Have I been a bad girl: Part 2


This is the second part of the story since I got such a good response to the first part. It is completely fictional.

“Have I been a bad girl”. “Oh honey you’ve been the worst” he said as I licked the last drop of cum off my lips. “But I think you need to be taught a lesson and I might consider letting you out on good behaviour”. Slowly he pulled out the cell keys and turned the lock whilst looking at me, on my knees half naked. The officer pointed towards the prison bed with the tattered rags and ordered me to lie down. I did what he ordered me to do and he walked towards me slowly with his 8 inch cock still hanging out, slowly getting hard again. He starting rubbing my nipples, forcing a moan to escape my lips. Slowly he circled one then the other with his left hand and with his right he started go down my belly to my already moist panties. I started to undress and let his body overpower my defenceless teenage body. He slowly took off my panties and threw them down next to his discarded clothes. I started stroking his member get it to its full length once again.

His right hand now going up and down my pussy slit made me so moist his hand was soaked. He took his left hand off my nipple and started sucking them while he put both his hands down to my pussy to make me feel an orgasm start coming on as he started playing with my clit. All the while I am moaning and starting to jack him off.

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   I start moaning louder and louder as he brings his face down to my pussy and starts licking my pussy to bring me to orgasm. I drench his face in my juices, he licks it off and says” its time to teach you that lesson”. He undresses me so I am baring all to him and tells me to get on my knees with my ass in the air.

I do as he commands me and I feel the head of his cock enter my soaking pussy. He starts off slow but starts pounding my pussy that I can hear his balls slapping against my ass. His 8 inch cock is penetrating so deep inside me it feels like I’m in heaven. He does long fast strokes, going in and out at rapid speed. I have to hold on to the bed not to hit the concrete wall in front of me. I moan in pleasure and pain as it feels like my pussy’s being torn apart. I can feel his heart beat inside me along with his massive cock. I scream out saying ive been a bad girl teach me a lesson! He pulls out of me leaving a gaping hole and just says its time for the other hole. I try to object but he just tells me to shut up. He uses my pussy juices to lube me and him up and starts pushing against my asshole. I muffle my screams of pain in the pillow as his head enters my virgin ass. I am feeling pain on another scale as it tears me apart.

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   He is only halfway into my ass as he slowly starts to pump in and out of me. My screams of pain turn into moans of pleasure as his cock is in my tightest of holes. He moans as well at the tightness. I yell out” oh my god YES abuse my ass, im your dirty prison slut awwww YES

He continues to pump in and out of my ass for 10 consecutive minutes until I feel his balls start to tighten up against my ass, he doesn’t stop as I hear and feel him cumming in my ass. He slowly pulls out and I hear a popping sound as he exits my ass. He turn around and clean up his cock of mine and his juices. I stand up and my ass hurts from his savage fucking. I start to gather my clothes and put them on along with him. He grabs my panties and stuffs them in his pocket. He says “ you can go for good behaviour whore. I wink and leave saying “ill be back soon because im a naughty girl”.

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