the Steam Roomprt 5by Lethrman


Steam Room prt 5by Lethrman

Just another thought. . . .
I never considered myself to having gay tendencies (queer perhaps, not gay).
Sex that is off the wall, maybe perverse, has always excited me.
Activities like orgies; 3 some and more some, public exhibition sex, voyeurism, etc.
You have to keep an open mind, for the most part, to participate.
There cannot be an aversion to touch or being touched by the same sex in an orgy, but I never considered having actual sex of any type with another male.
Since entering this club, my mind has opened up to other possibilities.
There is nothing to keep me from trying what I have wondered about.
Nobody to impress or worry what they will think of me doing this.
Kind of a 'freedom to explore,' funny I think of E. J. 's "Philadelphia freedom. "

A recounting of pt.

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   4 follows:

Yes, I think I want more. I think I am hooked on wanting to taste more cock.

My right leg is hanging over the edge with my foot on the bench.
Suddenly, hands move up the back of my thighs towards my ass.
Thumbs part my cheeks as the hands move higher over my steam wet ass cheeks.
Hot water drops onto my back.

A thick, hot cloud of steam rolls into the loft.
A wet tongue slips between my cheeks. . . . . . . .

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part 5

The man I had been sucking moves to the back corner of the loft as the mystery hands slide up my sides and back down while the feeling of a hot, wet tongue entering into my ass starts making my cock react to the stimulation.
Again I can't believe how many times I have cum and I am still feeling my cock stiffening.

A soft moan can't help escape from my throat as he starts to slowly fuck my ass with his stiff tongue. Damned his hard tongue must be at least 2 inches and very thick.
He slowly pushes it deep into my willing ass, wiggling it as it glides in. My ass clenches it, then releases as it pulls out.
5 minutes go by as steam again fills the air making it hard to breath for the moment, adding to the feeling. he pulls out, swirling around my quivering sphincter, waiting for the moment his tongue slips back in, but instead, it slides down to my balls and bounces them as he licks and sucks each into a hot mouth.
My cock is again rock hard when I feel his fingers wrap around it, pulling on the slickness from the steam. He works my cock slowly as his tongue slides up to my virgin hole, slipping back in. I push back on his tongue as his hand slides over my cock to my balls, his other hand gliding over the tight cheek of my ass.
His hand slides to the tip of my cock head, then. . .
The sound of his hand coming down hard on my wet skin echoes and causes me to buck forward, jabbing my cock into his tight grip.

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Again the palm of his hand comes down with authority, making my ass jump, burying his tongue deeper, driving my swollen cock through his fingers to my balls.
He shifts and runs his hands over my back as I lay bent over the floor of the loft with both of my feet on the lower bench.
His large hands press firmly against my flesh as they move back down my sides to the sides of my hips, lower, the thumbs moving across the back of my thighs and glide up between them to caress the cheeks of my ass as it slowly rotates, pushing against the fingers pulling and squeezing my skin.
A big palm comes down hard.
I jump from the pain of this one.
Twice more I feel the sting, fingers kneading my cheeks between pain, giving a bit of pleasure, as the thumbs contact my hole and push in and out, lubricated with hot drops of steam from the ceiling.
I feel him change position again, this time he slides up, moving up behind me, standing on the bench.
I think back, again, to watching that blonde get his ass banged.
Am I ready for this?
He doesn't know I am a virgin.
I have had a couple of girlfriends fuck me with a dildo while giving me head, but, that can't possibly be the same.
I feel his cock between the cheeks of my ass, the cleft of his head sliding over my ass hole.
His hand slides between us, taking hold of his hard cock, slides it down to rub on my balls, then back up.
I feel a shiver of anticipation feeling the head of his cock slip up to poke into my virgin hole.
My legs part on their own as he moves past, then back down, pushing back in. He repeats this several more times, sinking deeper with each push.

