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True Story

This is Danial from Karachi , 30 male, working as a CFO in a company. This is a true story of mine 2 years back when I was shopping in the dolmen mall tariq road. It was Saturday afternoon and I have to buy few pants for office use. I went to dolmen, and in a shop when I tried a trouser, as I came out from the trial room to look my fitting in the outside mirror, I saw a girl age around 22 years, very attractive and smart. She was all alone and is choosing T-shirts for her. When she saw me, she put a T shirt on her body and asked me, how I m looking dear? I was just shocked to hear that from a girl who is totally unknown to me. But I immediately replied, u r looking very preety she smile and said thanks. Then we started talking about each other activities, when I informed that I m working as CFO in a company she impressed a lot. We moved outside the shop together and then she asked me that she wanna buy some jeans and is it possible that I can help her in selecting a nice jean.

I was very much excited till that time and through her gesture I understood that she is taking keen interest in me to have a deep friendship. We went to levis shop and there she selected a blue jean and a white one, but very much confused which one to buy. Then I said , go in the trial room and wear and then after looking in the mirror decide easily. She agreed immediately and went in trial room at the end of shop where there is no sales person. She asked me to stay outside the trial door so that no one else can try to enter. I was standing outside , when I heard her sweet low voice in which she asked me to come inside to see whether her fitting is ok or not. Ohhhhhh my God……………….

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  . I cant imagine that sweet offer in the very first meeting but I m not that much stupid to reject that hot offer to see a hot girl in a trial room alone. I looked around but as it was afternoon no other customer was there and the only sales person is also handing cash so is standing on the counter on the other end of trial room so no chance to catch me entering inside, and also the sales person thought we are couple so no issue.

I entered in the trial room and then she immediately locked the door. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm I saw her wearing jean with button and zip unlocked and her t shirt is rolled upto her breasts level, revealing her belly button and a little more upside. She turned around and show me all and asked how she is looking, I said u r looking very hot and sexy on which she gave me a smile and said if u r a real man, and u get a virgin sexy girl in a closed room, why don’t u do anything, that boosts all my energies and I hugged her tight and passionately kiss on her lips. She sucked my lips and entered her juicy tongue in my mouth. We French kissed for 3 minutes and then she said open my jeans and change help me in wearing my own trouser. I pulled down her new jean and there I saw her naked shaved pussy. She has a pink pussy lips and verytight and sexy pussy. I rubbed my hands in her pussy mouth and insert my figure, ohhhhhhh she is moaning and moving a lot and enjoying the figure fuck. She became wet in no time, then we realized that its too late and we have to move out. Any girl interested in having a gud friendship with me pls contact at silent_magma@hotmail. com.

Then we exit the mall and there she asked me to drop her to her apartment which in at bahadurabad.

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   I opened the front seat door of my car and she get inside. Then we reached her apartment, she offered me to come inside and have a cup of tea, I said what if her parents ask about me, she smiled and said that all family went to Lahore for a function and will be back in 4 days. That’s a green signal for me, we entered in tania’s apartment. It’s a well decorated apartment, she took me inside her bed room and locked the door from inside and told me that she is coming after changing clothes. Tania went to bath room and when she was back, I saw her in a black transparent nighty in which there was no undergarments and her milky breats and pink pussy in 80% visible. I immediately jump towards her and hugged her very tight and kissing her on her juicy lips. We kissed each other , then I hold her in my arms and lay her on the bed. Then I removed my clothes and come over her. I was kissing her and in the mean while removing her nighty. After a few minutes we two were laying nude on the bed in each others arms. I sucked her breasts and bite her harden nipples. I rollover my tongue circleing her nipples. She is enjoying a lot, abd equally participating. She is holding my erect hard, pennies in her hand and jerking it off, which is making me more out of control. But as I never fucked any girl and I never intend to do so, I just rubbed my pennies against her virgin pussy and kiss her tight and moving myself on her nude body, released all my cum over her pussy.

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   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s an amazing experience friends. After that we met several time whenever we had chance. If any one interested in friendship from Karachi may contact me at silent_magma@hotmail. com, I will be more than happy if I receive ur response after reading my story.