Her Valentine


Taking one last glance around the room, Emily was finally satisfied with the cleaning. From the moment she rolled out of bed, throwing on jeans and a tank top, she had been cleaning her apartment. At this point she was hot, sweaty, and almost worn out. Flopping down on the couch, the leather felt cool on her exposed arms. The chill was short lived, however, as her raised body temperature soon warmed the couch as well. The familiar trumpet intro to "Jump in the Line" leapt from the speakers. Without even really wanting to move much more, her shoulders began to move to the beat. She sang along without really even realizing it…Finally, unable to stand it anymore, she obeyed the command to jump in the line and hopped up and began to dance about the living room, singing along. Just as she was working it "all de time," she was startled by a knock! She ran to the door and opened it breathlessly. To her surprise, a bouquet of flowers lay on the floor. She glanced around to find the source, but finding none, she shrugged and picked up the flowers. She was relieved to see a note attached, though she knew who they were from. She read the note… "Happy Valentines Day, Beautiful" was all it said. She smiled to herself as she heard another knock on the door. She paused a moment before answering it, wondering what else he had in store for her. She walked over and this time opened the door slowly, peeking out to try to catch him standing there first.

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   Seeing her peek through, he leaned over, getting nose to nose with her. Emily opened the door a little wider as Dan leaned through and kissed her on the forehead. Dan pushed open the door the rest of the way and wrapped his arms around his girlfriends waist. "Surprise!" he said, kissing her again on the lips. She kissed him back, then playfully smacked him. "What are you doing here!" she asked. Really, she knew, but it was just a reactionary response. She knew it was valentines day, but wasn’t expecting much more than a romantic dinner and lovemaking later. Dan danced with her to the remainder of the song as he shut the door behind him. Still in the doorway, he held her close to him as he kissed her softly, this time lingering on her lips. They closed their eyes as the kiss deepened. Their lips parted before anxious tongues slid through, each exploring the others mouth. Dan's hand slid up Emily's back, coming to a rest behind her head, her hair intertwining with his fingers. She broke the kiss for a moment. "I love you," she said, looking into his eyes.

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   "I love you too," he answered, both of them smiling. They kissed for a few more minutes until Emily broke the spell. "God, I must smell awful," she cried, lifting her arm to check, and turning her head away with a look of disgust. "I'm going to go take a shower. " She gave him a sly look as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. Taking the hint, he followed, just in time to help her with her shirt, which was already being peeled off and tossed on the bathroom floor. She hadn’t bothered with a bra this morning, as she was just cleaning, so with her shirt off, all of her was in view. Dan could barely contain himself as she turned to him and playfully pinched her nipples while winking…he never noticed the wink…. He grabbed her around the waist, growling amusingly and attacking her neck. He nibbled and licked, using his teeth on occasion. She squealed and tried to get away, but he held her tightly. She fought back by attempting to tickle him, but to no avail. She finally worked her way over to the faucet to check the water temperature and turned on the shower head. "May I please get in now?!" she asked with some false annoyance. He eventually loosened his grip and she was able to wiggle out of his arms.

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   She turned and undid her jeans, sliding them down sexily, giving him a full show. Dan hurried out of his clothes as she stepped into the steamy shower and began wetting her hair. Dan stepped in to find her head tilted back and the water running down her neck to her chest, the water droplets either circling or going straight down her breasts, then running down her stomach to her little patch of hair, neatly trimmed. What didn't stick around there ran down further along and between her thighs, down her legs, and finally down her feet to the shower floor. Dan had never wanted more in his life to be a drop of water falling from the shower head. He watched as she ran her hands down her body, then back up, to her hair, wetting it in the warm water. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. She could easily see the effect she was having on him by his now very hard, erect cock. She giggled as she took it in her hands, pulling him to her. If the feeling of her warm hands on his member wasn’t enough, her pulling him by it was enough to make him explode right there. He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately, the water pouring down on them both now. She pressed her body against him as she returned the kiss, her tongue diving into his mouth, like it was trying to find something it lost. Emily finally broke the kiss, reaching for the soap. She lathered herself up, starting with the breasts, then her stomach. She moved to her arms, then down her legs.

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   Handing Dan the soap, she turned, indicating she wanted him to scrub her back. He did so, leaning forward to kiss the back of her head. Putting the soap back in the shower rack, he held her from behind, rubbing up against her lathered back to get himself soapy as well. His erection brushed up against her ass and thighs as he slid around, exciting her somewhat. She took his hands, placing them on her breasts as the water rinsed the soap off her chest. Knowing that her breasts would be taken care of, she moved her hand below, reaching between her legs to grab his cock. Gently pulling it through, she rubbed herself with it, her juices lubricating it and making it slide easily. His mouth found its way to her neck, kissing her gently at first up and down. He kissed up to her ear and gently sucked on the soft lobe, playing with it with his tongue. He fondled her breasts gently, cupping them, and then rubbing his hands around them. He slid his hands up, the nipple sliding between two fingers that he closed together on the way back down, thus pinching her nipple. The water continued to splash on her chest and his hands, dripping down his arms and off his elbows. As Emily's hands played with him below, her fingers, brushing up against herself, found another task. She eventually let go in favor of pleasing herself. He fingers worked their way up to her clit, sliding around it, then sliding down to her opening.

