The Trip: Part 1


I am not happy.

“I’m tired of looking at you pouting,” Mom says.

“Stop looking at me then,” I snap back.

“Oh, the joys of a teenage daughter,” she scowls, turning back in her seat.

“I don’t know why I had to come on this stupid trip anyway,” I snort, crossing my arms over my chest, “Why couldn’t I just stay at home?”

“Because you’re too young to stay at home by yourself,” she says.

“I’m fourteen,” I remind her for the hundredth time.

“And fourteen is too young to be home alone,” she answers for the hundredth time.

“I wouldn’t be alone,” I say, “Kari’s there. ”

“And she doesn’t want to baby sit you,” Mom says with a sickening grin stretching across her face.

“I don’t need babysitting!” I snarl, my face flushing crimson.

“Kelsey, that’s enough,” Dad says, eyeing me in the rearview mirror. I can argue with Mom but I can’t stare down Dad. I clamp my mouth shut before I say something that will get me in real trouble.

“Read one of your books,” Mom says.

“I don’t want to read,” I huff, arms clamped tight over my breasts.

“You can play Angry Birds with me,” Katie, my little sister says, offering me a controller.

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“I don’t want to play your stupid game,” I spit back at her. She’s stung by my angry response, but I don’t care. I’m angry.

“Why does Kari get to stay home if I can’t?” I ask for the hundred-and-first time.

“Because Kari is seventeen and has a summer job,” Mom answers for the hundred-and-first time.

“She’s going to throw a party at the house, you know?” I say, hoping to make them worry.

“Then it’s a good thing you’re hear with us,” Mom says, turning in her seat and smiling viciously at me.

“Kelsey,” Dad warns again before I can get a word out. His eyes burn into mine through the rearview mirror and my mouth, half open and ready to spew some angry comeback, snaps shut.

“I hate this family,” I mutter to myself, plopping back in my seat and ramming my ear-buds into my ears. I drown out the world around me and stew in my teen angst.

I don’t really hate my family, of course. In fact, I was really excited about this trip until about a month ago when I started dating Adam. Actually, that’s not true. I was still excited about the trip when I was dating Adam.

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   It was after I fucked his brother that I decided family vacations were for kids.

Jared is Adam’s big brother. He’s twenty-three but still lives at home with his parents. He’s supposed to be training to be a tattoo artist and body piercer but he got fired and so he’s training to fight MMA instead. He always hangs around the house without a shirt and his jeans unbuttoned. He’s covered in tattoos and has his ears, eyebrow, lip, tongue, and nipples pierced. I can’t take my eyes off him whenever I go to see Adam and he’s there.

It’s not that I don’t like Adam. He’s super cute, but he’s also super shy. We were going out for two-weeks before he even tried to hold my hand, and I was the one who had to kiss him first. He’s still a virgin, so I know he’s nervous. I was a virgin too, but I was ready to do a lot more than kiss. That’s why I went over to Adam’s house when I knew he had a soccer game.

“Adam’s not here,” Jared said, leaning against the doorframe and scratching his bare chest, “I think he’s got a soccer game or something. ”

“Oh,” was all I said.

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   Jared is really tall, like six-two, and I’m pretty petite, only five-foot-two, so I always feel tiny next to him. Plus, he has a tattoo of a snake with his head draped over his shoulder. The body of the snake slithers down his spine, wraps around his waist, and disappears down the front of his pants. I always wonder how far down it reaches when I see it.

“You want to hang out and wait for him?” Jared asked, and I blushed looking up from his crotch. I was wearing my shortest short skirt and a tank top that was too small for me a year ago when I was still wearing a B cup. I wasn’t wearing any cup that day and I could feel Jared’s eyes on my tits.

“Sure,” I said, trying to sound more mature than I felt.

“Come on,” he said, holding the door open for me, “We can chill in my room. My Mom’s upstairs. ” I could hear her moving around in the kitchen when I stepped inside, but my attention was on Jared and the heady smell the clung to his body.

“Are you smoking weed?” I asked when we got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Can you smell it on me?” he said, lifting his tattooed arm and giving a sniff.

“Ya, can I have some?” I asked boldly.

“You smoke?” he said, looking doubtful.

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   I said I did and he led the way to his room. “Come on,” he said, leaving the door open for me. I went in and closed it behind us.

