Parents teach their daughter part 10


     I opened my eyes, felt one of my hands cupping Misty's succulent left breast, while my other hand was curled around her right hip. I saw Samantha with Darrin still spooning her, one hand cupping her mound, the other against her belly. The bedside clock said 4:45 PM, and I could feel my stomach rumble. Nothing like great sex to work up an appetite, and I let out a small giggle. Samantha stirred, opened her eyes, saw me still spooning Misty, and gave me a lust filled smile. As we moved, Misty and Darrin awoke, and it seemed like a good idea to go to dinner, let Darrin's cock recharge, and bring Misty back home after dinner for night school.

      At the nearby steakhouse, we made small talk until our order was taken, and after a trip to the salad bar, our sexy daughter, and our "honorary daughter" let us know how they felt.

     Misty said, "Ohhh, this afternoon was wonderful! I never knew that sex could feel so good!"

     Sam said, "Yes, isn't it wonderful how alive your body feels? If you think that was something, just wait until we get home, and you get to learn more fabulous things in our special night school!" 

     Misty sighed, "I can hardly wait! I haven't felt so good, ever!"

     She then proceeded to tell us about her introduction to sex, Darrin and I were happy to hear about it, even though Sam had earlier filled us in about it.

     "Mr. Lister, who de-virginized me when I was 15, was a pretty traditional kind of guy. Except for one time, when I got to ride his cock when we did it in the recliner, the other 7 times, he always wanted the male on top position. Sure, I enjoyed it, but he was quick to cum, and I had to be really turned on to match his climax. That first time was no problem, since he hadn't gotten any in way too long, and he fucked me three times. The tightness of my virgin pussy, and the feel of my virgin heat clamping around his cock that first time, milked him pretty fast. After my virgin breaking fuck, his cock refused to go down, so he rammed it in me again, and rode me like crazy, giving me my second fuck, and with him having gotten off his first load, I came quickly, the waves of orgasm crashed into me, making me cum in a slow, wrenching wave of pleasure, he kept going, and I moaned and shook through 3 more orgasms, before he finally fired another, much smaller load into me. And, after a few minutes, his cock grew back to a hard erection, and I got my third fuck, I came again and again, riding that cock as he worked up a last load to gush into me.

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   Although, to be fair, the times I wasn't fast enough, he'd finger me afterwards, and bring me to climax, so I wouldn't be left hanging. But, with sexy Mommy, big Daddy and my hot, sexy Samantha to do me, I can see that being left high and dry will not be any kind of worry!" she finished, with a giggle.

     I looked at the red hair, those glowing green eyes, and I felt the twinges of my desire starting to tickle deep inside again. With that awesome shape, and that wild red hair, I'd never leave her unsatisfied, I'd lick that sexy red muff all night.

     Blushing, Misty asked, "Mommy, how did you learn to. . . to. . . "

     Samantha finished the sentence for her, grinning, "How to lick pussy so well?"

     I laughed, and said, "When I was 17, my 16 year old girlfriend Anita had let me lick her, and after that first taste, I was hooked. I discovered my bisexual streak, and in college, my roommate, her name was Melissa, and I had a torrid, six year, very heated love affair. Melissa had a wild tangle of red hair, a real redhead, just like you Misty.   I have been crazy for redheaded pussy ever since then, Melissa was insatiable, she made me eat her redheaded pussy 3 or 4 times a day, not that I needed to be forced, and then I'd strap on a dildo and ram her to a screaming orgasm, she had been a wild bitch in heat. When Darrin and I got married, Darrin knew I had a bisexual streak, and he's been happy to let me go out on dates with a like minded girlfriend, Carol Vinalis, for when I'm lusting for the coupling of two hot and horny cunts.

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   Darrin always knows that when I come home, still horny as hell, I'm always eager to be licked and then fucked while I tell him everything Carol and I have done on our dates, all the cunt lickings, dildo fuckings and sixty-nines we've enjoyed, his rampant, bone hard cock giving my horny center the splitting open, the explosion, the hard jetting thrust and the thick, juicy spray that my fiery cunt needs for completeness. "

     Samantha and Misty were gazing at us, faces flushed, breathing deeper than usual,  Misty's lambent, green eyes, gazing deep into mine, gave my cunt another twang of lust, I could feel my juices slicking up the lips of my steamy labia.