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   Not quite dipping inside, they skirted her lips and slid back up to the top where they remained, rubbing herself, making her breathing ragged and short. Dan took the moment to act, as he leaned her forward, and slid inside her. She gasped, the sound echoing off the shower walls. Emily moaned softly, the smooth shower walls distorting her voice a little, as Dan began to slide in and out of her. She leaned forward and braced herself on the wall in front of her, the water now falling on her back and over Dan's cock, when it wasn’t buried within her pussy. The pounding water, in combination with the hard cock sliding around below her, pushed her to new heights. Dan grunted as he massaged her breasts and impaled her with his cock. "Harder, Daniel," she gasped out…He complied, releasing her breasts and moving his hands to her hips. He angled her upwards slightly for better penetration as he began ramming his cock inside her. She moaned louder, muttering things like, "Oh yeah," "Baby, yes," and "Oh god. " Dan, too, was in another world, fucking his beautiful girlfriend in the shower. He moaned as he moved one hand around the front to play with her clit. It slid around in circular motions, bringing her to the edge. Her moans grew louder and higher in pitch as he brought her closer and closer to climax. Just thinking about it brought him closer as well.

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   He slammed in and out of her at lightening speed, the falling water and her wet hair falling around her head an unexpected turn on for him. "Jesus, baby, I'm gonna cum soon…" he rasped. She didn't hear him, though, as the throes of an enormous orgasm took her. She yelled out as she came; her body twitched and bucked around. "I love you so" - thrust - "goddamn" - thrust - "much!" At "much" he came. He held her tightly, thrusting deep inside her, his cum shooting out powerfully inside her. She held on as the sensitivity left by orgasm made her thrash about with the strong thrusts. Soon all was still, and the only sound breathing and falling water. He slid out, a string of semen connecting them for a split second before being washed away by the warm water falling from above. Emily turned around and kissed Dan. "Happy Valentines day. You'll get your present from me in a few minutes…As soon as you're able to at least…" She winked and turned around, rinsing herself off between her legs. She switched places with him and scrubbed his back, playfully slapping his ass as he stood under the falling water. She squeezed the water from her hair, and stepped out of the shower, toweling off and walking out of the bathroom, wearing said towel. *** Emily hurried to the living room to wait for Dan, sitting on the arm of the couch.

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   He walked in a minute later with a towel around his waist, and didn't seem to surprised when Emily looked at him sternly and pointed to the couch. "My present to you, is you get to be my slave for the rest of the day, and your first order is to sit on the couch," she said in a commanding tone. He obliged quickly, anticipating the outcome of this sudden personality shift. "Now," she said, sitting on his lap, her legs spread over his, "You may remove my towel. SLOWLY!" Dan obeyed, gently plucking the tucked corner at the top out, letting the towel fall to the couch, and slide to the floor. She was now naked, her nipples standing up straight with her excitement of being in power. "I don’t think that was gentle enough," she said, sounding almost disappointed. "You may try again. " She picked up the towel, wrapped it around her, and tucked in the corner right above her breasts. This time, Dan used one hand to hold up the towel, using the other hand to gingerly undo the tuck that was holding the towel in place. He leaned in to kiss her chest as he slowly unwrapped her, but she stopped him with a, "No no! Not yet!" He returned to the removal of the towel instead. While holding each side of the towel up, he slowly peeled each side open, then slid it down along her body, slowly uncovering that which he held so dear. As the towel ran out of body to slide down, he drug it off and placed it on the couch beside him. "That was much better, Daniel," she stated, "For that, you get a little reward. " With that, she reached under his towel and played with his still somewhat soft cock, though it wouldn’t be long before it was hard again.

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   Then, just as quickly as she started, her hand was out and running through Dan's hair. "Now I want you to suck my tits. One at a time. Use your tongue as much as possible," she commanded. He obliged quickly, his tongue darting around her left nipple. He reached up he hand to play with the right, but she slapped it away saying that he was only allowed o use his mouth. He fumbled with her nipple a little at first, but soon got the hang of controlling it with his lips and tongue. He sucked as much into his mouth as he could fit. Her head went back as she enjoyed his quick, darting tongue. "Now the other one," she insisted. His focus switched to her right breast, giving it the same, if not more attention than the left. He circled the nipple with his tongue, pinching and pulling at it with his lips. She let out a little squeal, but quickly regained her composure; she was the one in charge here after all. He stiffened his tongue into a point, and starting at the nipple, made little circles in a spiral outward on her breast. The further out he got, the softer his licks became, until he was giving her long, broad licks from base to top on her breast.

