Pleasuring Zoke part II


I don’t know exactly how long we lay there together in the bed recovering, but at last it was time to move before we fell asleep and wasted the time so carefully set aside for pleasuring each other this weekend.   Further I knew she must be hungry and ready for a change of pace after our intense sex play.   When we had first met I had strongly suggested that she would find anal play more enjoyable if she was willing to do some preparation – namely that the day before we were to meet she should take a couple of does of a strong laxative to help clean out her colon.   Then she was to take enemas until she got nothing but clear water back.   The reason for this is two fold.   First is simply that she will be more comfortable and second she will be more relaxed.   Nothing inhibits a woman more than the fear she will somehow “dirty” you when you take her this way.   While preparation is not needed at all for a more experienced woman I find it helps first timers quite a bit and throughout the preparation they are mentally preparing for anal sex.   The downside for this is that after cleaning everything out you have to restrict food to liquids so they stay fully ready. Therefore I knew that my semen was the largest amount of solid food Zoke had eaten in the last 24 hours.   Now I wanted to take her out for a minimal meal of cheesecake and coffee, but I could take a naked woman whose body was covered in perspiration and a mixture of male and female sexual emissions, anymore than I could go in that condition, so I gently led her to the shower.
In the shower I washed her all over and shampooed her hair.    Then, with her back to me and the warm water cascading over her twin breasts like two twin waterfalls, I reached between her legs to run tiny circles around her center of pleasure.    Zoke leaned back against me moaning her approval and shortly began to writhe and move against my hand as if to force even more pleasure form her body, her lithe and supple form humping against me in true passion as my fingers worked her small node of sexual response until at last she exploded into orgasm, her gasping cries mingling with the sounds of the shower until as last I got out and toweled her dry.
Feeling a bit tired she lie spread eagled on the bed while I dressed in slacks, a button down shirt, and sport coat.   I carefully selected a few items from my bag and placing one in my pocket and laying the other two on the dresser.

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    Zoke was up by this time and was pulling a short black dress out of her bag along with rather tall black heals, and a very tiny black lace thong.   I let her get all ready to go and then called her over to me and asked to bend over her hands on the bed.   Lifting the hem of her dress and pulling down her thong I exposed her lovely smooth buttocks and taking some time I lubricated her already well used anal opening which still looked and acted as tight as a virgin, forcing me to work slowly as I inserted the tip of a large pink butt plug carefully working it in and out of her until at last, after some minutes, the flared width entered her opening and continued into her dark passage while the tiny neck diameter allowed her sphincter to tighten back up with the large pliable sex toy buried inside of her.
Next I had her stand and face me, my face about the level of her pussy.   I reached for the other object a metal clit clip – a wonderful little device that slide easily over a woman’s clit and along the outside of her inner labia providing just enough tension to get and keep her very wet.   As I slid my fingers into Zoke’s warm womanhood I discovered she was already very wet with arousal from the butt plug.   With the clip in place I helped her get her thong in place positioning the hanging crystals from the clitoris clip in either side of the tiny strip of lace that covered her labia so that they dangled and with every movement tugged on her labia as if by an invisible hand.
Zoke walked with just a bit of stiffness down to my car, unused to the butt plug and sat gingerly leaning back the seat a little to get more comfortable.   We had not be driving five minutes when I heard her desperate little voice saying, “Thomas, I can’t stand this anymore!  I never knew my ass could make my so hot. ”
I didn’t say anything.   Instead I just reached into my jacket pocket and brought out a new vibrator and handed it to her.   She looked at it for a minute and then turned it on and a quiet little buzz filled the vehicle.   It was about eight inches long and very slim and smooth.  It resembled nothing so much as the type of vibrator an understanding mother might buy for her teenage daughter, but it was both powerful and discreet.   Pulling up the dress slightly Zoke began working the buzzing toy over the lace of her thong and before a minute passed she was raising up to meet it and as we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant she was climaxing once again her breath coming is gasps.

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    Some women seem to get weaker and weaker climaxes with each new one, but Zoke seemed to get more intense with each one forced from her stunning body.   Just watching, left me weak kneed in excitement!
I went over and opened her door and in a few minutes we were seated in the heat of the night amid a lovely outdoor area lit by candles and moonlight enjoying very rich cheesecake and iced coffee.   Zoke dress was like a dark shadow making her skin seem lighter as the glistening moisture of her arousal caught the light and defined the soft curves of her bare shoulders and down to the alluring curves of her cleavage.   We talked quietly communicating mostly in silence and in her body language I sensed her arousal building once more.   At length we rose and drove back to the hotel each anticipating – me the joy of possessing her in every way possible, as long as possible, and her the joys of surrender to my desire.
Once we entered the room, I removed my clothes and in moments stood nude walking back toward Zoke with my cock hard, my intent obvious – she was about to penetrated once again. She stood still shaking slightly with desire as I took the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and allowed the dress at fall at her feet, baring her except for the lacy thong.   Then I laid her back on the bed and removed this last ribbon of modesty exposing her boiling sex to my sight and pulled the clip off her swollen labia, then pushing between her legs I took her with no foreplay or finesse – just animal lust.
The feel of her wetness literally gushed out about my balls and ran down her ass coating the base of the butt plug still buried in her anal opening.   Each thrust rubbed my cock against the bulk of the plug delightfully stimulating me through the thin tissue separating the vagina and anus.   Zoke was crying out from the overwhelming sensation of this double penetration and reaching down I began to move the plug in and out getting her ready for its removal.   I wanted to take it out during or just after her climax and judging from her movements and sounds this was coming very soon.   I pulled the plug outward and her tiny puckered opening pulled outward with it and then began to open then I thrust it back into her only to remove it further on the next thrust and felt the widest part slide through her sweet little opening and now I working it in and out smoothly, her body literally shacking in pleasure and perhaps fear, then in just moments she was climaxing.   I could feel her contracting about my cock.   I pulled out the plug and continued to fuck her for another ten minutes or so, until I felt my own orgasm begin to build and then withdrew.

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    I rolled her on her belly and quickly took her anally my throbbing cock delighted with her tightness and my mind delighted with her endless, animal sounds of a woman truly pleasured and truly taken in every way.   I was gasping now and working my organ into her ass with real force and passion when she tightened up and began to cum once more, the rhythmic spasms gripping my manhood now deep inside her body as her rectum responded to her fingers rubbing her clit.   Like most women, she’d be ready to be done with anal sex once she climaxed and I wasn’t quite done and I hoped she’d be able to stand to fearful felling of being ass fucked after cuming.   I took hold of her hips and began working my flesh into her over and over again her sounds changing from moans of receding pleasure to muffled screams of sexual overload until at last I pulled out of her anus and in one wild thrust re-entered her vaginal opening and began climaxing just a minute later pulling out and guiding my organ back to her violated rectal passage where I entered and trust until I began to go limp and I lay beside her my hands cupping her breasts and those puffy nipples, already dreaming of our next encounter.
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