The Ghost inside our souls


We knew something was up when our parents found a two and a half story house for $50,000.   With a full size basement and 50 acres of land as well, included in that tiny little sum.   The fact that it was in the New England countryside and that most small houses went for that amount made us ask why, and for a few weeks no one answered our questions.
There five of us besides our parents, my older sister Tiffany was 21, and still trying to find her way in life, a fine looking young lady if I do say so myself.   She was 5’11” 140 pounds and firm tight and tanned.   Blonde wavy hair to her shoulders and bright blue eyes made her face lovely, but her 38DD-23-36 figure was a knock out.   She was the only one of us that we considered to be beautiful.  
Sandra was next at 20, and slightly less attractive, Red Auburn hair accented with dark green eyes, freckles everywhere and I do mean everywhere.   She was 5’5” 150 pounds and her body style was pudgy, what else do call a figure of 36C-30-36.   She was sweet and kind and gentle to be around and that is probably why she decided not to go to college, she cared more about being nice than being boss.
Dana and I were twins, seniors in school and identical except for our nipples.   5’2” 110 pounds, both Blonde, both blue eyes, both with the same figure, 34-24-34.   She had pointy erect nipples half an inch outward and two inches around, I was the opposite, my nipple stood out erect almost two inches like small fingers and were slender.   Our other sisters called us the knob and the stalk.
Then came our baby brother Tyler, 5’3” 90 pounds and all boy, and then some.  He was a healthy good looking blonde headed kid.

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    We never really paid him much attention until one night when our parents were stranded in town some thirty miles away and a blizzard struck us from out of the blue.   The weather reports that day were for a chance of flurries no big deal right, well before sundown the tally was ten inches and by eight when our parents called before the phone and power went out they had 15 inches on the road and were expecting a foot or more.   We were okay and so were they, we had food and firewood loads of it as my dad wad a nutcase about being prepared.   Plenty of water and candles and the basement had a full size fireplace with old cooking utensils made for it, so we knew we could survive a month alone if we had too.  
Tiffany made fires in the upstairs and downstairs and put candles out in the holders all along the halls and the top and bottom of the staircase.   Sandra went down to the kitchen and took out all the fresh food and placed it in bags and then set it out on the back screened in porch.   It was colder than the frig and the stuff from the freezer she put in garbage bags and marked it and then stuck it off the back deck right into the snow to keep it frozen.   Dana and I got the big kettle downstairs and carried it to the basement and filled it with water and then placed it on the fire to warm it up.   Then we got all the blankets we could from the storage room upstairs and took them into Tiffany’s room so we could all have one each.
Tyler was no help to us at all; he was acting like he was frightened out of his mind.   It was just to get attention from his idol, Tiffany.   So we let him follow her around like a puppy while we fixed up the place.   The doors were locked up tight as were the windows.   We pulled out flashlights and batteries in case we needed them and then set up oil laps in each room and got them started as well.   Though it looked like a home from the 1700’s until this night we really never understood it.

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By nine that first night the power, land line phones and cell phones were all off the air and the satellite dish was useless.   The only hot water was what we heated downstairs in the main fireplace or in the basement in the big fireplace.     So we huddled in Tiffany’s room to stay warm and fed the fire logs as we began to chat and talk.
About eleven thirty we started to hear sounds from the first floor like someone walking around.   Sandra wasn’t ever afraid of anything and pounced out of bed and out the door and down the stairs before any of us could get her to stop.   That’s when they started on us.
Sandra had made the main sitting room entrance by the time Dana and I tip toed to the top of the stairs, Tiffany had Tyler around her neck so she couldn’t do much except to try and pry him off.   As we spied down the dark spooky staircase to the faint flickering candle at the base we heard Sandra call out, “Seems odd that the door is…. Oh my god…. Oh my god…No! No! No!  What the hell!”
We flew down the steps after her and as we did, a rushing wave of cold air blasted over us.   It seemed to flash past us and up the stairs like a whisk of fog ice cold to the body and soul.   I stumbled dragging Dana to the floor with me as we saw the flashlight Dana had been carrying roll out of the entrance to the room.   We were trembling as we crawled ever so slowly closer, and then we heard her gasping and moaning loudly.
She was locked in some sort of conflict and we were so afraid we couldn’t be of much help as we heard her exclaim, “Please stop…please…I am begging you no…Please stop…No…No…Help me…Help me…Help me…please make it stop before…before. .

