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Ashley handed Carly the pills and told Megan and her not to take too much advantage of Aaron as she kissed them goodbye and left.

Aaron didn’t even attend his own parents’ funeral.   He hadn’t left his room in five days.   He couldn’t stand the pain, it felt like his brain was growing past the size of his skull and it was being smashed against the bone.   He tried not thinking but hated wasting his free time attempting to become brain dead.   The day before the funeral, he just gave up and tried thinking through everything hoping to get everything off his mind.   Since then, he could barely stand up from the pain and hadn’t left his bed since, except the occasional crawl to the bathroom.   Using the pills Ashley gave him, at the only effective dosage, only put him to sleep where he felt no pain but he could only watch as the days just passed by.   The only comfort he felt was when he woke up to Carly holding him and they talked a while before his head slowly became unusable.  

Megan tried avoiding Aaron while he was awake and only visited him while he slept.   She couldn’t understand how Carly could be with him as he suffered so much.   She spent most of her free time with her dad who was home for four days before he had to leave again.   He left for a pilots conference cross country but would be back in a week.

Ashley, prolonging her major case the past week and a half, could hold out no longer and had to travel across the state to devote all her time on her client and the trial.   She drilled numbers and names into Carly for emergencies and had set up their neighbors to check on them every day.   She’d prefer them to go live with her husband’s parents for the time they’d be alone but with Aaron, things would just get too complicated, and nobody living close enough could take time from work to stay with the girls and Aaron.

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    Carly begged and vowed that she could handle everything.   She wanted to babysit that summer but her mom insisted that fifteen years old was too young; but now she had the perfect opportunity to prove she was responsible enough.

Carly held the pills in her hand and began reading the instructions.   Her mom mentioned that they would be able to wake up a dead horse.   Ashley didn’t let her know how many strings she had to pull to get the pills without a prescription though.   She didn’t think it mattered much as her husband was taking him to the doctor when he got back from his conference.   She gave him a pill the night before as well and he showed only positive signs in the afternoon before she left.   She did though let Carly and Megan know that it did have strong influential effects on the user, so he could be easily manipulated.   She joked that if the pills worked well enough, they may be able to get him to clean his room or the whole house.   At that, Carly just showed a slight smile to please her mother over her not so well timed joke while Megan smiled wide thinking about other uses for him besides cleaning.

Aaron was feeling great, at least compared to the past week.   He could think clearly and most all the pain was gone.   He felt almost too happy, but he was not about to complain.   He felt himself regaining his sanity through the naps that he took since Ashley gave him the pill but this time he woke up feeling great despite the overwhelming urge to take a piss.   He sat up on his bed and walked quickly over the clothes covering the floor of his room and quickly skipped to the bathroom and unloaded his bladder into the toilet.

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Carly walked upstairs to check on Aaron and found his room empty.   She sat down on the bed and scanned the filthy dark room.   She decided that she would clean it a bit since she couldn’t stand looking at the mess and hoped that maybe it would cheer Aaron up a bit.

Aaron felt like getting some sun and fresh air.   He hated the dark messy dungeon of his room.   He walked past his room seeing Carly picking up a shirt and throwing it to the laundry basket and feeling more like himself now, he decided to sneak by and let her do a little more cleaning before he showed back up.   He snuck down the stairs, into the living room and past the kitchen onto the back patio by the pool.

Megan caught a glimpse of him and followed.   She met him on the bench in the corner.   Aaron quickly scanned her body, from her kicking white and pink tennis shoes, past her tiny ankle socks, up along her thin tanned legs to her short pink shorts, to her tight white t-shirt, and finally to her face and eyes who were staring back into his.  

“You feeling better?” Megan asked with Aaron nodding.

“I heard you in the shower this morning,” she said.

“Yeah, but I think I need another one after sleeping in my bed, I feel so greasy,” Aaron explained.   “I haven’t seen you much lately,” he continued.

Megan looked down to her lap and muttered, “I don’t like seeing people hurt… I’m sorry.

