Amy the Exhibitionist - part 4


Amy the Exhibitionist


Part 4



My Breasts

I’m still a ‘C’ cup and happy to say that they are still as solid as ever. I haven’t worn a bra for months now, much to the delight of the boys at school.



My Pussy

I’m still plucking every single hair that grows anywhere near my pussy.




I haven’t worn trousers or shorts for well over a year now. Last winter was very cold by UK standards and a few times my mum suggested that I would be warmer in trousers but I didn’t. I did wear my crotch-less tights when it was really bad. But there was no way that I was going to miss out on the opportunity to flash my naked puss whenever the opportunity arose.


I did get a very cold puss a few times when I sat on something cold and my skirt rose up leaving my bare puss to make contact with what I was sitting on. Once or twice I wondered if my juices would freeze my puss to the seat, but they didn’t.


My mum mentioned the fact that my nipples always seem to be making little tents in my tops, and said that I could get some silicone nipple covers if I wanted to hide them without wearing a bra. I might look at them some day. I’m pleased that she’s accepted that I hate bras.


My mum’s also accepted that I never wear knickers now, and once told me that I should be more careful when sitting down. I just thanked her and haven’t changed anything.



Saturday Job

This is going well although it does mean that I’m busy most of the time. I’m thankful that I’ve got a boss that will let me have days off if I need them.

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   No real opportunities to flash my goodies lately, but I have seen a couple of naked girls when they didn’t shut the curtains properly. I was tempted to go and ask if they wanted any help and see if they opened the curtain any more.


Oh, there was the time when Katie came in to see me and I talked her into trying on a couple of dresses. Fortunately it was at a time that we were busy and there was a man waiting for his partner to try something on.


I left Katie to it for a couple of minutes then pulled the curtain wide open to see how she was getting on. She was topless at the time and I stood in a place that would allow the man to see her. When she had finished putting the dress on I told her that it didn’t look right on her and I unzipped it and pulled it right off her. The dress was designed to be stepped into but I pulled it over her head, pretended to get it stuck in her hair so that I could keep her exposed for a while. She wasn’t wearing any knickers either so the man saw her totally naked for about a minute.


She never said a word when I eventually got the dress off, even though she saw the man looking. She then put the other dress on slowly as we both watched the man watching us. She looked good in the dress but neither of us could afford it.


The man’s partner came out before Katie took the dress off, but just as she got naked again a woman in her early twenties came to try something on. She stopped and stared at Katie for a few seconds before going into a cubicle.


If I can’t expose myself then the next best thing is to expose my best friend.

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Don’t you agree?



Katie and her family

As you know, I’ve ‘forced’ Katie to expose herself to her brother and other men; and the finger test has got her to admit that she always enjoys it. Lately she’s started dressing in shorter skirts and leaving her underwear off without me telling / forcing her to do so. I really do think that she’s getting round to wanting to get as much fun as I do.


She went out with a boy a few weeks ago and wore a short skirt and no underwear. As soon as he realised he was all over her. They even went out of the pub and had sex down an alley. The problem was when they went back into the pub and he started calling her ‘his randy slut’. Between the two of them that wasn’t a problem. In fact she told me that she enjoyed being called that. The problem was that he started telling everyone in the pub what he called her, and what they had just done.

She went home on her own.


I’ve been to her house a few times lately for sleepovers. We’ve started having this game at sleepovers (her house and mine) where we see just how much we can tease the men in the house without getting into trouble. Obviously it’s more fun when our mums aren’t there.


We’ve tried to plan the sleepovers at Katie’s on the night before Inset days.

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   This gave us more opportunities with Katie’s little brother – and his friends.


Katie’s mum always leaves for work about 30 minutes before her dad does. He always goes for a pee just before he leaves and I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve been naked in the unlocked bathroom when he walked in for his pee. Twice he was late for work when I wouldn’t let him get near the toilet and teased him about not being able to pee with an erection. Talking about it made him get rock hard and I just had to take care of it for him.


The last time that I was there and Katie’s Dad walked in to the bathroom when I was there, I got his cock out and then turned him round and pushed him back so that he sat on the toilet. I moved to him and put my legs either side of his and lowered myself so that my puss was just touching the tip of his cock. I looked into his eyes and licked my lips. That was it, he pulled me down and he was late for work.


