Bill Gets to Know His Tenants


Chapter I.


It had been a tough couple of years and Bill was relieved when he found a tenant for the upper floor of his duplex. This was the final step in the rebuilding of his life after the divorce. On his own for the first time after 22 years of marriage, he had decided to make a new start. A new city, a new job, and the restoration of the duplex had provided a complete and welcome break with the past.

He was pleased with the new tenants. Lisa was a single mom in her late thirties and a nurse who worked in a local pediatrician’s office. She was friendly, kept the apartment clean, and always paid her rent on time.   Her daughter, Julie, appeared to be a typical teenager with the buds of her IPod a seemingly permanent fixture in her ears. Lisa was dark haired with an attractive face and a bit on the heavy side. Julie was a younger version of her mom with the same dark hair and also carrying just a few extra pounds.

Lisa and Julie had arrived in late summer and other then some quick conversations in passing while they were coming or going Bill had not had much of a chance to get to know either of them. It was now early October and Bill was taking advantage of the warm Saturday afternoon to clean the inside of his Subaru when Lisa pulled into the driveway alone.

Bill greeted her and she joked that her car needed to be cleaned too. He laughed and they exchanged some small talk before Lisa said, “I finally have an evening free. Julie is spending the night with a friend. ”

Bill asked if she had plans and when she said no he said, “If you have any interest you are welcome to join me for dinner. ”

When she hesitated he added, “Nothing fancy, maybe some steaks. I just thought it would give us a change to get to know one another. ”

Julie realized she really had no plans and decided to accept. He was older than most of the guys she dated but she liked him. Bill was medium height with short dark hair and a medium build.

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   He was quiet and more conservative than most of the men she was attracted to.

At six, Lisa knocked on his door dressed in her jeans and a top that tastefully showed off her ample bust. She smiled as his eyes glanced down to look. Lisa was a bit self conscience of her weight and it was always nice when men noticed what she thought was one of her better assets. He brought her into the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine as he put the finishing touches on a salad.  

Lisa was pleasantly surprised by the dinner. The food was good and conversation flowed easily between the two of them. She found herself opening up and sharing the challenges of being a single parent as he related the adjustment of being single after a long marriage. They had moved to Bill’s living room and were halfway through a second bottle of wine when he asked, “How is your love life?”

 She laughed and said, “That’s a little personal isn’t it? Maybe I should ask you the same question. ”

Bill smiled, “My apologies. Maybe I was being a bit forward or I’ve had a bit too much of this wine.

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   But to answer your question, it is a bit on the slow side. ” 

“It’s ok. I was just busting you. Not too much going on with me either. And to be honest, I miss it. It is just hard with work and Julie and all. I was seeing a guy for awhile but we broke up a couple of months ago. ”

“Sorry to hear that. I have dated a little since my divorce but it is not easy to meet people. ”

As Bill talked, Lisa drank the rest of her wine. She was definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol and couldn’t help thinking about sex. She wondered what Bill’s cock was like.

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   How would it feel in her hands? Her mouth? She missed that. Before she could think about it she blurted out, “I could give you a blow job. ”

Bill wasn’t completely sure he had heard her right but he felt his cock respond almost immediately. He looked at her and said, “That is just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard a woman say. ”

“I mean it. Would you let me?”

“I would be forever grateful. ”

The next few minutes were a blur for Bill as he watched Lisa undo his khakis and take him into her warm mouth. He moaned as she licked and sucked his hard cock and before long he exploded and she swallowed his full load of cum.

As he caught his breath he said, “My God Lisa that was incredible. ”

She looked up at him, “I always enjoy doing that for a man. And you have a beautiful cock. Very tasty too. ”

“Is there something I can do for you?”

Lisa was turned on and could feel her own wetness, “I want you to finger me. ”

“I would love to. ”

She lay across Bill’s lap and he undid her jeans allowing access for his hand. His fingers slipped into her bikini panties and he felt the curls of her pubic hair and then the soft lips of her pussy. He rubbed her lips, teased her clit and then pushed a finger inside. She was very wet and soon, with a little guidance, his fingers gave her a short, but powerful orgasm.

They were quiet for a few minutes and then Lisa said, “I guess you know now that I can be a bit of a slut.

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   Here we really just met and look what I did. ”

“Well, I’m not sure about the slut thing, but that was fantastic. You are very sexy. ”

They sat and talked for an hour or so, finishing the bottle of wine and then Bill was undressing her and taking her to his bed. Again she was self-conscience but soon relaxed as he kissed and caressed her all over and told her how he loved her body. When his tongue finally made its way to her pussy she surprised herself by cumming again, this time a long rolling orgasm.

