Meeting the Desperate Housewife


Meeting the Desperate Housewife
A new couple had just shifted to our mansion and I, as the owner had to pay them a visit and get all the important paperwork done. It was a hot Monday and the sun was shining bright. I drove and parked my car in front of their garage. I rang the doorbell to see that a young lady (around 20-23 years), wearing a sports bra and pants welcomed me. I paused a minute to see her tits and my god they were around 36DD and were increasing and decreasing with her breaths while she managed to say a hello to me and make me look towards her. I said hey, and entered the mansion. The place still needed work and everything was messed up. By the sweat on her face inside this cool mansion, I understood that she must have been exercising. While she went in the kitchen to get water for me, I kept imagining her tits while she must have been exercising. There she was, wearing a robe that hid all of her body but not her massive tits that kept bouncing while she was in motion. When she sat next to me my twinge rose to a hard on and I was struggling to hide it. She asked what I had come for to which I replied—I am the owner of this mansion and I had expected to finish some paperwork’s here. She hummed and moved forward in front of me trying to get the papers lying in front of me. While she did that, her boobs slipped out of her robe and I saw her nipples and cups. Though they were not erect, they were still huge for her 5 4” figure. She gasped and blushed trying to adjust her melons and while she did that she opened her robe for me letting me catch a glimpse of her sun tan.

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   Whoa, she was gorgeous and I mean it! Her body made me feel hard inside and I had to unload myself so I headed towards the bathroom when she came in front of me and stopped me form entering the bathroom. She laughed and said, it is okay you can come here itself, anyways the house is in a mess! With that she turned towards the table where the papers were kept and took them upstairs and said she’d be back after changing. Since, I had lived here my whole childhood and adolescent period I knew every corner of the house. I had once created a girth form my bedroom that ended in the bathroom where she was changing. I figured out that it was still there and peeped through it. There she was undoing her robe. I kept unzipping my pants while she made it easier for me to see her naked by removing her clothes. She was naked and she again wore a bra and what… she came out topless and naked from below and she hadn’t shaved it so that musk was really hiding her clit. I was shocked and thinking that she would stand in front of me like this made me come. I did my pants and headed towards the hall where she was lying on the sofa wearing a silk fabricated cloth that was attached to her collar and ended where her soft ass was cushioning. Again, I remembered she was not wearing a panty so I sat in front of her, trying to see her thighs and when she folded her legs, they revealed her hole. I was hard again and seeing it made it stand up and all I could do is hide it while she came and sat next to me and signed the papers. Everything is done, Mr. Burn, but just one thing, that hole in your room lets my kids see me naked for a few nights. With this I gulped my throat and said sorry? She said even you saw me naked and if my husband comes to know this, it would be dangerous.

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   So it is better we see ourselves naked, if we want to, somewhere else. She was lowering her head and reaching to my zip and when she reached there, her hands gave me a jolt and I came in my pants. She smelled my cum and licking it off me. All this while I was groaning in pleasure as I hadn’t had this pleasurable experience for a few months at a stretch, WhenI motioned towards the door; she locked it and threw me on the floor and started kissing my dick. Once again, I was moaning in pleasure and once she started bobbing I made sure to push her head further to let my 11 inch cock fully in her mouth. With one last move, she licked my balls and I was Cumming once again and was embarrassed at the same time. We both stared and then she removed her hands off my dick and asked me—you do know I am not wearing panties, don’t you? I blushed and said, you look better that way. She said that you haven’t even done anything to me or touched me and you like already? You must be desperate. Well, my husband won’t be back for a week and this feeling made me go crazy and I fell for you. I like you too but I am married with two kids but your dick makes me go crazy!! With this she unzipped and removed my whole pants and boxers and started licking my head and stroking my shaft. I was hard again and ready to make love anytime she said. With another blowjob I was lying on the floor being bobbed by a girl whom I really didn’t know. It was 12 at noon and I was now kissing her arms and thighs and whenever I got a chance slipped my hands in her fabric and pressed her ass. She moaned in pleasure and kept purring while I was now eating her lips out. We made out for about 20 minutes when she suddenly started spreading her legs and moaning, motioning me to suck her love hole.

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   I really didn’t want to go that far but when she lifted her cloth up, my whole body froze and next thing I knew I was fondling with her love entrance. I was pushing my tongue deeper and deeper and she kept pushing my head and when she folded her legs around my head I was all alone eating and caressing her mould. She had swollen completely and her nipples were erect. I lifted her dress up to play with her ass while she kept kissing me wherever she could. She sometimes mentioned that she had never been touched this passionately. I grabbed her from her ass and lifted her giving her full opportunity to press her melons against me. We fell on the floor and she was undressing me and I was doing oh while she kissed my nipples. I tried not to moan but her lips texture made my body shiver and get goose bumps. We both were naked, in 69 and licking each other’s organs. She was spreading her legs and all of a sudden, she came and came and all her love juice spread on her walls giving me an opportunity to lick her off and prepare her to swell once again. She ended up taking my sperms down her throat while I was fingering her lips and trying to enter her tight ass with my fingers. She soon gasped and wiggled her ass motioning to lick her there. I did so and she was moaning like hell and fingering her self while shaking my penis. Ultimately I was performing oral sex on a lady with whom I shared no sexual life or anything. She kept kissing me madly and left me stranded with the file on a hot summer day.

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   But, I knew this was not the end and it would continue.


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