The walls of his room were covered with posters of bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot, except for a space right above the headboard where he tacked up drawings of snakes, skulls, and naked women that looked a lot like the tattoos covering his body. There were clothes strewn about the room and empty pizza boxes on the floor. He stepped on one, crushing it on his way to his dresser where a collection of Maddog 20/20 bottles and a small wooden box waited for him.

“Have a seat,” he said, and motioned to the bed. He grabbed the clothes and rumpled sheets piled in a heap and simply pushed them to the floor. I sat on the edge of the mattress while he lifted a glass pipe from the wooden box and stuffed it with herb. When I glanced upward I found myself staring into the eyes of a pretty blonde whose face was dripping with cum. The cock responsible for the mess was still in her hand, and all around her, images cut from porn magazines were stapled to the ceiling directly over the bed.

“Here,” Jared said, pulling up a chair in front of me. He sat in it backwards with his legs spread and his arms draped over the back. He handed me the pipe and held a lighter over the bowl. I took a good long hit and I could tell he was impressed.

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   “You really do smoke,” he grinned, taking the pipe while I held in the magic, “I figured you’d be virgin lungs for sure. ”

“My sister taught me to inhale,” I wheezed on the exhale.

“How old’s your sister?” he asked, striking the lighter again and taking his turn.

“Seventeen,” I answered, and I could feel the string holding my head to my body loosen a bit.

“Is she hot?” he squeaked, holding the smoke in his lungs.

“Ya, she’s hot,” I said with sisterly pride.

“You’re pretty hot yourself,” he grinned, pushing the smoke to the porn stars on the ceiling.

“Thanks,” I smiled, trying not to blush too hard. He handed me the pipe again, and his arm dropped over the back of the chair so that his knuckles grazed the side of my knee. “You’re not so bad either,” I said quickly and put the pipe to my lips.

“Ya?” he said. I shrugged my shoulders while the smoke filled my lungs. “How old are you again?” he asked, taking the pipe from me.

“Fourteen,” I answered through the smoke, “Why?”

“Just curious,” he said, and burned the bowl down to ashes before sitting it aside. He leaned back over the chair and his hand brushed against my knee again.

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   I didn’t pull away.

“So how do you like my little brother?” he asked, giving my knee a little nudge.

“He’s cool,” I said, nudging back.

“He says you give a great blowjob,” he said casually, managing to completely shock me.

“Shut up!” I cried, slapping his bare shoulder, “He did not!” He just laughed.

“No, he didn’t,” he grinned, “I’m just teasing. ”

“You jerk,” I giggled, nudging his hand away with my knee.

“Ya, he actually said you gave pretty lousy head. ”

“Oh my God! Shut up!” I cried, punching him this time so he pulled back, “You’re such a liar!”

“I’m kidding,” he laughed, catching my wrist in his hand before I could hit him again, “He didn’t say anything like that. ” He pushed my hand down into my lap and held it there until I stopped resisting.

“You’re such a jerk,” I laughed, pulling my hand free when his grip loosened and smacking his arm lightly. His hand stayed in my lap though and rested on my knee. I didn’t try to push it away.

“No, seriously,” he said, and tried his best to look serious, “He says he’s not getting any action at all. What’s up with that?” He squeezed my knee and gave it a playful shake.



“It’s not my fault,” I practically squealed, “He’s so shy he never tires anything. ”

“Ya?” he said.

“Ya,” I confirmed.

“He says he’s nervous because you’re still a virgin,” he said, his hand slipping down between my knees, “Is that true?” I couldn’t stop my self from blushing, and I couldn’t look him in the eye. I stared down at his hand between my legs for a long time.

“He’s a virgin, too,” I finally stated in my own defense.

“Ya, that’s the problem,” he laughed, “It’s like the blind leading the blind. ”

“It’s not my fault,” I muttered again.

“So you’re good to go, huh?” he grinned, his hand stroking the inside of my knee, “You just need a guy to make the first move?”

“That’s supposed to be how it works, isn’t it?” I said, trying not to sound too whiney.

“Like this, you mean?” he asked, and suddenly he rocked the chair onto it’s back legs and he was leaning forwards and kissing me while his hand slid up my thigh.

“Ngh,” I sighed, feeling the metal of his studded tongue slide past my lips. His fingers found my pussy and I leaned back and spread my thighs for him.

“Mmm, you are good to go, aren’t you?” he said, pressing his fingers into my drenched panties. I just nodded. There was no air in my lungs for speech.

