My Mom, Kelly Ripa


I can’t stop fucking my hot sexy mom. She needs sex all the time and I love helping her out. Before I get started, though, I guess some introductions are in order. My name is Joaquin Consuelos, the youngest of three children, and my mom is Kelly Consuelos, but you probably know her by her stage name, Kelly Ripa, the soap opera actress turned talk show host.

Growing up, my parents never shied away about sex, having it often and everywhere—nothing was sacred. They even had it in front of us children, giving us “the talk” at a very young age. Wearing clothes in the home was a joke to her because if she wasn’t getting fucked then she was about to be. You see, mom’s a nymphomaniac and needs it about ten times a day. I’m exaggerating that, but it’s not too far from the truth! When my brother, Michael (the first born), became thirteen mom allowed him to explore her body because he had always been so curious. The same thing happened with my sister, Lola. Even though she’s now perfectly straight, she and mom still have sex.

As for me, I was never curious about her body…I was fascinated by it. Mom does a great job keeping herself physically fit and I’m always mesmerized by her muscle tone. Whenever she’d ride dad or Mike reverse cowgirl style on the couch, I’d be enthralled by her physique and oh did she eat it up! Kelly (I’m going to call her that, too, to break up the annoying repetition), if you didn’t know, is an attention whore and will grab any that she can. Not only does she love getting laid but she also enjoys being watched. I watched her a lot.

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   My focus was always on her body, the way it writhed and undulated as she was feeling the heat.

When I popped my first boner one morning at thirteen, mom saw it and gave me a mischievous grin. I knew what it meant and I didn’t care! I remember our first time together. She took me into her bedroom, locked the door, and put herself on full display for me. What made it exciting, though, was that I was finally able to touch her! She never let us do that until our sex drives kicked in. The lights were dim, soft music was playing, and there I sat at the foot of the bed with Kelly spread eagle in front of me, smiling warmly. I was never more in love with her!

She showed me all the intricacies of a woman’s body. I ran my hands along those sexy legs of hers, kissed her upper arms and shoulders, played with those erotic tiny tits she possesses, ran my hands along her flat stomach (which tickled her briefly when I reached her outie bellybutton), until my face was lastly positioned before her glorious pussy. I don’t know the exact type of hairstyle she has down there, but think of a landing stripe that goes all the way down. The lips were covered in trim brown pubic hair and it was so soft! She parted her lips to show me the inside and pointed out her clit, pee hole, and fuck hole. “You remember this one—that’s where your penis is going to go and you don’t want to stick it in the wrong hole. ”

I rolled my eyes. “I know, mom. ”

“How hard are you, baby?” I got up onto my knees and showed her my prominent stick poking out through my sweatpants. She stared at my crotch in anticipation and whispered, “Show it to me!” I did, pushing my pants down as far as they would go.

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   Kelly gave a loving gasp when she saw my mostly hairless crotch for the first time in a long time. My dick was about four inches at the time (it’s since grown another two) and, although I was horny, I had never masturbated before so instead of feeling excited, my cock was just numb, unsure about what to do. Mom opened her lips to me again and said, “See how wet I am in there? That means I’m ready for sex. Are you ready, baby? Are you comfortable enough to try it?”

I guessed I was. Since I’d never had it before, I didn’t know how it was going to feel. I positioned myself between her legs, holding myself above her with my arms, and she grabbed my cock to guide it into her. “Mmm!” she hummed, giving me a seductive smile as she gently squeezed and stroked my shaft. “I love teenage dick; it’s always so hard and ready!”

The moment I penetrated my loving mother, my mind immediately went blank and I froze. I didn’t know what I was feeling but God was it amazing! Apparently, though, I remained in that position for too long because Kelly eventually grabbed my “cute little ass” as she calls it and began working me. As my shaft slowly ran between her smooth velvety walls, first in then out, whatever I was feeling intensified and I began to see stars. Eventually my face scrunched up tightly and my mouth hung open. I wanted to moan or something but I was too timid at the time to make any kind of noise whatsoever. All I remember after that is something rocking my cock and my arms gave out. I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily into her ear.

“No cum, huh?” mom asked.

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   It was true. Apparently my body wasn’t ready to produce sperm yet. “Well, you’ll get there. ” She gave me a passionate kiss, her tongue feeling sexy in my mouth, and said, “Wanna go again?” As if she needed to ask!