He was hard again and Lisa guided him inside her. She sensed his need and loved the urgency as he lay on top of her pounding his cock into her willing pussy. Soon he was there too and she happily felt him fill her with his hot cum.  


Chapter II.

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It quickly developed into a convenient sexual outlet for the two of them. While married, Bill’s sex life had gone from ok at the beginning to non-existent at the end. His ex had never been too adventurous and he usually had to be content with a quick missionary fuck. Lisa, on the other hand, loved to suck his cock. She had a submissive side and really got off on being needed and satisfying him.

They had been careful at first to limit their rendezvous to times when Julie was not home but one evening Lisa knocked on Bill’s door after dinner and said she needed him. He started to protest and asked, “What about Julie?”

“She knows we are fooling around. I think she is ok with it. ”

Lisa undid his pants and her hand found his cock, slowly stroking him until he was fully erect. He moved her to the bedroom, took her pants and panties off, and bent her over the edge of the bed.

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   He admired her ass as he reached between her legs to finger her. She was wet and ready and he wasted no time to push himself fully inside her.

As he slowly moved in and out of her he said, “God, I love your pussy. I love to fuck you. ”

“Give me your cock. Give it to me!”

He held her hips and fucked her harder, “Tell me what you want. ”

“I want your cum. Please cum inside me. ”

He kept pumping and then he came, filling her with hot jets of his cum. She felt his orgasm and it pushed her over the edge and she came with him her body shuddering in delight.

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After they dressed she said she needed his help with something.

He responded, “Sure, anything. What do you need?”

“It’s Julie. She’s having trouble in some of her classes. I know you are home a lot in the afternoon and I wondered if you could tutor her. ”

Bill taught at the local community college and did some writing but his schedule was open on several afternoons. He felt somewhat obligated given the circumstances and told her he would be happy to help. Lisa agreed to send Julie over the next afternoon.

She arrived on time and they sat at the kitchen table together. Julie was shy at first but slowly warmed as she found that Bill was a smart and patient teacher.

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   Bill could see many similarities with Lisa in Julie both in her looks and her personality. He soon grew to enjoy the sessions and Julie saw some improvement in her grades.

One afternoon, while working on some math problems, Julie stopped and asked Bill, “You like my Mom, don’t you?

Bill said, “Yes, I do. ”

“You and her have sex. ”

Bill was a bit uncomfortable with the statement but saw no reason to deny it, “Yes, we do. ”

“I’ve heard you. Mom can be noisy. ”

Again some discomfort, but Bill said, “I guess that is true. She can be.


   She enjoys herself. ”

“I know. It’s kind of cool to hear her. ”

“I will admit that your Mom is a very enjoyable woman to be with but I’m not sure this is something we should be discussing. ”

“Some of my friends have sex, well, I should say they have sucked guys off. ”

Julie’s willingness to talk so openly took him a bit by surprise but it was exciting too. He had met a couple of Julie’s friends and as much as he tried to, Bill had a difficult time shaking the image of one of them sucking on a hard cock. The image was quite erotic to him and he felt himself getting aroused. He responded to Julie by saying, “From everything I read that is not uncommon among kids today. ”

“Lots of girls do it.

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“It sounds like you haven’t. ”

“Not yet. I’d kind of like to try it. I know Mom likes to do it. ”

“I’m sure you will get your chance sometime. ”

Bill wasn’t sure how he had gotten into this but here he was discussing blow jobs with the teenage daughter of the woman he was having a sexual relationship with. And despite some feelings of guilt he was very turned on by it all. He was standing near the kitchen sink and he wondered if his erection was obvious from where Julie was sitting. Bill decided the best thing was to end the discussion and he excused himself to check on the laundry while Julie went back to her homework.


Chapter III.


Due to his teaching schedule Bill did not see Lisa until two days later. He wasn’t sure how she would react but he wanted to tell her about the conversation he had with Julie. She came to see him in the evening and after a hug they sat down in the living room.

Bill started by saying, “I need to tell you about a talk I had with Julie. ”

Lisa rested a hand on his leg and smiled, “I think I already know. She told me. ”

“Are you ok with it? I wasn’t sure if it was something I should be discussing with her. ”

Lisa tried to reassure him, “It is natural for her to be curious.

