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Being one of the chosen ones meant that Eleesa was stunningly beautiful, with her long blonde hair, flawless skin the color of rich cream, and beautiful, fully formed wings with which to soar through the skies. As such, she could chose any one that she desired. The world was full of other chosen ones, handsome males that her parents would fully approve of. Yes, they were so charming, polite, well mannered, and exceedingly dull! She had tried several, and the results were all the same. Their lovemaking was inept and boring, she did not need to be married to someone that had almost no idea of a great sex life, or much desire. Her 10 inch dildo gave her more pleasure than any of those fumbling clowns! She had a secret lover, one that could stir her to heights of passion and pleasure never before attained! Her secret lover was a demon! Being a chosen one did not mean she was pure!
She was dressed in only a sheer white robe and white satin panties, her lover was due to arrive! His secret knock sounded.
"Come in darling", she called softly, "I'm oh so hot and ready for you!"
He strode in, Eleesa always marveled at his sight. He was 7 feet tall, even though she was 6 feet tall, he still towered over her! His eyes glinted as he took in the sight, she stood almost totally naked! With an easy motion, she slipped the robe off her shoulders, pooling around her feet. Naked save for her panties, she opened her arms to him. Her demon lover stood in front of her, she saw the lust glimmering in his eyes. He slid one hand around her back, holding her close, and his other hand slipped under her panties, sliding them slowly downward. The fabric uncovered half her ass, before the other side slid downwards. Her panties dropped to her feet, and she was totally naked for her lover! The sight of her, so hot and ready for him, always got him going, his cock was massive and swollen, and it stood steel stiff, hard and eager to plunder her. He picked her up, and carried her to her sleeping room. Laying her down gently on the bed, he started to stroke her with both hands, a long, relishing stroke that began at her wrists, slid downward over her body, the stroking creating an exciting tingle between her legs. His hands were hot and sharp nailed, he left light scratches along the outside of her breasts as her stroked her there! She was ready, ready, more than ready, and she welcomed her lover with her wide open arms and legs.

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   Her quickly got between her spread thighs. The demon lodged his hardness against her, and pushed it powerfully in. Eleesa squealed as she was opened! He was big, painfully, wonderfully big, as he slid all 12 inches in, splitting her cunt open for his huge shaft! His grunt of pleasure joined her howl of pleasure, as he sank it all in! He lay forward upon her, his hand sliding around her back to hold her, his broad, leathery chest crushing her breasts. Eleesa wrapped her legs around her lover's waist, so he could fuck her right to the balls! He started to fuck her, brutally, rhythmically, he drove his hugeness into her! Eleesa had never felt anything as wonderful as the way her demon lover fucked her! He wrapped his hands around her ass cheeks, so he could lift her hips in time to his power thrusts into her, accentuating the power fucking, as he rammed into her over and over, splitting her burning cunt open with his massive 12 inch cock, over and over! She opened her eyes, looked into his yellow furnace eyes, glittering with lust, felt his wet breath on her mouth, smelled sulfur, heard his lust grunts of pleasure as he fucked her, felt her eager pussy stretched wide around his massive shaft! His hard leathery body kept banging against her, driving his throbbing cock deep into her, power fucking her again and again and again! Eleesa was almost delirious with pleasure, and her orgasm roared at her, slamming into her with a tsunami like force! She howled with pleasure, her pussy clamped tightly around the demon cock, and milked greedily at it! She came again, and with a roar, his cock exploded, his load was burning hot, sizzling deep within her, as he pumped his demon seed deep into her womb! That pushed her into another orgasm, and still another and another! She shuddered wildly through 6 climaxes, the tightness of her sucking every last drop out of her lover's cock, before he lay forward upon her, his body pressing against hers, as they sprawled breathless and sated!.