After both Katie’s parent leave for work Katie and me change into little babydoll nighties (no knickers) that I’ve got from where I work on a Saturday. Both of them are see through and Tom (Katie’s brother) usual appears shortly after he hears his dad leave.


We then usually flaunt ourselves in front of him by standing right in front of him and ask him a stupid question, or bend over to get something out of the fridge.


After breakfast we go and shower and get dressed. It usually takes about an hour and we walk from bedroom to bathroom or wherever the other one of us is, totally naked.


A couple of time Tom has suddenly got up and run to his room as we laugh at him.

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Poor lad, I know that we shouldn’t, but it’s so much fun seeing his face.


Tom has started getting a bit bolder. He’s stopped covering the front of his PJs and last time I was there he was only wearing boxers. When his cock got hard the tip stuck out of the front. Katie told him what she could see and he made a half-hearted attempt to push it back in. It didn’t stay for long and was soon out again. I went over to him, squatted down in front of him, kissed it then licked it. Tom couldn’t take that and the next second my face got covered with his cum.


Another time that I was there on an Inset day the 3 of us were in the kitchen eating breakfast with Katie and me wearing the babydolls when the doorbell rang. Tom went and answered the door and a minute later 2 of his mates walked into the kitchen.


Tom’s mates stared at us. I didn’t fancy a repeat performance of the last time some of his mates came round (they gangbanged me) so I grabbed Katie’s arm and pulled her back to her room.  


Katie tells me that she’s started using that half hour between her Mum leaving for work and her Dad leaving for work to get ‘caught’ naked by her Dad and sometimes Tom as well. Neither of them say anything, but they do watch her.



My Boyfriend

I dumped Pete.

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   He liked the idea of me dressing in very little and exposing my ‘bits’, but whenever someone started taking too much notice he dragged me a way and told me to stop being so slutty. Why to boys have to be to two-faced?


There hasn’t been anyone else, except for Ben. He’s setup skype on our home PC and when we have a video call he gets me to strip and play with myself while we’re talking about anything and everything.


As I’ve said, Katie is getting bolder. She’s met Ben a few times and has told me that she fancies him. Ben’s also told me that he could happily fuck her. So, one time when Katie was at my place on a sleepover I skyped Ben and he asked us both to strip and play with ourselves. I was pleasantly surprised when Katie took off her T-shirt before I could even stand up. We were both only wearing T-shirts which is what we always only wear on sleepovers at our house – except when we are in bed, then we are both naked.


Anyway, Ben was enjoying the show when Katie asked Ben to take his clothes off as well. Ben agreed and went to lock his door. He was stripping as he walked back to his laptop.


We had a great long distance masturbation session and after we had all cum, Ben asked us if we would do a 69. I’ve done this a few times with Katie on sleepovers and love it when she chews my clit. I ALWAYS cum when she does that so I had 2 orgasms during that video call.

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After we hung-up on Ben we did a bit more school work before going to bed and giving each other 2 more orgasms.



My Dad

As I’ve said before, I’ve given up on my Dad fucking me, but that doesn’t stop me teasing him. I’ve got a bit bolder when Mum’s still at work and Dad and me are watching TV. As you know I pretend to wear a large baggy T-shirt for bed and change into it early and watch TV laying on my stomach in front of Dad.


What I haven’t mentioned before is that I’ve been getting my Mum to teach me how to use our sewing machine. I decided that if I can’t afford to buy these expensive clothes then I would learn how to make them. I’ve made quite a few things so far, ranging from ultra low cut skirts that would show my pubic hair – if I had any, to thong bikinis, to see through dresses.


Back to my Dad, I’ve got a few of Dad’s large old T-shirts that I wear as night dresses. They were both decent and came to a few inches below my bum, but I’ve shortened one of them that I only wear when there’s only my Dad and me at home. It now only comes down to half way down my bum and to just above the top of my slit. I’ve also altered the ‘V’ top so that it’s wider and deeper. Only when I stand up and adjust it does it cover both of my nipples. It also has a tendency to fall off one shoulder, pulling it off one breast.