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   I have tried to be open with her and let her know that sex is a normal thing. I think it shows how comfortable she has become with you. ”

Bill was silent for a few seconds and then said, “Just to be completely honest, the whole thing kind of got me excited. I think she may have noticed. ”

Lisa chuckled, “Yes, she is my daughter alright. The bulge in your pants did not escape her attention. What was it that turned you on?”

“Bill was a bit uncomfortable but decided to be open with Lisa, “When she mentioned her friends giving blow jobs, I couldn’t help getting some images in my head. ”

Lisa’s hand had moved up his leg and was now softly rubbing him through his pants, “Was is just any teenage girl or was it Julie you thought about?”

The conversation and Lisa’s touch now had him hard, “Um…. well…. maybe both.

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Lisa was undoing his pants and pulling his cock out as she whispered in his ear, “Maybe you wanted my Julie to do this. ”

He moaned as she stroked him. She continued whispering, “I think she thought about that bulge she saw. I think she came back to our apartment and imagined touching you like this. ”

“God, you know I wanted it. ”

Lisa stood and lifted her shirt over her head and then unhooked her bra and let it slip off her shoulders. She ran her hands over her large breasts and pinched her now hardened nipples between her fingers as Bill watched. He stood and kissed her and then told her, “You are so sexy. I love your tits. ”

“I want you to fuck them.

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She lay down on the couch and he straddled her. Lisa took him in her mouth to coat his cock with saliva and then squeezed it between her breasts. Bill moved himself and moaned as Lisa said, “Imagine Julie sucking you. Your beautiful cock in her mouth. Her first taste of a man. ”

 Bill moved his hips faster, “Oh God, Lisa, I’m going to cum!”

“That’s it. Cum for me. ”

Bill pulled his cock from her tits and stroked it. Lisa smiled and watched as he ejaculated the thick spurts of cum landing on her face and chest. He continued stroking until the last drops of semen fell onto her breasts. Lisa wiped the cum from her face and licked it off her fingers.

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A couple of days passed before Bill had another tutoring session with Julie. She arrived and settled in at the kitchen table and they went to work reviewing an English paper she had written. He made a few corrections and gave her a few ideas about how she might make it better. He then asked about what other work she had.

Julie said, “That’s all for homework. Mom said you might help me with something else. ”

Bill knew without her saying it and asked, “Are you sure?”

She nodded, “I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I really want to try it with you. ”

He took her into the living room and they sat together on the couch. He wanted to reassure her, “We can take it slow and you don’t have to do anything you are not comfortable with.

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   I want this to be a good experience for you. ”

Julie glanced at his pants, “Are you, um, you know, hard?”

Bill smiled, “Not yet but I am pretty sure it will not take much for that to happen. ”

She looked up at him and he saw the anticipation in her eyes, “Should I take my clothes off?”

He had thought about her naked body more than once and although it was not necessary for what they had planned a part of him wanted to push things a bit since she seemed so willing, “Maybe you could strip down to your underwear. I think that might help. ”

Without hesitation, Julie stood before him and lifted her top over her head revealing her bra. It was plain white and held two small, perfectly shaped breasts. Her nipples were visible as they pushed through the thin material of the bra. Bill felt himself harden at the sight as she moved to remove her jeans. They were unsnapped, unzipped and then slid down her legs to expose a powder blue pair of bikini panties. Just thinking of what lay inside the cute panties brought his cock to a full erection.

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She stood with her hands on her hips excited to be on display before Bill, “Is this ok?”

His eyes moved up and down her young body, “You are lovely. ”

“It’s your turn now. ”

Bill stood and unbuttoned his shirt. After it was removed he undid his pants and slipped them off. Julie watched intently as his finger hooked the waist of his briefs and slipped them down allowing his cock to stand hard before her. Almost instinctually, her hand reached out to touch him. Her fingers ran over the head and then wrapped around the thick shaft.

She saw his reaction as her hand caressed him and smiled, “Am I doing it right?”

Bill gave his approval and then guided her to show what felt good. Julie felt a flood of emotions.

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   She was thrilled that she could give Bill the pleasure he was obviously experiencing. And she knew that hard cock before her symbolized the excitement he had for her and that made her feel sexy. Her pussy was becoming wet and part of her wanted to touch herself.

Ready to move to the next phase, Bill sat and positioned Julie on her knees in front of him. Her hands once again stroked him as he instructed her to lick and then suck his manhood. She was tentative at first but quickly got used to it as he moaned with satisfaction and encouraged her. Julie took as much as she could and once again loved the effect she had on him. His excitement was growing and she sensed that his natural climax was approaching.

