Mallory Cyber 1

Cyber Sex

One of many messages with the very very sexy Mallory, dont message me unless ur a hot female wanting a cam show too ;) Theres much more then this from Mallory and many many others, so let me know what u think and ill post more! Enjoy!

[10:15] mallory: hi
[10:16] hottysoldier1987: hey
[10:16] hottysoldier1987: a/s/l
[10:16] mallory: 17f
[10:17] mallory: you
[10:17] hottysoldier1987: 21/M/US Soldier in Germany with a cam
[10:17] mallory: nice
[10:17] hottysoldier1987: pics/cam?
[10:17] mallory: pics
[10:17] hottysoldier1987: k
[10:17] hottysoldier1987: send and ill get on cam
[10:17] mallory: k
[10:18] mallory: http://s385. photobucket. com/albums/oo299/mal-06/>http://s385. photobucket. com/albums/oo299/mal-06/
[10:18] hottysoldier1987: sexy
[10:18] hottysoldier1987: any with less on u can send as file? ;)
[10:18] mallory: only bikini pics
[10:18] hottysoldier1987: brown hair, blue eyes, 6', 160lbs, 11in long 3 1/2 in wide, that good?
[10:18] hottysoldier1987: k, send
[10:19] mallory: http://s385. photobucket. com/albums/oo299/mal-06/?action=view¤t=19. jpg>http://s385. photobucket. com/albums/oo299/mal-06/?action=view¤t=19. jpg
[10:20] hottysoldier1987: sexy
[10:20] hottysoldier1987: soooo sexy
[10:20] mallory: ty
[10:20] hottysoldier1987: u like the explaination of me?
[10:20] mallory: ya
[10:21] hottysoldier1987: big enough?
[10:21] mallory: wow yea
[10:22] hottysoldier1987: yea
[10:22] hottysoldier1987: u want?
[10:22] mallory: sure
[10:23] hottysoldier1987: im hard for u
[10:23] mallory: ooh
[10:25] mallory: how big are you hard?
[10:25] hottysoldier1987: 11in long 3 1/2 in wide
[10:25] mallory: mm
[10:25] hottysoldier1987: u want my huge load?
[10:26] mallory: oh yea
[10:26] hottysoldier1987: wanna see m cam?
[10:26] mallory: yea
[10:27] hottysoldier1987: my
[10:27] hottysoldier1987: k
[10:27] hottysoldier1987: Come video/audio call with me http://www. meebo. com/app/hottysoldier1987_2_705034768___app___/#u%3dmallory06%2540meebo%252eorg%26p%3djabber%26m%3d%26mu%3dhottysoldier1987
[10:27] hottysoldier1987: u gunna be dirty for me nd make me cum? ;)
[10:27] mallory: oh yea
[10:28] hottysoldier1987: see me?
[10:28] mallory: yea
[10:28] hottysoldier1987: k, want lower?
[10:28] mallory: up to you
[10:29] hottysoldier1987: no, will only if u want
[10:29] mallory: i do want
[10:29] hottysoldier1987: k
[10:30] hottysoldier1987: like?
[10:30] mallory: mhm
[10:31] hottysoldier1987: big enough?
[10:31] mallory: oh yea
[10:31] hottysoldier1987: wish u had a cam
[10:31] hottysoldier1987: i wanna see u wit me
[10:31] mallory: sorry
[10:31] hottysoldier1987: wish u had nudes too, lol
[10:33] hottysoldier1987: ?
[10:34] mallory: sorry my computer died lol
[10:34] hottysoldier1987: lol
[10:34] hottysoldier1987: k
[10:34] mallory: sorry
[10:34] hottysoldier1987: it ok
[10:35] hottysoldier1987: i just wanna cum hard for u
[10:35] mallory: mm i wanna see
[10:35] hottysoldier1987: yea
[10:35] hottysoldier1987: u gunna talk real dirty and make me cum?
[10:35] mallory: oh yea baby
[10:36] hottysoldier1987: start it as if I just came over, give amazing details, be sooo dirty
[10:36] hottysoldier1987: call me daddy
[10:36] hottysoldier1987: bg for my cum
[10:36] mallory: k can i see you again?
