My Wife Develops Sexually, Pt 4.

True Story

Hey all, hope you are all doing good. I am fine and just continuing the series I began. Carol is sitting here since he kids are over at their friend's house for a while. Oh, by the way, Alice and I got divorced 2 years into all this and Carol revealed to her husband how she loved sex and he did not even understand why she wanted to serve him orally and take it in her ass and all so he left and when he did she moved in and we got married just before our second child was born. Anyway, back to the subject. Alice was my wife and her sexual hunger just got to be more and more as time passed. One day Lyn came to the door and came in, sat down and took off her blouse and her lovely tits just sat there inviting me and Carol to enjoy them so we did. Carol had become very bi and was gentle so if things got rough she always moved out of the circle and sat watching plus her tummy was growing and she did not want to get hurt.

Well, we had just finished sucking Lyn thru a nice orgasm and she had caressed Carol thru one too and Alice came in. Lyn got up and went to her and told her that she had a nice job for her and would make lots of money. Alice said okay before she was even told what it was but she knew it would involve sex. Lyn and Alice sat down with us and we had a glass of wine (except for Carol) and Lyn explained, "I sent the video of you and my boys to Hong Kong for distribution and it was really a great hit. " she said and gave Alice $10,000 cash. Alice sat there looking at the money and said, "That is a fucking lot of money. " Lyn looked at her, "It is only a part of what the video made Hun, take it. " and so Alice took it.


   "Now, I have several men, like I told you, that want to fuck the blond porn star. They are on the way from Hong Kong on a business trip and would like to have a date with you. The whole thing will be filmed and sold to them and then they, of course will take it home to show themselves making you enjoy sex with them. It is a really big thing. What do you think?" Lyn stopped. "Oh hell yes, will it be all at one time?" Alice said hoping for a gang bang. "no, they each want to take you out for dinner, have a good time then have you attack them sexually and make sure the film says that you need that one man and that he totally takes care of your needs. You will be doing the sexual part at my place in town. " "Okay, sounds great to me, when is it?" Alice asked her. "Next weekend dear. " and Alice kissed her and soon they were in the bed and enjoying each other.

Well, the week went slow for Alice and she was horny as hell. She had bought more toys with a little of the money and they were all over the apartment and the scent was of her pussy all over the place. Lyn came to the door Friday and had several nice dresses for Alice that fit perfectly. They all had plunging neck lines and showed off as much cleavage as possible and still be legal.

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   The one thing was that they were also very thin and Alice had very big nipples that showed thru the material. That was how Lyn wanted it though. Well, Alice showered and dressed and left with Lyn. Later we saw the videos hat were made that week. Alice was with a total of 8 men, some god looking guys and some not but she put on a great show for he cameras. One was hung like a horse and Alice did not have to pretend at all with him. The details were very good o the filming and not at all like the home made ones that you see. Here is the night with the hung guy.

Alice had been with three of them so far and always came home and attacked her biggest dildo and that is how she went to sleep. She said that they had just enough to make her really want more and that was about it. Well, the next night came and the video was great, Alice and the gentleman went to a nice place to eat and they played some while at the restaurant and it was then that Alice discovered his huge toy he had. The film showed it to be at least 10 inches and thick as hell. Alice had begun playing with him under the table and kissing him and she looked at it as she pulled it out and her eyes almost came out of her head. She went down on it right away and soon her date was moving with her mouth and he rewarded her with a load of cum that she had on her chin as she came up. Dinner was fast and they both wanted to get to the bedroom at Lyn's apartment.

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   They drove there and Alice had her top off as they got out of the car and they almost ran to the door. Lyn let them in and greeted them and they ran past her to the bedroom. She tore off her clothes and his and pushed him onto the bed and sat on his cock and began riding it wildly and as she did she was out of control and told him to fuck her faster and really deep. He did just that and he filled her pussy. She was sucking him to get him up again and soon he was pounding her again, this time on the back and her legs in the air and she was not faking at all. They took care of that then Alice wanted her ass fucked and he was very happy to take care of her that way too. The video was almost all night and finally they collapsed and were tangled on the bed and the tape ended.
Lyn came over a few weeks later with our copies and they are really entertaining. I have shown them to lots of friends over the years and Alice has long since stopped communicating with me and I doubt she even remembers me anymore. But anyway, I really got the best deal with Carol now and she is liberal but not anything that is so crazy that it takes Prozac to take care of her. She loves long slow gentle love making, just like I do and if she invites a girlfriend over I get to watch if I don't get to join in. Carol loves being watched and then after we make love too.
See ya.
Stan. .

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