     Samantha giggled, "So that's what you did on your night out with the girls, as you called it. Carol, oh yes, she's a good choice Momma, I love that thick, short mop of black hair, and those deep brown eyes, I'd like to have a go at her black topped muff!"

     I snickered, and said, "Yes baby, I love keeping my cunt licking skills well honed. And it's a pleasure to use those skills on my darling daughter, and now, my darling honorary daughter!"

     Misty whispered, "Now I see why my red headed muff turns you on so much. And to think, a couple of days ago, I was considering shaving it all off, and trying the bald pussy look. Judging by the bare, smooth pussies I see in the showers after gym class, that certainly seems to be the norm, I think it must be 90 percent that are as bare and hairless as the day they were born. In our class, Just Samantha", and she gazed at Sam with a loving look, "Allison Chalmers, and myself are the only ones with a trimmed rather than a totally shaved off muff. "

     I cooed, "No, don't do that baby. Just do what you are doing, what Sam and I do, keep it neatly trimmed, and as short as possible around your sexy entrance, there's nothing that can kill the mood more than pubic hair getting in your mouth at that time.
I had that happen once, when I was 18, just before college, a one night stand, and it was something else, she'd been some back to nature girl who had never even so much as trimmed, I was drunk, and horny, when she stripped, I was suddenly confronted by a wild, over grown jungle!"

     Sam whispered, "What did you do?"

     I continued, "Well, I was still too horny to stop, so I pulled apart all that crazy pubic hair, and licked her to orgasm, that had fired her up, she made me sit on her face, until I gushed my juices all over her face, then she'd pushed me down on the bed, strapped on a ten inch dildo, and rammed my cunt, pounding me to a howling, shrieking orgasm.


     Our talk trailed off as our waiter approached, 4 juicy sirloin steaks, medium rare, were set down in front of us. We were ravenous, and we all fell to, building up our reserves for night class.

     Sam looked over at me, winked, and said, "Momma, can we stop on the way home, and get some champagne?"

     I saw the glint, and I remembered very well, how Samantha had used the champagne to lessen the impact of my husband's cock breaking her asshole cherry. Looks like my daughter has plans for Misty's last vestige of virginity.

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     On the way home, Sam and Misty were in the back seat, stroking and caressing each other, sharing soft, gentle, loving kisses. I could feel my moistness starting to build, and we were more than ready to give Misty our advanced night classes.

     Back home, I quickly put the champagne on ice, and I led everyone into the shower, I wanted us to be very clean. I took soap, washcloth, and worked up a thick lather.

     Samantha knew what was coming, she grinned and said to Misty, "Bend over baby, grab your cheeks and pull them apart!"

     Misty did so, and my heart was pounding, Misty and Samantha bent over, their cheeks spread, the tightness of their assholes, like tightly puckered rosebuds, beckoned me on, and I ran thick soapsuds against Misty's asshole, followed by washcloth and fingers sliding it over and over the tight rim.

     Misty was gasping, letting out continuous cries of pleasure, and Samantha's sounds of joy joined hers, as Darrin carefully washed Samantha's tight asshole, his fingers gliding around her puckered tightness.

     "Fuck, oh my god, fuck that feels so good!" Misty panted.

     Samantha gasped, "Wait until we get you into bed, and we really work over your tight asshole!"

     Then, it was our turn, and Darrin and I were vocalizing our pleasures, as soapy hands and washcloths worked over our tight assholes, and slick hands slid up and down Darrin's cock, making all four of us clean and ready.  

     Toweling off, we carried Misty to the bedroom, and told her to assume the doggy style position, she quickly did so, her eyes filled with lust as she gazed at us.

     "Now, Misty, next lesson, to introduce you to the pleasure of having your tight asshole licked, something like this" I cooed.

     I bent towards her cocked up ass, pulled apart her cheeks, and the sight of her tight, twitchy asshole, surrounded with a very fine fuzz of red hair, just about made me crazy.
I ran my tongue right along that tight cleft, positioning my tongue right on her rim, and licking and gently probing with my tongue.

     Samantha cooed, "How do you like the feeling of having your sweet asshole licked, baby?"

     "Oh my fucking god, I feel like I'm gonna go crazy, never felt anything like it before, fuck, fuck, feels so fucking spectacular!" Misty grunted.