After the first few love-makings we had, it was time to perform for an audience. We were sitting in the living room, watching “Anchorman 2” one night, when mom shoved her hand between her legs and started masturbating. All four of us watched her with hungry eyes, everyone offering to get their hands on her, but mom made it clear that this was my christening. Everyone watched and cheered me on (as I had done with them) as she and I fucked for the first time—and I say fucked because there was no intimacy this time.

Over time she became bolder with me. We would have sex at lunch time almost every single school day (I don’t know about you, but lunch at my school is an hour long). Mom would drive over from work, pick me up, and take me to a secluded spot where we would fuck in the back of the SUV. I learned pretty quickly that I have a pantyhose fetish, which is terrible because Kelly rarely ever wears any. When she does, though, the sex is even hotter!

I remember one time when I was fourteen my mom sent me a text while I was in the middle of English class. It said, “I’m wearing sheer pantyhose today” and was accompanied by a down-shot picture of her legs propped up on her office desk without shoes. My cock sprang immediately to life and I remained hard for the rest of the period. When Kelly pulled me out for lunch I was SO ready to go! I hopped in the car and took in the outfit she was wearing: an orange tank top, a while miniskirt that came down to mid thigh, the black pantyhose from the picture, and running shoes.

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   Mom’s nipples were hard and poking out through her top, but my focus was mainly on her legs as we reached our usual spot. I had already moved into the back before she even had the SUV in park and once she joined me the fun began!

I ran my hands along her gorgeous legs, loving the feel of the nylon, as mom got undressed. The shirt was the first article to go, exposing her chest. Kelly only wears bras for broadcast so the microphone battery has a place to be clipped. The moment she heads backstage after a show, however, the bra immediately comes off and she never wears it again until the next business day. Knowing my mom goes around braless most of the time is so fucking hot! She took her shoes off next and then raised her skirt to her hips before climbing on top of me (we have one of those bench seats back there) and making out with me. I ran my hands all over her body, caressing her legs and firm ass before I grabbed the back of her neck and held on for dear life.

When she broke the kiss, she gazed at me intensely and said, “Tell mommy what you want!”

“Sex! Your horny little boy needs to use his cock to fuck your pussy!” Remember when I said that mom was an attention whore? She never turns that off, not even in the bedroom, so to speak. The taboo of incest really gets her going and she loves dirty talk that reminds her of exactly what she’s doing. She gets really hot and wet when the taboo is described out loud as it’s happening…and she’s always the focus of the talk, of course.

Mom sat up and showed me the hole in her pantyhose (she had taken scissors to it earlier and removed the cotton crotch) as I wiggled out of my shorts and underwear. My dick slapped against me before I grabbed it by the base and pointed it up. Mom licked her lips and positioned herself accordingly. As my cock disappeared into her lovely hairy cunt, my eyes nearly crossed. Seeing myself enter her is too damn sexy!

“Ugh!” Kelly grunted.

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   “My son is always so rock hard for me!”

I ran my hands all over her pantyhose and played with her legs as she bounced on me. Her tits jiggled a bit, the nipples straining even more than they had before, and as usual I have an overwhelming desire to touch them. “Mom, I need your tits in my mouth!”

She grabbed me by the back of the neck and jerked me into her chest. “Love my boobs, baby! Give mommy’s breasts the attention that only you can!”I already had one in my mouth and was using my hand to play with the other after she had said that. Everyone in the family had a specific body part of Kelly’s that we all loved. For my dad, it was her pussy. Mike loved her arms. Lola was dazzled by her eyes and kissed her the most passionately, bested only by dad. As for me, it was her tits. They were very sensitive and she could almost cum from them alone. I couldn’t understand why I was the only one gravitating to them; they were so beautiful!

I kept touching her legs and ass throughout the sex because she was wearing them just for me! The reason why mom rarely wears my favorite garment is unknown to me because she keeps flip flopping on the issue and frankly, I’ve given up on trying to figure her out. The rare times she wears them for the show, they’re mostly opaque, but she always changes into sheer because of me, which turns me on to no end. Yes mom is self-centered, but she is still loving!

The more I ate her boobs, the greater she needed to squeal. Despite our seclusion, Kelly continued to keep her voice down, doing her best to keep everything from reaching the outside world. (Yes, the SUV rocks when we have sex.

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   Go figure. )Keeping my fingers and tongue off of her swollen nipples was impossible, so I put no effort into the matter. Hearing her get so excited was making everything better. My dick started thrusting on its own as she rotated her hips; I was getting close.