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   I lifted my hips when he reached under my skirt, and I watched him pull my panties down my thighs. My skirt rode up when he lifted my legs over his shoulders, and just like that, a boy was licking my pussy.

“Oh my God,” I finally cried, finding air to breath before I passed out. I dropped back onto my elbows but kept my eyes glued to the top of his head. The odd sensation of soft, hot flesh and cold, hard steel prying apart my virgin pussy lips was like nothing I’d ever felt before. My entire body was trembling and he had to hold my hips down with his large hands to keep me still.

“Fuck, your pussy tastes good,” he said, coming up for air and kissing me. He pushed me back onto the bed and I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him to me and running my hands up and down his bare back.

“Fuck me,” I pleaded, surprising myself with the naughty words, but his body felt so good on top of mine, and I had been so ready for so long. I just wanted it to happen.

“Suck me first,” was his response though, and he pried himself from my embrace and stood between my legs. I sat up and the first thing I saw was the tip of his dick poking its head out from the gap in his unbuttoned jeans.

“Oh my God, what is that?” I gasped, my eyes popping wide. I had never seen a pierced penis before.

“Open it up and find out,” he grinned, pushing his hips forward.

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   I reached up with shaking hands and pulled open his fly. The zipper made a sweet grinding sound and his entire dick popped into view.

“It’s a snake,” I giggled, seeing that the tail of the tattooed snake actually turned into his dick. The scales reached halfway up the shaft and I reached forward with a timid finger to see if they felt real.

“He won’t bite,” Jared grinned, and I blushed an explored with the tips of my fingers.

“Did that hurt?” I ask, moving along the scales then up to the silver ring embedded in the head of his penis.

“Which one?” he said, “The tattoo or the piercing. ”

“Both?” I said with wide eyes.

“The snake hurt worse than the ring,” he said, sounding tough, “But it was worth it. ”

“How come?” I asked, tracing the scales of his snake.

“You’ll see,” he grinned, and then he took my hand and curled it around his dick. My first dick. I liked it immediately, lifting it and getting a feel for its weight and size.

 “You shave it?” I asked. A dumb question as there’s not a hair on it, but I had to ask.

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   My friends and I shaved our pussies, but that was girl stuff. I didn’t know guys shaved their junk, too.

“Ya, you like it?” he asked, looking down at me while I studied him.

“Ya,” I muttered, running my fingers over the silky flesh where I know there should be hair, “It’s so smooth.

“Here,” he said, and with one hand he pressed his hard-on flat against his stomach. He slipped his other hand behind my neck and pulled me to him until his balls where pressing against my face. “Lick em,” he said, and I opened my mouth and felt his silky sack slip between my lips. “Ya, that’s it,” he sighed as my tongue pressed into his hot flesh. The sensation was strange and wonderful and I relaxed my jaw and gently sucked each ball into my warm mouth, twirling them with my tongue.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” he moaned, and I felt a rush of pride surge right down to my wet pussy. “Keep licking my balls,” he said, bending over me and pushing his hand under my top. “Fuck, you’ve got nice tits for a fourteen-year-old,” he declared, squeezing my breast. I didn’t much care for the “for a fourteen-year-old” crack, but his hand felt amazing on my tit and I had both his balls in my mouth, so cracking back wasn’t a real priority for me.

“Here,” he said, and he pushed my mouth away from his nut suck. He tugged my top up over my head, messing my dark hair.


   I shook it out and he stepped all the way out of his jeans so he was completely naked. I reached behind me and unzipped my skirt. My flip-flops had fallen from my feet so he simply tugged the skirt down my legs and tossed it aside.

“Lay back,” he said, pushing me down onto the mattress. Then he climbed up and straddled my chest, pushing his dick into my face. “Not yet,’ he said when I opened my mouth and tried to catch him. I closed it again and he simply rubbed his cock all over my face. “You like that?” he sighed.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, and when the silver ring slid over my lips I made my move, poking my tongue through the hole. “That’s it,” he grinned, and I pulled him into my mouth by the ring. My first blowjob. He hunched over me and I let him slowly fuck my face. “Get it good and wet,” he said, and I did my best, licking and bathing him with spit. When he sat back his dick was dripping and he pushed it between my tits, cupping my cleavage around him with his hands.

“Goddamn,” he moaned, fucking my tits.

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   I kissed the tip when it got close and every few thrusts he leaned forward and dipped his dick into my mouth getting it wet. “I’m gonna cum on your face, Baby” he hissed, his breath high and fast. I barely had time to react when he hunched forward and I saw his dick swell and watched the first shot burst from the tip. It landed on my cheek, and the next one on my mouth. A third shot hit my forehead, and the rest oozed out over my nose and lips.

