Bus Ride

Sex In Public

     I just had another fight with my boyfriend and decided to hop on a bus to see where it would take me. I got on the first bus that came my way. The driver appeared to be middle aged and very stern looking. He told me to hurry up and find a seat and sit my ass down. I could tell this was going to be a fun ride.
     I still can’t believe my boyfriend cheated on me again. I’m going to get even this time with that creep.
     I looked in the back of the bus and saw two guys, they appeared to be having a good time, at that very moment I knew my revenge. For one night I was going to be a total slut. I got up from my seat and walked to the back and asked them if I could suck their cocks. They looked shocked and all of a sudden they could not get their pants down fast enough. I got down on my knees and grabbed a cock in each hand, slowly stroking them. I then started sucking one while stroking the other. It did not take me long to realize how wonderful this strangers cock tasted. I then sucked the other cock while stroking the one that just left my mouth.
     By now others were watching and I could hear their coments as I continued to give head to perfect strangers.

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   These two guys were moaning with each suck and stroke. The guy I was stroking got up and came around behind me forcing my shorts and panties down. He spread my legs apart and then the cheeks of my ass as he began licking back and forth from my wet pussy to my ass hole. I was already so turned on, I came instantly as his tongue entered my wet pussy, shooting my juice all over his mouth and chin.
     He then stood up and slid his cock into my pussy, I yelled “ fuck me you son of a bitch and fuck me hard. ” This time I screamed when I blew my nut causing the dick in my mouth to blow its load deep into my throat. The guy behind me pulled out and said to me, “ bitch suck me off and I don’t want you to spill a drop when I shoot my load into your mouth. ”
By now I could hear the driver shut the bus off and started walking towards the back of the bus. I heard a zipper as the footsteps approached.
I continued to suck the cock in my mouth and suddenly it swelled and shot its hot sticky juice down my throat. He came so much I could barely swallow it all.
     Then I heard the drivers voice say, “nobody has fun on my bus without me and my wife is riding and wants to have fun also. . ” I got up and started to refuse and he yelled at the guys, “ hold the little cunt down. ” I began to panic and his wife began to stroke my breast and kiss my neck.

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   She then sat on the seat in front of me rubbing her clit, I could see she was already dripping wet. I told him I did not want to do this, then suddenly the two guys grabbed me and held me face down and muffled my screams as the driver forced his cock into my ass. The pain was instant and so were my tears. He began to groan and thrust into my ass with force.
     His wife started wiping away my tears and told me to relax and enjoy it as she slid down underneath me and began to lick and fuck my pussy with her tongue. All  of a sudden everything started to change as a wave of pleasure started to devour my body from deep inside. The pain was disappearing and the excitement was taking over as his cock kept pounding my ass hole harder and harder. I began to ache for more with every lick and thrust. It did not take long for me to feel my orgasm build and I soon exploded all over his wifes face as she tried to lick every drop.
     She then got back up on the seat in front of me and spread her legs to give me good access to her wet pussy. I began licking the juices from her pussy lips and she parted them with her hands to give me better access to her slit. I ran my tongue up and down between her puffy mounds and stopped to suck lightly on her clit just enough to make her start to quiver and then I would slide my tongue down and shove it deep into her wet dripping hole as I tried to savor every drop of her juice. I never knew pussy could taste so good. She began to moan and pump her hips to meet my mouth.
     The driver began fucking my ass faster and faster as I felt his cock swell and begin to shoot its load deep into my asshole.

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   I continued to lick and fuck her pussy with my tongue until she shot her sweet juices all over my face, I swallowed all I could as she filled my mouth.
     The other two guys decided to stick their cocks in my mouth and pussy and began fucking me at both ends. I sucked as if it were the last cock on earth as the other cock rammed my pussy hard and fast. I felt another orgasm building and it was going to be a big one as I could feel my hole body starting to get numb. The cock in my mouth started to cum and I sucked every last drop I could get and this sent me into an orgasm frenzy as my pussy convulsed around the hard cock. This sent the cock into an explosion as he shot his load into my pulsating hole.
     Ohhh, I can’t wait to take another bus ride. I guess I should send my ex- boyfriend a thank you card.