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  ”  A strong feeling of selfishness struck Aaron seeing her saddened by what he said.   He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close, apologizing.
“You do feel greasy,” Megan giggled, “now I’m going to have to take a bath.   You should feel like this,” she said while pulling his other hand to her leg.   She put his hand on her leg and rubbed it up her soft smooth skin up to her shorts.   Megan stared into his face, testing his reaction to see how far she could go.   “Maybe we should take a bath together,” she blurted out not being able to hold back as Aaron’s fingers lingered on her leg, inches from her vagina.  

Aaron was surprised but couldn’t show it.   His overly happiness influenced his decision a lot but he too also curiously wanted to do it and agreed with Megan.   She released her grip on his hand and it fell, cupping her leg.   Megan could barely stand it, being wrapped so close to Aaron under his arm with his other hand resting on her bare skin so close to the sensitive slit between her two legs.   She stood up and told him she would get the bath ready now and walked into the house.

Aaron sat momentarily, confused and slightly scared of the thought.   He didn’t know what was going on but just felt it was best to go with the flow, after all he was the happiest he’d been in a long time.   But he couldn’t deny that that was the weirdest suggestion made to him by anybody, especially his cousin, although he felt that his touching her might have had something to do with it.

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    He got up and left into the house to go up to his room.

Carly finished putting all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and straitening up a few knickknacks and sat down on Aaron’s bed.   She pushed herself back and leaned against the wall lifting her legs up and wrapping her arms around her knees.   She heard, then saw Megan run up the stairs and into the bathroom.   She didn’t realize that Aaron had left it.   She was about to get up to look for Aaron when she heard him walking up the stairs.  

Aaron walked into the room and stared at Carly.   He scanned her, from her white and blue tennis shoes on his bed sheets to her ankle socks, up and around her small tanned legs into her open miniskirt, where he lingered, trying to view her panties but failed as her legs blocked any good view.  He continued, up to and past her tight light blue t-shirt and to her face.   He didn’t mean to be so blatant about his scanning and didn’t realize it was so obvious until he saw the look on Carly’s face.   He was about to apologize when Carly asked him to come to her.   He felt so ashamed and just wanted to leave but freely obeyed her.   He sat on the bed and pushed himself up like Carly so he wouldn’t be tempted to look down backward into her skirt.

“Thank you for being there for me this last week,” Aaron said shamefully looking straight to his knees.   Carly wrapped her arm around the front of Aaron and pulled her head to his chest and wiped her tearing eyes in appreciation.

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    Aaron wrapped his hand around her body and kept apologizing hoping it would make her stop crying.   She slowly pulled her head up to Aaron’s and quickly kissed him and pulled away to see how he would take it.  

Aaron lately found Carly to be attractive but the past week with her, he felt much more for her.   As she stood by his side and comforted him in his darkest hour, he began caring more and more for her.   He never felt this way before and it somewhat scared him because she was his cousin but he couldn’t stop what was happening now if he wanted to.

He moved his mouth to her face and pressed his lips to hers.   Carly’s entire body flared in heat as if being kissed for the first time by the boy she’d loved forever.   She opened her mouth and tilted her head a bit and began pushing her tongue into Aaron’s lips.   As Aaron opened his mouth, Carly pushed her body sideways, over Aaron’s legs and pulled him on top of her.   When Aaron shifted over her as so she was under his entire body and could feel his penis bulging against her leg, she wrapped her arms under the tail of his shirt and began running her hands over his warm back.  

Aaron didn’t know what she wanted in return and in no way did he want to hurt or offend her by going too far, compromising what they had going so he just let her do whatever she wanted to him holding back all the things he wanted to do to her.  

Carly, locked lips with Aaron and her hands up his shirt and fingers wrapped over his bare shoulders gripping him to her body, began feeling terrible.   She knew that Aaron was under an influence and was letting her do anything to him but he wasn’t doing anything back.   She felt like she was just using him.   She wanted him so incredibly bad but wanted even more for him to want her back.

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    She pulled her lips from his and told him to get off her.   Aaron just stared into her eyes.  