“Aaaaaagh!” he cried, gripping his dick and squeezing the lost drops onto my face. “Don’t move,” he said, after catching his breath. He climbed off of me and I closed my eyes to keep the cum running down from my forehead from blinding me. “Oh ya,” he said, and I felt the bed shift as he climbed back over me. I felt the cool ring and then his hot dick press against my chin, and then I heard the click. I opened one eye and I was staring into the lens of his phone camera.

“Are you taking my picture?” I said, slightly astounded.

“Keep your eyes closed,” he said, and the camera clicked and clicked while I lay there under him. “Don’t move,” he said again, and again I felt him climb off of me and the bed. I didn’t move.

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   My left eye socket was filled with cum and he had used his dick to coat my lips in jam. I gave them a lick, liking his flavor.

“What are you doing?” I finally asked when I heard some machine whirling across the room.

“Hang on,” he said, and then the bed shifted and I could feel his feet on either side of me. His dick wasn’t there though. He was doing something above me. I waited for the click of the camera again, but it never came.

“What are you doing?” I squeaked, feeling a little too vulnerable.

“There,” he said, then his naked body was pressing against mine and he was kissing me. His tongue moved over my face, and he devoured his own seed, licking me clean so I could open my eyes again. “Did you like that,” he asked, his nose rubbing against mine.

“Ya, I guess,” I said shyly, “It was kind of weird. ”

“You looked fucking hot,” he said, and kissed me again. Then, with his cum flavored tongue dancing around inside my mouth, he reached down between us and I felt the cold steel of his ring press against my virgin lips.

“Ungh,” I cried, but he kept his mouth over mine.

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   I spread my legs wider and arched my back. “Ungh,” I cried again, feeling his hot flesh prying me open. I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails into his broad back. “Ungh,” I cried into his mouth, and he pushed deeper and deeper inside me.

“Ungh,” he grunted, and his smooth balls rested against my ass while my deflowered pussy gripped the length of his cock.

“Yes,” I sighed, tearing my lips from his and hugging him tight to me. My virginity was gone. I had a cock inside me. The pain was less than I expected, and I guessed maybe the pot helped. I held him a moment, letting my body adjust to its first penetration, but then I was ready. “Fuck me,” I purred.

And he did…

“Ungh,” I moaned, feeling his cock thrust in and out of my tight cunt. His body pressed me deep into the mattress and his hips whipped and cracked between my thighs. “I’m fucking,” I thought to myself, and my body and mind were on fire. “Don’t stop,” I heard myself beg, suddenly understanding why the expression was so popular with women who fucked in videos on the Internet.

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   I never wanted it to stop.

“What do you want for lunch?”

My eyes popped open and my body tensed under my boyfriend’s brother as his Mom knocked on his door.

“Mac-n-Cheese,” he hollered with his mouth next to my ear. He didn’t skip a beat though, he just kept on fucking me. I could hear his Mom loitering on the other side of the door. I knew she could hear us.

“Oh my God,” I whispered, but he was too far gone to care.

“Aaaaagh!” he growled, his back hunching up and his hips slamming into me.

“Oh my God,” I gasped, feeling his hot cum fill my pussy. “He’s cumming inside you,” a voice cried out in my head. I could see the shadow of his mother’s feet under the door. She was standing there listening. And if that wasn’t enough of a distraction, I looked up to see my own cum-spattered face staring down at me. I was pinned to the ceiling next to the blonde girl getting a facial from the cock in her hand. That was what the whirling sound was.

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   He had taken my picture, downloaded it and printed it, and then tacked it to the ceiling above his bed with all the other porn stars.

“Oh fuck,” he gasped, collapsing against me. His Mom was still listening outside the door and she didn’t leave until he climbed off of me and tripped over a pizza box, hitting his dresser and sending a few Maddog bottles to the floor.

“Shit. ” he grinned, and he had his camera again, “Here…” He took my knee and spread my legs apart. I looked down and saw the blood spread around my thighs. It wasn’t a lot, but he enjoyed the sight and snapped lots of pics. I watched him print a few out this time and we looked at them together while I slowly stroked his cock.

“Fuck, you’ve got a hot little body,” he said, eyeing the picture instead of my naked body next to him. “You want to fuck some more?” he asked, pinning my photo above his headboard.

