Coaching volleyball part 3


We started off the tournament losing our first two matches. I couldn’t blame the girls for being tired since I was the one who kept most of them up last night. We had a break and I decided to do what I normally do during tournaments, find another coach and fuck. Sometimes I have success other times I don’t. I spotted the coach of the team that just beat us walking away from her team. I knew she was in college because I saw her school play mine just last. I walked over to her to her and made small talk about the game. After a few minutes of flirting I decided it was time to be blunt since my team was playing in only an hour. We found I deserted room in the building. Before I went in I texts Alissa to come to this room alone in five mins
The other coaches name was sara she was 5’6” blonde with a huge ass. Her tits were nothing to marvel at but the ass really made up for it. We started to rip each others class off and before you new it I was inside of her pussy. 30 seconds in I saw a look of terror on her face. I looked over my shoulder to find Alissa standing there. “Don’t worry I invited her”
“you what?! You cant fuck your players”
“Its ok I like fucking coach. I helped him cum three times last night” With that I started fucking her again but she stopped me once again.

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   “Hold on lets make this more interesting” She brought out her phone and sent a text. Within a minutes another girl was walking in the door. This was a girl on sara’s team. She had caught my eye several times already today. She is the Libero of the team only standing at 5’2” but her tits were huge for her age. They made her coaches tits look like nothing.
“You two girls have for a bit im gonna fuck him for a little then you girls can join” With that the Libero and Alissa started making and ripping off their close. I continued to fuck sara. It was not long before she burst out in her first orgasm. “YEAH FUCK ME GOOD O YEA FUCK YEAHHHH!” I took mycock out making sure I didn’t cum yet. I looked over to see the other girls in a 69 position both moaning loud. Sara told the girls to join her as she sucked my cock. The three of them taking turns. I wasn’t sure I was gonna be able to hold out any longer and I wanted to fuck the libero so bad. I pushed the other to aside and through the libero on a near by table.

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   I started sucking and grabbing her huge tits. Behind me sara inserted two fingers into Alissas pussy. I lined my cock up with her pussy. “R u a virgin” “Yea but don’t worry coach sara taught me how to use a dildo last year so I canhandle your cock” with that I shoved it in deep. I held onto her huge tits and rammed her hard and fast. She shook hard “O SHIT I NEVER FELT ONE LIKE THIS OFUCK!” At the same time I heard Alissa orgasm behind me. With that I let it go. Holding on to her massive tits I let my cum out deep inside her. “What the fuck are you doing you cant cum in her” Sara was trying to pull me off her but the damage was down. “What the hell is wrong with you? Come on Emily” o so that’s her name, I didn’t no her name this whole time. As they put there clothe on and walked out the room, Emily gave me a huge smile and winked on her way out.
The rest of the tournament went well, we ended up taking 3rd. Every time I saw Emily she smiled and waved. On the way out my middle hitter Beth came up to me “Alissa told me everything, I want it too. Tuesday after practice my parents wont be home” That’s all I needed to hear.

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   I couldn’t wait for Tuesday.