“Get off me!” she repeated loudly.   This pissed Aaron off as his ever increasing happiness instantly flipped into rage as Carly laid under him having just teased him and now rejected him.   He pushed himself off her and walked from the room flaring with anger, confusion, and depression.   He marched into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.   He looked down at Megan standing before him in nothing but her panties and short shorts and dropped to his knees throwing his arms around her and squeezed her body into his.   He was tired of being mad and depressed and held Megan tightly, never wanting to leave her small, warm body.  

Megan felt Aaron’s erection going limp against her leg and concluded that Carly must have screwed up big time with him.   Megan thought Carly didn’t watch enough TV.  

“Let’s get you into the bath,” Megan said softly.   She lifted his shirt as best she could until he finally released his grip on her.   She pulled the shirt over him and threw it by the door.   Unbuttoning his pants, she pulled the zipper open and pushed her little thumbs under his boxers and pants and slid them down to his knees.   Then she pushed her hips out toward Aaron.

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    He looked down at her shorts and then to her face.   She nodded and he moved his hands to her zipper and slowly zipped it to the bottom.   He pushed his fingers in the hole rubbing her panties with his knuckles where he slid his hand up and undid the button, letting her shorts fall to the ground.

Now looking at the young almost naked body in front of him, Aaron began to forget about Carly and his penis began rising again.   He looked into Megan’s face which kept glancing between his eyes and her hips which still protruded toward him.   Aaron lightly touched the back of her calves and slowly teased his way up the back of her naked legs.   He moved them just to barely touch and stimulate the skin all the way to her butt where he cupped her round and small cheeks.   He moved his fingers under the rim of her panties and slowly pulled them down.   He moved them past her vagina and let them drop to her shorts on the floor.  

Megan put her hand over the top of Aaron’s head and pushed it to her vagina.   Aaron’s nose pressed just above her vagina so he grabbed her naked butt cheeks and moved his mouth between her legs and slipped his tongue out and moved the warm wet muscle the full length of Megan’s tiny slit.   Megan almost fell as she lost all muscles in her legs from the sheer enjoyment.   She backed up and turned to sit on the bathtub edge while gripping her belly and gasping for breath.   Aaron wrapped his entire mouth over her small vagina between her legs and began rubbing as much tongue as he could over her vaginal lips while breathing warm heavy breaths of air from his nose just above.  

Megan could barely keep herself from falling back into the hot bath water as her vagina was being massaged by Aaron’s entire mouth.


    Aaron then began pushing his tongue into the tiny crack and licking inside the entire length of the slit.   Megan began panting heavily and lost control.   She grabbed Aaron’s head and pulled tightly as her entire reproductive system began spasming wildly as she released her orgasm.   She let out a loud shriek as she wanted to pull Aaron’s face off her from the over stimulation but couldn’t and fell back into the tub engulfing her naked body in hot water.   With her neck up and feet sticking out of the water, she panted heavily trying to calm down pressing her hand into her vagina lips trying to stop anything else from touching it.   Aaron kicked his pants and boxers off and climbed in with Megan.   He turned her around to go with the length of the tub and hovered over her.  

“Just a minute,” she begged staring at Aaron and panting for air.   Aaron pulled her up uncovering her nipples from the water and moved his mouth to them.   He shaped his lips around her nipple and began sucking the skin around it while licking the nub.   Megan dropped her head back in pleasure and sighed, “You’re going to kill me. ”  Aaron flipped the tip of his tongue over the tip of her nipple as he massaged her other nipple with his thumb.   Megan moaned partly for help; she felt like she had never before and didn’t think she could handle this much.  

Aaron then ran his tongue from her one nipple to the other and began sucking and swirling as much tongue as he could over it.   He moved his hand down her back to her butt cheeks and pushed his finger down her crack.

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    He forced his hand under her butt and proceeded rubbing her tiny butt hole with his finger.   Megan rolled her eyes and released her breath.   Then Aaron began trying to push his finger into her butt hole.   The pressure of her hole parting tensed her butt cheeks and she closed her eyes, silently opening her mouth wide.  

