Payback is Hell--and Revenge is Sweet


After being diagnosed with HIV, a result of spending 19 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit, the day of freedom came. I received my early release, giving me my freedom—and opportunity for revenge, 21 years early. The system knew that I only had a couple of years to live—the HIV was in the later stages and there was basically nothing I could do to reverse the course it had taken.
20 years ago, I was set up. I was the “fall guy” for the DA’s office and for a couple of lying witnesses. I had attacked no one, I had planned no armed robbery, I had certainly not shot and killed anyone, even though two witnesses said I had. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and a horrible case of mistaken identity put me behind bars.
They – the lying witnesses, the lying and conniving DA, the “Justice System”—they had all failed me and not only taken away the last 20 years from me, but the rest of my life as well. The wife I had left me, taking my 1 year old with her. I hadn’t heard from her nor so much as seen a picture of him in 18 years. And, with myHIV, I would never know the only kid, my son, EVER.
Prison life had been tough. As soon as I hit the Federal Pen, I became a gang’s “Boy Toy”, their Bitch, and I was raped every day of my incarceration and often, multiple times a day. Never did I have the opportunity to change that—even working out with weights did nothing to help me—once you get that reputation in there—you are the bitch forever and ever. I still don’t know what was worse, taking it up the ass every day, or sucking off the nasty pricks that I had to do daily. My life had been nothing short of a living hell, and finally, finally the people that took my life were going to pay.

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For over a decade, I had planned my revenge. I had considered hundreds of scenarios, but one kept coming back over and over and over. Then, about 4 years ago, my cellmate for 6 months finally helped lock me in to the revenge plan that I decided to go with. He was an Internet /Computer guru, who was serving a short sentence for a white collar crime. Apparently, people don’t appreciate it when you electronically tap into their financial accounts and transfer their money into your account!But, if he told the truth, his year and a half behind bars was a small price to pay for becoming a millionaire.
I didn’t care anything about the money—I wasn’t going to be around long enough to enjoy it. I did want to provide for my son—the one I never would know—but other than that, my plan was about revenge—humiliation, and ruining the lives of those who had ruined mine.
It was reasonably easy to track down the two lying witnesses—one male and one female, the ADA who had later opened her own attorney’s firm, and the Judge who had allowed the circus to play out. The convenient part was that the ADA and one of the witnesses worked in the same building in downtown LA, so I knew I could get both of them pretty easily, but the other two were going to take some work.
The day came for the plan to unfold. I was hoping that personal greed, and stupidity, would come together nicely, and it did. We set up shop in the tall office building that was one block away from the two ladies’ building. After renting a small office, we sent Congratulation letters to all four people. They had each won a guaranteed $1000, and had a 1 in 10 chance that it was $100,000. But, they had to appear in person with their letter and proper ID between 10 and noonon this particular Friday.

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  They all did.
As they sat in the waiting room, along with 6 other “plants”, the 4 of them recognized each other—it was a weird coincidence, but with the other 6 strangers and their letters, they didn’t sense that it was a setup. My partner made his arrival at 11:00. He put on quite the production, and said after having each person individually sign their award letter in the presence of the Notary, they would be handed their actual check, and they would all go downstairs to the bank, where they would have them made into Cashier’s Checks, and the whole process would only take a matter of another hour or two. He simply ignored their questions—either they wanted their $, no explanation, or they didn’t.
One by one, they disappeared into the back office, spent 5 minutes reading and signing their letters, which were converted into checks made payable to each person. The former female witness was the winner of the $100,000. When they all had finished, they went as a group to the elevator and went down to the bank in the lobby together. Once they entered, he had them all sit in the bank waiting area as he left to “get the process started with the bank manager”. A few minutes later, he returned, told them that the manager would be with them shortly, and that he was going to go call the local paper so that an official press release could be released.
As soon as he left, 2 men in ski masks entered, began shooting in the air, and announced that a holdup was in progress. They chained the door, and everyone was made to lay down on the floor. As one of them stood guard, the 6 “plants” got up with masks on, and began their work. One of them headed to the computers to start the electronic theft of money, while a couple of them began unloading teller drawers. Three others began setting up video recorders all around the bank.