The first time that my Dad saw it he asked me if I had grown taller lately. When I asked him what he meant he told me that my night dress now didn’t even cover my bum.

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   I said that I supposed that I must have grown. The only things that were bigger than the previous night when Mum was there were my pussy lips and my clit. I thought about telling him that, but didn’t.


Anyway, when I lay on the floor in that T-shirt, everything is on display. Especially as I always keep my feet at about shoulder width. As usual these days, one of my hands creeps under me and my fingers start playing with my puss. I used to suddenly squeeze my legs together and grind my teeth when I orgasmed, but I figured that Dad knew that I was cumming and now I only stifle my moans and screams. My fingers keep going or delve inside me.


When I eventually pull my hand away my puss is dripping wet. I’ve seen a few wet patches on the carpet.


I will never believe that my Dad doesn’t know what I’m doing.


The goodnight kisses are still good fun as well. I still sit on his lap, wish him a good night and kiss him. I always grind my naked puss into his lap a bit and I always feel his hard cock. Because of my altered T-shirt one breast is always out.

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   If it doesn’t feel like it’s coming out on its own then I make sure that it does. After the kiss I stand up right in front of him and let him look at my pussy for a few seconds before going to bed.


Now the interesting bit. As I’ve said, Katie is getting bolder, and having more sleepovers at our house on the pretext of us having more homework and revision for our final exams. I’ve told Katie that I’ve given up on my Dad fucking me, but not on him fucking her. At first she said that she would never let him do that, but soon afterwards she said that she might. I took that as ‘yes she would’.


I got another of Dad’s old T-shirts and altered it the same way as I did for mine. On the first sleepover after that, I gave it to Katie when it was time to get ready for bed. When I put mine on she asked me if I was really going to wear it in front of my Dad. I said that I was, and that she was going to wear the one that she had just pulled over her head. She looked down and said, ‘OMG’. She could see her pussy and when she turned to look in the mirror, all her bum was on show. The turning had disturbed the top of the T-shirt and one of her boobs was out.


‘Fucking hell’ she said, this could be fun’.

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As we walked into the lounge I saw my Dad do a double take. Katie was so relaxed, I felt proud of her. I let her lay down first and watched my Dad’s eyes. They were wide open. He adjusted his position in his chair, and I lay down. As I went down I ‘accidentally’ brushed my hand against Katie’s T-shirt which completely uncovered her bum. We both had our legs open a bit. Katie and I ignored the TV and started talking about school, our exams and what we wanted to do when we left school.


All the time I could see my Dad’s face in the reflection on the TV screen. He was loving it.


After a while I asked Katie and my Dad if they wanted some hot chocolate. Both said yes. I pulled myself onto my hands and knees ready to get up. Katie did the same saying that she would make it. We had a bit of an argument with both our backside facing my Dad, and our wet pussies staring him in the face.

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   Eventually I let Katie make it and I lay down again. I made sure that my T-shirt was above all of my bum.


Katie stood in front of my Dad with her naked pussy only inches from his face and asked him how he would like it. After a few seconds silence he asked her what she said. This time she asked him how he would like his hot chocolate. When he told her she walked off into the kitchen.


His eyes stayed glued to her bum all the time as she made the drinks. I saw that she bent at the waist with her bum towards my Dad as she looked for the drinking chocolate in one of the cupboards under the unit.


All that time I was bringing myself off watching them. I came just before Katie brought my Dad’s drink in for him. As she walked towards him one side of her T-shirt slipper off her shoulder and down her arm leaving one tit very exposed. Katie ignored it and stood in front of him again and passed him his drink.


He watched her go back into the kitchen to get our drinks. She never rearranged her T-shirt and her tit was still exposed as he watched her walk back into the room and sit on the sofa opposite my Dad. He didn’t even look at me as I got up and pushed my T-shirt off one shoulder and sit down next to Katie.




We all drank our drinks and pretended to watch TV as my Dad looked at our legs (well Katies), right up to our stomachs, and 1 of each of our tits. We watched him watching us.


