Bubbles and Dreams


He laughed as soon as he got a good look at her, bubbles foaming out of a pile of her soft red hair. He could remember how her hair felt on his shoulder when she hugged him just before bed, smelling of baby powder and roses. Ohhh god her hair“no. ” he said quietly to himself. “HUH??” her head jerked as if trying to re-hear what her daddy has just said. “What? Oh nothing Courtney, time to get clean. ” He grinned. Yea I want to get her really clean, squeaky, slurping clean he thought. Brandon knelt beside the bathtub, still smiling that fake plastic smile. He got the washcloth wet in the water, just barely letting his fingers brush against her knee in the process. She babbled on about something that had gone on at school having to do with a bunny rabbit, but her daddy didn’t hear a word she said. He poured baby soap into his palm, looking down at the light yellow liquid. His smile suddenly became real. He leaned forward, as if he had a secret to tell. “Courtney you look really really dirty baby. I think I better scrub you down ok?” She nodded, not even noticing the question, as she continued on with her chatter, telling her daddy everything that had gone on in her day.

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   He watched her intently, first rubbing the slippery substance over her shoulders, and plump little arms. Then he moved to her chest, smoothing the soap over her in wide round circles of his palm. His fingertips trembled on her tiny rosebud nipples. He molded them with the tips of his fingers, in awe of how hard they were for a girl so young. Without him noticing, Courtney had stopped chattering, and was quietly running her hands through the water, sighing contentedly. When she stilled and said something, it took Brandon a moment to realize and comprehend what she was saying. She cleared her throat and whispered, “ Daddy that feels good, don’t stop. ” She looked up at him with pleading blue eyes that could bring a much stronger man than himself to his knees. So Brandon simply nodded and continued his caresses on his young daughters non-existent breasts. He marveled at how flat her chest was, and the way it made her nipples look so inviting, so yummy. He licked his lips, and took a short breath, before slowly leaning forward. He glanced up to find Courtney had her eyes shut, giving her an angelic appearance, while the wet strings of hair around her face made her look almost sexy. Not seeing any sign that he should stop his path towards her tender young body, he placed his mouth softly over one of her nipples. Giving it a gentle suck he heard her gasp. Her hands immediately surrounded his head, not pushing him away as he expected, but running her fingers over his stubbled jaw and hair.

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   She sighed out, “ohhhhh Daddy, what are you doin ?” Brandon pulled his mouth away…looking down at her. “Does that feel good Courtney? Do you like it when I do that?” He sounded eager, desperate, even to his own ears, but he was past the point of caring. He received a slight nod, and she shut her eyes again, before he attacked her chest with his mouth. Tenderly nibbling, sucking at first one nipple and then the other. Twisting them in his fingers. So slick, so smooth they slid about between the tips of his fingers, gliding back and forth, making him crave more. Slowly, ever so slowly he began to glide his soapy hand down the plane of his baby’s stomach. When he reached her belly button, he knew it would be only a few minor inches before he was there. Almost there, god don’t make me stop He reached her slit, and stopped. Waited…. OneTwoThree secondsThen he slid his index finger into her little slit, carefully he felt the lips of her miniature sized pussy. Courtney groaned and wriggled her hips toward his hand, but said nothing. He slid his finger into the warm folds and found her little clit, pulling and probing at its hood, it finally popped out…. pea sized, smooth against his finger. He continued to glance up at his little girls face ensuring that he was being permitted this glorious exploration.

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   Savoring every second he was allowed to touch her magnificent little body. Suddenly her eyes flashed open, looking at her father with an odd alertness for someone so young, she said, “ Daddy, I’ve seen it when you go potty in the mornings before school, and once when mommy still lived here, you were making noise in your room…. . I watched. ” She let her chin dip ever so slightly, but held his gaze. She paused looking frightened. “ Daddy…” she pleaded, “can I touch it?” Brandon groaned and raised her out of the water, pulling her across his lap, soaking his clothes, but he didn’t care. He had to hold her. She straddled him instead of curling into his embrace like normal, and grinned almost wickedly at her daddy. Her fingers splayed against the front of his jeans, as she leaned back trying to see more of what she knew was under the coarse fabric. She whispered the words again, teasing him more than she could have ever known, “ Please Daddy, let me touch it?” Slowly Brandon slid his hand between their bodies, and began to undo the button at the top of his pants. When it popped free, Courtney, having seen that she was going to get her way, jerked the zipper down almost frantically. Her misty blue eyes intent on what she was about to see. Brandon slid his hand into his underwear, pushing them down over his reddened cock. When it came free of the fabric, it flopped out onto his jeans, and touched her leg with an ever so slightly oozing tip.