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  I don't know if this is for his or my benefit, but it is feeling real good as it loosens my tight puckered hole.
My ass starts to rotate, pushing back with each of his small thrusts forward.
I feel the head of his cock pop into my ass; or, I have heard it called a 'man pussy. '
Yes, he has his cock in my man pussy.
OOOOooHHHhhh, yyyeeessssssssss, I hear my self moan.
He pulls out to the tip of his cock.
I know he is going to shove it in, and try to relax, arching my back some.
He pushes in, planting a couple inches into my hot ass and stops as my ass tightens around his throbbing cock. At that, I relax, push back and allow another two inches to slip in before my ass clenches again.
The heavy veins in his cock are felt while he slowly pulls out. His cock gets slightly thicker at the base, and as he pushes back in, it can be felt with the next couple inches.
Relaxing allows the last inch and a half of hard meat fill my ass and his ballsac hangs down, bumping against mine, his hips up on my quivering cheeks.
OOOooooooOSSSSSsssssshhiit! Yyeaa!
The steam fills the loft, drops mixing with the sweat rolling down between my cheeks lubricating my hole and his stiff fuck poll as it pulls from me. His hands are on my hips, his thumbs pulling on my cheeks.

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The feel of his hand coming down sharp on my right cheek made me buck and clench my ass as he thrust forward burying his mass of cock into me; pulling back on my hips.
OOOooooohh!!DAMN that hurt!
Without thinking about it, I knew I was no longer a virgin.
His cock just rested deep in my ass for just a few seconds, I imagine he was enjoying the moment, before working his cock out and back in with a steady slow fuck.
YYyeesss!!Ffuck!OOooo!I could hear myself.
My ass starts moving in rhythm with each thrust of his steel hard meat.
Feeling the length, the way it tapers as he pulls out to the head and gets thicker to the base as he shoves back in. The heavy balls hanging low bouncing off my balls.
The palm of his left hand comes down.
His right hand claps my cheek.
He buries his cock in the depth of my bowels, picking up the pace, making shorter strokes.
I hump back against him, moaning, my cock leaking, being pushed against the tiles mixed with sweat, steam and precum.
Fuck mmeeee!OOoooh, ffuck m-mee!UUUuu, YYEESSsss!
The man that had slid into the corner was pumping on his cock watching me get my ass fucked. As I look up, he slides over and slides forward, putting his cock in my face.
My lips glide up his solid shaft, taking his big, spongy head into my mouth as I hear the steam roll out of the pan.
Ohhh! Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCKK, FUCK MY MAN PUSSY!!My mind screams while I slobber on the hot cock pumping into my mouth as my ass is getting pounded harder, his balls slapping higher up the back of my thighs.

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It won't be long now.
His hands leave my hips, moving to the edge of the loft, leaning more over me, taking longer strokes into my ass, banging against my cheeks.
I hear him grunting, his meat fucking into me with the first three and four inches, then he buries it deep pulling out only two or three inches, pumping hard and fast.
Moaning and slobbering, pumping my hand in time with my mouth working on this nice cock I am recently familiar with, my ass moving on the throbbing cock now taking full, hard strokes, banging into me, I feel the cock in my mouth get thicker, throbbing.
I hear him whisper he's going to cum in my mouth, maybe more for himself than a warning to me as the first shot of hot juices fill my mouth.
AAAAAaaagghhhh!Yyyeessssss!I hear the mystery man, fucking my ass, hiss, driving as deep as he can, flexing his ass as I feel his cock swell even larger, then throb as it pumps a thick load of cream hard into me, setting off my cock, emptying what I have left, splashing the tiles in front of me.
Uuuummmm!My moan vibrates the cock in my mouth, another jet hitting the back of my mouth, another blast deep in my ass, the cock jerking as the third spray empties into my clutching pussy.
My mouth feels empty when the hot meat slips out, pulsing, my hand moving the cum slick dick on my cheek. I lick it, tasting it.
My ass is being massaged by a half hard cock drizzling the last of its load into me.
The man on the loft slides away and off the edge to the showers.
Ooohh, I subconsciously moan, feeling the emptiness in my ass when the fullness slips from it, pulling some cum with it, it runs down my thigh.
The heat of his body is replaced by the heat of the steam as it caresses over my backside, filling the room once more. A feeling of fulfillment washes over me.

I never expected it to be this good, or to feel this slutty.

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I feel like a wanton whore.
I have always been the dominant one, in control of the fuck.
Not this time.
I know I will never be the same.
I have the feeling I will have more of this.

The men that were in the room when I entered had stopped their own activities to watch me.
One man licks his lip, his cock swollen, ready to bust, looking at my clenching ass leaking cum, still waiving luridly in the air. . .

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