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2013-04-07 The Arrangement!
2012-12-25 Dancing with a Friend
2012-11-13 Erotic Massage for my Wife on istanbul, Turkey vacation
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2012-06-27 Radha Life after marriage – Part II (VJ now in UK ha..ha, I am alone at home)
2012-06-07 My Wife Fucks a Black Man in the Community Pool
2012-05-06 Finally shared
2012-05-05 My Wife Calls Her Ex
2012-02-14 Revised Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 1.I am redoing my story but going to send in Part by Part this time
2012-01-23 Wife seen by my best friend true
2011-12-21 Kashmir – “Journey of my Life”.
2011-11-28 Wife to a Good Slut - El Monte Day 2
2011-11-26 My drunken wife and my friend PeteWe had finished dinner and had been drinking way too much. My best friend Pete had been up staying with us for the weekend so we had made the night of it. We were i
2011-11-26 Wife to a Good Slut - El Monte Day 1
2011-06-24 Watching my sexually inexperienced, 58 y.o. wife enjoying a well-endowed 19 y.o. black lad
2011-06-05 Catching my wife sucking a black cock Pt. 2
2011-05-20 My Wife and a Lesbian Bodybuilder
2011-03-23 My Insatiable Wife - Introduction
2011-03-23 My Insatiable Wife - Chapter 1
2011-02-07 Cuckolded in a Devils three-way
2011-01-16 Fantasy Man or Real?
2011-01-13 My wife became my best friends toilet whore
2010-12-10 girlfriends 21st bday
2010-11-26 Unleashed
2010-11-17 Paying for work
2010-10-25 My girlfriend cuckolded me.
2010-10-23 My wifes a whore and i am her slave
2010-10-10 My Wife Celia
2010-09-22 Her Night Out
2010-09-20 Submissive Girlfriend Insane Bull
2010-09-14 Wife Performs at our Pool
2010-09-09 our first mmf meeting
2010-08-18 The Anniversary
2010-08-10 my wife fucked by a stranger in a restaurant
2010-08-05 My wife caught me, the public restroom, part 2
2010-08-03 My wife the public slut
2010-08-03 10 Inches To Ruin, Part 3
2010-07-31 Surprise Visit By PO Officers
2010-07-31 My wife caught me
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2010-05-06 I knew she had the hots for the neighbor
2010-04-01 Letting My Wife Have Fun PART ONE
2010-03-27 Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom
2010-03-27 Gianna Michales catches a peeping tom
2010-03-23 Wife makes my fantasy a reality...
2010-03-22 Swapping Roles
2010-03-20 You Better Watch Out