When it came to the time to go to bed (just before Mum got home) Katie watched me wish my Dad goodnight, then did exactly the same, except that she kissed him full on the lips and he held her close to him while she was on his lap. Her T-shirt had been up round her waist and his arm had gone under it to hold her there.


Katie and me had great sex talking about what had happened.


Early in the morning I woke up to find Katie missing. I got out of bed and crept downstairs. From a dark corner I watched my Dad fucking a naked Katie over the kitchen table.


When they had finished I saw my Dad leave for work and Katie creep back up stairs. I waited a minute or so then followed her. When I got back into bed Katie asked me if I had been watching. I said yes, then kissed her. We went back to sleep in each others arms.


The 3 of us went/go through the same performance each time that Katie comes for a sleepover. I still go and watch them.

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   Dad always gets a smile on his face when I tell him that Katie is coming for sleepover.




I haven’t been over to Ben’s university again, but he keeps promising that I will be able to go there soon. Apparently both Henry and Andy had been asking when I was going to go to the Sunday morning swimming sessions again.


We talk on skype every few days and get naked for each other, but I really did miss our daily fucking sessions.



Dare Games

Now that Katie is getting bolder and has stopped wearing underwear, our Dare Games have become less frequent. Instead of daring each other we just say let’s do something and we do it.


There was one time that I had to use the ‘dare’ word to get Katie to join me doing something.

It was when I decided that I wanted to go for a night time naked walk round the area where Katie lives. One warm(ish) sleepover at Katie’s night I couldn’t get to sleep even after a great 69 with her. About 2 in the morning I woke her up and told her what I wanted to do. She told me that I was mad. When I dared her she just said, ”come on then”.


We sneaked out of the back door and out of their back yard. We walked all over the place for about an hour, ducking behind parked cars and bushes whenever a car came. I was a bit disappointed that we never saw anyone, but I (we) did get very wet, and all for nipples were rock hard.

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When we got back to Katie’s bedroom she told me that she had always wanted to do that. We then had sex again.


One time when we were waiting for a bus alongside a bit of a park, we went behind the bus shelter and sat facing the park. I opened my legs wide (skirt and no knickers) and started frigging myself. After looking a bit shocked, Katie started doing the same.


After a couple of minutes we changed to frigging each other. We missed the bus and climaxed as we heard some people that had got off the bus. One of them used the words ‘disgusting’ and ‘whores’, so I guess that they saw us. We never saw them.


There was one time that I was on a sleepover at Katie’s and her parents and brother were away for the night. We were naked and messing around when we decided that we were hungry. Instead of getting something out of the fridge I asked Katie if we could order a Pizza. After a bit of a discussion we agreed that we would stay naked when it arrived. I must admit that I was a bit nervous when the doorbell rang.


Katie didn’t want to be the one who opened the door in case we knew the delivery boy, so I opened it - wide.

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   He was bit older than us and neither of us had seen him before. His jaw dropped when he saw first me then Katie. I invited him in, and after a long pause he stepped in.


In the excitement both Katie and me had forgotten that we’d have to pay him and it took ages for us to find some money. All the time Katie and me were bending over to look into drawers and cupboards. From where he was stood he could see into the kitchen so I went in there and asked Katie if her parents hid any money in tins in the cupboards. She didn’t know so that meant more bending over and climbing in the units to look into the top cupboards.


When we eventually found enough money the boy had creamed his pants. There was a big wet patch near the top of the tent.


We had one hell of a giggling session as soon as he went out of the door. We had both been afraid that we might know



Old Misery Guts

The old shit bag is still around and I still see him watching me. I’d told Katie about him a long time ago and until recently she just ignored the fact that he might be watching even when she was staying.


When she started getting bolder she started asking about him and when she was in my bedroom she asked me if I thought that he was watching. When I said, “maybe”, she jumped on the bed and started jumping up and down in front of the window. This was when we were both naked.

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After that she was forever standing in front of the window and saying that she hoped he was watching.


One day when we were home on our own and the weather was reasonable Katie asked if we could go sunbathing in our back garden. The weather wasn’t really warm enough but I agreed.


We each put on one of the thong bikinis that I had made and went outside. It wasn’t that warm and my nips went solid the minute we stepped out of the door. So did Katie’s.


