My niece and I have been close her whole life. Terry's Dad, my brother David, has been a widower for 12 of Terry's almost 20 years. Most of David’s travel is overseas and luckily in the summer while Terry’s on her summer breaks. She has loved to come to the lake for the summer. I've lived on the lake here since my divorce in 94. Swimming is one of Terry’s biggest loves while she visits. I think she must have 20 bathing suits. I should know, she has paraded everyone of them through the house headed toward the dock where all the kids play. She's always been one of the sweetest little devil children I've ever known. Intuitive thing she is. Since she was 12 I remember her questioning me about a lady I was seeing and had dropped by from time to time.

Things always went well, the older and older she got the closer we became. Her birthday was at the beginning of May so I would always have a small party for her when she came for the summer. She loved having a second party. Through the years, fewer and fewer kids lived at the lake for the summer, or at least ones that she enjoyed being around so there were always fewer and fewer kids she would invite. After her senior year in high school, she showed up just as always, this time in her new car David got for her birthday.

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  She ran in screaming "come see, come see, Uncle Mike” That’s me, I'm Uncle Mike. I was amazed; it was a nice Mustang and a very bright shade of red. "That's certainly you Terry!"She looked at me with those devilish eyes saying "What's that suppose to mean""Nothing sweetie” Poking me in the ribs she said "come on Uncle Mike, what did you mean” Sort of blushed, I said "nice and curvy and you can see it coming from a mile away” She slaps me on the shoulder, smiling. "So, how was the drive up here baby""It was good, I got pulled over for speeding though""Oh, damn, David’s not gonna be happy. Was it one of our local guys, I might be able to make it go away""Yes! Could you?""We'll see what we can do” She smiles that big I love you grin that melts me in my tracks and we go inside.

"I put all your things in your room Terry” Looking through the kitchen archway into the living room. "Thanks""be sure and bring me anything dirty and I'll wash it” I can barely see the top of her head sticking up over the couch. "Have you made a list of people you’re inviting to your party this year?""Yep” I saw her turn around and rest her arms and chin on the back of the couch. "So, who's it gonna be" She kept staring at me, then said "did you mean what you said earlier?""I'm sure I did, but, what did I say?""That you might be able to make it go away""Well yeah, like I said, if it's a local boy. We're pretty close around here and look after one another” She grins really big and sinks back into the couch. I asked her again, "So, who's on this big list of yours?"She turns around again, "so what did you get me for my birthday?""Well Terry, I figured I'd take you to the mall and let you pick out a few bathing suits, maybe a few other things you need” I figured she would be upset I haven't already gotten her anything. She seemed to be ecstatic by the idea. I was happy.

The next morning, Saturday, I was cooking breakfast when she rounded the corner in her underwear and t-shirt with no bra. I'm thinking wholly shit!I tried not to stare.

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  I don't think she noticed but kept smirking at me every now and then. "so what'll it be little missy?""Eggs, toast, and orange juice" she said demandingly. I said “yes mam” she giggled. We’ve played that game for years. Now, and just this morning she became a woman to me, I'm finding it difficult to concentrate. While she is eating, I glance over at her nipples I can clearly see through her t-shirt. Wow, I thought. She is a very small framed 5'2" and maybe a little over a 100 pounds wet. I've always been a sucker for small breasts and hers were perfect. I spoke up afraid if I thought about it too much longer it would get the better of me. "So when to you want to do it” I said. She looked over at me with peculiar eyes and said "Do what, Uncle Mike?"She really emphasized the Uncle Mike part. I nearly pee'd on myself. "Go to the mall sweetie""Oh, that, how about after our shower” My mind is reeling, she's fucking with me now. "Ok, I'll go get mine now.

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  Let's say around 10ish?""Cool we can take my new car” I quickly interjected "Yeah, if I'm driving""Wha. . . Ok"Before walking out to get my shower I looked back at her one more time and said "just put your dishes in the sink, and I'll get them later""OK" she said looking me over. I'm convinced now that she knew I was watching her.