“Sure,” I said, giving his cock a playful squeeze, “Can I be on top this time?” He liked that idea and stretched out on the bed while I straddled his hips. I was a little sore, but it felt good pushing myself down onto his hard flesh.

“Your turn,” I grinned, and I took his camera and snapped several shots of him, getting a good one of his cock sliding into me. With the tattoo scales it looked like I was fucking a snake.

“Do you like my pierced cock,” he asked, squeezing my tits while I gyrated around on his cock.

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“Ya,” I grinned, finally putting the camera aside. I could feel the piece of metal slip around inside me. I was much more aware of it this time, being able to move my hips so it touched all the right places inside of me. It surprised my how fast I came with the ring tickling some magic spot on the roof of my pussy while I ground my clit into his hard pelvic bone. I liked being on top.

“Here,” he said, lifting my limp body off his chest. He wasn’t done with me yet. I felt cheap and slutty on all fours and I loved it even more than riding him. I stretched my body out, pressing my tits into the mattress and gripping the sheets in front of me while he fucked me hard from behind.

“Fuck me!” I cried, not bothering to keep my voice down. I could see the shadows of feet outside the door again and I knew his mother was there listening. Either Jared didn’t know, or he didn’t care. “Fuck ya,” I moaned, “Fuck me!” And he battered my ass, ramming his cock deep inside me until we were both cumming again. “Aaaaaagh!”

Through the fog of sex and pot my senses slowly came back to me. Something wasn’t right.


   There were no shadows under the door but there were plenty of footsteps thumping through the floor overhead. I lifted my ear from the sweaty mattress and listened.

“Shit,” I cried, recognizing Adam’s voice. He was home from his soccer game and I recognized the sound of Matt and Dave with him. They were his best friends. “I have to get out of here!”

“Chill,” Jared said, pulling his cock from my pussy. He had cum inside of me again and I made a mental note to ask my Mom to put me on birth control. She would be pissed, I knew, to find out I’m having sex, but I was too busy searching Jared’s pigsty of a room for my clothes to worry about that.

“Help me up,” I said, having found my skirt, top, and flip flops, but no underwear. Jared had slid open his window but it was a good four feet of the ground and I’m only five-two. He stood behind me and lifted me by my hips. I ducked my head through the window and found myself on the lawn on the side of the house. There was a man standing on the other side of a fence twenty feet away with a rake. He was the next door neighbor. I had seen him several times before when I came over to hang out with Adam.

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   He just stared at me with a bewildered look on his face.

“Lift,” I hissed over my shoulder at Jared while I smiled awkwardly at the neighbor, trying to act like this was nothing unusual, like I always left the house this way. But Jared wasn’t lifting and I was stuck there with the upper half of my body hanging out the window. “I’m stuck,” I hissed again, between smiles at the curious neighbor, “Lift me. ” Then he lifted, but not me, my skirt, and I quickly realized I wasn’t so much stuck, as I was trapped. There was nothing I could do as Jared pressed his face between the cheeks of my ass.

“Oh my God, your neighbor is standing right here,” I hissed, but Jared only pushed his tongue deeper into my pussy and as much as I wanted him to stop, I couldn’t keep my body from reacting. “Jared,” I pleaded, biting down on my lip to keep from crying out. I tried desperately to keep a straight face but lost it when he wedged his thumb into my asshole.

“Oh my God,” I gasped, dropping my hands to the cool grass below me. The man looked for a moment like he might try to come over and help me, but it was obvious something funny was going on, and he stopped short and just looked around anxiously, not sure what to do with himself. I lifted my head and the look on my face must have said everything. Our eyes met and his mouth fell open. Jared was pumping his thumb in and out of my ass and his tongue in and out of my pussy. He was going to make me cum in front of his neighbor.

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“Jared,” I begged, and I made one final attempt to lift myself through the window. That was a mistake. My top was too small and too tight as it was, but hanging halfway out the window, it was trapped underneath me and stretched beyond its limits. When I lurched forward, both my tits popped out. The man dropped his rake.

“Oh my God,” I cried again, and I was cumming. I didn’t know how much the neighbor could see through the window, or how much was left to his imagination, but there were no doubts about what he was witnessing. My head rose and fell, and through the dark trellis of my hair, I saw him wet his lips as he stared.

“Jared, Mom says lunch is ready!”

