Cheyenne stays with her older sister (Redo)


It was summer vacation. Cheyenne was having a bad summer already after being dumped by her boyfriend after 2 years of dating. Which made her depressed, but she thought to herself. 'At lease I have my sister to look forward to. ' She was staying at her sister's dorm room for the weekend. Later on that afternoon, before the sun was setting, Her sister arrived in her jeep and yelled out to the front door that was open, "Come on you slow ass, get the fuck in!" Her sister's name was Nicole, she was 22, with brown eyes and was a 44DD cup, fit body, apple bottom ass, Wearing a pair of blue jeans and a tight black tank top.

She was secretly a hermaphrodite, she even hid her secret from her sister Cheyenne. Cheyenne came running out the door yelling behind her "Bye mom, love you!" She was wearing a short black skirt and a black wife beater with her lime green bra straps sticking out. Cheyenne was 18, with brown eyes and her hair pulled back. She had 34C breasts, a small perky ass, and slim.

The sister's hadn't seen each other in 3 years since their lives drew them apart,before they were inseparable, just like they would be this weekend. Nicole noticed while Cheyenne was coming to the car how big Cheyenne had got, accidentally glancing at her breast bounce as she jogged to the car. Nicole shook it off as she unlocked the door for Cheyenne. Cheyenne hopped in the car and through her bag in the back. "I missed you so much!" Nicole said as they hugged each other. "I missed you too! Since you decided an education is more important then your own sister.

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  " Cheyenne said jokingly.

Later on that night, Nicole's whole dorm hall was deserted for the huge party they were having at the hotel down the street. Nicole knew Cheyenne was shy and never liked parties, so she didn't bother asking if she wanted to go. As Nicole finished unlocking the door, she opened it and said "This is mi casa!" It was a small 1 1/2 bedroom apartment. 2 beds in one room, a kitchen and a small bathroom with a stand up shower. Cheyenne sat her stuff down on the floor next to Nicole's bed "So what now?" Cheyenne asked looking around. "Ummm I dunno. . . " Nicole replied "Wanna watch a movie?" She than asked. "Sure, it's something to do. " Cheyenne answered as she sat on the bed. "Pick a movie, there next to the TV. " Nicole said. Cheyenne got up and kneeled in front of the movie case, scanning all of them, picking out which ones she liked or looked good enough to watch.

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   "I dunno when my roommate is gonna be home by the way. She's really cool, but just don't call her a bitch, cause she'll flip the fuck out. " Cheyenne laughed "Alright, I'll sleep on the floor. " Cheyenne than suggested. "BULL SHIT! You can sleep on the same bed as your GOD DAMN SISTER!" She said then they both giggled.

The movie ends, it's midnight and Nicole's roommate sill aint back. Nicole doubts her roommate is coming back that night but just encase she makes Cheyenne sleep on the bed with her. "Well I'm tired. " Nicole said stretching, she then went to the bathroom to change into her silk pajamas. Nicole yelled out the bath room. "You bring any sleeping clothes?" Cheyenne's eyes widened open for a second. "Fuck I forgot. Oh well, I can sleep in my underwear if that's cool with you, after all like you said, 'We're both sisters. ' " Cheyenne smirked knowing she made her point. "Alright, no problem.

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  " Nicole said as she walked out of the bathroom. Cheyenne stood up off the bed taking off her wife beater, showing off her lime green bra that was a bit too tight for her breasts. Nicole couldn't help but watch her sister strip, feeling attracted a bit. Nicole felt her heart drop at the same rate Cheyenne's skirt did, showing off her matching panties. Nicole tried keeping the thoughts to herself and ignoring them, which was hard for her to do as her beautiful sister stood in front of her half naked. Cheyenne climbed into bed, and Nicole, happy her cock hadn't got fully erected. Cheyenne snuggled her back up against her sister, pressing her ass in between Nicole's legs and holding both of Nicole's hands in front of her in between Cheyenne's breasts. "Good night. " Cheyenne said falling asleep. "Night Cheyenne. " Nicole replied trying to forget about it and falling asleep.

An hour later Nicole was sleeping with an large erection, luckily Cheyenne couldn't feel it as she was asleep as well. Nicole was having a dream she was fucking Cheyenne hard in the Shower. "FUCK! Nicole. .

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  . More. . . Oh fuck don't stop. " Cheyenne moaned in her dream as she gasped for air as she was being pounded roughly by Nicole Their breasts rubbing and bouncing off each others. Nicole was slowly waking up, but she still thought she was dreaming from being half awake. Nicole slowly lowered Cheyenne's panties as she was sleeping. Cheyenne partially woke up and quickly fell back to sleep. Nicole started to kiss on Cheyenne's neck as she pulled out her large cock. Nicole's cock was thick and was 10 1/4 inches long. Cheyenne in her sleep started to moan slightly, enjoying the feeling. Nicole still thinking it was a dream slowly pushed some of her cock inside Cheyenne just past the head. They both slowly started to awaken, as Nicole was pulling her cock in and out of Cheyenne, each time getting it in deeper and deeper. Cheyenne went slowly from light moans to gasping lightly.