“Oh Julie, that feels so incredible. That’s it. Oh baby, you are going to make me cum. ”

Determined to follow it through to completion Julie held him in her mouth with one hand wrapped around trying her best to do what seemed to pleasure him.

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   He gave her a warning but she was still surprised when he jerked his hips and his warm cum suddenly shot into her mouth. She panicked for a second but soon relaxed enough to swallow what she could although some ran out of her mouth. The taste was strange, but not unpleasant and as his orgasm ended she looked up to see the obvious approval on his face.

“I did it. ”

“You sure did. That was great. Very good for a first time. ”

He pulled her up on the couch next to him and gave her a hug. She cuddled in next to him and he caressed her back. He asked, “Are you ok?”

            “That was really fun.

Better than I expected. I was a little surprised when you shot your stuff but that was ok too.


   The whole thing kind of got me horny. If I was alone I’d, um, you know. ”

            “Touch yourself. ”

            She blushed, “Ya. ”

            Bill decided to push things again, “Do it for me. Let me watch. ”

            “In front of you?”

            “I think it would be sexy. ”

            Julie liked that he thought of her as sexy and she really did not want this time with him to end so she moved to the end of the couch and leaned back with her legs slightly spread. She had never done this in front of anyone but slipped her fingers inside her panties and began to rub her wet pussy.

            Bill was watching intently and couldn’t quite believe he had a half-naked teenage girl willingly masturbating in front of him. She was relaxing and getting into it when Bill knew he had to take it just one step further.

            “I think you should take your panties off. Your bra too. I want to see you naked. ”

            Julie hesitated but stood and removed her bra showing Bill her small breasts with cute nipples.

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   He smiled and she then slipped out of her panties revealing a lovely triangle of dark pubic hair.

            As she returned to the couch he complimented her by saying, “You are very beautiful. ”

            “Thank you. ”

            Julie had been nervous but she liked showing herself to him. She returned her fingers to her pussy knowing her most intimate parts were on display. Bill watched as she continued and was soon treated to the sight of her orgasm, as her young body quivered in pleasure.


Chapter IV.


            Later that night Lisa was straddling Bill in his bed with his hard cock inside her very wet pussy. She was slowly riding him as he told her of his experience with Julie. She moaned and said, “Oh God, that is so hot. She really masturbated for you?”

            “It was so sexy to see her cum. And she has a great body. ”

            “You like that young body. I bet you want to fuck her. ”

            Bill was a little surprised by her reaction and the way she was talking about Julie but it was a huge turn-on to hear her talk so openly.

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   He moved with her loving the feel of her pussy, “I know I like fucking her Mom. ”

            “Imagine how tight she is. ”

            “Oh God Lisa. ”

            “Tell me you want her. ”

            “I want to fuck her. ”

            “Tell me. ”

            “I want to fuck Julie. I want my cock in her beautiful young pussy. ”

            Lisa’s eyes were closed and when Bill told her he wanted Julie she started to cum. She moaned and her body shuddered as she moved up and down on him. Bill wanted to make this last but the feel of her cumming was too much and he let it go, pumping into her and filling her pussy with his cum.

            They lay together after and Lisa said, “That was intense. I haven’t cum like that in a long time. ”

            “Talking about Julie really seemed to get you going. ”

            “It really did.

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            “I’m a little surprised and a little curious. Can you tell me what excites you about that?”

            Lisa was quiet for a few moments before speaking, “There’s something I need to tell you about myself. ”

            Bill looked at her, “Please continue. You know you can tell me anything. ”

            She took a deep breath, “When I was younger, I had some experiences similar to what she had with you. I had an uncle named Jim, my Dad’s brother. He was older than my Dad and he and my Aunt Mary had a cabin on a lake we used to go to in the summer. It was a great place and sometimes I stayed with them. ”

            “I remember skinny dipping at night and they had this outdoor shower where we would rinse off. It was not unusual for me and my aunt to shower in there. I never did anything like that with my Mom. ”

            “It was all very innocent until one day when I was probably 16. I kind of knew Uncle Jim had started to look at me differently and I was pretty sure I knew why. At that age, I didn’t really know what to make of it but I trusted them and never felt threatened. One day, my Aunt and I had been in the lake while Uncle Jim was working on his car.

