Story is purely fiction. If you are under 18 do not read on. It is based on VTM but the characters are fiction. I hope you enjoy the story.
    Coal blue eyes look out into the dreary night from the grated entrance. Small soot stained hands grip the grate waiting for the right moment. The blue eyes close for a long second, the grate is old the metal dark with stains of refuse. This night steam rises from within slipping up into the early cool night air. Those blue eyes return to look out the grate now, the way clear. The eyes seem to fade back into the darkness of the drain as the grate scrapes from the wall with a metallic shriek.
     A well dressed woman steps from the sewer entrance. Almost as if the dead were rising from the graves. If any night were one for the dead tonight would suit them well. A deep fog is forming swirling with the misty steam rising from the warm sewers. A half moon can be seen in-between the veil of fog. The light filtering down gives everything a surreal look to it.

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     The woman inhales deeply smiling she stretches her form letting her clothing hug it even better. Her older style blue hip hugging skirt molds to her form well as if begging someone to stroke over her. A tight gray sweater hugs the swell of her ample breasts lifting them even higher then normal so that the nipples look directly at you when she moves. Her blonde hair hangs loose streaming down her shoulders. Her bangs hang down partly blocking the view of the coal blue eyes as if only to tease you with them.
     A breeze kicks up causing her blonde locks to blow free playfully about her fair skin. The swirling haze works in her favor as she walks onto a main alleyway. She walks slowly looking hard at buildings as if lost. In reality if this was anyone but her they would be lost in these conditions. This side of town is the lower end many slum lords live out their lives here selling buildings, renting hovels, and extorting their renters.
     The red brick facades hide the pain and suffering to most in the daylight. Dimly lit windows look like small eyes staring balefully down on her. This is not a place for a sexy lady to be out wandering in the dark. As she turns the corner onto a smaller alley a large rugged black man slips from a shadowed doorway. She walks slower now as if frightened by where she is still lost in thought.

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     The man is dressed like a thug as he follows her slowly. Baggy khakis and a white tee shirt covered with khakis button up which hangs open. He walks with an air of comfort down here in the alleys. Most likely having well earned the reputation he has. A large knife hangs in it’s sheathe off his belt. He calls out to her now seeing her slow her pace “hey sugar” his deep voice booming from behind her. She hears him not answering having looked over her shoulder.
     Seeing him there she once more set off her pace swifter now. She sees an opening to the left thinking to duck into the shadows there she moves. She is to slow he sees her move into the alleys dead ends shadows. With a deep booming laugh he follows her into the alley. When she sees it is a dead end she turns thinking to get back into the main alley.
     Only it is to late he stands in the alley before her “hello sugar” he says with a grin on his face. His eyes look her over with an obvious hunger in them. She begins to back from him her eyes darting looking for an escape.

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   Sadly even the alley was against her as she backed from him her foot stepped into a small puddle of greasy water. Her pump slipped in it down she went her ass smacking into the concrete causing her to cry out.
     “Don’t worry sugar I will take care of you. ” His tone shows he means to go through with what’s on his mind. He laughs once more deeply seeing her there already on her ass. Stalking her now he moves slowly watching her. She can see the empty sheathe on his hip is empty her eyes look over his hands swiftly. Finding the knife in his hand now he threatens her with it. The knife is long, thin, and black the blade on both sides is sharp. He shakes his head then he is on her before she can scamper back to her feet.
     She feels the cold blade touching her tender skin on her neck making her cry out softly. “No no no please. . . .

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  !” she stampered out once more with a plaintive whimper. She feels his lips touch her ear “Sugar your gonna give me so much lovin tonight I will make you my whore. ” His words dirty to her making it obvious what he wants. A strong hand catches her neck holding her still.
     Just then she feels the blade move down her body finding the edge of her sweater. The blade cuts through the woven sweater like a hot blade through butter opening her to his eyes. Her pale cream colored breasts spill out from under the destroyed sweater. Her breasts flush crimson as she struggles a moment to try to hide them from his eyes.
     The moonlight made this moment so surreal for them both almost like a dream. The cool air kissing her breasts suddenly causes the dark pink nipples to harden. Her nipples formed into solid points of flesh before him as she struggles to get free. He growls seeing the beauty below him having slipped to straddle her so she could not fight free. Leaning he presses his larger body over her smaller frame. Catching the nipple in his mouth he bites down on it brutally before licking it then sucking on it.
     As he bit her she struggled all the more trying to dislodge his mouth.