“Do it, honey!” she said. “Keep fucking your mom like that! I need my son’s jizz deep inside of me! Oh God your cock feels good!”

I assaulted her tits and pussy with wanton abandon, giving her the full brunt of my lust and love until I finally pumped her full of my cum. A few seconds later I felt her pussy clamp down on me as her lower body shook uncontrollably. When her orgasm took effect, she placed a hand to her face and a couple of fingers curled into her open mouth, which undulated with staggered breath.

Finally she collapsed onto me, our breath heavy in each other’s ears. “Sex with my son is so great,” she panted. “I love you,” I replied. I wrapped her in my arms and held her lovingly as we waited to calm down. My dick wilted in her pussy, but the moment she started moving around again, it sprang back to life and hardened almost immediately. The surprised face she made was adorable! Unfortunately, there wasn’t any time for a second round, so I had to wait until I got home that afternoon to pick up where we left off.

Now, as much as I enjoy having sex with mom, by the time I was fifteen it was getting annoying.

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   Given her mentality, it was almost exclusively about her and no one else, leaving us kids with the impression that we were just tools for her use. Whenever I tried to raise a concern about wanting more attention from her, she waived it off because she had four people fucking her and she couldn’t give us all equal mindfulness. Besides, she was the one here with the highest sex drive so in her mind, we were all just helping her out. Yeah, attention whore—she knows every excuse in the book. Even when we have group sex she’s always at the center. There were plenty of mornings where mom was bent over the counter as she made breakfast while having Mike’s cock in her ass, mine in her pussy, Lola licking her clit, and dad off to the side fondling her breasts as she gave him a blowjob.

Finally, I got fed up with it. Because of the lack of respect we were receiving, my sister and I had been eying each other. We snuck away and had a deep, meaningful conversation about how we wanted to receive instead of give for once in our lives, so she and I agreed to pick up the slack mom was giving us. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan.

My sister, at seventeen by this point, takes after our grandmother on our father’s side as far as her figure is concerned. She has gorgeous hourglass curves, giant boobs, and long slender legs. Lola has such a bangin’ body! I had always noticed, but mom kept my eyes from averting too much.

Anyway, at bedtime one night, we all went our separate ways, but it wasn’t long until Lola had snuck into my room wearing only an oversized T-shirt. I was in my boxer shorts and both our clothes came off pretty quickly.

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   We didn’t get straight down to business, though. We hugged, we kissed, we caressed, and we cuddled until we couldn’t bear it anymore. When she felt the urgency of my penis sliding along her nether lips, she told me to enter her and I somehow did so without looking first. (I got really lucky there!)

We started out slow and built up to going passionately fast. Lola’s pussy felt just as good as mom’s, but in a different way. We kept making out with each other as we made love, but it got to the point where I had to stand on my knees, grab her thighs, and just pound the ever-loving shit out of her! She moaned and squealed as lightly as she could, careful not to catch our parents’ attention, and I did the same.

Our orgasms neared. My head grew heavy and my mind began to empty of all thought—all that mattered now was showing how much we loved each other. Unfortunately, as I was on the cusp of exploding, hard, I suddenly felt something push me on the abdomen. My cock slipped out of my sister’s pussy and I opened my eyes, dumbfounded. “What the fuck?” I asked in numb confusion.

The lamp on the night table turned on. There was Kelly, stark naked as always, straddling her daughter’s stomach. She turned around and gave me a very stern look. “Language, young man!” she warned.

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Fuck! How the hell did she know? “Let’s get something straight right now, OK?” she continued. “Your cock belongs to me! Only I get to fuck it! Your sister can get her own!”

Look, I can put up with a lot of mom’s shit, but this time she took it too far! “Fuck you, mom! You don’t make love to us anymore, so we’re getting our close bond with each other now!” Wow! Did I really just say that?I know better, so what the hell happened?

The look on Kelly’s face was a mixture of rage and surprise. “Excuse you!” she retorted in admonition. “I make love to my babies all the time!”

“No you don’t! You used to, but now it’s just us serving you and nothing more! It stopped being mutual a long time ago; now it’s just us fucking you! It’s always you! Because you’re the only one who matters!”

Mom’s mouth dropped in disbelief, an emotion that joined the others on her face. She looked back and forth at us and asked, “You think I don’t love you anymore?”