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  I, removed my mask, and made the announcement. “EVERYONE will disrobe completely. You will have 60 seconds to remove all articles of clothing—noexceptions—or I will begin shooting anyone with clothes still on.
They just stared at me. I went over to the former Judge and said “You heard me—you will be the first one shot if you aren’t completely naked in the next 35 seconds. ”He still didn’t believe me—actually no one did—and since no one was removing their clothes, I pointed my gun at the Judge’s foot and shot his foot—wanting to cause incredible pain and scare everyone into cooperating. And that they did!The clothes were flying around the room as everyone removed their clothing.
Very quickly, I was surrounded by two dozen people, all stark naked. Damn there were some hot looking little things in here—I shouldn’t have been surprised—this was LA. I asked for volunteers. Sex with strangers—any takers?No one raised their hands. I ordered the females in one line and the males in another line facing them. Funny, half the guys had hard ons already, just looking at the naked ladies. I went over to the first lying witness and told her she was first. With a gun at her head, she was made to drop to her knees and service me, then proceed to a middle age man in the middle of the line.

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   I stopped her before I could cum, and as she went over to the other guy, I quickly checked to make sure the cameras were rolling—they were!What no one realized was thatthis was all being streamed live across the internet on pay sex sites and thousands were tuning in by the minutes. I made this bitch lay in the middle of the floor, had the other guy straddle her face, and as she began blowing him again, I mounted her, inserting my HIV cock in her pussy. The bitch was already soaking wet!
This was getting fun!As I was pumping her, I looked over at one of the offices where my cyber guru had tapped into the bank’s system and was systematically transferring millions into my off shore accounts. When I looked back down, my bitches ass was just calling my name, so I withdrew from her cunt and roughly jammed my cock into her ass. She couldn’t scream—her mouth was filled with another cock. I wasted no time, I ordered a couple of other guys and chicks to begin fucking and lets just say the guys’ standard line when they picked out their cunt was, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want him to shoot me. ” What little pussies the guys were!
My little slut’s ass was just too tight for me and as I would withdraw, I could see blood mixed in with her juices—as I unloaded my spunk in her ass, I had a lady, in her late twenties, long blonde hair, and a pair of seriously large, fake, DD’s, come suck my cock clean. She started with just a little motion, but when I told her she better start sucking like a pro, she quickly turned into nothing more than a $3 street whore as she totally engulfed my rod—and her tongue started swirling around the head.
As she was cleaning and sucking me back to life, I had the judge come over and ordered him to suck the cum dripping out of the first bitches ass. He tried to protest, but one shot into the ceiling made him start workingon her ass and quickly, he lost all sort of control as I could see his tongue actually darting in and out of her asshole.
I paired up a couple more, but left the female ADA who had really scammed me all alone. I also made the judge go back and watch after he finished sucking my jizz out of the bitch’s ass. I stopped everyone and made them all—male and female—take a Viagra that I supplied. Funny thing—most of the chicks didn’t realize that Viagra would make a girl horny the same way that it made a guy hard. With just the slightest bit of stimulation, a girl’s nipples would engorge, blood would rush to her clit, and she would just not be able to get enough.

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I let everyone rest for about 10 minutes while I checked the progress of the bags being filled with $ and the electronic transfers were going faster than ever. I then got the female ADA and the male judge and put them in the middle of the room. I put them in a 69, just to get them good and horny and sure enough, just minutes into it, I had to pull them apart—they were like dogs in heat. I ordered everyone to pair up with the person next to them and do likewise—girls with girls and guys with guys. The cameras were still going and I could only imagine what these perverts looked like online, with the guys blowing each other and the Viagra making them have hard ons that just wouldn’t go away. Fucking little cocksuckers—most of them seemed to be enjoying themselves.
The two in the middle were just watching. The judge clearly had a boner that was rock hard and just not going away. I had one bag of tricks left. I pulled two of the hottest looking chicks aside and had them put on the special dom outfits that I had brought—complete with a huge strap on. When they were all outfitted, I had the boys line up in one line and the girls in another, of course keeping my two special projects in front of me. As my two doms closely inspected each of their subjects, the one with the boys made each of her guys take the fake cock, stroke it, then suck it for a minute before she spanked them.

The Dom with the girls did likewise, except anyone whose tits were big enough to give a titty job had to spit on it, then give a titty fuck before sucking it. When the Doms made it all the way through the lines, I had them approach the two special guests in the middle of the room. I knew we were running out of time as the Police had been outside and trying to call in for almost an hour, but I wanted to make sure the Grand Finale was just that—Grand.

