Xavier, Philip and Alexandra - Chapter 2


Chapter 2

After our rest, Philip got up first (as energetic as always) he grabbed his boxers put them on. I looked at his alarm clock on his night stand, it was only about 10:00, he took my boxers and threw them at me:

“What was that? I asked again. ”

He stopped dressing up and looked a bit confused. I was too, I never taught I was gay or even bisexual. I was able to say that a guy was good looking but still without having any sexual thoughts about it. I could clearly see his boner while we talking about Alexandra, earlier:

“I don’t really know what it was but it was. . . exciting?

-Yeah it was, I answered.

-Are you gay, or something?

-Hard to say after what happened.

-What do we do now?

We got dressed and ate some lasagna. Afterwards we went to his room and hugged each other, kissed. I grabbed his cock, it was starting to get hard. I began to stroke it but halfway trough I stopped and smiled at him:

“Why did you stopped?

-I want to try something, I said. But before where are you condoms?

-In my drawer, at your left. Wait are you thinking about.

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  . . like. . . penetration?

-Yes, I said in a whisper of shyness and curiosity.

-But. . . me penetrating you or like. . . you on me?

-I’d like to try both. But first, you on me. ”

As he putted the condom, I was preparing myself.

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   When he was ready I was on his bed ready to welcome him in missionary position. At first I felt his cock rubbing my anus, I was nervous as hell. The head of his penis penetrated me it was really painful. I really did not expect that. It wasn’t like in love stories where the pain fades away after a few seconds to let place to extreme pleasure. I asked Philip to stop. He started to pull out of my anus but I said no I just need to. . . slow down. He continued slowly it was still painful but I started to get used to it. I asked him to go deeper then when he hit my prostate that’s when I felt it: I go hard as hell. It was great, what am I saying, it was amazing. I still wasn’t really comfortable because of the pain but the pleasure was worth it. But mostly it was the love and passion that was between Philip and me.

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   The reason why I asked to do this wasn’t only for the physical pleasure; yes I felt his penis inside me. But I also felt his love, our souls merging together. Suddenly his penis was hardening, his balls were contracting:

“I’m gonna cum, he managed to say between two breaths of lustiness.

-Cum inside me, I ordered him. ”

He finally came and so did I but this was different it was like masturbating it was really another kind of orgasm, when I ejaculated I could feel the pleasure going through my body escaping but this time the pleasure was deep and was more than present it wasn’t escaping after he removed his penis from my anus I still felt the carnal pleasuring echoes of his appendage.


Afterwards, I needed to rest my body. The first anal always feels weird. I definitely wasn’t into more sex for the rest of the day. So we played video games then around midnight we cuddled and went to bed so we could wake up early.


Sunday morning, I woke up first. We were both naked in his bed. Philip was a deep sleeper. Since yesterday, every time we were naked we jump so fast to sex, so I never really had an opportunity to really see him. So there was my chance.

I saw his slightly curly blond hair shine with the sun light. His face peacefully resting, his green eyes closed. I set the blanket aside to see the rest. I began to caress his smooth skin, going down; I could see his athletic yet not too muscular body. His skin was warm, welcoming:

“Are you done spying on me? said Philip interrupting me.

-Almost, I answered him.

-Hey, remember yesterday you said you wanted to penetrate me?


-I want to try.

-Right now?

But he didn’t have to answer me as I grabbed a condom quicker than he could get ready. While I was putting it, Philip asked me:

“Hey, when we did it earlier I saw it looked painful so could you. . . ?

-I’ll take good care of you, I said then kissed him.

-Just one other thing, I’d like to drink your cum.

I made a surprised and a bit disgusted face, because I wouldn’t do it but I accepted.

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   I lay down on the bed, this way him behind on top we could do it at his rhythm. First he was just rubbing the top of my penis against his anus, but suddenly he just went all the way in a sharp blow. I saw his face in pain; I had just experienced this yesterday: this weird feeling, it hurts but you still want to go further for yourself but also for your partner. I reach him and kissed him giving him as much love and tenderness as anyone ever did. He then started to move up and down, oh God it was incredible. I was at first absent from the scene because of the pleasure. Philip then leaned toward me and kissed me. He took me back to reality, I stared him in the eyes his gaze was sweeter than ever. After awhile I was about to cum so Philip stopped, I removed the condom and he started to suck me. As I already was about to ejaculate it only lasted a few seconds. I burst my lustful juice in his mouth. After that I was in a sexual frenzy, Philip was still hard I then took his cock stroke it and licked it. But I still wasn’t comfortable with swallowing so I didn’t.


Afterward, we were just hugging in his bed. We rested, then around noon we started to clean up the house since his parents were coming back around 3 o’clock.

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When his parents came back, we were playing video game. I went back to my house after super. When I was going on the doorstep Philip winked at me and said:

“See you tomorrow. ”


That was my weekend at Philip’s house.