“Not where sex is concerned! You’ve stopped wearing pantyhose for me and now you’re always taking but never giving!”

“Yes! Because I’m a nympho and you’re helping to take care of me! I thought you understood that, but apparently not!”

“Well now Lola and I are going to give each other the companionship you’re not giving us!”

An indignant look hardened her face. I realized immediately that I shouldn’t have said that. I was going to regret it, but at that moment, I couldn’t believe that even mom would make that happen. Lola and I both knew we were right. There was no way mom was going to make me think otherwise.

“Is that so?” she asked in a calm but determined voice. Kelly repositioned herself, placing her legs between her daughter’s, and began rocking her pussy on Lola’s. Seeing my mom and my sister together like that made my cock even harder than I had ever felt it before. I couldn’t take my eyes off of their pussies grinding against each other. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see my sweet darling sister begin to take pleasure from the act. “Sandwich your cock between our lips!” mom ordered.

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   I complied and felt a greater pleasure than I had ever experienced. Fuck this was so hot! No matter how pissed off I was with my mom, I couldn’t deny what I was physically feeling. Apparently, neither could mom, as I could barely see that she had her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open, and her lower lip curled inside. However, she composed herself long enough to continue with what she was saying. “While under my roof, you can only stick your dick in one hole, Joaquin. Pick one! And whichever one you decide to go with, I’ll respect it!”

I started sawing my dick back and forth, unable to keep still any longer as they continued to rub their lips along me. This was the most magnificent feeling in the world! My mom and sister were simultaneously on my shaft! My forehead was sweating profusely as I looked down at the beautiful act of three family members enjoying one another. Too soon, however, mom brought me back to reality. “Who’s it going to be, honey?” I continued to watch as both pairs of lips rubbed against me. My heart pounded in my chest, threatening to burst through. I panicked…then I swallowed hard, made my choice, and took the plunge.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!” mom moaned at the top of her lungs as I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and pounded away like a maniac. God, her ass was so tight that you could bounce a quarter off if it!

I clenched my eyes shut and I yelled out in frustration, “God damn it, mom! YOU’RE JUST TOO FUCKING SEXY!” I opened my eyes. Tears were streaming down them as I looked into Lola’s upset eyes and said, “I’m sorry, Lola. I’m so sorry!”

“I understand,” she squeaked as she cried with me.



As I gave my mother everything that I had, she kissed my sister with the utmost passion while continuing to keep their pussies connected. I wasn’t paying attention to any of this (Lola told me later) because I was too consumed by horniness and anguish. I jizzed in my mom pretty quickly but kept on going nonstop for another twenty minutes until I did it again. By that time, she and Lola had their own orgasms and the tubes in my cock were painfully sore.

Kelly extracted herself from me, her son, and stood beside the full sized bed on shaky legs. “Let me make something perfectly clear, you two,” mom said in a weak but determined voice. “I love you both so much, with every fiber of my being. If I’ve seemed negligent in that regard, then I apologize. Think about what you’d like me to do differently and I’ll do it. But…you’ve made your decision, Joaquin. Remember that. ”

Mom left my room without another word. Lola and I looked at each other in sadness and desperation. “Selfish bitch,” I muttered.

Then Lola’s eye lit up.

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   “Oh my God!”

“What?” I asked.

“Do you know why mom came in here?” she asked me excitedly. “She’s jealous! She sees me as a threat! She’s scared that I’m going to take you away from her!”

I looked over at the door and gave it a confused look. “That’s dumb. ”

The next thing I knew, Lola violently turned me over in the bed, reversing our positions. She then gazed into my eyes with fiery intensity and said, “That makes me so fucking hot! Get your dick back in me right now!” Don’t ask me how, but my shaft sprang immediately back to life and oh was it incredibly sore! My sister rode me like there was not tomorrow as I played with her pillowy tits. Somehow I managed to shoot one last painful load before my body gave out entirely. Thankfully, Lola had her next orgasm almost immediately before mine. When we were finished, we kissed each other lovingly and she quietly exited my room. I fell asleep right then and there; didn’t even have enough time to get under the sheet first.

I walked into the kitchen the next morning, all rested up like nothing happened. Mom was at the counter, nude, cracking some eggs. I came up behind her, slipped my hands under her arms as I pressed my body against hers, grasped her sexy little titties, and kissed her on the neck. She turned to me with a beaming smile and asked, “Feeling better, sweetie?”

