Just being friends part-two


Next he tells me, without being the least shy about it, how good it feels to have a boner with me and to see me having one.
My intuition about his being guy-chummy proves to be right. I find it exciting, though. For the first time in my life I don't have to feel all embarrassed or worry about looking gay. I tell him that it feels good to me too, although I confess that I have never done anything like this with another guy before. He understands, and doesn't automatically assume that I'm gay or even trying to be anything like that. This is something that I appreciate and it makes me feel a whole lot less shy. In fact, I am enjoying how it feels to have my dick stiff like this with another guy, and to see his. There's a very inviting male-chemistry to the moment that I discover that I really like. It seems refreshingly pleasurable in a way that I have never experienced before.
So here we are, two naked guys having a boner together.
Mr. Tanner reaches out and puts his hand on my shoulder. Its just a friendly gesture, but I find that I like that a whole lot, too. Bravely, I put my hand on his waist. We stand there smiling over our naked and mutually aroused companionship.

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   After a moment he reaches down to gently feel my hard dick. I stand there letting him do that, and like how it feels. He invites me to feel his, which I hesitantly do. It's sort of strange to be holding and feeling an erection that is not my own. The fact that I'm actually doing this is quite exciting. I give his short, thick length a squeeze, and marvel over how soft the skin feels and how easily it pulls up and down. The look on his face tells me that I'm doing this right, of course. Summoning my courage, I try slipping my hand down to feel his big hairy balls, moving the firm oval shapes around beneath the loose skin, which brings a definite look of approval from him. I feel his hand slide around to fondle my bare buttocks. His fingers caress the cleavage and smoothly rub inward.
I can only say how exciting this is. It's difficult to put into actual words not just the urge that all of this makes me feel in my boner, but mentally, as well. I like how masculine this is. I say something about liking this, and he tells me to call him, Dan. Which I do.

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   He drops down on one knee and, holding my stiff penis, he proceeds to take it into his mouth. I moan over the warm, wet sensation. I can hardly believe it!I looked down and here's Mr. Tanner - Dan - with my boner sliding in and out of his mouth! I hear him moan a little too, and he's playing with my balls. A moment later, I once again feel his fingers sliding over my buttocks, and then I feel his index finger prodding my tight anal opening. I love the exciting sensation!
Finally he pulls back and stands up, smiling broadly. He says how I should try sucking on him.
I'm really hesitant, but I drop down to one knee, take a hold of his hard dick, and I lean forward to take it into my mouth. There's nothing awful about it. Actually, I like the way it feels, and I'm incredibly excited by the thought that I'm sucking on another guy's hard dick. The broad tip feel enormous in my mouth and incredibly smooth. I try taking just about all of him in, which is not too difficult to do, considering his short length. I can feel his pubic hair tickle my face and nose. I pull back and try licking the swollen head. I lick the gaping hole and can taste a little bit of a salty flavor.

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   I see him looking down and smiling at me.
I get back to my feet, only too aware of my awkwardly stiff male organ curving up from between my legs. The mushrooming tip on his looks a deep shade of red. Mine has turned a bright shade of deep, blushing pink and shiny smooth.
We sort of slip into each others arms and hug. Our naked skin touching feels so wonderful. Down below I can feel his firm manhood pressing against me. Mine is pressing up against him. It's a sort of wild, uninhibited sensation and once more I find myself liking the maleness of it. It's different than being with a girl. Refreshingly so.
Still in each others arms, we look at one another and he leans forward to give me a kiss on the lips. It's just this friendly kiss that I have no problem with. I kiss him back, feeling pleased with myself for being so adventurous. Although I remain somewhat surprised with myself for being so reckless.

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Dan feels my boner again, squeezing its length firmly, telling me how much he is enjoying that, and I feel his again too, telling him the same thing. He breaths and tells me that he sure wouldn't mind getting the chance to fuck me, and how good that would feel. I tense a little at the thought of doing that. Somehow my thoughts had not gone there. He tells me that as horny as he's feeling right then, that it would only take about a minute. He also tells me, of course, that he would use a condom.
I suddenly feel nervous. Should I?
I offer no objection, which I suppose he takes as a yes.
I follow him into the bedroom where he gets a condom and slips it on as I watch.
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