We had to dig out the sun beds from the garden shed and made a lot of noise doing so. So much that we had attracted the attention of Old Misery Guts. I could see him looking down on us from behind one of the curtains in an upstairs bedroom.


I told Katie but she just said, “so what”.


I positioned the sun beds so that our legs were facing Old Misery Guts and we lay down. I then realised that doing all the moving of stuff to get the sun beds and getting them out had given my bikini top a ‘wardrobe malfunction’  and there was 1 tit our for Old Miser Guts to see. I told Katie and she said that we may as well show him all 4.


We lay there topless for a while then I undid the strings holding up Katie’s bottoms while her eyes were closed. I lay back down and asked Katie to go and get us a drink.

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When she stood up the inevitable happened and she was naked. She looked down, said, “what the hell” and kept walking. When she got back I had taken my bottoms off and had placed one foot either side of the sun bed. Katie looked down at my puss and said, “that looks inviting”.


She got back onto her sun bed with her feet in the same position as mine, then asked if he was still looking. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that he was. He had even got some binoculars so he could probably see right into our pussies. I know that mine was wet and open and I guessed that Katie’s was as well.


After a while we both started rubbing our hands all over our bodies, lingering at the interesting bits. It wasn’t long before we were both madly frigging ourselves.


We both came about the same time and relaxed for a minute or so before I got up and sat on Katie’s sun bed facing her. I then kissed her (full tongue job) and let my hands wander. I brought her to another very noisy orgasm.


We had both warmed up by then but we went inside shortly afterwards.




Katie is starting to get the same reputation at school as me.

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   Our skirts haven’t got any shorter, but they certainly haven’t got any longer. We still get boys waiting at the bottom of the stairs so that they can follow us up. Katie used to hold the back of her skirt against her bum, but she’s stopped that and just lets them look. A few times I’ve stopped half way up the stairs, turned round and asked the boys behind if they have seen enough. For some strange reason none of them have said they had.


I’m still getting good marks for History, even though I’m no good at it. I’m just not interested in what went on years ago. I’m always more interested in giving the teacher a good show.


I’ve discovered that our Maths teacher likes to look up girls skirts as well so I’m trying to get a desk on the front row so that I can tease him as well.


The boys got a new gym teacher a bit ago and he’s quite cute. Remember that trick that I did in the showers so that some boys got to see me naked? Well Katie and me decided to try to get him to see us in the shower.


It took a few weeks to work out when he was normally in his office and there were no boys there, and no girl’s gym lesson and the girl’s gym teacher not in her office; and 2 failed attempts before we lured him in on us.


We sneaked into the girl’s changing room, stripped and went into the showers. We were both nervous as hell when we banged on the door to the boy’s changing room. It took a few times before we heard someone unlocking the door.

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   That was the cue for us to jump under the shower and get wet.


The door opened and there he was staring at us 2 naked girls. He seemed stunned and we just froze. It seemed like hours but was probably less than 30 seconds before he asked us what we were doing there. We hadn’t planned on him saying anything, just staring then backing out. It took me a few seconds to realise that I would have to say something and was about to open my mouth when Katie said that we’d been doing a job for the Art teacher and had got paint in our hair and all over our arms. Katie told him that she had sent us there to get cleaned-up.


Thankfully he believed Katie and then told us to hurry up. Before he has chance to leave I asked him if he had a towel that we could borrow, saying that we had forgotten to bring one.


Neither Katie nor me had made any attempt to cover our bodies and he had continued to stare at us all the time that we were talking.


After a pause he told us that he would see what he could find and he went back through the door. I gave Katie a big kiss and hug and thanked her for being so quick thinking.


We turned off the shower, went over to the door that had just closed and waited hoping that he would come back with a towel. We were thinking about giving up when the door opened and there he was, less than a yard from us 2 still naked and wet girls that were doing nothing to hide their goodies.


He held out 2 smallish towels that we both automatically wrapped round our hair.

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He was the first to speak saying, “Katie and Amy isn’t it. ” When we both said that it was he told us that he had heard about us. I asked him what he had heard and he told us that that we had a reputation for wearing short skirts with no knickers or bras. He asked us if the reputation was justified. I told him that it was and Katie followed saying that we didn’t care what people said, that we were happy dressing the way that we did.