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   He leaned forward placing a slightly damp kiss on her tiny pouting mouth, and said quietly, “Go ahead baby, touch it, if you want. ” She nodded, and ran her fingers over the velvet skin covering the head of her daddy’s cock. They came back shimmering from the seeping slit. Courtney smiled, and placed her damp fingers to her mouth. Her bubble gum pink tongue flickered out, tasting her daddy’s flavor. “MMMMMmmmmmm” she mumbled, “it tastes like sour candy. ”She then slid off her daddy’s lap, and stood in front of him in all of her naked little girl glory. Turning away, she walked to the bathroom door. Stopping, she waited a moment, and turned around. “ Daddy want to see something I learned from watching you and Mommy?” she giggled out. He stood up, not bothering to place his rampant member back into his jeans. “Sure baby girl, anything. ” He followed her down the hallway away from the bathroom, towards her bedroom, his mind racing. Wondering at the possibilities of what this small child wanted to show him. He could tell she wanted him to see it badly.

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   He watched her little ass cheeks just ahead of him, swaying from side to side, almost strutting for his hungry eyes. When they reached her bedroom, she grabbed his hand and tugged. Brandon gave in willingly, letting her pull him all the way over to the bed. She sat down on the edge, but when her father attempted to sit also, she squealed. “NOOOO Daddy, not like that!!! Like this!” as her clever little hands pushed and prodded until her father was standing directly in front of her. “Yea” she whispered, “that’s how it was. ” Brandon just stared at her, realizing with a mind blowing shock of reality that his erect penis was still protruding from within his pants. He grabbed it, and attempted to sheath the monster, so that it would no longer be straining towards his little Courtney’s face. She grabbed his hand, “ No, Daddy, that’s not how you and Mommy did it. ” He simply stared at her in pure shock, releasing his hold on his dick, letting Courtney hold it for him. He was amazed at how close to cumming he was, from the light pressure of her tiny hand. She rubbed the underside with her thumb, petting him as she would an animal. Slowly Courtney leaned forward, with a smile on her face she looked up at her daddy. She was a mere breath from his cock. He could feel her heat on him.

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   Gazing up at her father, her perfect pink tongue emerged and flicked across the silken tip of his penis. “OOOHHHHH” Brandon moaned. Did she just lick me? Am I crazy? I have to make her stopSlowly, Courtney wriggled her fathers protruding shaft into her mouth. Gradually taking an inch at a time. Her little tongue swirled all around him, encircling him. “Oh god baby, do you know what you’re doing to daddy?” Brandon whispered. Courtney gave him a nod, and continued trying to fit the mass of her daddy’s cock in her mouth. When it reached the back of her throat she paused. “You don’t have to go any farther Courtney, this is nice, really baby. ” Brandon panted out at her. She shook her head from side to side, and continued slowly working him into her little mouth. Gradually her throat opened up for him, allowing his cock passage down the little tunnel. “Ughhmmpphhh” Courtney’s little throat said as she gulped, tightening the stricture of her throat on her daddy’s cock. Brandon groaned and thrust aimlessly into her mouth, jutting into the soft tissue, feeling it expand for him. As if by surprise he no longer had any control, Brandon grabbed the back of his little girls head and pounded her hot wet little mouth for all he was worth.

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   Hearing her gag with every thrust, but that only made her body pull him in more. She gasped for air every time he pulled his cock back out. Stop, oh god stop, she’s not breathing A loud slurping sound echoed in the room, as he slowly slid his still throbbing cock out of her mouth, she fell back on the bed, sucking in a big whoosh of air. Her tiny chest moved up and down, desperate for the life giving substance. Brandon looked down at his penis for the briefest of moments, and smiled. Damn, and I was almost there tooHe lay down on the bed, the length of his body parallel to Courtney’s tiny one. He ran a hand over her hair. “Are you ok baby? I’m sorry, it just felt so good, I couldn’t stop. ” He whispered keeping his eyes intent on his little girl. She didn’t move, didn’t say anything, as his fear grew with a head rearing ferocity. "Oh my god she hates me. Look at what I’ve done!"Her little chest continued to pump up and down trying to get a steady rhythm. Brandon made an attempt to slide off the bed, but Courtney reached out and grabbed his hand, and smiled. She cleared her little throat, “Wow Daddy, you were in a hurry huh?” She whispered with a slight giggle. Before he realized what was happening, Courtney was all over him, all sugar and spice and everything so god damn tasty right in his face.

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   She bounced on his lap, and wrapped her arms around his neck, he felt as though she was purposely letting her bald little cunt brush back and forth on his dick. She’s teasing me. That little cock tease is rubbing her pussy on me! His brain screamed out at him, but at the same time he wanted to believe in his little girl’s innocence, that she didn’t know what she was doing. She erupted into a ball of giggles, falling back down to the bed. “You shoulda seen your face, you’re funny Daddy!!!” she shouted, rolling about at her own private little joke. When she rolled onto her back, with her legs splayed open, Brandon could take no more. He lurched at her, and planted a wet sticky kiss right on her puffy little lips. She giggled against his mouth, and thrust her tongue out at him. He allowed the passage into his mouth for her, let her explore him, as his hands were roving southward on her body. He let his palms glide over her chest, stopping to pinch and pull at her nipples for a moment. Then quickly his hands began his exploration again, sliding down the warm heat of her tummy. Feeling how flat it was, how perfect. He reached her tiny cunt and delved his fingers in. He paused for a moment. Is she wet? Oh my god she’s creamed from sucking my cock!Courtney moaned and thrust her hips up to his hand, while her tongue still pleadingly searched for his.