I recognized Adam’s voice on the other side of the bedroom door, and with my orgasm fading, I managed to heave myself up through the window. It was a lot easier without Jared holding me down. I scrambled to my feet, pushing my skirt down first, and then tucking my tits back into my top as ran for it, never once looking back.

I guess I should have been pissed at Jared, and at first I was. But when he texted me the next day and told me Adam had a dentist appointment and I should come over, I was ready to go. The only problem was…

“Did you pack any of your Twilight books,” Mom asks, “I haven’t read the fourth one yet. ”

“No,” I scowl in my snottiest tone, tucking my ear-buds further into my ears.

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   I’m trying to text Jared but we’re going through a mountain pass and I can’t get a signal.

“Should we turn off the AC?” Mom asks when I grab my jacket from my bag and pull it up over my legs.

“I’m fine,” I tell her, wishing she would leave me alone. I’m not cold at all. In fact thinking about Jared has gotten me extremely hot. I cover myself with the jacket, curl up in a ball in the corner, and pretend to sleep. My shorts are short enough that I can get my fingers in through the leg hole. It’s a little awkward, but I find my clit and slowly rub.

My eyes are closed and I can see Jared’s cock, wrapped in snakeskin with its silver ring shining. I can feel it against my face, in my mouth, and more than anything, I want it in my pussy. I want to fuck again.

Mom is laughing about something and I turn up the volume on my iPod to drown her out. I should be with Jared right now. I should be on my hands and knees with my ass in the air, getting fucked hard. He should be taking photos of me and pinning them to his bedroom walls with my face and tits covered in cum.



I shift and fidget under my jacket. My finger is not a cock, and despite all my years of masturbating, it suddenly feels inadequate to my needs. If I had some privacy, I could at least peel off my shorts, spread my legs, and really fuck myself, but there is no privacy in the car and my anger and frustration rise knowing there will be no privacy on this entire trip. This trip that I never wanted to go on. This trip that is the reason I’m not fucking Jared right now.

The car slows down and we turn hard. I open my eyes and see we’ve pulled in for gas. I slip my fingers from under my shorts, wiping them on my jacket. I pull my ear-buds from my ears as Mom says something about a pee break.

Dad pulls up next to a pump and we all pile out of the car. There is another family at the next pump in a similar car to ours, a big SUV, and the family seems like another version of us, except that they are black. The Dad stands next to the gas tank watching the numbers on the pump roll by. he gives my Dad a weary traveler’s nod.

“How you doing?” Dad says, and they strike up a conversation about the joys of traveling with kids. I can see his wife inside the store with their two daughters.

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   They look like twins and they’re about Katie’s age. We head into the store while Dad fills the tank, and Katie makes a bee-line for the girls, saying hello and asking where they are from. Mom stops at a rack filled with paperback novels, but I head straight for the restroom.

It’s a typical gas station bathroom, tucked away in the back of the store, almost like they forgot they needed one and just made room in the storage closet. I push open the girls’ door. It’s not too gross. There is a light above the mirror over the sink, but the main light in the ceiling, a long fluorescent tube, just flickers and makes the place look dark and creepy. There are two stalls side by side and I see a pair of black feet in pink flip-flops under the first one. I take the second stall.

The girl in the next stall flushes just as I start to pee. By the time I finish, she’s washed her hands and heads out the door. I am alone. The stall I’m in is clean, or at least it looks clean under the dark flickering light. I push my shorts a little further down my thighs and spread my knees apart. I lean back slightly and I press my finger into my pussy.

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“Mmm,” I sigh, feeling some relief, but it’s short lived as the door to the bathroom pops open.

“Kelsey?” my little sister calls, slipping into the stall next to mine.

“What?” I say through gritted teeth. She plops down on the toilet and I hear her pee while she rattles off what she’s learned about her knew convenience store friends. She knows where they are from and where they are going. She knows how old they are and their names and what grade they’ll be in when they start school in the fall.

“Uh-huh,” I say repeatedly, not taking in any of it. I’m still rubbing my clit with a finger inside my pussy, and although she’s distracting, my body is starting to melt from the inside.

“You okay in there?” Mom asks, closing the bathroom door behind her.

“Go away!” I want to scream, but I restrain my self and tell her I’m fine. “Just a little car sick,” I add as an excuse to stay in my stall.

“Wash your hands,” Mom says to Katie, and I let out a sigh of exasperation wishing they’d go away, but Mom still needs her turn in the next stall. I grit my teeth and massage my clit, trying to focus on my pleasure when another sound distracts me. This one isn’t from Mom and Katie though. It’s coming through the wall next to me.