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   Her reward for shaking his lips loose was a stinging slap across her face. “Stop it bitch!” The knife hovers closer his voice husky now in a passion filled trance. This always happens to him right before a rape all he can see is her beauty not the suffering he inflicts. The slap to her face took some of the fight from her. Her body goes still as she whimpers in fear.
     She can feel a thick hard shaft through his pants pressed into her stomach. His shaft rubs over her hip swollen now ready for some of her. His callous hands heft her breasts moving over her they tug then pinch the nipples. Repeatedly his hands assault her as she lays there now passive. “Good bitch now I can reward you!” His mind is lost in passion filled delusions now feeling her passiveness.
     He reached down his hands push her tight skirt up forcing it over her hips to bunch there. His actions exposed her body to the cool air once more. She whimpers crying now the moon causing her tears to shimmer in the mist filled night. His hand leaves her skirt with a single savage tug her panties are no more. His strong hand ripped them loose from her tender flesh.

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   Red stripes mark her skin where the panties caused friction. He tosses her panties into the garbage pile near them never thinking of them again. He can smell her now this driving him insane. His lips once more bite a nipple causing her to jump the knife stays near her throat now as if daring her to struggle.
     With his free hand he unhooks his belt then he unbuttoned his pants pulling down the zipper on them. His mouth never slows in his work on her nipple. She hears his actions this causing her to whimper again. All the time wanting so badly to wake up, this must be a dream she keeps thinking.
     Moving his body he shifts so now he crouches between her thighs. Pushing on his pants he drops them to his knees loosing his pent up cock. He bites her nipple again having switched nipples to torture the other one now. She feels his cock trying to angle her hips so he can’t penetrate her with it. He lifts some pressing his cock head to her cunts lips. “Ahhh you gonna like this you whore!” His words are hot now with need to rape. He feels her wetness looking up he sees her face blush in shame.

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     Shifting one more time as he bites her nipple he slams cock home. Before she can move he is in her soft folds to the hilt. He pounds into her now she can feel him hitting her cervix. He does not slow or care his rape complete in its intent now. She whimpers but can not fight the cool knife holding her well. He bucks into her over and over brutally raping her folds. He felt her folds reacting to his abuse almost as if welcoming him within her body. Her reaction makes him all the more excited.
     She lays under him stunned now powerless as he takes her breasts once more licking, sucking, and biting with abandon. Her folds are hot, tight, well lubed for him making his rape all the more pleasurable. With each stroke into her hot folds his balls smack into her ass. His treatment of her seems to punish and humiliate her even more. After several minutes of this brutal rape his cock begins to swell in her heated folds.
     The thought of this mans cum in her core sets her off somehow exciting her. A moan from her drags him from her nipples.

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   She begins to buck her hips into his on her own. Licking her lips as he looks down on her she speaks softly “Come on you stud!” Her tone now is hot in need panting to him as she rides his cock. Words she never would think to say come from her lips. “Fill me with your rapist cum!”
     Her legs go about his hips wrapping him within their warm silken embrace. As he bucks into her groaning his cock shooting his load deep into her. He pulls his lips from her nipple to gloat down on the little slut. She is different now slowly he sees the change in her face.
     Even as her core cools she milks him dry. Her core is no longer hot feeling more like a cold tight rubber hose around his cock. The tissue sucks up his cum making her core dry now. She painfully fucks his cock with her tightness. He sees her now as she really is her hair stringy and thin. The face of this sexy creature is now wart covered. She has a lack luster color to her almost gray like a corpse. Her coal blue eyes stay the same color.

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   Where there was life in them now they are cold and cruel. The life that was in his eyes drained away in mere moments.
     Her words are still soft but the voice is coarse almost broken now. “Was I good bastard?” She cocks her head looking up at him. In shock he goes still in her core the tightness is the only thing keeping him hard. Her hand shoots down with speed he could only blink at. Grabbing the knife blade with a soft grunt then a loud “Click. . . bing!” the blade breaks. She drops it under her body leaving him with a useless hilt. She uses her hand to catch him behind the neck.
     She pulled his shocked face to her breast which is no longer beautiful. Her breast is now rotting and sagging with age and use. “Thank you for my meal.

