Mother Daughter bonding


Mother and Daughter bonding.


Debbie and Alexandra were mother and daughter; Debbie was 48 years old; medium height and a few extra pounds made her look cuddly rather than overweight; despite this she was what most men would consider to be a good M I L F, (Mothers I'd Like to Fuck) she shared the family trait amongst the females of having large firm tits; her tits actually measured 42EE.

Alexandra or Alex for short was her 28 year old daughter; standing five foot four; she too had large tits; 38 DD which looked even larger than her mother's on her slim frame. They also shared other similarities; they both were submissive in nature; Alex's dad before he had died three years ago; had taken a very firm hand with his wife and daughter. He had stopped short though at fucking his daughter but it had not stopped him punishing her for misdemeanours; usually this punishment began with his daughter removing all her clothes; even at the age of twenty five she had often stood naked in front of her own dad and had been spanked.

Often he had spanked mother and daughter together; both being naked and often each holding on to the other as they were punished; So it was that the bond between mother and daughter had become stronger than most similar couples. It was in this atmosphere that the story I am about relate begins.

Debbie contacted me via this very website after reading one of my true stories; seems her desire was simple. She was looking for someone who could take that next step with her submissive daughter and train her to be the perfect slut for her future husband whoever he may be. We began chatting via the internet and I was amazed to learn that one of the considerations which had led to her contacting me was my location; being in London the same city as Debbie and Alex.

In the beginning the conversations between us was pleasant without being too demanding; It was not until I really got to know them and they felt they could trust me that they told me about one of the events involving the pair of them and Debbie's Husband; Alex's Dad. Seems that he insisted on inspecting his daughter's under wear after she had finished work and on this one night had found her panties to be wet and heavily scent with cunt juice; he immediately accused her of being a slut with some bloke where she worked.

Alex tried her very best to explain that she had overheard a woman in her office talking about a one night stand she had experienced which turned into a gang bang and of course to the naive girl this sounded most erotic. Nature being what it was she had found her cunt getting wet and thought no more about it other than realising she liked the feeling.

For this he made Alex remove her clothes slowly and had her mother examine each item as she removed it; nothing erotic in that you may say except the mother had to smell the removed items before testing those clothes with her tongue. Alex once naked was made to lie over her father's knee and receive six spanks; later she told her mother she could feel her dad's cock sticking into her stomach as he got turned on spanking his naked 21 year old daughter.

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Then as if to compare tastes; Debbie had been made to insert her finger into Alex's cunt and then lick her finger clean before being asked if she had found any similar tasting specimens on her daughter's clothes. Debbie confessed although embarrassed by this; she had also found it a powerful aphrodisiac and later had orgasmed easily on her husband's cock in their bed. She even suspected that Alex was laid just the other side of the bedroom wall listening to her groans and gasps of passion.

The next morning Alex came into the kitchen with a sheepish look on her face which confirmed she had indeed heard her mother and father the previous night. After her husband had left Debbie had managed to speak quickly to Alex and discovered she had played with her cunt listening to her mother being well fucked; Alex even coyly added she had imagined it was her being fucked and not her own mother.

After a couple of weeks of building up the trust between us; I persuaded Debbie to turn on the webcam and was slightly surprised to see both her and Alex sat there during our chats. Asked directly Debbie confessed that Alex had been present during nearly all of the chats between her mom and me and more importantly had taken an active part in what was talked about. I asked if they were happy to continue and they both immediately agreed; so I was given their home address; which turned out to be no more than seven miles from my own home.

I arranged to meet them on the Friday night and laid down my rules for that meeting; Mother and Daughter were to be there; dressed similarly; there was to be no bra's worn; skirts would be no longer than mid thigh and blouse's would be white or pale in colour. Debbie asked me to arrive in time for the evening meal as she wanted so much to cook for a man again; I agreed on condition that they both would serve me as my personal waitresses.

So on Friday night; I made my way over to their house and arrived at 6. 30pm as agreed; the door was answered by Alex who looked stunning; her skirt was shorter than the mid thigh but as I had demanded it should not be longer than. I could clearly see the hardened nipples sticking out through the tightness of the blouse and it left nothing to the imagination for they were about half an inch long and lovely and thick. Alex led me into the living room and as I followed behind her I could not help but watch the sway of her ass; her pear shaped spank hungry ass.

