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“See that’s it get out of my room. ” Tasha said throwing a hanger at Tina. “I just want to look sexy tomorrow. You know how you look on the first day sets the tone on how people see you. And I want people to think that girl is all of that, cause I am. ” Tasha said still looking in the closet. Tina glanced at her best friend and could not see what she was worried about. Tasha wasgorgeous and everyone on campus knew it. Her skin was dark like night and smooth like butter. Her hair is only long enough for a bob but she has been wearing microbraids down her back since their freshman year. She was 5’10 with a DD bra cup and an ass that made J. Lo look anorexic. Everything about her seemed perfect. That was part of the reason they were friends, cause they both were fine as hell. Tina had a soft brown complexion with a sassy hair cut. Although she was only 5’3 she had still looked like a model.

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   She had C cup titties that she loved to flaunt along with her fat ass. She was beautiful and she knew it. Her and Tasha met their freshman year in an orientation class. After talking everyday after class they realized they were both biology majors, they both had roommates who were crazy, and they both liked to party and flirt with fine men. Tina liked that Tasha was very attractive because it eliminated a jealousy factor, which most girls have around her. “I don’t know what your problem is but you look like a million bucks in a potato sack, so I know you are going to look good” Tina said going back to her magazine article. “ Well, I wish I had your confidence. What are you wearing tomorrow?” Tasha said looking in the mirror. “I am wearing some white capris with that pink shirt that I got from the store yesterday. With my pink sandals. I tell you this campus is not going to know what hit them tomorrow when I step out of my apartment. ” “How about this?” Tasha said holding up a sexy yellow sundress and a pair of strappy sandals, “with these shoes?”“Looks good to me girl” Tina said as she got up and headed towards the door. “Well, girl I am taking my behind home before it get to late, I will see you tomorrow girl”“ I am going to bed now too, now that I got my outfit picked out. ”“Finally”“Anyways, Hey, Don’t you have Dr. Meijers for Microbiology?” “Yeah I got that old ass bitch tomorrow.

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   You know she don’t like me”“Why? She loves me” said Tasha changing into her night shirt. “I bet she does teacher’s pet” said Tina“Well I got Dr. Jackson for Anatomy and I can’t wait. ” said Tasha“ So that is why you have been looking for an outfit, giving me that bull shit about looking good for our first day. I don’t blame you cause that is one sexy as man. I would have taken him, but I heard he is hard. He don’t give extra credit, and his tests are out of this world. I mean he is only in his thirties you think he would be a lot easier and you can forget trying to get on with him. ” said Tina“Why”“Cause he doesn’t look at any of his students, you know Lisa the girl with the really big tatas, she tried to sleep with him after class one day. I heard she tried to grab his dick while he was erasing the board and he told her to leave the room or fail the class. ”“Damn, and she has slept her way to an B average. Well, that is alright, just as long as I get my A I will be OK. ” “Good luck, cause you are going to need it”“Whatever, I ain’t scared of no man, not except my dad. ”“Whatever. Good nite”“Nite”A Week Later“Dr.

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   Jackson can I talk to you please” Tasha said walking into his office and slamming the door. She could not believe that he had given them a pop quiz already. Not just a quiz to see if you read, but it was practically a test. Totally unprepared, Tasha got a D which was definitely not going to fly. She maintained an A and B average and wasn’t going to let this man -- no matter how delicious he looked orsmelled -- compromise with her near perfect GPA. He might not change it but she will at least get him to work with her. “If it is about your grade then there is no point, I am not changing it” He said while checking his email. He didn’t even bother to look up. “Dr. Jackson, this quiz was completely uncalled for. I study every night for this class and I know the information that you teach and I know that I do not deserve a D. ”“Well apparently you do deserve a D if that is what you got on the quiz. ” he said still not looking at her. Now he was making her upset, she could not believe he was so nonchalant about this. She expected him to be more sympathetic.

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   After all she was a good student. “Well will you at least go over thequiz with me, maybe I am studying the wrong material. ”“Sure, bring the quiz over here” He said still not looking up from his computer. He didn’t feel like being bothered by another student. It seemed that ten had been in his office already wanting to know if they could get their grade changed. Some tried to bribe him with money, while others try to use sex and neither of them ever works. Then they get mad and run out of his office until the next test or quiz. He knew that Ms. Tasha Thompson will probably be different. He had heard that she was very studious and all of her teachersloved her. Even Dr. Meijers who the teachers hated just as bad as they hated him. “Thank you, Dr. Jackson” She said walking behind his desk so they could go over the quiz. By the time they reached the third question she stopped paying attention to the quiz and started to focus in on him.