At the end of the hall I turn left into my bedroom closing my door. I'm a bit paranoid at this point. I gather my cloths and head into the bathroom. I push the bathroom door semi shut and turn on the shower. As I was working my way into the shower I noticed I was getting hard. At that moment I realized it was because of Terry. I tried to redirect my thoughts as I masturbated in the shower. It was no use. I exploded, what felt like a fireman with a water hose. I slumped, regained my composure and finished up my shower.

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  After drying off and dressing, I work my way back to the kitchen to finish up the dishes and wait for Terry.

A few minutes after 10 we are getting in her car and she hands the keys over to me. The mall is about 35 minutes from the house, so the trip is, as always, a music fest. I can’t imagine where she gets all the CD’s but she’s got a little of everything. While she is sorting through her CD’s, she pulls the CD out of the CD player and it drops down by my feet. “I’ll get it” she said before I hardly realized she had dropped it. Her seat belt flopped to the side as she lurched over and laid her head dead center of my lap and reached down with her right hand to grab the CD. Now, I know it’s all in my head. No way was she playing with me this way. She’s back in her seat in a flash ‘click’ the seat belt snaps shut.

Parking, I look over at her and hand her my Visa. “You know what to do Terry, have fun. I’ll meet you at the food court when you text me” She looked half occupied at the moment then said “your not coming with me” I looked at her in her big green eyes and smirked. “I thought you might like to be alone” She leaned over and whispered “but I need someone to tell me how everything looks”. I felt my cock stir.

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  I was in trouble. She grabbed my hand and proceeded to pull me to a department store at the end of the mall. She is bouncing around a bit looking through bathing suits etc, when I run into an old friend, Harry. Harry and I talk a bit and Terry touches my shoulder and says “meet me at the dressing rooms in a minute Uncle Mike”. I introduce my niece to Harry, they shake hands and she says “pleasure to meet you” and runs off.

I’m sitting in the dressing room lounge for a few minutes when I hear “Uncle Mike you out there?”“Yeah baby”then she comes back with “is it clear” I looked around “Yes, why?”At that moment she darted out with a bathing suit I didn’t even realize they sold at department stores. I almost gasp, “wow” I said it without even thinking. She giggled and blushed then smiled at me, the way my ex used to smile at me. I was instantly hard as I shifted my position so it wasn’t noticeable. Looking down her petite body the strings she had on masquerading as bikini accentuated every line she had. The top was two patches with string holding it all together. The more I thought about it, her standing there, made me ache. The bottom was a small skinny patch that just covered her pussy. I can’t believe I’m thinking of my niece’s pussy this way. I wanted nothing more than to attack her right there.

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  I think she could see right through me. She wouldn’t stop looking at me staring at her body as she said “Ok, I’ll text you when I want to meet at the food court”. I was too embarrassed to get up. I knew my raging hard on would be visible. I stood and turned as quickly as possible and walked away although I heard her giggle. I was mortified walking over behind some cloths racks to let my bulge go away.

Sitting in the food court I had gotten two strawberry smoothies we both love. As she walks up I gaze at the bags she is carrying. They were Dillards and Victoria Secrets, thinking to myself, oh god. I felt a stir again. “Thanks Uncle Mike for the smoothie, I was hoping we would get one” Looking at her “Of course, anything you want sweetie, Happy Birthday!”Tilting her head “Aww that’s so sweet, anything, you say” giggling. I ignored it hoping it would just all go away. Thinking back at years prior of the little girl she once was. She was such a sweet devil child. I guess she still is, just all grown up.

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Almost back at the house “have you figured out who you’re going to invite” she looks over and smiles “I’ve already called everyone, tonight right?”“Yeah, sure, I’ll have to get some BBQ on the way home. Do you want me to grill?How many are coming” she smirked “I’m going shopping for dinner and I’ll cook” I look at her with a mixed feeling. “Ok, if you want, it’s all yours” she kind of hopped in her seat “cool”.

