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My boyfriend, Mac, like me to behave like a total slut. If ever you’ve walked past a girl and thought “Jeez what a slut” that’s me! I’m a bad girl, and I love it! We have some rules my ass is for him alone and he chooses who fucks me, I can pick up girls if I want but he gets to be there with us. He also like to play games with me like I can only wear three things when we go out, and that includes shoes, he loves having people staring at me as I walk around with my tits bouncing and my nipples poking out! I should also tell you he’s 32 and I’m 17.
He texted me to say we were going to the beach and then the number three which means I can only wear three things. I chose a sarong and some sandals, I knotted the sarong over my boobs and the material sort of hung down semi covering me, if I stood still when I walked it opened up completely showing off my smooth shaven pussy for all to see.
I heard his car pull up and I ran down to the car with my sarong billowing out behind me and my tits bouncing, I knew he’d love it, he always did. I saw as I approached the car he had three friends with him, now I knew I was in for a ‘busy’ day. The back door opened and I jumped in across the two guys in the back to kiss him full on the mouth, I sat down between them as he introduced me to his friends. The car pulled out and we were on our way to the beach. Mac looked over his shoulder at me and said “Babe, why don’t you show Jim there how good you suck dick?” I giggled as I wiggled myself round in the back seat so I could get to Jim’s crouch, I had to stick my ass up at the other guy in the back so I could get my head down and free Jim’s boner I soon had it free and began sucking like a pro as Jim lent back and stroked my hair as I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, the other guy was stroking my ass and reaching round to touch my pussy while I was doing this. I noticed we pulled into a gas station and I carried on sucking with my ass up as they filled the car up. Mac told me to get out of the car and go and pay for the gas, I walked into the station, the clerk’s eyes were on stalks as he stared at my pussy. I started to get some very bad ideas. I asked him for the keys to the rest room and once inside I took of the sarong and folded it across the corners to make it into a triangle, I tied it around my waist so my pussy, tits and ass were completely exposed and I walked back into the station to pay, an middle aged couple were also in there, I giggled as the man walked into a shelf and the woman tutted and said ‘disgraceful’ as I walked by. Mac slapped my ass as I got back into the car; I knew he loved my shameless tricks.
We pulled into the car park for the beach Mac pulled a blanket and a cooler out of the trunk and we headed for the dunes, before you ask it wasn’t a nudist beach.

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   The guys laid out the blanket and we sat down, Mac handed round the beers, none for me he says as I am underage! I pulled off my sarong completely and sit there with my knees pulled up and my legs open, as they all watch me I reach into my bag and pull out my sun block and rub some onto my nipples making them hard. They watch me in silence as I reach down between my legs and open my pussy lips spreading the creamy whitesun block on my delicate inner lips and clit, I can’t help but slip a finger inside myself, it goes in easy as I am so aroused at their hard stares. I put the sun block away and pulled out the sun cream; I crawled over to Mac and asked him to spread the cream on as I knelt in front of him. He poured the cream all over my breasts and started to work it into my flesh, he tossed the bottle to one of the others who poured some onto his hands and started to work it into my back, I lifted my long hair up as both of them worked the cream into my body, the other guys weren’t going to miss out on this and soon I had all four of them rubbing the sun cream into me it wasn’t long before the first finger was in my pussy, then two and sometimes three different fingers at a time, then my ass was invaded in the same way, I was so fucking horny it was obscene. Mac told me to finish Jim off. I knelt down keeping my ass high as I sucked on Jims dick for all I was worth, I soon felt the head of a cock nudging into my pussy and firm hands grip me round the waist as one of them started to fuck my wet cunt, I could feel his balls slap on my pussy as he fucked me. Jim grabbed my hair and held me down on his dick as he shot thick wads of cum into the back of my throat; I swallowed it all like a good girl. The guy who was fucking me really started to pound me as soon as Jim pulled his dick out of my mouth, I loved it as he pumped my pussy, then he grabbed me with his strong hands and flipped me over, I lay there spread eagled, he grabbed his cock and sprayed his cum all over my tits, face and neck.
The third guy positioned himself between my legs and slipped his cock easily into my well fucked pussy, I was so turned on with the taste of cum in my mouth, more cum on my tits and face. I started to cum as he powdered his cock into me I was in heaven; I could feel him tense and then his cock twitched as he blast more hot cum deep into my pussy.
I opened my eyes when he pulled out of me. Mac was positioning himself between my legs, I spread as wide as I could, the head of his cock was nudging my asshole and he slipped inside, I smiled at him I loved the look of contentment on his face once he was all the way into my ass. Mac told me to push the cum out and I clenched my pussy muscles and pushed some of the cum out, I could feel it run out of my pussy and onto his shaft as he butt fucked me. Then he started to let me have it hard as he took my body for his own pleasure, I knew the signs well and just before he came he pulled out and like the slut I am I took him straight into my mouth and let him finish there, dumping hot sticky cum into my mouth as I looked up as him.

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