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   The two of us were in the shower when he joined us. He gave my aunt hug and then they kissed. They kept kissing and I noticed he was getting an erection. I knew that this happened to guys but it was the first one I had ever actually seen. ”

            “Aunt Mary saw me looking and smiled. She told me Uncle Jim was excited by us girls and she wrapped her hand around his now fully erect cock. She stroked him a bit as he softly moaned and then she asked if I wanted to touch it. Without thinking, I just reached out and put my hand on him. I tried to do what my aunt had done and Uncle Jim encouraged me. ”

            “I just kept rubbing him as my aunt gave me some instruction and then he came, shooting thick spurts of cum all over. After they both hugged me and I felt so grown up and sexy. I knew how much my uncle had liked it and it felt good to please him like that. ”

            “That was the start. It lasted for a year or so. Hearing about Julie just brought it all back.

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   I’m a little surprised it affected me like it did. ”

            Bill turned to look at Lisa, “Thank you for sharing that with me. I’m guessing it evolved into much more over time. ”

            “Yes, eventually I did everything with them. They never pressured me or anything. I knew they loved me and I loved being a part of it. Nobody ever knew. It was our secret. ”

            “And you wanted something similar for Julie?”

            “I don’t think I knew I did or maybe I never thought it would ever be possible. Then when this opportunity with you presented itself, I knew I wanted something to happen. How do you feel? Are you comfortable with all of this?”

            “It is all taking some time to get used to. Julie is a great girl and you know I think she is sexy. Where do you see this going?”

            “Bill, I was introduced to sex by two wonderful people in the most loving way I can imagine. It may not be something everyone would approve of but if Julie can have something like what I had, I will try to make it happen. As today demonstrates, I know she is ready to learn.

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            “I guess I am ready to go. I just want to have you involved and let you decide how this progresses. What is the next step?”


Chapter V


            Over the next few weeks Julie gave oral sex to Bill several times. It usually followed a similar sequence. They would finish her homework and talk for awhile. Then Julie would undress for Bill. He loved to see her naked and she liked how sexy it made her feel. She would suck him and do her best to swallow his load.

            One afternoon they were talking about an English paper she had written when Julie said, “Can my Mom watch me suck you?”

            The question took Bill by surprise but he said, “Sure, if that is what you want. ”

            “I want her to see what I can do. ”

            “I think she would like to watch. ”

            Bill knocked on Lisa and Julie’s apartment door that evening and Julie opened the door, smiled, and invited him in. Julie was dressed in a short robe and he admired her legs. Lisa came in from the kitchen drying her hands in a towel. She was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt and asked if he would like some wine.

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   He said yes and she returned in a few minutes with a bottle and three glasses.

            They took some time to talk and drink a glass of wine. Finally Bill spoke, “I was curious about how we would do this. ”

            Lisa responded, “I know this is a bit awkward but I think we can work it out. Julie, maybe you should start by undressing. ”

            Julie stood and slipped her rob off revealing a short pink baby doll nightgown and matching panties. Bill complimented her and she blushed. She continued by lifting the nightie over head. He saw that her nipples were hard and he felt his cock respond at the sight of her young body. He glanced over at Lisa and she seemed every bit enthralled as he was. Finally her fingers hooked the waistband of her pink panties and slide them off. She did a little twirl to show both of them all of her naked body.

            Lisa spoke first, “Oh baby, you are a beautiful girl. It has been awhile since I have seen you like this. ”

            Bill added, “She is a lovely girl.

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   Touch yourself like you do for me. ”

            Julie ran her fingers over her small breasts and took her nipples between her fingers. He eyes closed and she moaned as she massaged her sensitive nipples. Bill was rubbing the front of his pants and he saw that Lisa had undone her jeans so her fingers could rub her pussy as she watched.

            Bill undid his pants too and instructed Julie to rub her pussy. He watched as her fingers moved over the soft lips of her young pussy. After rubbing the lips and her clit he saw her push her middle finger inside. She slowly moved it in and out and he could see it glisten with her wetness as she pulled it out.

            Bill was totally mesmerized by the performance and started to take charge. He had Julie sit on the couch with her legs spread and knelt in front of her. Her perfect pussy was on full display in front of him and he reached out to touch it, slowly running his fingers up and down. Julie moaned as he touched and he moved closed. The musky scent of her filled his nose and then his tongue touched her.

            Julie jumped as his tongue tasted her sweet wetness for the first time. It felt like an electric shock as he teased her clit and then pushed his tongue inside her.

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   She cried out in pleasure and her hands ran through his hair. Her excitement rose quickly and Bill sensed it trying to prolong her pleasure until she came. The sensation was too much and she said, “Oh God, I’m going to cum!”