[10:36] hottysoldier1987: say im big in it if u really think so, it gets me going good
[10:36] hottysoldier1987: yep
[10:36] hottysoldier1987: Come video/audio call with me http://www. meebo. com/app/hottysoldier1987_2_1760549783___app___/#u%3dmallory06%2540meebo%252eorg%26p%3djabber%26m%3d%26mu%3dhottysoldier1987
[10:36] hottysoldier1987: for u anything babe
[10:37] hottysoldier1987: mic?
[10:37] mallory: i dont
[10:37] hottysoldier1987: k
[10:37] hottysoldier1987: start, ill show once u send one! ;)
[10:37] hottysoldier1987: be sooo dirty
[10:37] hottysoldier1987: and give lots of details
[10:37] mallory: can you start it off baby
[10:38] hottysoldier1987: i come to the door, you answer. .

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[10:38] mallory: hey baby. . . . as you see me in a thong and a bra
[10:38] hottysoldier1987: hey, wow, getting dressed ot something babe?
[10:39] mallory: or getting undressed babe. cuz i knew you were coming over
[10:39] hottysoldier1987: why would u wanna get undressed? ;)
[10:39] mallory: mm cuz i want you baby
[10:39] hottysoldier1987: (once my dick is out in it ill show again)
[10:39] hottysoldier1987: show me how bad u want me baby
[10:40] mallory: mm so bad baby as i come to kiss you
[10:40] hottysoldier1987: i kiss harder, making our way to your room
[10:41] mallory: mm baby as we fall onto the bed
[10:41] hottysoldier1987: u start ripping my clothes off. . .
[10:42] mallory: once your shirts off i slowly take off your pants and rip off your boxers. seeing that nice big cock
[10:42] hottysoldier1987: (what u wearing babe?
[10:42] mallory: tank top and shorts
[10:43] hottysoldier1987: take em off
[10:43] mallory: k
[10:43] mallory: in real life?
[10:43] hottysoldier1987: yes
[10:43] mallory: mmk baby
[10:43] hottysoldier1987: want u to be pleasured too
[10:43] hottysoldier1987: ;)
[10:43] mallory: mm i like that
[10:44] hottysoldier1987: i last long babe, that good?
[10:44] mallory: mhm
[10:44] hottysoldier1987: u need to use 4 fingers to try and imagine me baby
[10:44] mallory: i cum multiple times tho
[10:44] hottysoldier1987: thats the point
[10:44] hottysoldier1987: id give u constants if I was there
[10:45] mallory: i bet
[10:45] hottysoldier1987: when u can ride 4 fingers as if your riding me
[10:45] hottysoldier1987: keep going ccant type make me blow
[10:45] hottysoldier1987: finger as fast as i jerk
[10:45] hottysoldier1987: sooo dirty
[10:45] mallory: how am i gonna type if im fingering
[10:46] hottysoldier1987: one hand, lol
[10:46] mallory: k
[10:46] hottysoldier1987: ull be more like riding 4 fingers imagining riding me
[10:46] hottysoldier1987: keep going
[10:46] hottysoldier1987: dont staop
[10:46] mallory: dont wanna a blow job first?
[10:47] hottysoldier1987: i needa fill that type pussy up with my hot huge sticky load
[10:47] hottysoldier1987: sure
[10:47] mallory: so as i take off your pants i start stroking your cock
[10:47] mallory: then lickin the head
[10:48] mallory: then licking up your whole big 11 inches of your shaft baby
[10:48] hottysoldier1987: mmmmmmmm
[10:48] hottysoldier1987: (rell me whener u cum)
[10:48] hottysoldier1987: tell*
[10:48] mallory: k
[10:48] hottysoldier1987: dont stop
[10:48] hottysoldier1987: the faster and dirtier u are the closer ill get
[10:49] mallory: i cum fast when i finger
[10:49] hottysoldier1987: k
[10:49] hottysoldier1987: good
[10:49] hottysoldier1987: i want u sooo satisfied
[10:49] mallory: mm
[10:49] mallory: then i take as much of your big cock in my mouth
[10:50] mallory: feeling your balls as i do
[10:50] hottysoldier1987: ull know im close cause ill sit just to cum, soo when i cum be extra dirty and beg for my cum
[10:50] mallory: will i get to see you cum?