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  ” She whispers to him as she begins to rape his struggling form. He tries to fight it but she is to strong. Dropping the hilt of the knife he tries to push away from her. He sees he would have better luck pushing against a stone wall.
     When her rotting nipple finds his lips he bites hard trying to hurt her any way he can. She sighs as he bites cuddling him all the closer. Her core no longer hot or smooth just cold and dry she uses it to rape his cock. He feels her beginning to shudder as she laughs. She continues this shuddering till he realizes she is faking it all along. Her lips trace over his ear along his neck he can’t move for she holds him in a strong grip.
     He feels something sharp there thinking it is his knife he struggles. There is not one but two sharp feelings now. He shudders his body is hers now as he is lost to fright. Without warning she slams her fangs deep into his neck. He can feel his blood moving swiftly to her lips as she works his neck.


   Murmuring a soft “Yes!” as if cooing to him she drinks. The pleasure he feels is more intense then a thousand rapes. Soon he is griping her as if she were his long lost lover.
     Shuddering on her he cries out softly as the pleasure courses through him till he feels himself fading. All is growing dark in his eyes from lack of life giving blood. His blood starved heart is spasming in his chest as she licks her lips then his neck. He hears her last words as the world dims. Thinking he is dieing he cares little for them.
     “You’re mine now. . . . . oh so pretty. ” Her voice so full of happiness as she releases his still form from her grip.

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   Reaching down by her neck she finds the disguarded blade. She reaches up flicking it across her nipple. Watching a moment as the dark ichor flows from it. In his dim vision he sees this thru the shadows of dieing. Feeling her hand once more prod him over that seeping wound his lips touch the ichor.
     He whimpers as the ichor burns his lips. As she coos sweet nothings to him he feels his mouth fill with her blood. “Drink my son!” She commands as she rubs over his throat causing him to gag. His gagging causes him to swallow the first bit. He whimpers once more then begins to suck with abandon. The bitter sweet blood flooding into his mouth as it brings life back to him in a form.
     He feels her fucking him once more as if it were something he would need his cock dead as he is now. He growls darkly drinking all the more till it is too much for him to take. He spits her nipple from his lips panting. The thought of what he did sickens him unable to believe he has drunk this creature’s blood.

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     His cock is still hard though it feels different in her core as she fucks him. She rapes him as he did her earlier. He is too weak to stop her anyway. His cock was no longer able to provide sperm for her meals. He turns his head away from her hoping to find solace in the mists. This only allows him to find his reflection in a wet puddle.
     With a scream of shock he looks on his new form. His once clean rugged good looking face is no more. In its place is a sore covered face with a lesion next to his nose. His words come out almost like hers but more grating. “What did you do to me?” He reaches out for her in anger. This time he flies loose from her with a single shove. His cock came loose with a lewd popping sound from her body.
     She rises to her feet smoothing out her skirt and looking over her sweater. Seeing the damage done to it she shrugged it off letting it drop there looking at him.

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   “You owe me a sweater child. ” She turns heading toward the alley wall. As he rises he looks to her in anger. “Bitch!” There is much venom in that word. Turning she looks to him smiling a sluttish smile. “Come here!” When he does not come to her side she laughs. Smiling she uses a slutty tone now with him. There is something magical to her words commanding his body. “Come over here sexy. ” He shakes his head no then is surprised as he finds his feet moving him to her side.
     She catches his jaw squeezing it painfully. “Rule number one stud I own you!” She releases him only to slam a fist into his stomach. The blow should only have made him laugh instead it doubled him over. Catching him she slings him easily over her shoulder rubbing his ass as she holds him naked from the waist down. She leaves his clothing in the alley for others to wonder.

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     Walking to a steaming grate she pushes down on it with her foot. The grate used often by her opens smoothly as she smiles “Welcome home lover. ” She steps through carrying his weak form from the misty light of the night. The grate after a moment seals itself. She laughs as she hefts him feeling his flaccid cock on her shoulder she leans to it. Slowly she sucked his head into her mouth playful now. Walking down the sewers tunnel she grows tired of the hard head in her mouth. She bites into it hard not using her fangs this time. He had enjoyed the attention till the end when she bit. Knowing she did not remove his cock he cries out in pain. She rubs his ass once more taking him to her home. His was just another scream in the dark down side of the city. The sound causes barely a head to turn in the mists as another is taken.
The End
Feel free to send any feedback is welcome at TwistedDemise@hotmail. com.

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