            The orgasm hit her and her body shook with pleasure, her breath coming in gasps. It was like nothing she had ever experienced as wave after wave ran through her. As it subsided she lay there trying to catch her breathe and saw her Mom and Bill standing naked in front of her. Lisa grabbed Bill telling him, “I need you right now. ”

            Lisa leaned over the edge of the couch and told Bill to take her from behind. He admired her butt and stood behind her. His cock was rock hard and he rubbed the head on her wet slit. Then he motioned Julie to stand beside him. She got up and got a view of her Mom she had never seen before. Her wet pussy was ready for Bill’s cock and he put her hand on him and told Julie to push it in. She gently pushed his hard cock inside her Mom and she heard Lisa gasp. She continued to watch as Bill moved slowly in and out of Lisa.

            It was totally fascinating to see her Mom have sex and she watched intently as their excitement grew and then Bill said he was cumming.

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   She saw his body tense and as soon as the first spurt of his orgasm began to fill Lisa’s pussy with cum her orgasm began too and she shouted out in pleasure as her body shook.

            It was several minutes before they all caught their breath and sat together. Julie looked at Bill and said, “I’m just blown away. I don’t know what was more exciting, feeling your tongue on me or guiding you into my Mom. ”

            Bill smiled, “Both were totally hot. You have the sweetest pussy. ”

            Lisa just nodded, “Maybe someday I will be able to guide Bill’s beautiful cock into that sweet pussy. ”


Chapter VI


Bill’s teaching kept him busy over the next week and it was not until the following week that he arranged a homework session with Julie. He heard a knock at four and was surprised to see not only Julie at the door, but another teenage girl.

“Bill, this is Megan. We are both having some trouble with math and I told her you could help us. ”

“Sure, come on in.



Megan looked about the same age as Julie but had a petite body and short blond hair. They talked as he got the girls some snacks and then spent an hour working on the math. Both girls were grateful for the assistance and started to gather their things when Julie paused and said, “Um, Bill, I wonder if you could help Megan with something else. ”

From the tone Bill knew something was up and he felt himself start to get aroused as he replied, “I’m here to help. What is it?”

Julie looked at Megan and again hesitated before saying, “Megan is my best friend. I kind of told her about what we did and she wants to try it. ”

“I’m not so sure that is a good idea. ”

Megan spoke up, “Please, I really want to. Julie told me how nice you were. ”

Bill was nervous but excited. He thought for a minute and then looked at the girls and said, “Ok, let’s give it a try. ”

They went into the living room and Julie said, “I know you like to have me naked for this. Megan is nervous about that but I told her I would undress with her to make it easier. ”

Bill laughed, “You know I won’t argue with that. Megan, have you done anything like this before?”

He could see she was blushing, “No, I’ve never done much with a guy. ”

Bill tried to reassure her, “Just relax. We won’t do anything you are not comfortable with. I promise. ”

She smiled and then followed Julie’s lead.

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   They both lifted their tops over their head and Bill saw that Megan’s breasts were a bit larger than Julie’s. He saw a hint of her nipples pushing through the material of her bra. Next, the girls slipped their jeans down and Megan revealed a pair of white bikini panties. She had a nice butt and Bill wondered what she looked like underneath.

His concentration was broken as Julie spoke, “Should we take everything off?”

Bill really wanted to see the two of them, “That might be best. ”

Megan looked at Julie and then both unhooked and let their bras fall to the floor. Megan had lovely pear shaped breasts topped with small pink nipples. Bill was very excited and rubbed his cock through his pants as the girls watched. Then Julie said, “Well, here goes. ”

They both slipped their panties down and Bill smiled at the contrast. Where Julie had a thick dark patch of pubic hair, Megan’s was sparse and lightly colored.

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   It almost gave her a girlish look and her pussy was mostly visible.

Bill was very ready now and he stood and slipped his things off as well. When his cock sprang free of his underwear and stood tall and erect in front of the girls Julie said, “There it is. Megan, isn’t it just beautiful?”

It was clear that Megan had been coached a little for she moved closer and tentatively reached out to touch him. Julie took her hand and showed her what Bill liked. He just moaned as Megan got more comfortable. She stroked him awhile and then he sat down and both girls knelt in front of him. Megan first licked his cock as Julie encouraged her and then took him into her mouth.

Both Bill and Julie complimented her as she moved her mouth up and down on his cock. When he was close to cumming he let her know and she took him out and stroked him until he shot his cum in spurts up onto his chest and belly.

Megan looked up at him and said, “I didn’t want it in my mouth.