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   Dr. Jackson was a very sexy man. There was not a girl on campus who didn’t get wet just thinking about him. He was about 6’0 with a light caramel complexion and a bald head. Today he was wearing a short sleeve white shirt that hugged him just right. Looking at his chest and his arms you could easily tell that he worked out. And the smell, my goodness he smelled so good, Tasha was intoxicated by the smell of him. She began to wonder big his dick was. She bet he knew how to fuck a bitch until sheforgot who she was. She wanted him, no she needed him. “Control yourself Tasha” She whispered toherself, shaking her head trying to stay focused. “What was that” Dr. Jackson said looking over at her and catching an eye full of her double delicious breasts. She was wearing a low v-neck shirt that showed more then enough cleavage and a pair of pants that held on to her ass and thighs like skin. Usually he has no problem with ignoring hisattractive students, but the fact that Tasha hadn’t tried to make a move on him and was actually interested in the work was exciting to him.

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  It didn’t help that her rear end was calling him to squeeze it and squeeze it tightly. He wanted nothing else but to tear her clothes off and fuck her until he couldn’tanymore. He could feel his pants getting tighter, waiting for a release. To try to keep his mind focused, he had just kept talking about anatomy, but he really wanted to discuss her anatomy. “I wasn’t expecting you to hear me” Tasha said laughing. “I was talking to myself, because. . . "You think that this is a joke, I could be on my way home but I am staying here to help you. By all means if you have a problem focusing on what I am saying then by all means Ms. Thompson please leave. ” He said hoping she would leave so that he could avoid the inevitable. “Now Dr. Jackson, I do need your help and I do appreciate you working with me on this. If you hadn’t so rudely interrupted my explanation, I would have told you the truth.

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  ”“Well, explain yourself then, Ms. Thompson” Dr. Jackson said turning in his chair to face Tasha. Now he could get a full view of how beautiful he was. Man he could not believe the effect she was having on him. He found himself wondering how she tasted. He bet she was sweet, you know what they say, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. “ I don’t mean to be rude so please don’t take it offensive, but I know that you know that you are one sexy man and it is hard for me to focus on anything but your anatomy. ” She said walking around to the front of the desk. “I have heard how you don’t get involved with your students and how many have tried and been rejected. I don’t want you to think that I am hitting on you, but I guess getting it out in the open will help our relationship. ” She said packing her bag. She knew he was going to kick her out. Sheknew that it sounded like she just wanted to sleep with him because of her grade, but that wasn’t true. She wanted to sleep with him, because he was turning her on.

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   All she could think about was taking his shirt off and running her hand across his chest and squeezing his biceps. She could feel her pussy getting slightly damp from the thought of it. However, she knew he had a don’t get involved with students policy so that was out. “When will be a good day to come back. ”“Why you can stay for about an hour, so come back over here so we can finish this quiz” he said looking her dead in her pretty brown eyes. “K” she said smiling, suprised that he took her speech so well. They started to go over the quiz again, but after ten minutes Dr. Jackson couldn’t take the pressure anymore. He was going to have her and he was going to have her right now. “Could you see if my door is locked, I don’t want us to be disturbed” “Sure” she said as she walked to the door, but before she could turn to go back, Dr. Jackson came behind her and pulled her braids to one side so he could kiss the base of her neck. “You are such a beautiful young women. ” He said continuing to kiss her neck. “ I usually don’t like to get involved with my students because it leads to a lot of problems, but you I could not resist. ” he said as he began to nibble on her ear, causing her to let out a soft moan and close her eyes.

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   He reached up her shirt and rubbed her nipples between his fingers until they were rock hard. Tasha was about to pass out it felt so good. He thenturned her around and slammed her back against the door and they kissed intensely. She took her shirt off and began to unbutton his. Once she got it off completely she ran her hand across his chest and then along hissix pack stomach. He enjoyed her soft caresses. She continued for a while, and he began to kiss her again, but softer this time. He unhooked her bra and he continued to play with her nipples, because he loved theway she moaned and squirmed when he touched them slightly. He then bent down to lick one while continuing to play with the other nipple. Tasha began to squirm even more, he knew exactly how to lickthem and he even nibbled on them. Not like they were made of leather, but just enough to send her mind reeling and to start her pussy to pulsate with anticipation. He then pulled her pants and her thongs down and grabbed her fat ass and squeezed hard and she loved it. “I have been thinking of doing that since you first got in here” He said while still squeezing her ass with one hand rubbing her long legs with the other. He then put her leg on his shoulder and began tokiss her swollen clit. He then flicked his tongue lightly on her clit.