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Soon they both were awake, but Nicole didn't want to stop even though they started off in their sleep. Cheyenne whimpered a bit gasping in pleasure and shock. Cheyenne tried saying with out gasping more, but was failing miserably. "Nicole. . . Please stop. " Nicole now awake started kissing on Cheyenne's neck, finally able to push her cock deep inside her. Cheyenne gasped loudly and bit her lip, then let out while lightly moaning. "Please. . . . Stop. .

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  . . " Nicole ignored, knowing Cheyenne was about to give in, so she thrusted her cock deeper inside her. "Mmmm Nicole. . . " Cheyenne moaned out finally giving in, never having such a large cock inside of her. Cheyenne's arched back, placing her hands around Nicole's neck, and her face expressed great pleasure. Nicole used her free hand to undo Cheyenne's bra, the other gripping her hips and ass for more support. Cheyenne then slid off her bra, and instantly but slowly Nicole's hands reached up the front of Cheyenne's body and softly gripped them, playing with the nipples. Nicole started to go faster, and the faster Nicole went the louder Cheyenne's moans got. "Oh fuck. . . Oh fuck.

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  . . Ohhhhh fuck. " Cheyenne moaned and whimpered feeling her pussy stretching more.

Soon, They had switched positions, Cheyenne was on all fours on the bed and Nicole fucked her doggy style roughly. You could hear their body's hit each others as they fucked. Cheyenne was moaning loud. "Oh fuck! Don't stop! Mmmm Fuck Nicole!" She yelled out as she clinched the sheets, feeling herself about to cum for the 3rd time already. "OH Fu. . . " Is all Cheyenne could get out as she cam harder then the last. Nicole decided to go faster, slamming harder into her, cause Cheyenne's elbows to give, making her face hit the pillow. Cheyenne moaned and screamed loudly in the pillow as she was pounded hard by her sister's large cock. Nicole only decided to go even harder, making the bed shake a lot.

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   Cheyenne was forced to get back up on her hands, clinching the steel post on the end of the bed. "NICOLE! FUCK NICOLE! OH NICOLE!" Cheyenne yelled loudly. Quickly after that Cheyenne felt herself cum hard as she gasped and whimpered. Cheyenne's pussy started to leak a lot more then before.

Nicole pulled her large throbbing cock out, feeling like she had to cum. She flipped Cheyenne around and kissed her deeply, gripping Cheyenne's breast as she laid them both down, Nicole on top. Nicole then kissed her cheek and whispered hotly in her sister's ear. "Want more?" Cheyenne felt her pussy throbbing from all the pounding but couldn't help but to say "Yes. . . " Softly as she bit her lip. Nicole then kissed Cheyenne deeply some more and then bit and tug on Cheyenne's bottom lip. Cheyenne then doing the same as they both smiled and giggled. Cheyenne could feel her sister's large breasts pressed against hers as they continued to kiss deeply. Cheyenne's hands wrapped around Nicole's neck, as her legs wrapped around her hips.

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Nicole once again slid her large cock inside of Cheyenne and thrusted softly but fully into her, going a steady pace. Cheyenne panted into their hot kiss, as she thrusted back with her sister. They slowly but surely started to thrust faster, Cheyenne ran her fingers through her sister's hair, then finally having to break the kiss between them to moan and gasp for air. "Beg for more Cheyenne. " Nicole said. "More Nicole. . . Mmmm please don't stop Nicole, I want more. . . " Cheyenne moaned out. Nicole went harder, Causing Cheyenne to moan loudly again, gripping at the bed sheets softly. Nicole kept getting rougher, thrusting harder into Cheyenne to the point where the bed was shaking and bouncing again. Cheyenne was moaning as loud as she could in pleasure.

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   "OH FUCK!" Cheyenne started to feel her pussy twitch in ways she never felt before. Cheyenne started to scratch at Nicole's back, knowing she was about to have the hardest orgasm she ever had. Nicole knew by the way Cheyenne couldn't keep her hands in one spot, throwing around gripping everything that Cheyenne was gonna cum hard. So instantly with out having to pull out, Nicole pulled Cheyenne up, making them both sitting up. Nicole gripped Cheyenne's ass making her ride her large cock. Cheyenne started to scream loudly as she felt her pussy start to clinch on Nicole's cock. Nicole also felt her cock bulge, ready to explode. They both started to moan loudly as they both reached their peek. "OH CHEYENNE!" "FUCK NICOLE!" They both screamed together as Cheyenne squirted all over Nicole's cock as she felt the hardest orgasm she had ever felt, as Nicole shot a large, thick load of cum inside Cheyenne.

They started to slow the thrusting down, to the point where Cheyenne was just sitting on her sister's lap with her sister's large throbbing cock still inside of her. They kissed deeply and tiredly, gasping for air from the extreme pleasure as they kissed. Nicole bit her lower lip, looking at Cheyenne's body, sliding her hand up and down it then asked "Wanna join me in the shower?" Cheyenne smirked then kissed Nicole some more before climbing off her sister's cock. Cheyenne almost collapsed when she tried to stand, but kept her balance by holding onto the bed. "Depends if I can get there. " Cheyenne laughed.



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