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Hey everyone,
Thanks for the emails I get, I hope that you all really enjoy things that have happened in my life. It seems you do. I wish more women would write and let me know how you feel about them.
Anyway, This happened just this week and is still so fresh in my mind and I still have the love bites on my body to remind me everytime I look in the mirror.

I love going to the malls and shopping around for clothes and yes, fun. I was at the Georgai Square Mall in Athens and after shaking the first 4 guys that flirted with me I went to Pennys. I had walked through the food square at the front entrance and since I was wearing a very sheer black silk blouse, a skirt slit up to my hip and no bra and the black thong I expected something to happen. I did not se them as I walked thru the food court and turned right towards Pennys but three young girls followed me. I went into Peny's and a salesgirl that I have flirted with said hello and I stopped to talk for a little. I walked around and found the women's clothing and intimate wear and was looking at the skimpies and the three girls came into my sight. They smiled and giggled and I said Hello. I was at a rack with tops on it and there was near a rack with longer dresses and I went there and was looking at them. Suddenly the three girls were there next to me and one on my left the other two on my right. We all exchanged "Hellos" again and I said "So what are you three up to following me?" and they looked at each other. I felt my nipples getting hard and so I made sure they had a good view as they pushed out against my silk tank top. The top is all but transparent and they all were looking at my chest.

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"Those are not implants are they?" one girl asked. "No Hun, they are real, they are all me. " I said and smiled. I looked at them and then said, "Would you like to feel them to make sure?" and they all got a little red. Suddenly one went to her knees and into the dresses and her hands were on my hips turning me so that my chest was in the dresses and then her hands came up and began massagging my tits. I let her do as she pleased and she was soon pulling the nipples and her mouth found one nipples and she was sucking it. "Oh that feels nice. " I moaned and the two other girls were watching me close my eyes and enjoy the molestation I was suffering under. The first came up and another did the same thing and soon she was sucking my tits like a baby and massagging them really good. She came up and the third one disappeared and she was grabbing my tits and pulling the nipples hard, then she began biting them harder and harder. "Oh she is going to make me have an orgasm" I managed to whisper. I had my legs apart and I was soakng wet I know and then suddenly a hand was inside my thong and fingers slipped inside my pussy and jammed in me deep. I had an orgasm that sprayed all over my thighs and the arm of the girl that was playing with my pussy. "Oh fucking awesome" came the words of the girl with her fingers in my pussy. My shirt was pushed above my tits and so the tops of my tits were visible if one was close enough.

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The girl came up and was licking her hand and let the others lick her fingers too. "Oh she tastes great, let's eat her. " one said and I looked at them. "Well, we will all go to jail if we do it here. A hotel is across the street if you can stay a few hours to play. " I said and they looked at each other. "Okay, sounds great. " they said and I got my shirt and skirt fixed and said, "Well, come on. " and they all walked with me out the front of the mall. I got in the car and they got in and we made the short drive to the hotel across Broad to the hotel. I went in and paid for he room and walked to it with the key and my purse and they all got out and looked around and followed me. We got in and I locked the door and the one that had fingered me came to me and kissed me deep. As she did my skirt came off from busy hands and then my shirt was pulled over my head leaving me with nothing on. I began undressing the girl kissing me and she was very petite, nothing but the beginnings of puffy nipples and no pussy hair at all. The other two undressed each other and they were almost the same except one did have some very nice pussy lips that were swelled and ready to eat already.

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   The two sat on the bed and I and the other one stood and kissed and then she went to my tits and began sucking again. She stopped and looked in my eyes and began pinching my nipples, hard, then harder, then harder and I was moaning and the juices flowed from an orgasm. I sat down on the bed and they all practically jumped on me and I had a sweet pussy over my face and the other two gils were sucking my tits. Finaly one went from a tit to my pussy and began licking me slowly and she had a long tongue like I have hardly ever seen, it went deep into my pussy and made my body convulse with an orgasm.

I finally had my turn and laid next to one and the other two watching us and I kissed her and began playing with her nipple budds and found her budding clit and she moaned. "Eat me please. " she said and I did just that. She took a long time to have her orgasm but was really juicie when she did. "Eat me next. " one other girl said and laid down next to her friend and spread her legs and so I took extra care to make her suffer and teased her and finaly gave her release with her orgasm. I looked at the last one and she looked at me, "Well, lay down. " I said and she did and spread her legs. I licked her slowly and teased her beyond imagination and she had a orgasmthat made her almost scream. We all continued licking and sucking and all. I asked them all to bite my nipples and leave love bites on me and they did.

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   I showed them how to pain feels so good and makes a woman have intense orgasms if done right. I then laid down and said, "Now I need something in my pussy and you girls are all going to help me. " They looked at each other and they all moved to my hips. "What do we do?" they said almost at one time. "Slip in your fingers dear, all of them, gently, there we go. Now you Hun," I asked the other one. She went in nicely and then I said to the third, "Now your hand dear. " and she looked at me and after some help slipped inside my pussy. "Now all of you go in and out together and do it slow at first and then faster when I tell you. " and they did. All three girls had hands up to and past the wrists and were moving as one in my pussy. "Faster. " I said and then again "Faster, hard, really hard. " I begged and they did and suddenly my body convulsed and I sprayed their arms.

We finished finally and they all got up and were licking their fingers and each other.

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   "Well, you girls were realy wonderful. Thank you for he afternoon. " I said and then one looked at me, "Can we do it again?" and I gave her my phone number. "I wil call when we can all go to bed with you again. " and I said "Please do Hun. " and they all laughed. "Wel, back to school Tuesday?" I said. "Yeah, we are still new to Middle School but we go back Tuesday. " "How old are you?" I asked. "Well, the irst year of Middel School, you figure it ou. " and I lauhed. "You are getting started the same age I did, almost. " and they looked at me. I dropped them of at the mall and they all waved good bye. "I think I will be calling the number she gave me and Dawn will get her friend to meet and go to the Mall again.

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See ya later all