I squeezed her breasts and answered, “Much. ”

Kelly turned around in my arms and I repositioned my hands to where I was hugging her at the waist.

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   “I have a confession to make: Your sister was right about me last night…you both were. ” Horror struck my face. There was only one way she could have known that. She turned her head to face the entrance to the kitchen, where I suddenly saw Lola standing. “Oh yes, I know exactly what happened after I left. ” She turned back to me. “I AM a selfish bitch and when I get a cock, I get jealous of anyone else who has it, too. ” She brought her arms up and placed her hands behind my head, caressing my hair. “But we’re all family, and I need to keep reminding myself of that. Joaquin…Lola…I promise I’ll do more to make our sex more inclusive and keeping you two apart is unfair of me. ” She stared deeply into my eyes. “So, Joaquin, when you’re done helping me, I won’t deny you your sister. ”

I gave my mother the most passionate kiss I could muster and my cock stiffened between our bodies. I pressed it against her stomach as I held her to me. In the meantime, I could hear Lola walking toward us.

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   When I broke the kiss and saw that my sister was standing beside us, mom turned around, lifted herself on to her toes, and pushed her ass against my cock, wiggling it seductively. “Mommy needs you, baby. How about it?”

I smirked and asked, “Is my mom wet and ready to take her son’s dick?”

“I am,” she playfully answered.

I gently slid myself inside of her and slowly began thrusting away. “I love my mom’s pussy,” I said gently. “I’m your son and I love having sex with you. ”

“What about your sister?” she asked, still playful.

Lola answered for me. “It was going to happen anyway. Your rule wouldn’t have applied since it’s dad’s name on the deed. ”

Mom gave her daughter The Look. “Don’t start up with me, young lady,” she warned. Lola replied by shoving her tongue deep into mom’s mouth.

A few weeks later, I found myself blindfolded and being taken across the city one Saturday night. Mom refused to tell me what was going on and we had to explain ourselves to some random people that I was her son and she was leading me to a surprise and that I was willingly going along with this.

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   I know that we had taken the car and then to some sort of boat—probably a ferry (it was)—and finally to some piece of land somewhere. Even then, though, mom continued to guide me along a confusing path, inside a building, up many flights of stairs, and even a ladder. Then there was a door in front of me that I passed through and we found ourselves outside again. Just when I was about to ask her what was going on, she removed my blindfold and I took in my surroundings.

It took me a few seconds to figure it out, but once I had, my mind was completely blown. We were on the Statue of Liberty’s torch! Even after its reconstruction, that area to this day remains closed to the public. “Surprise!” mom said cheerfully.

I looked around, bewildered. “How did you pull this off?” I asked, stunned.

“I have some connections,” she replied cryptically.

I looked over at her and was stunned by her outfit. She was wearing a little black dress that showed off a lot of leg, suntan pantyhose, and pointed heels. “Wow,” I said. “You are so beautiful, mom!”

She beamed at me with her pearly white teeth on full display. “Thank you, honey!”

“What’s the occasion?”

Mom gave me a mischievous grin, but didn’t answer; not verbally anyway.

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   Instead, she grabbed the zipper at the front, pulled it all the way down, and dropped the dress to the floor. Kelly stood before me in just her pantyhose and heels. The pantyhose were new and already had a hole in the crotch. My dick started to grow.

She walked seductively over to me. “I want you to know for an absolute certainty that I love you. ”

I blushed. “Oh mom, you didn’t have to do this. ”

Kelly kept her eyes on mine as she opened my jeans and pulled down my lower garments, freeing my shaft. “We have the entire island to ourselves. ” She cupped my cock. “Let’s make good use of it, shall we?”

We embraced as lovers. As our tongues fought for space, I grabbed one of her legs and brought it up to me. I felt her up her pantyhose-covered leg and ass and took her tits into my mouth. I toyed with them one at a time before I took on both.

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   We were getting hotter and more frantic until finally we couldn’t take it anymore! Mom moved to the rail, grabbed it, and bent over. I immediately shoved my dick in, grabbed her nylon ass, and pounded her into oblivion! She screamed and moaned louder than I had ever heard her before and I quickly joined her. As our orgasms drew nearer, mom lifted her head up and shouted at the top of her lungs, “I LOVE TAKING MY SON’S COCK IN MY PUSSY!”


I saw fireworks that night. .
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