My Wife Develops Sexually

True Story

Hey everyone, great stories here. Wanted to tell you about my wife and her apptites that have developed since we began living together then got married a year later. Well, first off, she was a military brat as they are called. A little buxom, not overly but nice curves which is what attracted me to her one day in the base exchange. Blonde hair and blue eyes and 38DDD tits and nice ass that was at 36 or 38. Her waist was nice for that size and she had really great curves. Well, we saw each other and being 20 at the time and at my first base and a horny guy I started flirting with her. We talked and she gave me her number but said I would have to meet her step dad before going out. He was enlised and so I said okay.

Well, we set up the meeting and I dropped in and before it was over he said we could go out but she had to be in my midnight. We went to a drive in at the time lots of them around and as soon as we started kissing she moved my hands to her chest and so I took it as a green light. Before the night was over we were in the back of the van naked and going crazy. We kept dating and the third date she said she was 16 which blew me away but I had dad's permission to date so what the hell. A lot of things happened and one afternoon her dad came to my room in the baracks and I thought I was in deep shit but he said that her Mom had gone crazy and so he had to get the firls out. Alice had a 20 year old sister and so he was moving them out and he asked if I could help with my van. Well, sure so after two loads to an apartment Alice said to stop and get some uniforms cause I was staying with them.

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   I did and that gave me a wild time since she and her sister went naked almost all the time. Alice and I finaly got married after 6 months of living together and moved to an apartment by ourselves. She kept up the habit of being naked almost all the time and answered the door a couple times when I had friends come over She would let them in and then go get something skimpy on and parade around in front of guests, male and female.

I used to bring hom the Penthouse Forum and we would read it separately and together and she wanted to try out a lot of things she read about. The first was anal sex and so after a half dozen tries she started really enjoying it. The next thing she got interested in, or rather the next two things were girl on girl sex and multiple men and so we talked about them. I did not mind and the guys that I knew all thought she was perfect for ucking, especially since she was almost 17 and married and now legal. There was a very prudish couple that lived next door and I knew Jerry and Carol hardly ever had sex and then, Carol had told Alice, it was always in the dark and so Carol had never seen her husband naked. They did not drink or anything and one day Alice introduced me to her. She was really great looking and Alice asked me later if I liked her. I said yes and then she told me that she was going to seduce her for her first girl on girl. I told her to go ahead and so later got the full story.

Alice began by going over all the time, usually not wearing more than her see thru bikini that was so very small. Her nipples came out all the time and she made a show of putting them back in. She gave me updates on her seduction of Carol.

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   One day she went over and after getting Carol talking about sex and was using the Forums to show her that lots of people did more than have sex in the dark. Alice began going over with a glass of wine then one day took Carol and got her to drink. After they finished (Carol had never drank and beverages) she went and got the full bottle and the two of them drank. I came home as this was happening and so caught the tail end of it. I opened the door and heard Alice talking to Carol. "You know, the things in the Forum?" Alice was saying. "Yes, which things?" Carol said and I could tell they were both drunk. "The girl with girl things. " Alice answered her. Now, first off they were in the bedroom talking sitting on the bed with the Forum out, Alice in her smallest bikini and her nipples no longer trying to stay in. Carol had on shorts and a tank top and her bra was on the bed and so her nice firm 36C tits were visible. ""The girl on girl things?" Carol had said. "What about them?" Carol asked. "I have wanted to do them with you, in fact I think about you all the time. " Alice said.

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   It was quiet for a moment, ten Carol said, "I have thought about it too. " Next I heard them kissing and they began to moan and Alice said, "Let me undress you. " and Carol said, "Okay, but it is not fair, you are already almost naked. " and they giggled and Carol was undressed by Alice. "Lay down," Alice to her and then as I peeked around the corner I saw Ailce lay next to her and begin kissing her and sucking her nipples and then worked her way to Carol's unshaved pussy and began to devour her. Carol was all hot and began getting loud as she found her first orgasm with Alice and then another. They laid there for a second then Carol moved and said, "Now let me do you. " and Ailce laid back and Carol did the same and when she got to Ailce's shaved pussy she said, "After we finish you need to help me shave mine. " and Alice said okay. Well, I sat there listening to them going crazy and jacked off and finally after a while they came out to get more wine and were naked. Carol saw me with cock in hand and Ailce said, "Well, she she is delicious, wanna try her?" Carol looked at us and said after gulping a glass of wine, "It has to be both of you. " and we all went back to the bed. Alice told her to lay next to us and watch as she showed her how to deep throat my nine inch cock and then sit on it for maximum pleasure.

Soon Alice moved off me and said, "Now you do it. " and Carol took to it like she had taken to Ailce and even though she did bite my cock twice she managed to be a champ once it was deep in her pussy.

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   Well, since her husband was gone for the week the lessons continued all week and that night we all passed out in bed. I heard Alice and Carol wake up a few times and pleasure each other and I did join then one more time that night. Carol was a regular at our please for the two years we lived there. Layter Alice tried the second part of her experiments. A gang bang. She did great at that and even got Carol to have at it too. That is for next time.
See you all,