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   Before I…oh my god… No…No…”
I reach out took the flashlight and shinned it into the room.   As we crept in we saw the shadow of our sister with her arms spread wide apart as were her legs.   It came from the fireplace in the room as we knew she must be near it, so we crept to the door and peered in.   The instant we looked at her they saw us.   She was being tortured and tormented by some fog like vapor, a wisp of a being as it played with her now completely bare body.   Her breasts were being twisted and tweaked and tortured and as I looked at them it seemed to the world as if someone or something was gnawing on them.   Her rather large butt was flexing and dents were showing up and fading in her cheeks and thighs and the way her head was tilted back and the moan she made were chilling, but as we watched, we were frozen unable to speak or move only observe.
Her voice cracked as she called out, “Who are you…what do… what …What do you want. . . What…Why…are…you doing…this…to…me!”  The last word was screamed in a loud shuttering way followed closely by, “Oh my God I am going to cum…cum…hell yeah…oh yeah…fuck me…oh fuck me… fuck me you bastards…oh yes more. . . more… more…fuck me more. .

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   Fuck me… fuck me!”
Dana was shaking like a leaf as she slid a hand around me and tried to pull me back, but it was too late.   The vapors swirling around our sister had found us, and as they approached us she was dropped onto the floor with a thud and a loud clamoring cry of pleasure came from her, “Oh don’t stop I need more of you.
The wisp swooped next to Dana and as we were lifted by the hair of our heads our pajamas were ripped into shreds before our eyes.   We were hurled forward over the floor and about a foot off it to the fireplace.   My arms could feel hands gripping tightly on my wrist and my ankles as well.   I twisted in resistance as did Dana until the attackers began to twist and taunt my nipples outward and harshly.   I heard Dana cry out, “No leave us alone. ”  Then I screamed for help but instead, Sandra stood up and slapped our faces and demanded, “Shut up you bitches, you will learn to do as we command of you.   Your stinking little bodies are now ours to play with and you will be quiet. ”
With that she grabbed both of us at the crotch and began to squeeze and tug on our pussies.   When her fingers went up inside us, I gasped and Dana did as well and we tried to beg her to stop, but she only smiled and laughed evilly at us and continued on with her torture.   I could feel hands and mouths on tits at the same time and when I looked at Dana she cried out, “Donna they are fucking me.   I can’t make them stop.   I can’t make them stop. ”
I knew exactly what she meant as they were fucking me in my asshole and with my older sisters hand now up to the wrist in my pussy they were also doing me the same way.

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    Sandra delighted in it as I think they were pleasing her at the same time.   As the pressures in my body built up I soon lost control and fear of what was going on in favor of the orgasm that was all but fully exploding as I shouted out, “Oh please don’t stop. ”
Dana echoed my plea and added, “Oh take me and fuck me again and again.   Sandra kiss me you fucking fat slut and let me finally feel your sweet pussy on my mouth. ”
That was a reference to a few months back before we moved.   Sandra had gotten drunk at a party one night and came home horny.   Mom was trying to calm her down and sober her up in the bathroom when Dana walked in on them.   Mom asked her to stay with her while she went to get some medicine from her bathroom.   As soon as she left Sandra took hold of Dana by her crotch begging to eat her and with no warning she yanked her into floor and ripped off her panties.   Mom got back in time to stop her from doing it but the thing is Dana wanted it.   I knew she was more sexually active than I.   I had caught her playing with herself many times at night and few times she had played with my body.   Tiffany always said my nipples were large because Dana sucked them every night while I slept, and it could be true, I really didn’t know then.
We were held up through a most fulfilling and erotic orgasm, my truly first fully depleting experience.   Dana and I were dropped onto the ground afterwards and as we were Sandra took control of us and pushed Dana on the floor on her back and me beside her.

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    She flipped our legs up and back and demanded we hold them there and without questioning her and if we were under a spell, we obeyed.   As she ate Dana, I looked over and saw how much she truly liked it.   I saw her pouting lips as she nibbled on the bottom one and her eyes flickering and fluttering and I wanted to taste her mouth so I looked into her eyes and begged, “Kiss me darling. ”
We kissed deeply from the start and as our legs seem to hold themselves up and back our hands started fondling each others tits and nipples and soon we were lost in the lust of sex.   Dana was being eaten and I was wanting to be and when Sandra moved to devour my pussy I came streams and gushes of juices into on and all over her mouth and face.   All the while Dana was sucking on my tongue and then my nipples.
When Sandra devoured me fully she then rose and placed her wet soaked pussy onto my mouth and taking Dana by the head sent her mouth to my wet spot to eat me.   The three of us went wild and When it came my turn to eat Dana, she cried out in pleasure like never before I sucked her juices fully from her and then made her wild in a frenzy of lust.
Suddenly the fire went out and we were all alone in the dark.   Sandra and I struggled to end our devouring of Dana but it was hard to quit.   When we did Sandra found her flashlight and we relit the fire.   We heard the chimes of the grandfather clock strike three and realized we had been locked into this act for hours.   Naked and sexually hot as fire we waltzed out and up the stairs.   We went to Tiffany’s bedroom to find our little brother naked with Tiffany tied with rope over the cedar hope chest at the foot of her bed.   Her pussy drenched in cum was inviting us all to eat, and we each took turns on it.

