Fixing Ann's Plumbing


"Fuck you, asshole" she screamed and slammed down the phone and tears began to well up in her eyes. "Are you okay Ann? Bill purred sweetly as he entered her space,"Not really" she replied, "He still won't pay child support and I need to get the washer fixed. "Bill told her he would come over and fix her washer for her, she seemed shocked but told him how much she appreciated the help. He got her address then got an answer to his work question and left her office with a smile on his face, he was determined to drill her plumbing after he fixed her washer for her. He arrived at her house after supper and the kid was already in bed. It only took him about 15 minutes to fix her washer and then he want to see her in the Living Room. "All done sweetie" he said with a hint of flirtation in his voice,"That was fast" she replied seeming a little puzzled. "Can you stay and have a drink?""Sure" he quickly agreed and then followed her to the Kitchen. "Sorry but all I have is beer" she said to him as she looked up sheepishly from the nearly bare fridge,Bill asked her, "Do you liker Bourbon?""I love it she purred, but I don't have any,""I do, it's in the car, I will be right back" smirked Bill and he turned to go to the car to get the fifth of Jack Black he "accidentally" had in the car, he knew from the grapevine at work that it was her favorite and that it made her horny, he had stopped on the way to get it. When he returned she was sitting at the kitchen table with a oouple of glasses, a 2 liter Coke and a bucket of ice. He cracked the seal and poured a couple of double shots and coaxed her into talk about "men" in her life and what assholes they were. After 4 stiff drinks and a lot of bullshitting he had her in the mood to get porked. He began to stroke her arms and face in fake empathy until she opened up and relaxed letting him make bolder and bolder moves on her, as he rose to go to the bathroom she playfully slapped him on the butt and giggled, he bent down, swept her long hair aside and kissed her cheek in response then went to the john. When he opened the door she stood in front of him with a drink in her hand and not a stitch of clothing on. Bill smiled and gently took a drink from her glass before picking her up and carrying her off to her bedroom. As he walked with her she was unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his neck.

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   As soon as he laid her un the bed he disrobed and then stood by the bed for a moment taking in the beauty of her 22 year old, thin, long legged body that she was massaging with her hands putting on a masturbation show for him and giggling kike a school girl playing a prank. He slid onto the bed and slipped between those legs and planted his mature tongue straight in her warm young cunt. She was telling him how she never got off that way when she moaned real loudly and said,"Oh shit, it never felt that good with a man""You just needed a man that knew how to get you off, not a boy" he smirked to her as he lifted his head to look her in the eyes and wink at her at the same time that he was flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue and dove back in and gently mauled her snatch. She was getting her cookies really fast and he sped up his licking to a fever pace to keep up with the pumping of her hips against his mouth, S he screamed out a loud series of moans and obscenities and tried to move away bit he did not let her go until she had at least her third wave of orgasms and then he quickly moved up to her and entered her with an effortless stroke gliding into her sopping snatch. She banged her pussy hard against the base of his dick and the two of them began to rock together in a fuck ballet that sometimes missed a beat but not a target. As Ann used the muscles of her twat to massage his throbbing dick she smiled up at him, that's when he took in the full effect of the moment, she was half his age but did not seem to care at all at the moment, she only seemed determined to make him come. Bill thrashed and rolled his hips while at the same time drawing hid pecker back to the brink of her opening with each stroke making it impossible to last much longer, the burning sensation on the underside of the rim of his cock was driving him to a sure explosion of his own and with the speed of his strokes increasing and his balls tightening he knew he was going to lose his load and so he buried his dick all the way and came in her cunt with a loud groan. As he sprayed the warm walls of that tight young cunt he felt his sensation subside, he continued to slide his limp cock into her until it slipped from her slit but then he continued to hump her cum slick slit with his mow soft and spent dick rubbing her sore, red clit as she moaned with pleasure. After he stopped he slipped off of her and went to get up, he bent down to her and planted a warm passionate kiss on her lips with his lips that still contained her juices. She sucked and licked his lips clean and then smiled at him with that gorgeous face of hers,"Damn, you were fucking fantastic" she purred to him with no sign of regret in her voice,"Thank you sweetie, you are awesome yourself," Bill cooed back to her, "Do you need any more plumbing work done?"Ann laughed and said," as soon as you can get your "snake" working again you can rooter my ass. ""Sounds like another job I can take care of for you" replied Bill as he propped himself up on the bed and cuddled with her waiting to get hard again so that he could take care of her plumbing. --The End--Comments and story ideas are welcomed, contact me at rounder@comcast. net.