     I worked over the tight rim, feeling Misty's body virtually vibrating, and as she reached her hands down to her soaking pussy, I gently pushed her hands away, and with my thumb against her clit, and three fingers of my other hand buried in her fiery tunnel, finger fucking her furiously, it didn't take long.


     Her scream filled the bedroom, her cunt started squirting crazily, drenching my fingers as she exploded, her body shaking and squirming, her cunt squirting all over, her shrieks of release sounding like music to our ears.

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   She flopped down, grunting as she floomped down onto the mattress.

     She was on her side, looking at us, and I made sure she saw me hungrily licking at my fingers, greedily sucking off her juices.

     "Yumm, nothing as sweet as the juices of climax" I cooed, licking my fingers clean.

     Samantha gave me a sexy grin, and said, "Momma, how about we have some champagne, and get Misty ready for her next lesson?"

     I popped the top, filled our glasses, and Misty tasted hers, smiled, and then gulped it down.

     "Umm, it's all fizzy like ginger ale, yummy!"

     I quickly refilled her glass, and she sipped it, until it was gone.

     Now, to give her enough time for the alcohol to take effect, Samantha growled, "Now Misty, show me how well you've learned. On you hands and knees baby, lick my asshole, while Mommy plays with your tight pucker!"

     Sam took to her hands and knees, her ass upthrust and ready, and Misty lowered her face towards that inviting target.

     "Ooh Samantha, you have the most beautiful asshole in the whole world, I can't wait to kiss it. "

     I could see a shiver of passion from Samantha, as she felt Misty’s face nuzzling between the globes of her spread-open ass cheeks. I heard Samantha let out a gasp of pleasure, at the delightful sensations Misty's moistened lips created as they  pressed hotly against the tiny sensitive opening of Samantha's tightly puckered rosebud. Misty's tongue followed up to lick and probe, pressing slightly into Sam's quivering hole, while Samantha grunted with pleasure, her wantonly spread cheeks and tight, tiny asshole beneath Misty's lascivious licking.

     I reapplied my mouth to Misty's tight hole, and with a tube of KY in hand, I applied a generous dollop of the slippery gel, and running my finger along the tight rim, I spread it along her tight hole, and with lots more gel, I spread it inside her, lubing her up for her first ass fuck.

     Darrin lay back, his cock pointing up, and I slathered a generous coating up and down that prick. When you are going to get your asshole fucked for the first time, there's no such thing as too much lube.

     I whispered to Misty, "Okay baby, you are now going to learn what it feels like to be asshole fucked, Darrin's cock is going to break open your tight asshole cherry.

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   Take position, get ready to ride Darrin, and I'll finish off my sexy daughter. "

     I quickly took over, licking Samantha's asshole, finger fucking her tight cunt, and tugging and pulling on her engorged clit, bringing a shriek of pleasure as Samantha enjoyed a noisy, gushing climax. She flopped down, and I cuddled in behind her, our eyes bright, eager to watch the de-virginizing of Misty's tight rose shaped pucker.

     We watched Misty swing into position, her face a mixture of horniness and fear. She pressed her tight hole back against Darrin's cockhead.

     "Ok baby, take it very slow, you go at your own speed, only take as much as you can handle, if it's too much, just stop, we don't want to force you, it has to be all pleasure for you.

" Darrin said softly to her.

     She smiled as she squirmed her rear, working on getting Darrin's head inside her. The head popped inside, and Misty gasped, and stopped.

     "Oohhh my god, it's so big! Fuck, I feel like I might be ripped apart!" Misty moaned.

     Samantha and I quickly surrounded her, and we stroked and caressed her body, whispering to her, making her as excited as we could, making sure her pussy was at maximum juiciness. Samantha handed her a glass of champagne, and she quickly gulped it down. She stayed rock still, waiting for the fuzziness of 3 glasses of champagne to damp down the pain.

     As I was caressing Misty's luscious breasts, I remembered Darrin opening up my tight asshole. My tight, unfucked, never even had a finger up there, asshole.