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Bill said, “You did fine. That part takes some getting used to. ”

Julie scooped up some cum off his stomach with her finger and put it into her mouth, “Try it Megan. ”

Megan did the same and mad a little face as she tasted Bill’s cum, “It’s not too bad. ”

Julie took some more, “I really like it now. Guys like it better when you swallow it. Right Bill?”

“Most guys do. ”

Julie looked at Megan, “You did good. ”

“Thanks, it was fun. ”

            Julie sat on the couch next to Bill, spread her legs, and ran her fingers over her pussy. She looked up at Bill and asked, “Will you lick me like you did last time? Maybe Megan too?”

            “Maybe I can see who tastes better?”

            The girls giggled and soon Bill was treated to the sight of the two young girls sitting together with there legs spread before him. “Julie, maybe I will start with you and we can show Megan how this works. ”

            Julie leaned back and pushed her butt to the edge of the couch to make her pussy easily accessible and told Bill, “I’m ready. ”

            Bill gave her pussy lips some long, slow licks and he heard Julie sigh. He loved the smell, the feel, and the taste and soon had Julie excited and well on her way to orgasm. He wanted to do something different from the last time so he licked a finger and slowly pushed it inside her as he teases her clit. She was very tight but her wetness let him slide it in and out and he felt her hips start to move as he finger fucked her.

            “Oh, Bill, yes, do me like that. ”

            She was moving with him and he imagined it was his cock instead of a finger giving her the pleasure. Then she arched her back and cried out as her orgasm started. He continued as her body shuddered and trembled. When he finally lifted his head from her pussy he saw Megan watching with her fingers on her pussy, slowly rubbing.

            He asked, “Are you ready Megan?”

            She smiled, “I think I am.

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   I never saw anyone else cum. That was so awesome Julie. ”

            “It really felt good. I loved the finger. ”

            Bill moved over and soon was doing his best with his tongue on Megan. It took her a few moments to get used to the sensation but before long was moaning with pleasure. She had a beautiful pussy and to improve his access Bill put his hands under her butt, lifted her and pulled her to him. He then pointed his tongue and pushed it inside her tight hole as far as he could.

            Like Julie, she began to meet his thrusts as he fucked her with his tongue. She reached down and rubbed her clit and soon she was cumming. Her orgasm was short, intense, and left her breathless.

            When they were dressed Bill asked the girls, “Don’t take this the wrong way. I really enjoyed all that but why me? Aren’t there some boys your age you would rather be with?”

            The girls looked at one another before Julie spoke, “Do you know what would happen if we did this with one of the boys? It would get around the school and everyone would think we were sluts. We wanted to try some of these things and this way we know no one will find out. ”

            “I guess that makes sense.

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   Well, if there is anything else I can help with, I am here for you. ”


Chapter VII


            Lisa and Bill met for dinner two evenings later. Julie had gone to a friend’s house so they had some time alone. Bill had prepared some home cooking and served meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. They talked about work and some local news as they ate before Lisa remarked, “I heard you are tutoring Megan now. ”

            Bill felt a bit embarrassed but nodded, “Yes, another student of mine. ”

            Lisa felt like teasing him a bit, “She is a cute girl. How are her oral skills?”

            “Well, she is just getting started. Let’s just say she is an enthusiastic beginner. ”

            “Did she undress for you?”

            He smiled, “All the way down to her birthday suit. I didn’t think it was too much to ask of her. ”

            She chuckled, “You are a horny old man. I know she has a nice body. I guess I don’t blame you for wanting to see it. ”

            “She tastes good too.

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            “Did you go down on her?”

            “Oh yes. ”

            “This is quite an arrangement you have. ”

            “Do you know what the girls told me? They are curious to try these things but are reluctant to do them with the boys in school because of the effect it will have on their reputations. So, I am kind of a safe alternative. ”

            “So it works out for everyone. ”

            “I think it does. ”

            After they had cleaned up Lisa went up to Bill and kissed him. He held her close as he kissed her deeply feeling his cock begin to harden. After a minute she leaned back and said, “Guess what I was thinking about today?”

            “I can only imagine. What was it?”

            “Well, I was thinking back to my experiences with my uncle and aunt and remembered something my uncle loved to do with me. ”

            “Tell me. ”

            “He liked my ass. ”

            “Anal sex?”

            “Oh yes. Are you interested?”

            “I love your ass. Let’s have some fun.

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            They went to his bedroom, put some music on, and took some time undressing and enjoying some foreplay. They kissed and cuddled and just took the time to enjoy each other. Bill offered a massage and slowly worked from Lisa’s neck and shoulders down to her legs. He then spread her legs and started to work on her ass. First he gently ran his finger over her rosebud and Lisa softly purred. He played with it for awhile before leaning down and licking it. Lisa loved the feeling as he pushed his tongue inside.