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    We didn’t know then she was the only one who had resisted their possession of us.   She was begging for us to stop as Tyler moved to fill her mouth with his six inch cock.   He face fucked her when we ate her ass and pussy in a trio effect until he came in her mouth fully twice more.  
It was almost six by the time the four of us finished working her over, and as the faint light of sunrise peeked between the still falling snow flakes, we became very tired.   Tiffany was still tied over the chest as the three of us huddle din the bed and snoozed.   Tyler crawled into a blanket by the fire and fell fast asleep as poor naked abused Tiffany lay helpless tied to the chest naked and cold.  
The afternoon was almost over when I awoke to find my baby brother fondling my nipples and telling me, “You will be my bitch like the others.   These pointed tits beg to be sucked, if you swear to be my slave I will make them so happy. ”
It was weird I could see his face but I could also see someone else as well.   It was like a faint image of another young man in some sort of melding.   Tiffany had been freed from her bondage and was trying to get Dana and Sandra to listen to her as I asked Tyler, “Who is that inside you?”
He slapped my face and growled angrily at me as he said, “Now you have made me as mad as they, all four of you bitches will pay. ”
He pranced out of the room and slammed the door behind him.   I sat up and looked at Sandra who was bruised and covered in bite marks on her body.   Dana was as well and she had some really odd blue marks on her butt.   Tiffany was trying to dress them in warm clothes as she told us, “I know what’s going on here.

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    I found out about the truth a few days ago and I tried to keep it from you, but you have to know now. ”
We huddled on the floor next to fireplace as I saw the same marks all over my body.   Sandra rapped a warm blanket over my naked body and as Dana slid beside me, from under it her hand crept to rest on my inner thighs and gently stroke along my outer pussy lips.
Sandra moved beside me and started slip a finger inside her own pussy as Tiffany started to tell us what was happening. “Two hundred years ago a family like ours built this house.   The father and mother were killed by an Indian raid and the children were tortured to death by the Indians.   All except the youngest boy, he escaped and lived in the cellar for almost ten years alone.   He made a pact with a demon according to the townspeople and then he began to raid the farms and take young women as prisoners.   When they finally caught him, he had nine or ten naked young girls chained, bound and beaten in the cavern below the basement.   He was hanged for what he did in the front yard in the big oak tree.   Then after that anytime anyone moves in here they start to have problems and over the last hundred years no one has lived in this house longer than one full year without going insane, being murdered or doing worse to someone else.   Now you know why the kids at your school treat you so weird.   They’re afraid of us and this house.   If we don’t get out of here soon, we may never live to regret it. ”
“Well why don’t we walk out of here now,” I exclaimed as Dana toyed a little more with my pussy lips.

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“There is about 30 inches of reasons outside,” Tiffany said referring to the snow.   Then she added, “Last night the spirit of the boy took Tyler over, and then the girls took you three over.   You have to resist it.   You can now that you know the truth; it was the ignorance that let them have a foothold on you.   You have to fight the urges they are filling you with.   They’re not real it’s not real and it’s not right. ”
I was sitting there listening as Dana got her finger inside my pussy and slid it in and out briskly.   I knew Sandra appreciated what she was doing and as I started to enjoy it, Tiffany pushed Dana away and pulled Sandra the opposite way and snapped out, “You have to stop that.   You can’t let them control you or we are lost. ”
Now I admit I heard what she said, and I knew I should have followed her advice but when Tiffany moved close enough to me and urge to kiss her flew over me and I pounced on her and started to force my tongue in her mouth deeply.   She was pushing me backwards as Dana grabbed her arm and right boob and started to suck it and hold her back, Sandra took the left side and we soon had her on her back being assaulted by the tree of us.   I found my pussy needed her mouth and I slammed it on her, at first nothing happened other than I ground it up and down on her lips and nose until I felt a flickering and then a swirling and suddenly she was devouring me and I enjoyed it fully.   The sudden converting of Tiffany was unexpected and as I felt her lips and mouth suck my juices out.   I forgot all she said, as did we all.   When Tyler walked into the room naked and hard and up to my face, he snapped out, “Okay bitch are you mine or do I have to beat you some more?”
I begged him like a dog, “Please beat me, beat me, fuck me, and fuck me like a dog.