He then asked us if we knew that lots of the boys were saying that they’d seen our genitals (his word). I then said, “Just like you are now. ” He smiled and said, “Well, not quite like now, when you follow a girl in a short skirt and no knickers up some stairs you can usually see a lot more of their genitals than I can see at the moment. ”


I asked him how much more they could see and turned away from him and bent over with my feet apart. He could see every bit of my swollen wet puss and clit sticking out. I asked him if they could see this much.


He grinned, nodded and said that he had better let us get on with our shower.


Mission accomplished. Katie and me were very happy for the rest of the day.



More to cum – soon!



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Bydgoszcz is a city in Poland a relatively not big population. The key attractions in this small and charming city include main square, accompanied by sophisticated townhouses and modern-design fountains, alongside with the Gothic style buildings and monuments. Besides that, once you enter Bydgoszcz Escort Girls, do not forget to check out its parks and local architecture as well as beautiful nature. No doubt, Bydgoszcz is clearly gorgeous and interesting Polish city to visit. Nevertheless, your experience will be incomplete, unless you pay a visit to Bydgoszcz Agency Escorts.
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Although Bydgoszcz itself may seem like an innocent place, however you will unveil a completely different situation, once you enter Bydgoszcz Independent Escorts My word, this place is soaked with lust and can offer various ways for absolutely any male to implement his nastiest ideas and dirtiest plans. Fortunately, we have hot whores from all over the world to help in turning all that lechery in reality. You are welcome to come and check out their resumes in order to select the sexiest and most fascinating whore just for you. Long experience and many years of successful performance in escort market have enabled Best Escort Bydgoszcz with confidence in ability to meet clients’ standards. Hence, go ahead and enjoy amazing handjobs, fascinating oral sex, impressive classic escort, lecherous anal sessions, wild gang-bang action, BDSM and many more. Feel free to select the most comfortable payment method and do not worry about your privacy or security, because our team of professionals has done its best in order to deliver complete security and utmost comfort to each and every client of Bydgoszcz Call Girls. Hence, don’t be shy to expose the kinky side of yourself and enjoy that long-awaited and absolutely unforgettable sexual satisfaction together with lustful models from Escort Poland

Escort girls Batumi - The experience of having sex with a Batumi female is one that goes beyond the act itself physically

Batumi, a city on the Black Sea coast and the capital of the Adjara region in southwestern Georgia, is a vibrant, bustling city known for its modern architecture, nightlife, and beautiful beaches. It is also renowned for its charming escort girls, who add a unique touch of elegance and beauty to the city's nightlife.

The appeal of escort girls in Batumi is not merely physical. The beauty of these women is multifaceted, blending physical attractiveness with intellect, charm, and a knack for making every moment memorable. These women are not only stunningly beautiful but also possess a sophisticated understanding of the world, which makes them excellent companions for any occasion.

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The escort girls of Batumi are known for their diverse beauty, which mirrors the city's cultural diversity. Ranging from the fair-skinned, blue-eyed beauties to the exotic brunettes with enchanting dark eyes, these women represent a broad spectrum of beauty. Their unique features are accentuated by their elegant style and grace, making them some of the most sought-after companions in the region.
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Sex with Batumi girls is an experience that transcends the physical act. It's an intimate encounter that encompasses mutual respect, understanding, and the exploration of shared desires. These women are experts in providing an unforgettable experience, ensuring that their clients feel valued, respected, and utterly satisfied.

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Nightlife in Batumi is a vibrant mix of clubs, bars, and restaurants that cater to various tastes and preferences. The city's nightlife scene is one of its major attractions, drawing tourists from around the world. The presence of escort girls enhances the city's nightlife, providing companionship and entertainment to visitors seeking to enjoy the city's nocturnal offerings.

Tourism in Batumi is a thriving industry, with the city offering a range of attractions for visitors. From its beautiful beaches and modern architecture to its historic sites and vibrant nightlife, Batumi has something for everyone. The escort girls of Batumi are an integral part of the city's tourism industry, providing companionship and entertainment to visitors and enhancing their experience of the city.
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