Country Cousins


Note: While this is essentially a true story, I’ve changed a few minor details because to be honest it was a few years ago now and I’ve got a shocking memory. Hope you enjoy.

I have a cousin who lives about a 5 hour drive away in the country. We’ve always had a good relationship, always taking the piss out of each other.
Larissa is about 4 years older than me, very tall and quite thin. Never what you would call a stunner, but she has a ready smile, a round arse and small tits, which I liked. I knew this from many summers spent swimming at our house. We’d done the usual childish things like chasing each other, and pretending to rip off each other’s costumes, but never anything overtly sexual.

My fortieth birthday came around and Larissa managed to make the trip, although her husband and son stayed back on the farm for harvest.

My wife and I offered her the spare room at our place and she agreed.

You know, it’s odd the way some things can happen. My birthday dinner was a disaster. My wife got ill and couldn’t come, and a few others bailed out at the last minute, meaning I had only about 12 people at what was otherwise meant to be a big night. I made the best of it at the restaurant and the plan was to then go on to a local haunt to have a few drinks and dancing if anyone wanted. With so few people and my wife at home ill, most people assumed I wanted to leave and made their excuses. It was just me, Larissa and another couple who made it to the pub.

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  I was in no real rush to get home as my wife was only down with a flu bug, and Larissa finally convinced me to quit drinking and dance with her for a while. We meandered around the dance floor and then a slow number came on. She made no move to leave the floor so I was pretty much forced to dance close with her.

“Sorry about your birthday, Dean”, she said softly in my ear. “I know you were planning it to be a bit different”.
“Don’t worry about it , Riss”, I said, sighing a little, “Just wasn’t meant to be, and this is nice anyway. I haven’t seen you in ages. You look so well!”
“I’ve finally gotten off my arse and started getting fit. Do you think it shows?”, she said and pulled back for me to look. I had to admit she did look great and it must have shown in my eyes.
“I know”, she said, “Even I’m starting to think I look hot, although I’m still not getting Braden’s attention. It’s been months, cuz”
“I find that hard to believe, Riss, I’d be all over you like a rash with a bod like yours”, I said with a shake of the head in utter disbelief, and we began dancing again, a little closer now.

I have to admit, it would be good to push the story in a direction from here, but the truth is that we just danced and then about midnight called it quits and headed home.
The night would’ve ended there except for one more chance event.

About 1am I got out of bed, wearing my boxers, and headed to the kitchen to get some more water.

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   I really didn’t want a hangover and despite being a bit drunk, still knew I needed the hydration.
Standing at the sink looking out into the night, I heard a small noise behind me. Larissa was there in a very short maroon negligee, and smiled as I turned around. She reached up to the cupboard for a glass and my eyes fell unconsciously to her arse, which poked out under her negligee. At that stage I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a G-string – to me it looked like she was naked. I couldn’t take my eyes of her and it seemed like minutes before she finally found a glass and turned around. I reckon she caught me, but I can’t be sure.

Larissa walked towards me and gently laid a hand on my arm;
“Excuse me, Dean, I need to get to that tap”, she said, brushing past me. My arm grazed her chest and I was sure I could feel an erect nipple brush my arm, and hear a small intake of breath from Larisssa.
“Wanna sit up and chat for a bit?”, I asked.
“If you like”, she said, “It sounds a bit like you need it”. We wandered into the living room, her in front, as I watched the loose material swing with her arse as she walked. My cock twitched in my shorts and I averted my eyes as I didn’t want to bar up in front of my cousin. At that stage, despite finding her incredibly sexy, she was still firmly off limits as far as I was concerned.

We sat on our couch, her stretched on the 3-seater and me in an armchair facing her, talking for about half an hour.

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All the while Larisssa’s negligee was so far up her thighs that I could almost see the crease where her arse began, and I spent much of the time watching her thighs and fighting an increasingly unruly erection that was getting harder to hide by the second.

I told her about the hassles at work, and how my wife and I had grown a bit distant, and she shared similar things about her own life.

“You know, we are both so tired we just never seem to make time for anything fun”, I said, alluding to sex but not wanting to put too fine a point on it.