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I had each of the Doms with the two special guests. Each guest was made to get on all fours and yes, the Judge’s cock was still hard from the Viagra. As the Dom went around to spank each of them, I applied nipple clamps to each—both the male and female subject. They both screamed out—especially the female. I also applied an inflatable penis gag on both. I pumped them full of air so that no noise could come out of their fucking mouths. I told the Doms to get them started—that they needed to get their assholes good and stretched out for me. With no further instructions, the Doms mounted both subjects from behind and began ass fucking them. Tears and moans were coming, but I just didn’t see the fear that I wanted to see. How very disappointing.
I had the Doms working on the Judge stop and I went behind him and started ass fucking him while having the Dom remove his penis gag and start mouth fucking him. I had another guy climb underneath the Judge and began blowing him, and instructed him to make sure the fucker came—I wanted proof—so he wasn’t to swallow, he was to show me the spunk in his mouth. As the Judge was being pounded in both holes, he began to cry. He was finally broken. I switched places with the Dom, and as I began to fuck him in the mouth and the Dom returned to fucking him in the mouth, I had him look me in the eyes.

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  I held his gaze until I felt my cock was about to explode and as I began shooting my cum into his mouth and then began to give him the first facial of his life, I said, “By the way, I am HIV Positive and now you are too”. His look of fear gave me all the pleasure I could ask for. As an added bonus, the other guy finished off the Judge, came and showed me his mouth full of Judge cum, and I had him kiss the Judge and feed his own jizz back to him.
I repeated the process with the female subject and after fucking her pussy from behind, I finger fucked her ass, and then when I went to face fuck her, I made her suck her shit off my fingers, then laughed as I confirmed my HIV had been passed to her too. The physical pain on these two was nice, but the mental torture and the emotional devastation was an incredible turn on.
But as only this sick, demented mind could do, I finished with another bang. I took a special lotion mixed with habanera sauce and applied it to both the Judge’s cock as well as poured it in the ADA’s cunt. I made him lay down and had her mount him, and when the habanera juice kicked in, they both screamed in pain as they began to fuck. Her tits were bouncing up and down and the other hostages began clapping as these two painfully fucked wildly. There was extra lotion, so I had the Doms cover their strapons with it, then made these two begin sucking the blazing hot dildos as they continued their hot fuck.

I told them as soon as the Judge came, they could stop, butsince this old fart had just cum and, the Viagra was slowing down the ejaculation, it took quite awhile—the poor boy just couldn’t finish off the task and cum again. I had no idea how long he had been fucked and been fucking, but before he could finish this chick off, he literally had a massive stroke and died. The female riding him was horrified!She killed a guy fucking his brains out!
I checked on the progress of the wire transfers—they were complete. The bags of money had been ready for quite some time. I checked with my internet guru and the live streaming had gone on for almost 4 hours and had netted over $10,000.

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  000 as well as it had brought in over 1,000,000 new monthly clients.
I finally talked to the Police. I told them that I would send out the hostages one by one, and began negotiating for a helicopter for me and my team of 5. I also insisted that the tv crew interview each hostage as they came out—with no clothes being given to help them cover up. I would be watching the tv—they wouldn’t know which channel, but if I didn’t see the hostage and the interview, the next body coming out would be dead. They “agreed” to my terms and I put all of the naked guys in one room and all of the naked girls in another. I sent out the first naked female and had the local tv channel streaming on my laptop—sure enough, the cameras kept rolling as naked lady #1 left the building. 5 minutes later, I released a naked guy—also on tv. Every 5 minutes, I repeated the process, alternating between guy and girl. After the first 10 people, the hostages quit coming. The Police called in, but no one answered. They finally got so concerned, they shot tear gas into the bank and stampeded it—just to find an office of naked guys and an office of naked girls.
It took them several minutes to try to find me—searching all of the offices, the vault, the basement. Then it hit them—damn, while all of the girls had been real hostages, all of the guys were me and my team—we had pretended to be victims and were long gone. The Police found our bags of money—and shortly then put the pieces together of the wire transfers and then a couple of days later, began taking down my websites one by one—not realizing that for everyone they took down, two went up in its place.

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Me and my boys? Doing fine and living large out of the country. As far as the HIV goes, I might only have a couple of years left, but at least I’ll die in Paradise!