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   He slipped a finger into her, feeling her grip. Oh god so tight, so smallHe worked his finger in up to the first knuckle, feeling her hungry wet little body tightening around him. She reached down grabbing his wrist. “lllike thiisss Daddy. ” she panted, as she began to jerk his hand up and down. Using him for her own pleasure, Courtney rode his hand wildly, her hair thrashing about her face, her tiny body bucking up and down. She has done this beforeHe thought, as he lay there quietly, mimicking the motion she had made with his hand. She let go of his wrist and writhed on the bed, fisting her tiny hands in the comforter until her knuckles turned white. Brandon vaguely noticed, she still had rosebuds on her bed. After today she wont have a rosebud inside her though, he thought. He also realized that he wanted to make love to his tiny fairylike daughter, with her freckled nose, and oval eyes. He could only imagine how she must feel now, riding that wave of pure unadulterated childhood lust. He watched her face drawn in taut lines, when suddenly she exploded. His hand was soaking wet from her juice, as it burst from her hot little hole. She bucked and stilled in mid arch her firm little stomach holding her up in that perfect position.

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   He could feel her cunt milking his finger as it would surely do a cock. Without stopping to think, he knelt between her legs, watching her still squeezing her eyes shut, accepting the last shudders of her release. “Daddy, what are you doing?” she whispered as her big blue eyes fluttered open. Brandon leaned forward pressing down on her little body to whisper in her ear “ Daddy wants to be inside you Courtney, I am going to make it feel so good baby. I promise. ” He watched the hair around her ears stir with his breath, watching her thinking about it. “Will it hurt Daddy?” she looked frightened but he knew it was too late, he HAD to have her. “ Yes baby, it will hurt very bad at first, but I will be careful, and doing this with Daddy will be so special. It would mean so much Courtney. ” He sat back up, tugging his shirt over his head, staring down at her elegant little face. He jerked on his pants and briefs pulling them down to his knees, he sat back off the bed, and pulled them all the way off. Courtney sat up watching his every movement. “Yes Daddy. ” she whispered. And that was all the acceptance he needed, Brandon moved between her legs, over her.


   He positioned her little hips, moving her with ease until he was pleased with where she was laying under him. He lifted first one leg and then the other, pushing them farther apart. He reached down grabbing his shaft in his fist, and pushed against her opening. “NOOOO DADDY!” She squealed. He paused looking at her sternly, “ Courtney, its too late baby, you already said we could. Its not nice to lie. ”He continued to push and work at getting into her tight little pussy. He grunted and heard a resounding pop in the room, as the head of his cock made it into her. He rocked back and forth enjoying that moment, slowly working his way up her tight little canal. Courtney lay there whimpering as her father penetrated her. She cried out, and tried to push up when he reached the barrier preventing him from entering her. Her thrust up only caused her body to jerk him inside her further. She screamed as the first membranes in her tiny body ripped, and blood came slipping out from her tiny little box. Brandon wrapped her legs around his waist. “Lock your ankles together Courtney.

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   DO IT NOW!” He said gruffly into the little girls hair. She did as she was told, tears streaming down her face. Her Daddy raised up a few inches, and began to slip in further, then pulling back out, only to shove his hard cock back into her. Courtney sobbed pathetically, as her head bounced up and down with the movement her Daddy was making on top of her. Buried inside her. “MMM yea, so fucking tight! Fucking that little cunt, FUCKING IT!” Brandon moaned and whispered irrationally, thoroughly wrapped in his daughters pussy, he lost control of himself, and moaned, realizing he was going to cum soon. Ohhh goddd not yet!He fell forward, crushing Courtney with his body, grunting and groaning as he was grinding his cock into her. He could feel the sting of his balls slapping against her tiny ass. “ohmmmm gonna cummm Courtney!!” He moaned and thrust once more, squirting inside her tiny little cunt. “oh fuck yea, take it! Take Daddy’s juice!” He screamed down at her. He shuddered and the veins stuck out on his neck scaring poor little Courtney even more. She whimpered as her daddy collapsed on top her, totally spent from fucking her tiny little virgin body. She let the tear drops roll down her face, and into her hair. She whispered, “owwy Daddy. ” Brandon simply stroked her hair and sighed.

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   Slowly his limp dick fell from the tight grip of his daughters body, from the recesses he had only dreamed of having surround him. Not everyone gets to live their dreams. The EndWell yall. . . let me have it! How was it? email me at LadyNred7x20x84@aol. com.
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