“You should try it at my place! Braden is so tired after being in the paddocks all day that he barely looks at me. I’ve tried to tempt him, but I wind up frustrated most of the time. He’d die if he knew I used a toy sometimes!”

“Fuck, Riss!”, I blurted, almost doing the slapstick spray of water across the room. “I’ve got this mental image now!”
“Braden must have something really wrong, Larissa. ” I said, “As I said before I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you, and if you were sitting across there as my wife, I’d be as hard as a rock wanting you. ”

Larissa glanced across at me and grinned slightly.
“Nice of you to say, Dean, although by the look of you I’d say it wouldn’t matter if it were your wife or not!”

I looked down horrified, to see my boxers being pushed up into a tent by my cock, the tip was just poking through the fly section enough for Larissa to see it.

“Been a while since I saw one of those,” she said, and as I tried to put it away “Please don’t. It looks great and I’m really flattered. In fact, You can get it all out if it would be more comfortable. I won’t tell anyone”

I was amazed to be hearing this, and dropped my hands away from my cock. I opened the single button on the fly and it slid out into the open.

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“Nice cock, Dean, and that’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say!”, said Larissa, with a wicked grin and a wink.
“I’ve gotta say it was your body that made it this way, Riss, your arse is to die for in that nightie. Fair’s fair, though, what do I get to see?”
Larissa laughed and, lifting her behind off the sofa, puller her negligee up almost to her navel.
Her neatly trimmed pussy was visible in the low light, and I could swear I could see a little moisture on the few pubes around her slit.
“That is a delicious looking pussy, Larissa!” I said, licking my lips.
Now this is where the story should start telling you about a slow teasing build up, but that didn’t happen.
“I think we should fuck, Dean!” said Larissa, and I almost leapt out of my chair, walked over to her and began kissing her.
Larissa’s hand went straight to my cock and starting pumping it as our tongues interlocked.
My left hand slid down her shapely belly and found her pussy, just as wet as I had imagined it. A finger slipped inside to collect some juices and I began to gently rub her clit.
We broke the kiss and Larissa whispered “we might regret this in the morning but I want your word we never tell anyone, because right now I just want your cock inside me. I need to be fucked!”
I gasped “You have my word, and yes I want to fuck you badly, too. ”
I lifted one of Larissa’s legs and slid down her body to bury my face in her hot snatch. My tongue started at the bottom of her slit and licked all the way up to her clit, where I lingered, sucking it into my mouth and twirling my tongue around it.
Larissa grabbed my hair and pulled me up, snarling, “You can eat me later, stud, just get that cock into my cunt!”
I was amazed hearing this from my cousin, but very turned on too.

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   I obeyed of course and slid the head of my cock down up her thigh and to the slick wetness of her hole. One push was all that was needed to feed her my entire 8 inches, and she gasped as I penetrated her for that first glorious time.
Her cunt felt like a slick hand gripping my cock and I pushed deeply in before drawing back until almost out of her. I looked down and saw the lips of her pussy being dragged out as I withdrew, then disappearing as I drove into her to the hilt.
Larissa wrapped her legs around me and used her heels to pull me into her along with her hands, which were now kneading my butt cheeks like dough.
“Fuck me, oh yes, I’ve been waiting for this for hours. Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” she gasped as I pumped in time to her expletives.
“I’m going to cum, Riss!” I whispered, now freaking out about my wife two rooms away.
“Me too, Dean, keep going. I want it inside me. Fuck your cousin you dirty bastard!” she said, louder than I would have liked.
It was enough for me and I began blasting jet after jet of hot, pent-up cum into her.
Larissa grunted and bit her lip as she shuddered under me, and I felt her pussy contract around my cock.
A few minutes later we had withdrawn from each other and Larissa dashed into the bathroom to clean up the cum that was oozing from her pussy, while I watched her go, still marvelling at how good her 44 year old arse looked.
We realised that we’d better get some rest then, and we both crept off to bed.

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   It didn’t end there, and Larissa and I made a pact the following day, after talking things through, to be there for each other when either one needed a release, but more on that in another story.