As I took my seat; in walked an older version of Alex; Debbie came over and introduced herself by giving me a kiss full on the lips; she too had taken a great deal of time and consideration over her appearance; her red flared skirt whilst slightly longer than the blue one worn by her daughter was just about mid thigh length and her larger tits really pressed against the material of her white blouse; her areola was deep red in colour and supported her three quarter of an inch nipples standing deliciously proud and hard.

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I commanded Debbie to turn round and as she did so her firm tight ass really caught my attention; I told Alex to raise her mother's skirt at the back and show me her panty cover arse. I told her that her mother's arse was made to be spanked and I bet her own was just as good for that purpose.

For the next hour we chatted over a really good meal and both women did their utmost to flash their charms as much as possible. Finally after eating we retired to the sofa; where Debbie sat on my left whilst Alex sat on my right. I looked from one to the other and then suddenly demanded to know who told these fucking cheeky sluts that they could even sit in my company let alone share the sofa with me. Instantly both sprang up and begged to be forgiven. I shook my head and told Debbie that as the older wiser person she would pay the maximum price for this lapse of decorum.

Alex was informed she would be spanked six times and Debbie was told she would receive nine; just as they both nodded I added; "of course not all will be delivered by hand or not necessarily will arrive on their arses!" I told Alex to remove her mother's blouse slowly; while I asked Debbie if she had breast fed Alex as a baby; Debbie confirmed she had and blushed when I asked if she had been turned on whilst breast feeding. I told her that her blushing confirmed she had and I bet she had experienced several orgasms whilst doing so and of course I bet Alex's Dad had sampled more than his fair share of the breast milk too. Debbie coughed before nodding her head.

Now Debbie was stood naked from the waist up and I told Alex to sample the breast feeding she had taken as a child; she gingerly lowered her head to her mother's right breast and began suckling; Debbie groaned and I noticed her shifting from foot to foot as the sensation obviously got to her.

Upon my command to stop Debbie was told to remove Alex's top as I quizzed Alex about sucking on her mother's tit after all these years; she confided she had found it very exciting and her cunt was bubbling again; she added that she thought it felt sexier because she was told to do it in full view of me her master.

As soon as Alex's blouse was gone; I told Debbie to suckle on her daughter's tits and return the sensations give her by her daughter. Alex was soon groaning with lust as her mother devoured her tits. I made both women come and stand either side of me and had them raise each other's skirts until the vee's of their cunts was clear displayed.

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   Then I slid my hand up over their thighs until my fingertips were just touching the edge of their panties by their cunt slits. My fingertips worked back and forth over the thin strip of material until the spreading damp patch engulfed both cunt areas.

Now I made them remove their own panties in turn; firstly Alex and having tucked her front of skirt into the waistband so her shaven cunt was visible; I did the same to Debbie. Now mother and daughter were clearly exposed to my view; each holding their sodden panties; quickly I demanded they pop their panties into each other's mouths so they were sucking the cunt juices of the others cunt and whilst they did so I slowly inserted a finger up each cunt; I watched with interest as they both stared at my finger disappearing up each other's cunt.

By now my cock was aching to be set free so I told them, "one of you is about to kneel down and show me how good a cock sucker you are whilst the other one is going to have to show me how well you can finger fuck themselves whilst standing up!" I then added, "You decide between you as to which one will do what!"

Debbie said, "As the one with most experience of cocks she would suck my cock whilst Alex would play with her own cunt as she had done this many times for Alex's dad when he was alive!"

Alex opened her legs wider and began by holding open her cunt lips as if showing me her clit whilst her mother knelt down and unzipped my pants; she was just about to pull my cock into view when I told her to lick her daughter's clit until her daughter was on the verge of cumming. Turning her head slightly Debbie never battered and eyelid but immediately began long slow licks across her daughter clit. Soon Alex's thigh muscle began twitching as her orgasm approached; Instantly Debbie stopped her licking and turned her full attention to my cock; her mouth felt like an oven and yet felt so wet at the same time. She was soon bobbing her head up and down on my cock as Alex began trying to get four fingers inside her wide open cunt.