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   She leaned down, taking his head in her hands and kissed him. She thrust her tongue down into his mouth, playing with his tongue, rubbing and circling it with her own. She could begin to feel him poking through his towel. She stood up in front of him, giving him a view of her beautiful body. She was getting very wet at this point and didn't know how much longer she could keep up the power trip. She still had a couple tricks up her sleeve, however. "You use your tongue very well, my dear, but lets see how you do a little lower…" Catching her drift, Dan stood up and lay his towel down on the couch. Emily sat on it, leaning up against the arm, as he came up over her. He kissed her passionately for a split second before moving lower. Having given much attention to her breasts already, he kissed down between them, giving each nipple a little nibble before moving down. He kissed down in a line along her chest and tummy, pausing at her belly button to play with it a few seconds with his tongue. Moving along, he kissed down, and veered off to the right, kissing along her hip to her thigh. He trailed his tongue along the outside of her thigh to the inside, stopping just below her pussy. He moved back up to her belly button, kissing down to her thigh like before, this time down the left. Again he licked along the outside of her thigh to the inside, and again stopping just below the sweet spot.

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   He looked up briefly into her eyes. "I love you," he whispered, before giving her a long, broad, strong lick along the entire length of her pussy. She gasped at the feeling. He slid his tongue up along the length again, this time stopping at her clit, circling it with his tongue, and then sliding his tongue back down again. He dipped his tongue just barely inside on another pass from bottom to top. Suddenly, with as much force and passion as he could muster, he grabbed her hips and drove his tongue as deep inside her as it would go. She moaned and raised her hips in response, grabbing his head and hair. He took this as a good sign and continued to plunge his tongue inside her, tasting her sweet juices. With his hands free, he reached one up to massage her breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers. The other hand went down, massaging her clit with his thumb as his tongue wiggled around inside her. He slurped her up for a bit, then his hand and mouth switched places, his fingers diving inside her, and his tongue licking and circling her clit. He moved his fingers insider her, and found her g-spot. "Myth my ass," he thought to himself, as she squirmed and moaned, encouraging him to go on. He licked and sucked on her clit, wrapping his lips around it and sucking, gently at first and gradually harder. As he started rubbing it back and forth beneath his tongue, her breathing grew ragged.


   She stiffened and stopped moving, trying to get as much out of his tongue and fingers as possible. Knowing that her orgasm was close, Dan switched his mouth and fingers again, this time rubbing her clit furiously, his lips forming a vacuum seal on hers. His tongue darted in and out of her, as she took in short gasps. She threw her hips in the air as an orgasm washed over her. She moaned loudly and he drank her up. His tongue inside her made the orgasm more intense, and the movement of it made her buck and twitch around. He held her down as it subsided, getting a few last licks in. They lay together a moment, letting her regain her strength. The moment of peace was short lived however, as Dan was now rock hard and ready for more. He sat up, repositioning the towel so that he was now sitting on it. He helped Emily stand up and led her over to him, kissing her softly. She started to sit on his lap like before, but he stopped her, and turned her around. He backed her onto him, her knees on either side of him. She slowly lowered herself onto him, sighing as he slid inside her. He reached around and fondled her breasts, holding her up as she started moving up and down on him.

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   With his other hand he reached down and squeezed her ass playfully. She reached around to smack him back, but lost her balance and almost fell off. He caught her just in time. He started moving up and down with her, meeting her hips as they came down on him. He kissed her neck and back as she moaned lightly. She suddenly remembered that she was the one who was supposed to be in control. With that realization, she stopped moving and slid forward. He slid out and he whimpered as he lost his warmth. She turned and sat on his lap again, this time facing him. "Last I checked, I was supposed to be in charge here," she said as she lowered herself onto him again. He made no argument as she leaned forward and sucked on his neck. Her lips created an airtight seal on his neck and she began sucking harder. He moaned softly as he felt the beginnings of a hicky forming on his neck. He didn't care, as the delectable feelings were almost too much coupled with Emily riding his cock. She used her teeth and bit him as she sucked, the pain mixing with the pleasure for him.

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   He moaned again, losing control as he grabbed her hips and began thrusting inside her, hard and fast. This took her by surprise and the seal of her lips was broken as she let out a startling moan. Her breasts bounced up and down with the force of his thrusts. She threw her head back taking in the sensations. His powerful thrusts made her bounce up and down. They moaned in unison, surprising each other. Dan leaned forward and kissed Emily passionately. They held each other close, and just listened to each other breathing. They felt each others bodies. They felt the heat and the passion. She felt him inside her. He felt her warmth. They moved together, faster as the lust built up, urging them on. Their minds drifted into a place of pure pleasure as they rode each other. They gazed into each others eyes, snapping themselves back into the moment.

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   As they held each other, Dan whispered, "I love you Emily. Goddamn, do I love you…" "I love you too Daniel," she replied breathlessly. Her words brought him to a new level. He grabbed on tight, and thrust inside her harder and faster than ever before. He found himself coming close to the edge. "Look at me. Look me in the eyes!" he said. She did, and with her emerald gaze, he was pushed over the edge into ecstasy. He grabbed her tightly and looked her in the eyes as he came. The locked gaze made his orgasm like nothing he has ever felt as he filled her with his hot cum. After a minute, they lay still, wrapped in each others arms; her head on his shoulder, his on her forehead. Lying together they drifted slowly to sleep, the only disturbance a soft feminine voice, "Happy Valentines Day, Daniel," and a reply, "Happy Valentines Day, Em. ".
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