[10:51] hottysoldier1987: i hope
[10:51] mallory: k
[10:51] hottysoldier1987: the cams just on my monitor thats all
[10:51] mallory: can you tilt it down?
[10:51] hottysoldier1987: k, ill sit back farther, but definatly cant talk, sooo dont stop
[10:51] hottysoldier1987: its tilted all the way
[10:52] mallory: mmm baby i want your cock so bad
[10:52] mallory: and i get on top of you
[10:52] mallory: and slowly sit on your nice big cock
[10:53] hottysoldier1987: say what ud say and scream out and everything too, gets mee off to know u are
[10:53] mallory: ohhh daddyy your cock is so bigggg
[10:53] mallory: oh shit baby mmmmmm
[10:53] mallory: as i push all 11 inches in me
[10:54] hottysoldier1987: ride hard
[10:54] hottysoldier1987: finger hard
[10:54] hottysoldier1987: and dont stop fingering hard, cum as much as u happen to cum
[10:54] mallory: k baby.
[10:54] mallory: its hard to type and finger tho
[10:55] hottysoldier1987: its ok, if it miss spelled i just know ur in pleasure! ;)
[10:55] hottysoldier1987: dont stop
[10:55] hottysoldier1987: feel me deep
[10:55] mallory: oh baby your cock is so big
[10:56] hottysoldier1987: all 11in hitting every g spot u have at the same time
[10:56] mallory: oh ya baby fuck me harddd
[10:56] mallory: oh im gonna cummm
[10:57] mallory: ahhhhh
[10:58] mallory: oh baby i just came
[10:58] hottysoldier1987: GOOD
[10:58] hottysoldier1987: dont stop
[10:58] hottysoldier1987: the more I see the faster ill be
[10:58] hottysoldier1987: need to know how ur doing
[10:58] hottysoldier1987: dont stop
[10:58] hottysoldier1987: mnake me blow deep inside u
[10:58] hottysoldier1987: giving u the best O EVER
[10:59] mallory: mmmm baby stick ur big cock nack in me
[10:59] mallory: ohhhhhh daddy
[11:00] mallory: baby yea fuck me harder
[11:00] mallory: put all 11 inches of your big thick cock in my wet pussy
[11:00] mallory: oh baby harderr
[11:01] mallory: oh mmmmm
[11:01] hottysoldier1987: mm
[11:01] hottysoldier1987: dont stop
[11:01] hottysoldier1987: when u really need me to cum keep telling me to go harder and I will and beg for my cum
[11:02] mallory: oh baby fuck me dog style
[11:02] mallory: oh yea baby so deep
[11:02] mallory: oh harder baby yeaaa
[11:03] mallory: i want all of that big cock in me
[11:03] mallory: i want that big cock to stretch me out
[11:03] mallory: ohhhhhhh baby
[11:03] mallory: faster
[11:04] mallory: oh im gonna cum already again
[11:04] hottysoldier1987: wanna cum together
[11:04] hottysoldier1987: be so dirty
[11:04] hottysoldier1987: beg for it
[11:04] hottysoldier1987: yes
[11:04] hottysoldier1987: mmmmmmmmmmm
[11:04] mallory: oh baby harder harder. i want your cum in my pussy
[11:05] mallory: give me that hot load baby
[11:05] hottysoldier1987: ill lean my head back when im bout to cum
[11:05] mallory: mmm baby i want your cum deep in me babe
[11:05] mallory: give me that nice big load daddy
[11:05] mallory: harder ahhhh
[11:06] mallory: i want it so badd
[11:06] mallory: harder fasterrr
[11:07] mallory: mmdaddy give me that cumm
[11:07] mallory: oh yaa baby cummmm
[11:07] mallory: mmmmm
[11:08] hottysoldier1987: like?
[11:08] mallory: so much.