            “You have a great ass. So tight. ”

            “Use the KY. I want your cock there. ”

            He spread the lubricant on her ass and slowly fingered her trying to make her as relaxed and comfortable as he could. Then he rubbed some on his hard cock and pressed against her tight hole.

            “Just take it slow. ”

            “Tell me you want my cock.

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            “Fuck my ass Bill. ”

            He pushed and felt his cock enter her. She kept saying slow, slow until his the head of his cock got past her tight sphincter. Then he was fully inside her. He asked if she was ok and she responded, “Oh god yes. I wanted this so bad. ”

            He started to move in and out and she pushed back against him. It was incredibly sexy to look down and see his cock buried in her ass. She was tight and he loved the intense sensation. Bill reached down to rub her clit as he slowly fucked her ass. Lisa’s ample breasts were swinging as she moved with each thrust. Bill started moving faster and he told Lisa, “Cum with me. Let me feel it. ”

            He pumped into her and then she came. She cried out and her body shook and Bill shot his cum into her butt.


   He kept pumping until she had taken all his cum and then he pulled out and they collapsed together on the bed.


Chapter VIII


            Lisa and Julie were going to be away for the weekend visiting Lisa’s mother and Bill figured it would be a quiet weekend. He spent Saturday morning doing some cleaning in the apartment and after lunch sat down with a cup of coffee to read the most recent John Sandford novel. He had been reading for a half hour or so when he heard a knock on the door. He walked over and was surprised to see Megan at the door.

            Bill greeted her and invited her in. He thought she might be looking for Julie but she told him, “No, I know she is away. I came to see you. ”

            They sat down and he asked, “What can I do for you?”

            She was looking down and said quietly, “I’ve been thinking a lot about the other day. ”

            Bill thought she might have some reservations about all they had done together. “Is everything ok? You seemed to enjoy it. ”

            She smiled and said reassuringly, “Oh, I really did. I can’t believe how you made me feel. And I loved seeing Julie like that. I just keep thinking about other things.

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   You know. Like going all the way. What it feels like. ”

            Bill’s mind was racing. He realized this girl wanted to have sex with him. The thought of her young pussy immediately came to mind and he knew part of him really wanted it. But he wasn’t sure this was a good thing. He hardly knew this girl. Finally he said, “This is a pretty big step. Are you sure you are ready?”

            She reached into her pocked and pulled out several foil packages, “I brought condoms. ”

            Bill smiled, “Well, that is a start. ”

            “I really am ready. I even tried my Mom’s vibrator. But I want the real thing. ”

            Bill suddenly had the image of Megan pushing a vibrator into herself and felt his arousal kick up a notch.

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   He remembered Lisa’s comment about learning about sex in a safe and loving environment and thought maybe this was not a bad place for Megan to learn. “Ok, I think we can do this. Why don’t you come with me?”

            They started walking to his bedroom when Bill realized he had to pee. “I need to make a quick stop in the bathroom. ”

            Megan said, “I kind of need to use it too. ”

            Without thinking, Bill just motioned to her and said, “Come on, we can both go. ”

            They stepped into the bathroom and Bill said, “Ladies first. ”

            Megan had never peed in front of a man but stepped in front of the toilet, pulled her jeans and panties down and peed. Bill caught a quick glance of her light brown pubic hair and then heard the familiar sound of her pee flowing into the bowl. He liked pushing her comfort level a bit and seeing how she would react. When she finished he stepped over, pulled his semi-hard cock out and peed as Megan intently looked on.

            In the bedroom, Bill realized that this opportunity to introduce Megan to the joys of sex carried a big responsibility. He knew he needed to make it as special as he could. The best thing would be to take it slow. Megan was looking at him and Bill realized just how he would proceed.

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            “You are a beautiful girl Megan. Any man would feel very privileged to be in my shoes right now. ”

            She smiled and said, “Thank you. I hope I can make it good for you. ”

            Bill stepped forward and gave her a hug, feeling her petit body in his arms. She hugged him back tightly and then he moved behind her and told her he was going to undress her. She said ok and he lifted her top over her head. Next he unlooked her bra and slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall. He reached around and took her breasts in his hands feeling her soft skin and the now hard nipples. Megan sighed as his fingers gently played with her sensitive nipples.

            “You have lovely nipples. ” He whispered into her ear as she leaned back against him.