I would say about 6ish that evening I heard her coming back with the groceries. “You need help?” I raised my voice so she could hear me from the den where I was watching a few episodes I had recorded of a favorite program. She came around the corner into the den “No, I’ve got it all already”. Not looking back I said what time is everyone getting here. “I’ll call you when everything is ready Uncle Mike. ”Nodding “no problem, sure you don’t need some help” With a short chuckle “No, It’s all done but thanks”

About an hour later, I heard a click and the lights went out in the den except for the glow of the tv. “Ready Uncle Mike” As I get up and look around I realize the lights are all out though the den, living room, kitchen, and dinning area. There are a few candles burning so I can see my way around. I have a strange feeling, my cock stirs. “Where are you Terry?” Softly hear “In the dinning area. ”As I round the corner into the dinning area, I freeze. Now, I’m looking at the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

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  Terry is standing next to my chair in a little pink matching laced pair of underwear and bra. I stand there looking up and down her body; perfectly shaped B cup tits nestled within sheer lace. The bottoms are sheer lace around her pubic area then ribbon wrapped around her hips. Stunned, I get an instant hard on. I know she can see it, she is staring right at it, “are you hiding another present for me in your pants Uncle Mike?”I blush and cover my hard on with my hand. I stutter “I – I don’t” She rushes over and puts her hand over my mouth. Stretches up on her tiptoes and kisses my cheek. “shh”I try again “I don’t think…” she starts to tear and I reach out to hug her. I never could stand her crying. It tore at my heart. When I hugged her she pulled in tight whispering “Will you eat dinner with me”. Pulling back … looking her up and down. I’m going to hell I thought. She pulled out my chair and bounced over to hers right across from me. She sat smiling at me.

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  I, almost ashamed to look at her, smiled back. After a few glasses of wine we chatted and laughed, I then knew I was going to take my niece. I had a new desire, it was her.

After dinner, walking around to her side of the table I touched her shoulders, ran my fingers up her neck and gathered her long hair and lifted it into a makeshift ponytail. Leaning down I whispered next to her ear so she would feel my breath “Are you sure?”I felt her shiver under my left “YES!” she exclaimed with excitement. I held her shoulder so she wouldn’t get up. I kissed her neck and goose bumps formed all down her back. I slid her chair back, reached behind her and clasped her under her arm and reached under her legs and picked her up with ease.

At the end of the hall I stop at my bedroom door on the left. I look into her eyes, “are you sure?”She nods, smiles at me and says “are you sure too?”I look deep into her eyes “More than anything” gently pushing the door open with her feet. “I love you Terry”“I love you too Uncle Mike”I stand her next to the bed, step back and look at her once more. “Have you ever done this before Terry” she nods. I step toward her touching her breast above her bra, reaching around I unclasp it and slowly slide it off her. She reaches out and pulls my shirt up and over my head. We lean in and our mouths touch, open, and tongues dance with each other.

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  I feel her shiver again “You ok” she nods “oh yes, very”. I kiss her again, nibbling on her lip slightly pulling it out and letting it snap back. I place both hands on the sides of her head gently and tilt her head back kissing her neck. Kiss down her shoulder and to her nipples. Her nipples are hard. I suck on one nipple then the other as I feel her hands on my back circling, gently scratching. I stand straight looking into her eyes “take my pants off sweetie”. She reached down and unclasps the belt, the button, and unzipped my pants. She paused to run her hand down the bulge in my pants. I heard her moan “Mmm”, then my pants dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them. She hooked her fingers into the waste band of my boxers and pulled them down where her face was right in front of my sprung cock. I put my hands on her head, looked down and saw her lick her lips as she moved toward my cock. The first touch was electric as she kissed the precum off the tip of my cock. My knees gave a little before I caught myself as her right hand wrapped around me. I could feel it throbbing.