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   I look, and in the flickering light I notice for the first time a strange little door like the one that covers our electrical panel in the kitchen at home. It’s almost even with my face and out of simple curiosity I grab the little knob and open it.

“Oh my God!” I gasp, slamming the little door shut.

“What’s that?” Mom asks, slipping into the next stall.

“I’m going to get a soda,” Katie repeats, pausing halfway through the open door.

“Not you, your sister,” Mom says, “Close the door. ”

“Sorry,” Katie whines, and closes the door behind her.

“Did you say something, Kelsey?” Mom asks.

“No,” I blurt out, and slowly I pull the little door open again. There’s no electrical panel on the other side. I’m looking into a bathroom stall just like mine, except that instead of another teenage girl squatting on the toilette, there’s a man standing there peeing. All I can see of him is his hand on his hip and his long black dick dangling from his open fly. It’s the Dad from the black family my sister knows all about, and as he shakes the last drops of piss from his dick, he turns toward the little door and I push it shut again.

“You want me to get you some Pepto?” Mom asks, her pee echoing in the porcelain bowl.

“I’m fine,” I say, barely registering her.

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   She goes on talking about something, trying to make me feel better about the trip maybe, but I’m focused on the little door. There’s a sound behind it, a scratching sound and then a tiny knock. “Uh-huh,” I say to whatever my Mom is talking about, and slowly, with trembling fingers, I pull the little door open a crack, craning my neck to peak inside.

A large black hand pulls away from the opening and I see him standing there. I see his dick anyway. It’s long and thick and silky black, and I open the door all the way. It’s framed perfectly in my little window and I simply stare. His hand cups and massages his balls and then slides to the base of his dick giving it a shake. He doesn’t say a word and neither do I. Mom is still talking and peeing in the stall next to me.

“Uh-huh,” I say to Mom without a clue of what she’s saying. He reaches slowly forward and pokes his finger through our window, hooking it on my side of the wall. I’m not sure what is happening, but after a long moment I simply lift my trembling hand and touch his finger with mine. He pulls his hand back and then I watch with eyes wide as he steps to the wall and pushes his dick through the opening.

“What’s that?” Mom asks, hearing my gasp.

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“Nothing, I’m fine,” I answer, trying to sound like there’s not a huge black dick poking through the wall next to me. She’s talking again, but I have that black dick in my hand and it’s swelling and growing, and my pussy is dripping.

I can’t believe this is happening, but the evidence is right here in my hand. I pump and stroke him until he’s stiff as iron. Oh my God, does he have a beautiful cock. It’s so beautiful I wish that I could show it off to my Mom.

“We’ll be at the hotel by dinner time,” she saying, and I offer another, uh-huh, but I’m rubbing his dick against my face. I lick and kiss the tip, and I hear him exhale on the other side of the wall. I slide my tongue down the long vein of his shaft, and then I nuzzle my lips into his squishy balls.

“Fuck,” his muffled voice gasps.

“Are you sure your okay?” Mom asks, finally flushing.

“I’m fine, Mom,” I say, and I lick my way back to the tip and take him into my mouth. She pulls up her shorts and I dig my fingers into my wet pussy while I bob my head up and down his fat dick. It’s too big for me to get more than halfway down its length, but I love the feeling of it throbbing between my lips. I grip the base and pump it, and I can hear her washing her hands.

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“Text me if you need anything,” she says at the door with real concern in her voice.

“I’ll be fine,” I say, my voice a little breathy as I lift my mouth from his cock.

“I’ll be right outside,” she says, and pulls open the bathroom door.

“Thanks, Mom,” I call after her, and as the door closes, I slide off the toilette seat onto my knees. The floor is hard but I’m kneeling on my shorts, so it helps. I don’t really care though because all my attention is now on the cock in my mouth and I don’t have to be careful anymore. I work my hungry lips up and down his ebony shaft with loud slurping and sucking noises. My own spit dribbles onto my hand and I use it as lube for the base of his cock, pumping him into my mouth.    

I can hear him gasping and grunting through the wall and I feel my own juices running down my thighs knowing how good I can make a man feel with my mouth. He’s thrusting his hips forward, fucking my face, when I hear him rap quickly on the wall above me. I gently squeeze his heavy balls and I feel his cock swell between my lips.

