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2012-01-23 Wife seen by best friend how it all started If you like I will write what happened next
2010-08-06 Hypnotised and Sex in Public
2010-08-03 Best friends daughter
2010-08-02 Friend is a heavy sleeper
2010-07-31 Doing Courtney
2010-07-31 The Window
2010-07-29 Fucked Student in karachi
2010-07-29 Watching my mom getting fucked
2010-07-29 part 2 of my birthday sexual experiences..
2010-07-27 Sex with Audit Girl- Karachi
2010-07-27 The randiest schoolgirl
2010-07-27 The roommate - Donna
2010-07-27 Anniversary Sex
2010-07-27 My best friend and I make love
2010-07-27 Lost In The Country
2010-07-26 a sext for the ages
2010-07-24 Fucking with Receptionist- Khi
2010-07-24 Teaching Sexual Parts practically
2010-07-23 Your ass or mine pt.2
2010-07-22 Alice Loves To Play Ball
2010-07-21 My first time pt.2
2010-07-21 Your ass or mine?
2010-07-20 Golden Showers passion........a really TRUE STORY
2010-07-20 My first time pt. 1
2010-07-19 mother-in-laws dodgy past
2010-07-16 More of my Friend and His Wife Pt. 2
2010-07-16 Our Friend and His Wife
2010-07-13 Pussy; A scalp for my belt pt.1
2010-07-10 My wife and her coworker
2010-07-09 The other girl in my life
2010-07-07 Horse whore Part 1
2010-07-06 Used and Abused
2010-07-05 Brother and me
2010-07-05 Tight as 1 finger.
2010-07-04 When In Philly
2010-07-03 my best sex by far
2010-07-03 One horny day
2010-07-01 Sexy class mate
2010-06-29 a TRUE story of dogging at dartford viewpoint
2010-06-28 Glory Holes Made Me Hungry
2010-06-27 Sex with a forest ranger
2010-06-27 Sleep Over
2010-06-26 The forever Secret
2010-06-26 Helping Daddy Pay
2010-06-24 A welcome invite
2010-06-24 True story of a reply to a craigslist ad, London UK, 2009
2010-06-24 Alice at the Rest Areas
2010-06-23 My First Summer Camp
2010-06-22 The first time we met.
2010-06-20 WORTH THE WAIT
2010-06-20 A careless one night stand in France
2010-06-18 How I caught my wife cheating Chapter 2
2010-06-18 Weekend At her lake house
2010-06-18 mum-in-law pt2
2010-06-17 Receptionist in my lap
2010-06-17 Karachi Mall girl
2010-06-17 Hostel life
2010-06-16 Guy works with guy, guy sees another guy cheating on his girl, tells the girl, guess what happens?
2010-06-14 Erotic Story Of A Sexy Asian
2010-06-13 Interview sexy secretary
2010-06-13 Cousins Janet, Elaine, Gail and Diane Kid Sex Play
2010-06-12 My Wife Develops Sexually, Pt 4.
2010-06-11 My Wife Develops Sexually, Dominated and Her Services Sold Pt. 3
2010-06-08 How I caught my wife cheating ,Chapter 1 Before we met
2010-06-08 My sister wants to be whore
2010-06-08 my mother in law
2010-06-07 My Wife Develops Sexually Pt 2
2010-06-07 help from mum
2010-06-06 My Wife Develops Sexually
2010-06-06 My Lovely Student
2010-06-06 Sexy Secretary
2010-06-03 Fucking Valerie
2010-06-03 anal boy toy
2010-06-02 When I Was Young Pt 3
2010-05-27 Naughty friend
2010-05-27 A MILF and her daughter
2010-05-26 satisfy married female from delhi
2010-05-25 A TRUE story of a reply to a gumtree ad
2010-05-25 Feeding My Wife
2010-05-23 When I Was Young Pt 2
2010-05-23 A True story of a London nudist spa
2010-05-22 The bribe of my sister
2010-05-20 When I Was Young
2010-05-19 Jenna, sophisticated lady has her first affair
2010-05-17 Highschool Sex
2010-05-16 A True story of a London Sex club
2010-05-16 A True story of dogging (Dartford Viewpoint, Kent, 2002) - part 3... Unknown black Goddess
2010-05-16 Cummin clean...
2010-05-12 Shoplifting, Caught On Purpose
2010-05-12 Detention with my teacher and 2 of the sexiest girls in middle school
2010-05-09 neighborly lust
2010-05-09 A True story of dogging (Dartford Viewpoint, Kent, 2001) - part 1... the red BMW
2010-05-09 A True story of dogging (Dartford Viewpoint, Kent, 2001) - part 2... Steve and Rose
2010-05-08 Virtual Rape !!!
2010-05-08 Mutual Understanding/ Contract !!!!!!!
2010-05-08 Boys, Men, Girls and Women
2010-05-04 Hot Breast Play
2010-05-04 Date to Dinner And A Strip Club