Over head birds...


Topic: Over head birds. . . One day I was feeling quite horny, and was also in need of a shower. I had just woken up, and headed downstairs to get a shower, dressed in my dressing gown and a towel. I saw my landlandy, I was lodging at the time, and we had a polite conversation.   During which she bent down to get some milk from the fridge underneath the counter-top.   She was wearing jeans which made her ass look fantastic, and although this only happened rarely, it made the hornyness inside me rage all the more.   I was pretty certain she couldn't see my erection, as the way my gown falls helps prevent undue embarassments. Then when she snapped back up I noticed, as any red-blooded steamy young man would, her nipples were on fire against her shirt.   That clinched it, I needed a shower and a wank, and I needed them both now. I politely mentioned I was going for a shower, as was obvious by my dress.   We both chuckled, and she mentioned she was about to water the garden. I got in the bathroom, turned the water on and got my toiletries set-up, and as the water was rather hot, and the room was steaming rapidly, I did something I don't normally do, and cracked the window open.   Now this window is a frosted window, that looks out over the slabs by the watering hose.   It opens like a door, now while it's open you can't see into the bathroom unless you really try, and I wasn't too worried about her perving, if she wanted to she'd had plenty of opurtunities in the past 2 years.

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    Anyway, I got the shower temperature right, and began to wash myself.   I scrubbed the last nights festivities away, and washed my hair.   Once I had repeated, I got some shower gel and worked it into my pubes to work up a full lather, and began to use that to wank myself off, again not something I normally do. As I was wanking, the warm shower pelted down on my chest and erect manhood and it intensified it that much more.   I began stroking slowly, working the hardon back, thinking of that ass, and those nipples that tempted me so often.   Pretty soon I was hard, and still growing. I reached my ususal length and kept stroking slowly, working up the primal lust in my loins.   Eventually the lust took over and I began to pound my meat harder and faster.   I wimpered moans of sheer delight, afraid I'd draw attension to myself if I let the moans go un-muted.   As I worked harder, and quicker, the rush of feelings swept over, my eyes clenched, my lip got bitten, and my whole body thrust forward realeasing jet after jet of wasted seamen. Now it's at this point, when I opened my eyes and saw a jet sail towards the window I noted the err of my ways.   Not only would I have to clean it up of the window sill, but I though I saw some escape through the window.   I wasn't 100% sure, and as my vision was still blurry, I thought I had just imagined it. I gave myself a few seconds to calm down and rinse off, then I turned the water off, dried a bit and proceeded to clean up my mess.   Then I dried down and got dressed in my robe again, and left the bathroom.

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  As I entered the kitchen, I saw her stood there by the sink with a moist cloth rubbing away at the shoulder of her blouse. I enquired into what she was doing and she said that while she was putting the hose away some birds had messed, and one had hit her top.   I quickly covered any traces of shock or horror by turning towards the stairs back to my room, and replied with something along the lines of "That's a wound, but I hear it's meant to be good luck".   As I trudged up the stairs wondering if she had sussed that it wasn't a bird, and it was in fact my horny seed, she retorted "I just hope it comes out!". I still to this day don't know if she knows it was me. .