“Fuck,” I hear him groan, and his salty load squirts into my mouth, scalding the back of my throat and covering my tongue.

“Mmm,” I hum around his spitting tool, milking him with my lips. I savor his cum in my mouth before letting it slip into my stomach. Then I slowly pull my lips back.


   He disappears through the little door, but before I can stand his hand is back. He reaches though and it’s obvious he’s groping for my tits.

“Hang on,” I say to the wall, and I lift my shirt over my tits and unhook my bra in the front. “Here,” I say, guiding his hand to my breast. He squeezes and explores and I dip my fingers back into my pussy. I am so desperate to cum, so when he points up with his finger I think I know what he wants.

“Yes,” I sigh, feeling his hand on my pussy. I’m standing here in a gas station bathroom with my shorts and panties around my ankles, my shirt pulled up over my tits, and my pussy inches form a hole in the wall with a stranger’s fingers inside me. “Yes…”

He’s fucking me with his finger, but stops when he hears the sound. I hear it too, though it’s muffled from my side of the wall. Someone else has come into the men’s room. I hear him speak. I can’t make out exactly what he says, but I recognize my Dad’s voice. My body tenses. The man with his finger in my pussy answers but I can’t make any of it out.

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   He slips his finger from inside me, and I almost want to cry.

I start to pull my shirt down over my tits, but his hand catches me. He makes a circular motion and I decide he wants me to turn around. I do this and his hand is at my ass, digging into my pussy from behind. I bend forward to give him better access even though I know my father is on the other side of the wall. I am too fucking horny to stop now.

I look back over my shoulder, annoyed when he pulls his hand away, but then instantly terrified and elated when he pushes his dick back through the hole. “Oh my God,” I gasp, am I really about to do this. His thick black cock brushes against my ass and I immediately decide, yes, I am going to do this.

With one hand I balance myself against the stall, with the other I reach between my legs. I’m trembling and I can hear my Dad carrying on a conversation with the man who’s about to fuck his fourteen-year-old daughter, but I catch hold of his cock and guide it to my pussy anyway.

“Oh my God,” I hiss, biting my lower lip. His cock feels huge just pressing against my dripping gash. When I start to push myself back onto his hard dick, I think some of Jared’s pot might help. It’s like I’m a virgin all over again.

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   I put both hands on the side of the stall and I push my tiny body back onto his massive tool until I feel the tip wedged against my cervix and I can’t take another inch. “Oh my God,” I gasp.

I can hear my Dad’s voice again coming through the wall and I try to block it out as I fuck the stranger’s cock poking through the wall. I’m on the balls of my feet sliding my cunt up and down his thick shaft. He’s stretching me out like I never imagined, his hot flesh searing every nerve lining my pink walls. I’m cumming.

“Mom wants to know if you’re okay?” Katie calls, propping open the bathroom door. I have to bite down on my lip to keep from crying out. My body is like a live wire, every inch electrified.

“I’m fine,” I manage to bark at her. My own cum is dripping down the insides of my thighs.

“She says she’s fine,” I hear my sister say before the door swings shut. I pray to God Mom doesn’t come in to check on me, because I can’t stop and she’ll find me impaled on a black cock sticking through a hole in the wall.

“Fuck,” I cry, grinding my cunt down on his dick. He’s thrusting now, wanting more, and I want to give him more.

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   I press my hands into the stall and rock back hard, fucking his dick the way I want to be fucked, hard and fast. I can’t hear my Dad anymore and my stranger is rapping on the wall again.

“Fuck,” we swear together, and I’m cumming again as he unloads inside my pussy. I push myself down the length of his cock and use my muscles to massage him, coaxing every last ounce of cum from his balls.

I’m sitting in the back seat of our SUV again. I used my mouth to clean his cock before he pulled back through the wall and the taste of his cum mixed with mine is still strong on my breath. I pop a stick of gum in and chew. I can feel his cum melting inside my pussy, and once again I remind myself that I need Mom to get me on birth control.

He finally comes out of the store and for the first time I get a good look at the man who just fucked me. He’s tall and muscular with skin like dark chocolate and I wish that I could climb in his car with him. I look away guiltily though when his wife appears. She’s beautiful, and so is the girl next to her in pink flip-flops. Katie says she’s the twins’ big sister and that she’s fourteen, like me.

She catches my eye and smiles at me as her Dad slides his arm around her waist. They walk to their SUV and they look like a happy family.


   He avoids looking at me but gives Dad a wave as we pull away.


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