Filler up Southern Style


I had just pulled into this gas station off of the expressway in the state of Georgia to get some gas and check my fluid levels. I had been driving for most of the day and night enroute to Miami from Chicago. As I put the nozzle in the filler hole I heard a voice come over the speaker system that said I had to prepay for my gas after dark. I was a bit annoyed but I understood. So I went into the station to give the lady behind the desk my credit card and told her I intended to fill up and purchase some additional items. I went back out and began to fill up my gas tank when I heard the same voice coming from the speaker say “nice legs” (I was wearing a pair of khaki shorts that showed off my legs but I never thought that they were anything to brag about). I turned around to the window where the lady was and told her thanks. Of course she commented “Oh you are very welcome darlin” I actually began to blush a bit. I was from Chicago and never had I received such attention when I got gas at any other station. It must be the southern hospitality that people talk about so much about. Well I finished pumping the gas, washing my windows from the bugs that had built up on them and I went back into the station to pay. When I got in the clerk again commented on my legs but she went a bit further and much more bolder. She asked me was all three of my legs big and juicy. I said excuse me, as if I didn’t hear her. She stated it again. By now I knew that she was seriously flirting with me but I wanted to know just how far she would take it.

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I told the clerk that she would have to judge the thickness of my third leg for herself. She told me to come around to the back of the counter, which I did. She wasted no time in unzipping my shorts and putting my entire tool in her hand and massaging it. I was a bit leery at first. I thought this had to be some kind of a set up. But my little head woke up and began to rise and he began to take over control of my big head. This clerk said, “ just as I thought, you are quite the stud darling” I don’t know what was getting to me more. The soft warm hands of this clerk or that beautiful southern accent and the way she kept calling me darlin. After a couple of strokes my dick was well on its way to full glory. The clerk then dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts completely down to my ankles and put the head of my dick inside her mouth. Without taking my shaft out of her mouth she opened her mouth even wider and put almost my entire 9inch shaft down her throat and held it there for a couple of seconds. As she slowly raised her head and mouth from the base of my cock her tongue laced a trail of wet saliva up the thick vein on the back of my member. When her mouth reached the mushroom part of my dick she let out a loud slurping sound as her mouth popped free of my dick head. She looked up at me with one hand holding my dick and the other hand palming my ass and said “ darlin that is one mighty tasty piece of meat you have there. ”
I really didn’t have anything to say so I just took both of my hands and guided her mouth back to my swollen dick.

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   I think she knew exactly what I wanted as she repositioned herself to a slightly more comfortable position on her knees and with both hands she palmed my ass cheeks and pulled my ass in toward her, making my dick penetrate the back of her opened mouth. She continued to hold my ass cheeks with both hands while she bobbed her mouth up and down on my dick. I had had plenty of good blowjobs but this shit was off the hook. I could feel the juices in my balls beginning to stir. With each time she took my tool deep into her throat I grabbed the back of her head and tried to ram my dick in even further. The harder I pumped her mouth the more she accepted. I had reached the point of no return. My dick was vibrating on its own, my knees had gotten a bit weak, and I was screaming out “oh shittttt” with each and every thrust into her mouth. Then BLAMMM I came like I had never came before in my life. I grabbed the back of her head and held it in place as I emptied my load deep into her throat. I don’t know where she learned her technique from but she should write a book or do an instructional video on how to give a correct blowjob. As I was emptying my load in her throat her throat muscles began to constrict and relax over and again. She kept this up until she had completely drained and swallowed every last drop of seed from my cock. As she returned to her feet and I pulled up my shorts I told her that she had the most incredible mouth my dick had ever ventured into. She said “Darlin it was a pleasure to service you”.

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   I asked her how much I owed her for the gas I got and she told me not to worry about it the gas was on the house.
As I pulled back onto the expressway and continued my journey to Florida, I realized that I did not even know her name. If she hadn’t looked up at me those couple of times I probably wouldn’t even remember what she looked like (except for the top of her head). However, after such great treatment you can damn sure bet that I will be stopping at that gas station again on my way home from Florida in about a week…

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