My own indications of an impending orgasm began to surface; as I began to buck my hips into Debbie's soft hot face; my cock hitting the back of her throat with each thrust. Meanwhile the steady groans from Alex showed me she was very close to her own orgasm; I immediately stopped Debbie and ordered her to lick her daughter to orgasm; I half expected some hesitation or objections but she dove in enthusiastically and was soon lapping away like a lap dog; Alex for her part actually screamed as she thrust her hips in her mother's direction.

Once she had calmed down I ordered them onto the floor in a sixty nine position; with Debbie on top; I quickly knelt behind Debbie and declared, "I am going to fuck your slutty cunt Debbie; and while I am doing so cunt licking bitch Alex is going to be chewing on your clit until I fill your cunt with my spunk and then she will lie there whilst you squeeze my load out over her face and she will finally suck out any that is left inside your horny cunt!" and then I added, "All the time you will eat the cunt of your cock crazy daughter while fingering her anal ring!"

Debbie turned to look at me and said, "Master; you were contacted to turn Alex into a fuck slut not me; I have already done my training!"

I slapped her hard across the arse as I responded, "You may have been trained but now you have given yourself to me as my old slut and between us we will train up your fucking slag of a daughter to be my young slut!"

"Yes Master; I apologise for doubting you!" she moaned.

Now quickly they moved back into position and Alex reached between her own mother's open legs and gently took my cock and fed it into her mum's cunt; as soon as I was embedded she began licking and as my cock slid in and out of her mum's cunt I could feel Alex's tongue running along the side of my cock. Debbie's head movement told me she was now busy attacking her daughter's cunt and by the muffled groans coming from Alex told me she was enjoying her mom's attentions on her cunt and arse.

Debbie was not exactly silent either; she was growling for me to fuck her horny cunt harder; she even declared I should make her my bitch; I leaned forward changing the angle of penetration and reached between the two women taking one of each of their tits in my hands and began squeezing then alternately; I suddenly groaned into Debbie's ear that I was cumming; flooding her cunt with my hot sticky cum. Alex must have been aware because she closed her lips around the side of my cock and literally sucked off any sticky spunk which came out as I pulled out.

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Now Debbie crouched over her daughter's face and as Alex begged to have her face soaked in the mixture of spunk and cunt juice; Debbie told her to take it like the fuck slut she was and clenched her cheek muscles forcing with a substantial plop the load I had left inside her cunt.

Then she lowered her cunt to her daughter's face and began squirming as Alex's tongue began it magical work. I moved round and placed two fingers against Alex's cunt; she bucked her hips encouraging me to go further so I inserted the fingers deep inside her and after several thrusts I added extra fingers as I stretched her soaking cunt; Debbie's eyes never leaving my busy hand.

Suddenly with four fingers sliding easily into her wet cunt; I adjusted my thumb and slid my whole hand into her cunt. Alex went ballistic and was bucking like a bronco as my whole hand entered her cunt; her cunt went into spasm as she sprayed cunt juices everywhere like a fountain; Debbie struggled to stay on her daughter's face and had several times to warn Alex about biting her mum's cunt. With almost glazed eyes; Debbie whispered she would have loved me to do that to her; I told her the night was still young but for her I had planned to do this whilst her daughter fucked her arse with a thick dildo but that was for another day.

I formed a fist with my hand inside Alex's cunt and slowly pulled it from her; she screamed as my hand stretched even further her cunt lips; as soon as my hand was free from her cunt Debbie grabbed my hand and literally showered it in licks; tasting her own daughter's cunt juices while they were still warm.

Both Mother and Daughter begged me to stay overnight but I refused and After fucking Alex while her mother sat watching but denied the right to play with herself I shot my second load of the night over Alex's tits and face before ordering her mother to use her tongue to lick it all off. As they got busy they did not notice me dressing and slipping from the room and house; an hour later I phoned and told Debbie that she could sleep with her daughter but the pair of them were only allowed to use their mouths during the night; no hands could be used or they would be punished.


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