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   I had mounted Darrin the same way, sliding slowly, oh so slowly down, until I pushed down hard, taking in the last inch of his cock, feeling the pain of my asshole virginity being fucked away blaze up to sharp point of pain, as his cock was buried right up to the balls. I started to slide up and down, very slowly, and had discovered that the pain was part of what made my asshole being fucked feel so good. I'm not big on pain per se, but the feeling of the pain, becoming mixed with the pleasure, until it turns over to all pleasure, drove me until until I was bouncing almost the entire length of his cock, until he grabbed my hips, pulled me down tightly against him, and spent himself in a shuddering orgasm, his cock ejaculating wildly, squirting rope after rope of thick spunk, filling up my tight, dark, back cavern with a massive load of his thick whitish cream.

     As Misty felt the fuzziness of her mild alcoholic buzz settle in, she whispered, "I think I can try some more".

     Misty started to slowly, ever so slowly push down, her face set in concentration, working oh so hard to relax, relax that tight clamp. Her teeth were bared in a grimace, and with Darrin's cock halfway in, she stopped and held steady.

     Once again, Sam and I cuddled in close, stroking and caressing her, doing what we could to ease the passage.

     Her voice was strained as she whispered, "Okay, gotta do it now, gotta take it in. "

     Once again, the slow, steady push, until Misty took a deep breath, and pushed down hard on the last inch. Her shriek of pain filled the bedroom, as she whammed down, Darrin's 8 inches buried in, right to the balls.

     We again cuddled in against Misty, she was gasping, her eyes tightly closed, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.  

     "Oh my god, fuck, it hurts so much, I've never felt so stretched open", she sobbed.

     "Lift off sweetheart, lift off, we don't want you to hurt like that", I urged.

     She grunted, "No, no, if I don't keep with it, I'll never be able to do it again, and my asshole will remain an unused part of what should be pleasure. " She opened her eyes, watery from tears, and asked, "Mommy, you and my sister have done it, right?"

     I replied, "Yes, Darrin took my backdoor cherry, and I love getting my tight ass reamed out".

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     Samantha joined in, "And Daddy busted my cherry asshole, it was painful, but getting my cherries plucked is a part of it. And, when I was able to relax, get adjusted to the huge stretch, and the pain changed over to pleasure, it was incredible!"

     Misty, her voice a bit stronger and more even, whispered, "That's what I want to join my Mommy and my honorary sister in the land of no-cherries!" She actually giggled, then continued, "I just need to work on loosening up, getting used to the stretch, fuck, I never knew I could be so filled up. "

     For several minutes, her face determined, she stayed rock still, working on getting past the pain.

     "Ok, ok, I think I can take it, here goes. "

     Darrin stayed rock still, as Misty slowly lifted up, and slid down again, she did it again and again.

     "Umm, yes, oh yes, know that I've feel loosened up, it feels better," she cooed.

     After several more up and down rises, she whispered, "Yes, oh yes, much better, the pain is almost gone, and the pleasure, oh the pleasure is filling me up!"

     She rode Darrin's cock, going at her own speed, making sure she was adjusted. Darrin was making pleasure filled grunts, I could imagine the tightness of her virgin asshole around his cock. Misty was lifting up an inch or so then slowly sliding back down again, when Darrin peaked.

     "Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, gonna fill your tight ass Misty sweetheart!"

     He resisted the urge to grab her by the hips and yank her down against him, and just let the tight grip of her asshole do the job, and with a loud growl, his cock exploded, splashing a volley of cum right up Misty's tight backdoor. Misty slowly rode him to get every drop, then lifted off, and flopped down.

     "Oh fuck, that was intense, my ass is gonna be sore for a month!"

     Samantha, stroking Misty's face, whispered, "Don't worry baby, after Daddy busted my asshole, I was feeling fine just a few hours later. A little residual soreness, just the feel of a well fucked asshole, that faded away overnight. And, now, you are with us in the land of no cherries!" she finished, with a giggle.

     Darrin slipped out to wash down his cock, and I decided we needed a break, and in the kitchen, I put together a snack tray with crackers, hummus spread, grapes, carrot sticks, green pepper slivers, mushrooms, milk, orange juice and water, Misty had taken in 3 glasses of champagne, no more alcohol for now, and I wanted her to stay hydrated.

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     Back in the bedroom, everyone relaxed, and enjoyed our break, I noticed my daughters drinking thirstily, good, and the snacks disappeared quickly, nothing like sex to make a body hungry, I thought, with a smile. I could see Sam give me that look, the one that said she was looking forward to continuing education, after our break.