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    Make me your slave and fuck me all the time. ”
He pulled me off Tiffany as he did Dana assumed my position on her face as Sandra moved between her legs.   Tyler led me to the hall and then down to the basement and when we had finally come to the right place he pushed on a block and the wall opened to reveal a passage way under the house.   I was led through the narrow wet rock walls to a small open area and then chained over a flat boulder by him, where he began to fuck me in the ass like a dog.   He came in me rather quickly and then without warning brought it to my mouth to clean for him. I did as he wanted and when I finished cleaning it up he went back around behind me and did my pussy twice in a row.   Then I was alone and cold in the darkness still bound and horny.   I found myself crying out for attention and for sex.   I was begging to be taken by anything or anyone there.   After a very long time alone I feel asleep.   I have no ideal how long I was there like that, I awoke to find myself bound but no longer over the cold stone but on the semi cool dirt floor and I was spread wide and by the way I as unable to move I think bound to the floor.   I was like that for what seemed like forever.  
Finally from the darkness came a flickering candle held by Dana and as she approached me I began to beg her to release me.   She did and when I was free we hugged tightly and I began to devour her all over.   I had kissed, bitten and nibbled on her body and finally drug her to the floor and ate her pussy until she filled me completely.


    Then I offered my own and she accepted.   We went on like this for hours.   Then she led me up the passage way and into the basement.    The candle she had was all but spent and as she replaced it with an old lantern we went upstairs.   It was dark and we came to the bedroom door of my sister’s room.   When it opened I expected to see the others there but we were alone.   Dana and I sat down by the fire and warmed ourselves as she filled me on what had happened.   “Tyler went crazy and tried to kill Tiffany.    Sandra and I had to tie him up and lock him in the closet downstairs.   Tiffany and Sandra were scared they stayed down there at the door all last night guarding it.   Along about daybreak I awoke to find them beaten bound and tied to the wall.   They had been abused like never before by someone else.   Tyler is still in the closet locked safely away.   This morning when I finished doctoring them, I managed to get my cell phone to work and I called mom and dad and told them what was going on.   They are going to get us by morning.

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    We will finally get out of here. ””Where are they now?” I asked.
“Tyler is in the closet, cold and lonely but safely tucked away.   Tiffany and Sandra are resting in the bedroom downstairs by the kitchen. ”  Dana said as she slid beside me and snuggled me tightly like a teddy bear.
“How did you know where I was?” I asked as I placed my head on her shoulder.
“Hey we’re twins remember.   I used my instincts to find you,” Dana said as she kissed my cheek, and then with a cool little nibble on my ear lobe she said, “Now before they get here it’s confession time. ”
I looked at her and smiled and said, “What’s that?”
“Okay then I will go first chicken little,” she sniped out at me.   Then with a long pause she said, “You know before any of this happened, I have to tell you I had already played around with you at night while you slept.   It’s true, the ghost may have been able to get you to relax enough to enjoy it, but I was always wanting it and you. ”
I looked up and asked her, “Did you really suck on my nipples to make them this big?  IS that why Tiffany always scolded you about them?”
Dana smiled and replied, “Well, Donna you are a sound sleeper, we all knew you were.   We all knew so much so that we helped it along with sleeping pills.   That’s why you never knew how much we all wanted you. ”
“You keep saying we, Dana, what do you mean we, I thought you were the one who was doing it,” I asked.

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“No not just me, but Tyler and me have been sucking and playing with your nipple since he was weaned off mom.   I trained him how to suck you in your sleep and fuck you as well. ”  She said smiling at me as her hands came inside my blanket and played along my chest and lower breast.   Her hand slid down my body and a finger tickled my clit as we kissed and then she said, “If you could have seen him fucking your pussy a month ago while I sucked your tits what would you have done?”
I was so horny anyway from the past few days, so I let the truth out, “I would have gladly let you both take me. ”
Smiling broadly at me she whispered into my ear as her finger entered inside my clit, “Wonderful, I will hold you to your word.   The next time I will make sure you are awake. ”
With that we made love until the wee hours of the morning.   When the sunrise hit the snow had begun to melt by ten the next day our dad showed in a snow plow and took us all away from the house.   He thought it was all over with.   So did the others.   Everyone except Dana and I and maybe Tyler.   We had other ideals.

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