when the mumbling she had heard after her gang bang that there was something strange about what Pandit made her do was allcharade. .
“You will go to the Pandit’s and have your men slaughter his family, do not kill the young men and women, if there any”
Nihal was on his knees and weeping. Sapni planted her foot on his head.
“As you say”
“ I will tell you later, now go”
In the desert the sardar told his men to stand down,
“Sardar you have become old and you do not have the courage to destroy the royal caravan”
“Then go, but the devi will not forgive you”
The attemptedraid by rebel bandit ground was a disaster. Most of the bandits were killed others ran back to the Sardar, some were severely wounded.
“You were was right, those who disobeyed the Devihave fallen. From now on we will only do as she says”
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