Aaron felt too much resistance so he moved his mouth back down to her vagina as she slid back into the water.   He puckered his lips and released a concentrated stream of air bubbles between her small legs onto the slit.   Megan closed her eyes again and squirmed around from the feeling.   Aaron came up for air and dropped back down where his lips met her lips, and he plunged his tongue deep into her vagina and began feeling all around inside her with it.   Megan jerked her legs and through her arms out of the water grabbing the sides of the bathtub.   As Aaron’s lips moved over her vaginal lips and his tongue inside her, Megan could no longer hold back and her hips began bucking into Aaron’s face as her muscles gripped his tongue and she orgasmed inside his mouth, as she cried out in bliss.  

Again, Aaron kept sucking and licking her vagina as she and after she had her orgasm.   Megan pleaded, knowing he couldn’t hear her, to stop.    Aaron drew his head up for air and dunked back under and began running his tongue all between her small legs.   He moved his hands up to her chest and felt around for her nipples and began swirling his thumbs over them.   Megan’s entire body shivered and she could feel another orgasm coming.

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    To ease it, she gripped her legs around Aaron’s head and leaned forward trying to curl her body up.   The sensation just grew inside her and she jerked back, thrusting her pelvis and soft vagina into Aaron’s face, releasing her most intense orgasm.   She cried loudly in pure ecstasy as again her hips bucked against Aaron’s mouth and she released her young orgasm into his mouth again as he grabbed for  her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs.  

Aaron then slowly blew a stream of bubbles up from her clitoris to her chest.   He removed his head from the water by hers and gasped for air.   Megan looked to Aaron and grabbed his head and brought his lips to hers.   She drove her tongue into his mouth and began licking her juicing out of his mouth.   Then she pulled his head from hers.

“Go inside me please, cum inside me so you’ll stop torturing me, please!” she panted and sucked his mouth back to hers.

Not even thinking, Aaron complied.   While Megan still lapped her juices from his mouth, Aaron pulled his penis up to her vaginal slit.   He pushed his penis’s entire length inside of her at a steady pace.   Megan, who thought she couldn’t cum anymore, now feeling his dick enter her, and feeling it go deep into her organ pressing against the other organs in her tiny body, couldn’t believe the pleasure she was still getting.   Aaron wrapped his arm around her body trying to hold as much contact as possible as they sucked each other’s mouths and he drove his penis between her legs, into her small body.  

As he continued moving in and out of her, she began breathing deeper into Aaron’s mouth.


    Feeling her tiny naked body breathing and panting against his naked body in the hot bath water invigorated Aaron as he came close to climax feeling the unbelievable tightness of his younger cousin’s vaginal tube run the length of his penis.   He hit his max and began to cum, pulsing his sperm into the little girl’s body.  

As the hot liquid cum shot inside her body into her womb, Megan ripped her mouth away from Aaron’s, tilting her head back and began moaning loudly as her hips thrust her entire naked body against Aaron’s, as her insides compressed themselves around Aaron’s shaft and convulsed her pink fleshy tube against the full length of his appendage.

Aaron, just finishing cumming began feeling Megan’s body convulse and her soft hot wet vaginal insides spasm against his penis.   He gripped Megan’s little body hard as the head of his penis became over stimulated from her orgasm.  

Megan felt Aaron’s grip and she too felt that her orgasm was a bit extreme and was taking a lot out of her, but still managed to grip her arms around Aaron’s body for comfort and safety.   Megan kept moaning loudly as her already over stretched organ shrunk even more around its intruder.   As she released her full orgasm, she gripped tightly to Aaron, as did he to her.   When she stopped, she fell backwards releasing her grip almost losing consciousness from the strain on her body.   She stared up at Aaron not knowing what to say or even if she had the strength to talk.   Aaron keeping his penis locked into her tiny body slowly set himself on top of her.   Seeing her so worn out, he rolled them over letting her tiny worn out body rest on his.   Her naked form just laid on top of his being pulled down his sloping body from gravity locking her into place on his penis.

Then the door opened and Carly, rubbing her eyes with her shirt sleeves, walked in.

----- End --

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