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   Tasha began to moan, she knew she was about to be in for it and she was right. Dr. Jackson put one finger in her moist cunt and pulled it out and tasted her juices. He was right, she was just as sweet as he imagined her to be. He pushed her leg further up so that he could taste her center. He began to slowly tongue fuck her and she went crazy. OOOOOOH DR. JACKSON, she said on her way to her first orgasm. He then went back to her clit andsucked and licked her clit like a sucker. He put two fingers in her pussy and fingered her while he devoured her clit. Tasha was beside herself, she was grabbing her titts as her body began to give into the creeping sensations from her body and shook with at least two more orgasms. He put her leg down and stood up and she fell to her knees too weak to stand. “Get up mam we’re not done yet” he said pulling his pants to down his pants and boxers to show his beautiful big dick. He had to be at least 9 inches. Since she was already on her knees she took hold ofhis dick and licked the tip slowly.


   Then she licked and kissed her way down the shaft of his dick. Then she put as much of his dick in her mouth as she could slowly and began to suck it slowly and hard. His dick felt so good in her mouth and he tasted just as good as he looked. When he began to moan, she relaxed her throat and let him come all the way in. He opened his mouth to moan, but nothing came out. He didn’t think that she would know anything about sucking dick but he was wrong. Her mouth was so moist and hot, then her lips were so soft. She was gently pulling his balls while she was swallowing his dick whole. He could feel his body tense and he knew that he would be coming soon. “OH MY DAMN TASHA!!” Was his last words as he begin to fill her throat with his hot cum. She kept sucking his dickuntil his body creamed just one more time. She then got up and sat on the corner of his desk. and looked at him while he sat on the chair. His body was out of it. He had never cum like that simply from getting some head.

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   “I know you are not tired now” Tasha said sitting on the corner of his desk playing with her nipples and her clit. She wasn’t sure he was going to be able to fuck her cause he looked like he was out for the count. Her pussy was throbbing for his thick dick. At the sight of seeing her play with herself, he began to get excited. This must be a dream, he was thinking to himself. Tasha was definitely different from the girls he fucked when he was in college, or the women that he fucked now. She had sucked his dick fiercely and now she was playing with herself. He got hard just watching her. She began to moan from playing with her clit. That was it. Dr. Jackson cleared off his desk and went over to her and kissedher for a few. He then pushed her down on the desk and entered her tight pussy. Slowly he began to pound into her pussy. Just as Tasha begin to moan, he began to really plow into her pussy.

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   He put her legs on his shoulders and grabbed her waist and continued to break down those walls. Occasionally he would grab her titts while he was driving her crazy. She went from moaning to screaming. The feeling was to good to be true. She was fucking Dr. Jackson, Dr. FUCKING Jackson. And he was the best sex she had in a long time. She didn’t know she could come so much at onetime. “OOOOOOH FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! OH DR. JACKSON. OH I LOVE YOUR DICK” Then when it couldn’t get any better, he instructed her to lean over the desk so that he could fuck her from the back, which was her favorite position. He could not believe how good her pussy was. It was so soft and it seemed to squeeze his dick. “I LOVE YOUR PUSSY” He said as he plowed into her faster and harder.

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   He smacked her ass a couple of times, which sent Tasha into another shaking orgasm. Seeing her cum again and feeling her muscles tighten on his dick caused him to cumm and he released himself on her ack. After they caught their breath. they sat down on the desk. “Well, I think that I am getting the hang of anatomy now” Tasha said, laughing. “Good, but I think we need to go over it say, every day around this time” he said. “Yeah, me too” she said, laughing. After she got home, Tasha had to call Tina and tell her what happened. She called her cell phone, cause she knew she was probably in microbiology lab. She probably was hoping her phone does ring, Tasha said laughing to herself. She began to call Tina. “Who is this!” yelled Tina"Tasha what is wrong with you?” Tasha said. “Oh, nothing I am just a little mmmm busy, let me call you back” Tina said and hung up thephone. “OK Melinda eat my pussy and eat it gooood” Tina said. The EndTina Experiment Coming Sooon!!!.

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