  Her left hand reached under and massaged my balls the second her lips parted and slid down my shaft. I was in heaven. Her mouth was warm and wet. She moved back and forth deliberately slow. I heard “Mmmm” as she worked my cock. It was so intense, I felt a shudder, I knew I was about to explode in my nieces mouth. “I’m going to cum baby”. She quickened her pace and kneaded my balls between her fingers. I felt my cock swell jerk and spew, again, and again. I heard her loudly “Mmmmm”“Mmmm”. She kept sucking me for a minute, then stood, looked me in the eyes “did you like coming in your nieces’ mouth you pervert”. My cock stirred again. I pushed her backwards to the bed, intent in my eyes. As she fell back onto the bed I hooked her laced underwear and pulled them down in one motion. I moved toward her and she scooted towards the middle of the bed.

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  I moved over her and leaned down to kiss her again. Our lips locked and we kissed. I moved down her body, sucking her nipples. As I sucked her nipples I reached down to feel her pussy. She was soaking wet. I rubbed her labia and ran my fingers up and down from her asshole to her clit. My fingers danced on her clit, then I gently squeezed her clit and her hips thrust forward. “Ohhh god Uncle Mike, that feels so good”I looked up at her “You are so incredibly sexy Terry”With that I slid one finger into her, my thumb still on her clit, circling it as my finger jiggled inside her. She thrust again, “I’m going to cum. . I’m going to cum … Ohh UhhYESSSS!"Her body dropped to the bed. “That’s my girl” looking into her eyes.

After a moment of rubbing her legs tickling her inner thighs I leaned in and tasted her sweetness for the first time. She was sloppy wet and although I tried, I could not clean her up. Every drop I licked was replaced by two.

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  I sucked her clit into my mouth, I felt her start to gyrate into my face and I slipped a finger into her pussy. I worked my finger in and out slightly, just enough to create the sensation. She was so wet the sheets were starting to get soaked. This turned me on even more. I loved a woman that flowed. I started working my thumb on her anus with just enough pressure for it to be a message. “Ohh god, what are you doing, it feels … it feels …. Ohh yeah” I started circling her clit I had sucked into my mouth with my tongue. I felt her starting to buck again “Ohh SHIT . . ohh I’m going to cum AGAIN! . . OH yeah … It feels so . . uhhhYES,I’m coming”her whole body shook with this orgasm as though she was having a seizure.

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  She slowed and gently melted back into the bed and she placed and hand on my head and ran her fingers through my hair. I leaned up and kissed her belly. She looked down into my eyes “wow. . that felt so good”. Smiling at her and a quick wink “we’re not done yet sweetie”. With that, I reached under her knees pulled them up and out as I crept up close to her honey hole. I aligned my cock with her sweet little pussy and rubbed my cock in the opening up and down. I could feel her slightly push every pass by the opening of her pussy. “Are you ready sweetie, are you ready for Uncle Mike to fuck you. Tell Uncle Mike you want his cock. Tell Uncle Mike you want a good fucking” She looked up into my eyes “Ohh Uncle Mike, I want your cock, I want your cock in my pussy, fuck me good Uncle Mike” I slide my cock in half way to watch her gasp. I fucked her with half my cock, sliding in and out. Her whole body tightened up, her mouth open as to sing but nothing was coming out. Then I heard her moan “ohh Mmm … Uhh … Uhh” I kept stroking my cock into her half way.

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  I pinched her nipples, one then the other. I felt her tremble, then thrust, “Ohh my godd . . Ohh god … I’m gonna cum . . gonna cum … ohh yeah”I thrust the rest of my cock into her at that moment“OHHHHH YEA … OHHH GOD PLEASE!!I’M CUMMMMMING!!”Her whole body jumping and convulsing, it was out of her control. She was pounding my cock and I didn’t even have to move. I couldn’t help it anymore, my cock swelled and starting shooting, twitching, stream after stream “Ohh my god baby … I’m cuming too”. She relaxed back into the bed and I fell next to her and we looked into each others eyes smiled and fell asleep.

Sunday morning came early. I guess I should say cum. I woke to Terry sucking my cock until I exploded into her mouth. What a sweet niece. She looked up “Will you teach me anal?” It was going to be a great summer.

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